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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

For the nation, May's only option is a Clean Brexit on 12th April

If the Conservatives were to opt to fight an election now, under May, we would be slaughtered at the Polls and Britain would have a Labour government for the next five years

If Parliament agrees to a long Brexit extension, the Conservatives will be slaughtered under May at both the May 2nd local elections and May 23rd Euros.

A new referendum will take six months to construct and MUST offer a Leave option. We will win it again, with an increased majority. But the country will have suffered even more, and the Conservatives will have caused more damage to business and the economy than Corbyn could.

In the interests of the Conservative Party, the only option is a Clean Brexit on April 12th

In the interests of Britain, the only option is a Clean Brexit on April 12th.  


r_writes esq. said...

Nice try Raedwald... appeal to their deep-rooted imprint.

After all, we all know that the CONservative party is the most important organisation on the planet.

DeeDee99 said...

The treacherous woman is a Remainer and surrounded by other treacherous Remainers.

I have no faith that she will do the right thing for Britain or the CONservative Party.

Mr Ecks said...

They love their EU masters too much to show sense. Nor is a Corbyn victory certain. He has pissed twice over on his former voters. Starmer may have conned Jizz he will get the Remain vote. But I don't think he will. Many remainiacs are well-off middle class proggies. Many will have been Hier to Bliar BlueLabour voters. They like taxes but only when they are to be paid by "the Rich" and "Corporations". The reality is that Jizz will have his dirty thieving fingernails into their prosperous hides from Day One. And theses very selfish folk know that.

They don't love the EU that much. I think UKIP etc will hold at least the balance of power.

DiscoveredJoys said...

And strangely a Clean Brexit is the default arrangement enshrined in law by an Act which received a majority of MPs votes. After the thorough dismembering of May's Withdrawal Agreement all the fuss about indicative votes is just a smokescreen to hide the only way forward with any democratic backing.

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter if we would win a second referendum. Stop banging on about it .
If it doesn’t deliver the right result it will be ignored like the first.
Project Fear now on overdrive in the media with constant repetition of “crashing out”
and apocalyptic financial warnings from “experts”.
No. We leave on WTO terms. That’s it.
I expect that the House of Cowards will accept May’s crap deal at the end.
If not, she will grovel on her knees for further extensions until they do.

decnine said...

Hilarious that Hilary Benn on Today this morning calls on Mrs May to "keep her promise".

Clarence said...

I have to laugh. There's no more a "clean" brexit than there is a "clean" disembowelment. The Right would rather destroy the country than incapacitate the Right, however. Keep voting guys. You'll get there.

Dave_G said...

A Labour win is by no means certain - we'll end up with a hung Parliament (to the delight of all, including the EU) where the can could be kicked even further down the road.

As per annon (08:38) the traitors in HoC will adopt May's 'deal' rather than exit with no agreement and we'll be 'in' the EU forever more.

This was always the route - planned from the outset.

I really hope I'm wrong and that the Pols default (out of fear if that's how it is to be) to No Deal but that would be wishful thinking.

Mark said...

The ONLY option that the EU can accept is May's deal. What would a prolonged delay give them? They will not - cannot - make any concessions and why is it assumed that there is some tide of opinion or whatever flowing in their favour?

It is possible of course that her "deal" does get through. Perhaps they are past caring?

But what of the EU? at some point in the not too distant future, they are going to have to do something about the eurozone. Either a proper fiscal union or see it fall apart. Do we really want to be inside when this happens?

Dave said...

It's not going to happen, except by accident.
After last night's farce, the only options left are May's Withdrawal Deal, no Deal or no Brexit. I can't see this parliament ever voting for no deal and they lack the courage to stop Brexit, so WA might get through on the fourth attempt.

Mr Ecks said...

Clarence the cross-eyed coward-can't here you mate. Your gob is full of EU shite.

Clarence said...

I suggest that you parrots research what leaving on WTO terms would actually mean. Pretty it is not. And the UK would have far less say over its predicament than it does as one of the Big Three In the EU by far.

John Brown said...

New ComRes polling commissioned by Leave Means Leave yesterday has found a significant shift in favour of a No Deal Brexit, with voters agreeing with the statement “Theresa May should go back to her promise that No Deal is better than a bad deal and leave to trade on WTO rules” by 63% to 37%, excluding don’t knows. Including don’t knows, just 29% disagree with it…

Dave_G said...

A clean Brexit is perfectly feasible - we simply lack the political (and media) will to push it through. You can always tell when something is good for the country as the media and usual rent-seekers are always deadset against it.

When someone is free of the shackles of the establishment or Globalists they will speak their minds and reveal the truth as Mervyn King spoke of yesterday (or retired professors discredit the cAGW scaremongering etc).

Can anyone deny the EU would be in big trouble without the UK's financial input - it's in enough trouble now as it is. There are absolutely ZERO indications that remaining part of the EU would be anything other than expensive, restrictive and difficult for the UK.

Please inform me of the actual benefits, now and ongoing, for remaining? Business will sort itself out - as it always has done.

Oldrightie said...

The 12th of April date is enshrined in law already. To extend will be a huge task for the EU Commissars to do yet again when it failed to achieve squat diddly delaying beyond the 29th of March. As for a lengthy extension on the back of the treacherous non leave WA Treaty already signed, the MEP elections will produce a huge number of EUSSR opponents from not just the UK.

Plus ca change!

Mark said...


I for one am ten times more concerned at what staying actually means. What this means has been made screamingly apparent in the last three years.

What are the implications for a vassal state when the Irish, Italian, Spanish etc bailouts are needed. What will our trade position be trapped inside a customs/regulatory union with a failing eurozone?

Whatever we think of UK politicians, they are abusing and ignoring a properly democratic legal framework. Staying on means we become subject to a political construct that was specifically designed to be anti democratic. I'd rather have our parliament of rogues than an EU "parliament" full of saints. We can change the make up of the former. It is irrelevant who is in the latter.

Cascadian said...

I have said on previous occasions that Raedwald is a most indulgent host, perhaps he will allow me to play a silly game for the sake of hilarity (which is much needed just now).

I will on occasion repost my comment from 25 March 2019, until it is proven to be absolute nonsense, then you can hoot and rant at my ill-considered analysis.

The yUK dictator DisMay once again provokes its use, Here goes:

It's interesting that only Raedwald believes that the CONmen party has a future role to play.

Dave_G has it about right, the EU economy is tits up and "populist" parties are staging an incursion that will leave EU-as-you-know-it quite unable to function.

Too bad yUK politicians cannot see they have a strong hand to play, instead their appeasement tactics and outright surrender to remain bureaucrats is bound to make this situation worse.

Now that the first extension has been made, further extensions will become easier and can-kicking will be the feature of all meetings. Money speaks louder than principals in the EU.

My prediction remains:

NO Brexit
yUK monthly multiple-billion remittances to EU
No yUK voting power in EU
yUK subject to ECJ
Continued excessive gimmegrant immigration
Continued plundering of fish stocks by EU
PM DisMay continues her disastrous negotiations to the end of her five-year term, at the end of her term the CONmen will still be in disarray.

I would certainly celebrate were I wrong.

Span Ows said...

May continues tonight to try to prove Cascadian correct!

Span Ows said...

"For the nation, May's only option is a Clean Brexit on 12th April"

Indeed, making her action last night the more unbelievably disgraceful. I cannot understand how the Conservative party is still as one...maybe the morn will bring a string of outraged resignations...if it doesn't (and if Cox and Gove's reported words and actions are to be believed) then they are more toast than I believed they were a months ago. Burnt toast. Kapput.

DeeDee99 said...

Treason May is now pursuing a scorched earth policy within the CON Party. She is sowing salt for whoever eventually replaces her as Leader, making it impossible for them to either negotiate something halfway decent with the EU even IF they somehow manage to win a General Election.

I think she's decided to split the Party and rid it of the pesky members/activists who don't share her left-wing views and now support No Deal by 75% and the MPs who can't be bribed or bullied into voting for her Surrender Treaty.

The Establishment must be confident that they can prevent The Brexit Party from "flying."

Mike said...

The only good thing to come out of this debacle is the implosion of the Tory Party. This whole mess is entirely of their making. The idiot Cameron being unable to control 'the bastards' and scared of fuckwit Farrage.

Isn't it traditional for traitors to end up with their heads impaled on spikes on London Bridge?

Rossa said...

English Democrat Party doing a Miller. Going to High Court, if they will hear it quickly, claiming we’ve already left on 29 March and the SI extending the leave date is illegal. Needed an amending AoP to be valid, which obviously they didn’t do. Don’t know the merits of the case but at least someone is having a go.

Domo said...

Or they are banking in it simply being too late.
Once the WA is signed it's signed.
The only way out is a war.