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Thursday, 15 August 2019

Hammond - Bercow - Juncker - Barnier Axis exposed

Nick Drake had it right
Take a look you may see me coming through
For I am the parasite who travels two by two
Yes, what we all suspected all along is now being confirmed. Allied troops are inside the conquered bunker and finding all the evidence - in this case of a malign and disloyal Axis of sabotage, an Axis in which Hammond, Bercow, Grieve and others conspired with the EU actors who seek to impose on Britain a treaty every bit as humiliating as Versailles or Brest-Litovsk. Bercow, Hammond and their destructive cadre want nothing more than to place their nation under the jackboot heel of an increasingly authoritarian and repressive EU empire. They are true Quislings.

Allister Heath has it in the Telegraph - still the only national newspaper not in the pockets of the Brussels Stasi
(The parasites) are being led by the increasingly ludicrous Philip Hammond, who as chancellor blocked no-deal preparations, vetoed crucial Brexit spending plans and was more responsible than anybody else for Theresa May’s catastrophic treaty. The new team at No  10 keeps uncovering fresh, shocking evidence of his handiwork. His strategy, shared with John Bercow and Dominic Grieve, appears to be to signal to Brussels not to compromise: the rebels will neuter the Government, so the Eurocrats should stick to their guns.
It's all now to play for. The global downturn is here at last and just starting to bite - and the EU is holed so close to the waterline that just a marginal increase in draught or a tiny list will flood the hold. Brexit as soon as possible is the only possible measure to decontaminate the UK from the coming EU implosion; contrary to Hammond's betrayals, Brexit will save our economy and nation from the coming continental turmoil. We are an International nation, whose hands reach in friendship around the world, but our need to protect ourselves from bigger, malign enemies has ever been clear -
This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a house, Against the envy of less happier lands
Fasten the harness, all, we're off!


Stephen J said...

These people are making my Crohn's almost impossible to control, I have spent a day on A&E so far, and it isn't settling down yet.

I wonder how this sort of behaviour is gelling with other more vulnerable folk?

Raedwald said...

Really sorry to hear that Mr RW - the next three months will be no better but take heart that WE WILL WIN

Raedwald said...

Sorry Rossa - no more links please. Comments on the post are welcome.

DeeDee99 said...

Boris and his team have talked a good talk so far but the presence of Amber Rudd in his Cabinet indicates that he is intending to revise the Surrender Treaty and present it again as a new "deal." She was another arch Remainer who did her best to stop Brexit and I simply don't believe that she has had a Damascene conversion.
Hammond's treachery is unforgivable, as is Bercow's destruction of the Speaker's role. Under no circumstances should either be given any form of honour. They should be forced out of Parliament in as humiliating a manner as possible.

JPM said...

Raedwald, really, you should know better.

You're like one of those big kids on the rec, in the days of those iron-and-timber roundabouts, who used to egg on the little 'uns to get on, and then whirl it so fast that no one could either get on or off.

Eventually they'd escape, unable to stand, grizzling and whining, and perhaps being sick.

Shame on you!

Mark said...

As someone who has come, over years of observation, to loathe the EU with an absolute passion, I have not found the last three years or so in anyway disappointing.

Quite the contrary.

The establishment, the media and its whores and the EU between them all wanted this country to remain as a milch cow. Yet here we are three years later looking very much like we are going to leave without a "deal".

As that famous Italian, Bonaparte once said. "Never interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake".

Quite. Not that leavers have really been able to get a word in edgeways. Their hubris, arrogance, absolute belief in their own intellectual and moral superiority and above all, their imagined mastery of process and law. That's what will have got us out.

They haven't been played they've just been playing with themselves for the last three years.

Going forward, maybe we should make 31st October a public holiday. Let's call it Gina Miller day.

Stephen J said...


No shame on you matey, it is you and your sort that is traducing nearly a thousand years of history...

For a fucking deal! Something that was never even mentioned on the ballot paper.

JPM said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health problems r-w, but there has to be an agreement of some sort.

The alternative is a new Iron (net) Curtain and a de facto near-blockade of these islands in principle. In reality, the European Union countries have unilaterally - and extremely generously - taken steps to reduce the chaos which would arise, but it would still be very serious.

You are right. There was nothing on the ballot paper at all about what the relationship with the European Union should be once the UK was no longer bound by the Treaties.

So, without a further referendum on definite, negotiated proposals, that would be a matter for competing manifestoes at a General Election, the normal way of doing things.

That is what you voted for, surely?

DiscoveredJoys said...


"The alternative is a new Iron (net) Curtain and a de facto near-blockade of these islands in principle"

You come up with some desperate stuff. The bulk of UK external trade is with the world outside the EU and not subject to any tantrums by the rest of the EU. Plus the EU is desperate and will become more desperate to sell us stuff as their own economic situation deteriorates further. A blockade? No.

wg said...


Your treaty, your article 50 - which your crowd rammed down our throats.

Two years and we are out - that was what the EU's holy scriptures ordained.

Strange how you lot have suddenly become champions of democracy and manifestos.

Stephen J said...

You are wrong JPM.

The assumption on leaving the EU was that we would conduct future trade relations with the EU and the rest of the world in the same way that the rest of the world does, the way the rest of the world always has done.

The question was "leave or remain", the same as it was in 1975, when your lot won, and I went off and accepted my lot until your lot then decided to change things from a co-operative alliance to a globalist empire.

Reverting to standard business practice was my default position. For the life of me, I cannot see why we have to indulge our two most dangerous enemies France and Germany. We should treat them the way we treat China, or the USA, or any other rival... as a business rival.

The EU is not by definition friendly, it is a very dangerous concept, just as the soviet union and the national socialists were, and as history is proving. The whole thing is collapsing and its supporters are trying to ensure that as many are affected as possible.

We had a referendum, this is a constitutional device where a quarrelling parliament can be by-passed by the sovereign people and the executive, in order to solve a vexed question. We even had a general election, which though it was designed to enable traitor-may ride roughshod over the ERG, by giving her the worst possible result, also demonstrated that we didn't want her deal, and likewise we didn't want Wolfie Smith running the place.

But just like their shameful treatment of ordinary folk during the banking collapse, their self interest always comes first, and three years later we are still trying to get…


… surely?

JPM said...

wg. The public were resoundingly pro-European Union at the time of the Maastricht Treaty. Nothing was rammed down anyone's throats on that basis. The nineteen seventy-five referendum was unequivocal, and public opinion had remained fairly constant.

The eleven-billion-a-year, largely American or aristocracy-owned industry known as the UK press however, began its campaign of industrial scale lies and distortions from that time, and led the country finally to the Leave result.

No, you never liked it, but most of the country did for many years.

Raedwald said...

Ah , the 'stabbed in the back' myth back again - a credulous British public who love the EU and its unelected little F├╝hrers betrayed by capitalists in top hats / Russians / Old Etonians. Why not go the full Dan Brown and put the leave vote down to a secret Catholic freemason order run by the pope who is really a woman (or a twelve foot lizard)?

You people just can't accept democracy, can you?

Stephen J said...

Polls have reflected a majority to leave the EC/EU since 1983, well before the Maastricht Treaty.

Dave_G said...

Holy shit. Talk about twisting the facts JPM.....

If the EU was as honest and necessary as they claim to be then why have they hidden their agenda behind so many lies and denied EVERYONE a say in how it is to be built?

Any meaningful vote on its existence has been over-tirned from an initial 'NO!' to a '..for God's sake just get on with it' by yet more LIES and financial threats.

Your indication of the EU building walls though is right on point. It exists as a closed shop economically and gets ever more similar to the old Communist school of practise by preventing anyone from leaving, operating 5-year plans and an unelected few making decisions behind closed doors for the many.

Can you even do your own household shopping without instruction? Do you feel a need to be controlled in all aspects of your life? Have you forgotten what freedom means? Did you lose any parent/relative that previously fought (even to the death) for those things - only to have them snatched from them by lies, deceit and obfuscation?

Why on earth do you give credence to the type of people that can even contemplate doing that to others let alone actually enforce it?

Sobers said...

"The public were resoundingly pro-European Union at the time of the Maastricht Treaty. Nothing was rammed down anyone's throats on that basis. The nineteen seventy-five referendum was unequivocal, and public opinion had remained fairly constant."

You really are a twisting little weasel. The public were not 'pro-EU' at the time of the Maastricht treaty because the EU didn't exist. It was called the EEC, which is what we voted in 1975 to remain a part of, a trade organisation. The whole point of the Maastricht Treaty was that it changed the EEC into the EU. It fundamentally altered what the organisation we joined was, and indeed what could become. And the Powers That Be rammed it through Parliament without ever asking the public if they agreed. The whole current situation stems from that point - we wouldn't be leaving the EU now if we had had a say in what way it would develop back in 1991/2.

Mark said...


The purely economic arrangement we were taken into in 1973 was not the wannabe "superpower" that the EU cliques imagine the 18th century mercantile block they have cobbled together can become. Please!

Surely it was, above all else, the misreading of public opinion that made Camoron believe he would get the enabling vote through.

You can rationalise all you want about Trump, Putin, the tooth fairy or anybody else. More soothing balm than admitting you were spectacularly wrong I suppose.

The only definitively anti-EU thing to directly vote for really was UKIP. They weren't storming ahead on the polls so it was believed that there was no real head of steam for leave. And then there was a straight in/out choice in a referendum.

That was the vote that mattered. In the campaign leading up to this, what lurid scare wasn't trotted out?

If there was a fanatical anti EU campaign, it passed me by. But I had made my own decision many years earlier and can only thank the pompous vichyites for the spectacular open goal they presented.

JPM said...

Who cares? We're leaving aren't we?

However, it was crystal clear to me when I voted in the nineteen seventy-five referendum, that I was voting to stay in an organisation which would develop into something very much like the European Union that we have today.

The pamphlet sent to every single electoral address explained this clearly.

The first aim, right at the top of the list, was To Bring Together The Peoples Of Europe. It went on to describe pretty well exactly what we have.

So you have now had two votes, because you, and the billionaire-off-shore-tax-dodging-UK-media-owners whined for forty years, and would not accept the thumping seventy-to-thirty result.

That is why this once-great-but-now-excuse-for-a-country is seen as perfidy epitomised around the world. It is you, who demanded to keep on voting, until you got your desired result.

The UK will have left the European Union, whether under some Norway option, under the May deal, or under no deal at all, so the referendum result is met by all three.

John Brown said...

JPM : “The alternative is a new Iron (net) Curtain and a de facto near-blockade of these islands in principle.”

In reality we’ve suffered from non-tariff barriers for decades which is why we currently have a trading deficit with the EU of £100bn/YEAR and why I believe we will be far better off trading with the EU on standard WTO terms.

This is in addition of course to being a net contributor to the EU so they can fund the movement of factories out of the UK (even to countries not in the EU!) and grabbing our assets (fishing grounds).

JPM : “The public were resoundingly pro-European Union at the time of the Maastricht Treaty.”

I don’t think so. It was simply that the public were never consulted via a referendum and EU funded organisations such as the CBI and the BBC kept going with their relentless pro EU propaganda.

However, there has been one very big advantage to the extreme pro EU bias of the BBC. Parliament would never have allowed a referendum to take place if they thought that leave would win and Parliament made the mistake of believing what they were seeing on the BBC.

Mark said...


Anoneumouse said...

It is AN OFFENCE at Common Law ("Misprision of Treason" - see Halsbury's Statutes, 4th Edition, Vol. 11, p. 818) for any person who knows that treason is being planned or committed, not to report the same as soon as he can to a Justice of the Peace.

David said...


Holy shit. Talk about twisting the facts JPM...

To paraphrase JPM (O’brien)..2+2 =3 or 2+2=5. 2+2 can equal anything we say it is... eventually JPM realised he loved Big Brother

Sackerson said...

Since an acceptable "deal" is better - less disruptive and costly - than No Deal; and since the reason we don't have one is simply and solely the failure - not refusal, failure to fufil his duty under 50 (2) of the Lisbon Treaty - of M. Barnier to modify a draft Withdrawal Treaty that was rejected a record-breaking and quite unconstitutional three times in the same session of the UK Parliament, can I suggest to all who read and comment here that they write a letter or send an email to M. Barnier?

I intend to do so in the very near future; let others also address the problem at its source.

I should be interested to hear from others what messages - politely and logically expressed - they wish to send to M. Barnier. His failure - should he continue to sit with arms folded - threatens to be extremely expensive for the whole of the EU.

Sackerson said...

Here you are:

European Commission
Task Force on Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom
1049 Bruxelles/Brussel


JPM said...

This really is comical.

Here you all are, over "sovereignty", like prudish old maids are over virginity, who think that even a touch of the hand or a winsome glance are damnable debauchery!

It is relative, not absolute.

Countries share some over extradition, international policing, global environmental protection, defence alliances, and over all the rest. Arguably the UK shared less with the European Union than it did in NATO. There are no EU military bases on UK soil for instance.

Carry on torturing yourselves though, if that's what's keeping you going.

Stephen J said...

Clearly, even if you tacitly accept that this is about sovereignty, you show no understanding of its importance to a people.

The fact that through Magna Carta, we have developed our embarrassingly tenuous form of democracy, does not mean to say that it is still not better than the European codes, which represent order, force and control by others etc..

I have always seen leaving as a first step to replacing the Lords with a citizen triggered system of referendums designed to act as both part time proposer and full time scrutiniser, there to control the wilder urges of the parliament and its executive.

Dave_G said...

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

.... apparently too late for our JPM though....

Dave_G said...

...and, straight from the horses mouth we have:

"More damningly, in line after line, the faceless Whitehall mandarins behind the astonishing briefing paper FCO 30/1048 actively welcome Britain’s decline and Europe’s predominance.

The briefing paper acknowledges that Britain would in time become little more than a puppet state of Brussels, after ceding judicial and executive powers to the fledgling EU – then called the EEC.

But, instead of sounding alarm bells, the authors of the paper warn ministers to hide the truth from the British public.

And, damningly for Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath, and all those who kept quiet about the findings in the early 70s, the document, known as FCO30/1048, was locked away under Official Secrets Act rules for almost five decades."

my bold throughout.

OK JPM, the above is stated FACT - look up FCO30/1048 yourself - yet you yourself say you were perfectly aware of what you were voting for in '75?

Are you admitting to be of first hand knowledge of the betrayal-in-progress? Are you admitting to being the quisling we all seem to know you are?

Are you proud of your knowledge?

Sackerson said...

@JPM: your comments recently seem to have become the kind that appears on Facebook - using emotional, insulting and provocative language - and I for one am disappointed because I think you have the intellect and education to do better.

I don't think anyone here is opposed to intergovernmental cooperation and indeed if the EU had continued on the basis that existed up to c. 1983 we might have been willing to stick with it, even though on the whole the arrangements weighed against our national economic interests. It is the drive towards supranationalism and ultimately Empire (see e.g. that has sparked resistance from many quarters, not just ourselves.

As for sharing, I think I'm right in saying that to date we are the only major EU member (there are now, at last, five others that has fulfilled its obligation to pay 2% of GDP towards common defence; and of course we pay the second highest net contribution to the EU ( I should say we have acted in good faith and been exploited for our pains.

But for me the elephant in the room is the democratic deficit in the way the EU is structured politically. I am surprised at how many even of my friends appear to underestimate the importance of the popular franchise and its ability to influence or even turn out governments.

Mark said...

If Cheerful is getting this deranged, imagine how Verhofstad and all the others of the OKH must be feeling.

JPM said...

You are approximately right, r-w.

I fully understand, that "sovereignty" matters immensely to some people, just as they are, on occasions willing to commit murder, over someone parking in "their" space outside their houses, or for brushing against them in a pub.

As to why, in both cases, I have no idea.

Normal people steer clear of such types though.

John Brown said...

I don’t think leavers have yet made the public fully aware of how the WA treaty was not leaving and just how bad a treaty it would have been.

We still have many, many conservatives, such as Mr. Hammond, continuing to pretend to the public that they supported the referendum result to leave by voting 3 times for the WA treaty.

A treaty where we would have accepted EU laws, budgets, taxes, fines and policies (trade, energy, environment, foreign, immigration etc) but without representation or veto and with no lawful means of exit – a Treaty described by Mr. Verhofstadt’s staff as reducing the UK to EU colony status.

Even many clauses applying to the UK which did not apply to the EU.

A treaty where Mr. Macron described the UK position thus :

“The UK will be trapped in a customs union after Brexit unless Downing Street offers European fishermen full access to British waters during the coming trade negotiations.”

The idea was to produce a totally unacceptable Withdrawal Treaty in order to put it against remain in a second referendum.

I hope that now the full extent of how Mr. Hammond and his co-conspirators have been working against the referendum result and worse still the best interests of the UK will now be fully exposed.

The world is watching us to see if we are still a democracy.

Jack the dog said...

Don't feed the troll guys, jpm is a sad twat of a Brussels sock puppet with verhofstats hand up his arse. He gets off with your comments, presumably into a copy of his teenporn monthly. Leave the wanker to it.

JPM said...


RAC Esq. said...

Idyllic till the europeans fucked it up, it's what they're good at.....

Until August 1914 a sensible, law-abiding Englishman could pass through life and hardly notice the existence of the state, beyond the post office and the policeman. He could live where he liked and as he liked. He had no official number or identity card. He could travel abroad or leave his country for ever without a passport or any sort of official permission. He could exchange his money for any other currency without restriction or limit. He could buy goods from any country in the world on the same terms as he bought goods at home. For that matter, a foreigner could spend his life in this country without permit and without informing the police. Unlike the countries of the European continent, the state did not require its citizens to perform military service. An Englishman could enlist, if he chose, in the regular army, the navy, or the territorials. He could also ignore, if he chose, the demands of national defence. Substantial householders were occasionally called on for jury service. Otherwise, only those helped the state who wished to do so. The Englishman paid taxes on a modest scale: nearly £200 million in 1913-14, or rather less than 8 per cent. of the national income. The state intervened to prevent the citizen from eating adulterated food or contracting certain infectious diseases. It imposed safety rules in factories, and prevented women, and adult males in some industries, from working excessive hours. The state saw to it that children received education up to the age of 13. Since 1 January 1909, it provided a meagre pension for the needy over the age of 70. Since 1911, it helped to insure certain classes of workers against sickness and unemployment. This tendency towards more state action was increasing. Expenditure on the social services had roughly doubled since the Liberals took office in 1905. Still, broadly speaking, the state acted only to help those who could not help themselves. It left the adult citizen alone.

RAC Esq. said...

Sorry missed out -- English History 1014-!945 A J P Taylor

Anonymous said...

Raedwald's quote from Richard II:

This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a house, Against the envy of less happier lands..,

You left out the most imortant line:

This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.


Anonymous said...

English History 1914-1945 A J P Taylor

A really excellent book. I strongly recommend reading the whole of it.

Don Cox

RAC Esq. said...

@ Don Cox 14:22

Yes, that first page just shows the sharp contrast with how micro managed we are now, the sort of box ticking the eu excels in.

Mr Ecks said...

That we leave is not enough.

The EU must be destroyed and all its Grandees punished.

And I would not object to treason charges to all prominent remainiac activists in the UK. Those who have tried to stop Brexit.

Mouth fighters like Ketch, Cheesy, JPM--as enjoyable as it would be to see such treason-trash on the scaffold-- they aren't worth the time. They should be on watch lists the rest of their lives tho' as self-demomstrated ankle-grabbers for the globo-elite.

Our battle with that crew of scum is only just beginning.

leila said...

DeeDee has voiced my fears. Boris and Rees-Mogg both voted for the treacherous WD agreement at the last round of votes. Could it all be bluster??

Ravenscar. said...

IN reference to that eejit which will remain unnamed and have us all do so strapped in remain as slaves of the Empire, Sackerson said:

"and I for one am disappointed because I think you have the intellect and education to do better."

Hmm, you know what Sackers unless you were being deeply sarcastic and I admit to that far preferable possibilty, that statement (supra vide), truly, greatly, endlessly disappoints me.

Smoking Scot said...

@ leila

What impressed me about the pair of them was the way they manipulated the Leadership Election, namely getting his supporters to vote for the other candidates just to keep people like Rory and Grove in the running until they'd boiled it down to him or the other guy. Then they chucked some dirt on him just for good measure.

Boris has assembled a competent team and I do not think they're spending in expectation of a No Deal just for window dressing. The more they get civil servants to explore that outcome, the greater their ability to see things shan't be that awful.

In short their plan is to turn them.

With respect to the plans by his political detractors I believe he and his immediate circle are several steps ahead of them.

In our favour is Boris's ambition because that's what drives him. He has no intention of being a fleeting moment, he intends to be around for a long time - and he knows he won't be if he doesn't deliver on the last day of October.

Ravenscar. said...

Smoking Scot,

"With respect to the plans by his political detractors I believe he and his immediate circle are several steps ahead of them.

In our favour is Boris's ambition because that's what drives him. He has no intention of being a fleeting moment, he intends to be around for a long time - and he knows he won't be if he doesn't deliver on the last day of October."

I would be bouncing and cheering, and absolutely made up, if you are correct in your analysis, let us hope that it comes to pass, believe it!

Sackerson said...

@Ravenscar: "truly, greatly, endlessly" - I think you exaggerate.

Clearly JPM is intelligent and well-educated, but instead of engaging others with logic, fact and clearly expressed principle, he chooses to provoke in a cheap way and sadly tricks others into responding with vituperation - at which he then exults ("Bingo!")

This drags down the level of the discourse and perhaps proves to his own satisfaction that we are as moronic as he would like to represent us to others.

Let's not fall for this somewhat malign and unworthy approach.

Ravenscar. said...



Oh, maybe you're right!