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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Hong Kong - are the protesters losing support?

Am I detecting a change in temperature in support for the Hong Kong protesters? When they were waving union flags as an un-ironic symbol of freedom and metaphorically standing in front of the tanks, there was a groundswell of support for their courage and commitment to values we like to think we gifted our ex-colony.

However, things have turned ugly. Molotov cocktails and crossbows, violence directed at the police, beatings of those inclined to reason. In a week they've seemingly gone from victims to Boxers, to the extent that my sympathies have actually shifted towards the beleaguered police and even to China's (puppet?) ruler Carrie Lam, struggling both to restore control and keep the PLA out.

Or are the protesters just ramping up their response to a more aggressive and violent police tactics? In any event, this is becoming, in my perception, a shades of grey thing.

Maybe Peking has learned a thing or two since Tiananmen Square - now thirty years ago.


Stephen J said...
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Stephen J said...

The people of Hong Kong only pay lip service to the concept of Britishness.

Britishness is where the tory party does its business all over everyone every few years, and we fools act as if it isn't happening.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who lives in Fragrant Harbour just visited, he told a story of the students/demonstrators recently setting up camp in Central, the main road junction on Des Voeux Road, that brought traffic to a halt. At lunch time all the office workers came down to look and spontaneous applause ensued in support.

Hope that makes you feel better...

Mr Ecks said...

Despite meaning well Radders--in many ways you are an prize idiot. Nothing personal.You piss your pants about Franco but feel sympathy for the Chinese Communist Party--the most evil of all evil socialist scum--who have murdered 70 million human beings so far. Likely the violence was commie shite working to blacken the students name.

mikebravo said...

I suspect that the Chinese rulers have had learned well from the USA and have their own Gladio program.

Charles said...

Ms Lam is in danger of destroying what makes Hong Kong so successful, free wheeling capitalism balanced by the rule of law. Hong Kong was never nice, it’s not a good place to be poor or ill, but it was fascinating, vibrant and safe. You could feel the energy and the work ethic. That is being destroyed and now that China thinks it does not need Hong Kong it is happy for it to die, a capitalist success story was always going to be difficult to digest. Once Hong Kong is reduced to a poverty riddled third tier city it will be much easier to assimilate.

John in Cheshire said...

Patrick Henningsen of UK Column News and 21st. Century Wire is suggesting that the reason the Hong Kong protests have turned so violent is because outside forces, possibly the CIA, are now involved.

Sackerson said...

Interesting comments about false flag operations. E.g. that archer who shot a policeman in the leg - really not expert enough to hit centre body?

'Your Eminence,' I said, 'my father told me never to believe the papers
But to go by my eyes,
And at two thousand miles the poor things can't tell truth from lies.'


Smoking Scot said...

It's no longer about being extradited; that proposed law is off the table.

Now it's shifted to a whole range of issues, one being that it's no longer about meritocracy, rather who you know and toeing the party line.

When it was relatively peaceful they had mass support, but trashing buildings, cars and setting fire to that guy who'd had enough has indeed changed perceptions.

Re office workers applauding, do understand you don't try anything else. The result will be painful.

They are, very slowly, rounding up the ringleaders. Others emerge, however by blockading the university and slowly starving them out has been applauded, partly because the youngsters were so stupid.

Coincidentally very similar things are happening in Iran (quite what they expected by hiking the price of fuel by 300% at the start of their most foul winter is a mystery).

And Lebanon where this morning they set fire to a stack of cars parked outside their parliament.

Tough though it is, they absolutely must keep it peaceful.

Extinction rebellion take note.

Dave_G said...

I can't help but compare HK to Ukraine in the manner in which the protest is (seemingly) organised. Add to that the principle that the USA and China aren't exactly singing from the same hymn sheet over trade, borders etc and you have your 'conspiracy theory' that the HK protests are stage-managed.

I'd go far as to say the Gillet Jaunes protests are of the same ilk - the USA seem to be trying to 'dismantle' the EU (all good in my books!) and such protests, minor s they currently are, seem to be setting the stage for more.

We can never be privy to the wheels of political maneuvering but there is enough evidence to support the 'theory' that all these events are less-than-spontaneous.

Mr Ecks said...

The globo elite intend to drop ordinary people lower than whaleshit. They have said their sustainable future--Agenda 2030--is 1 thou million techno-peasants and 300 million elite/hangers on living like 21st Century kings. I suggest we believe them. That means that 6 out 7 must go and those peoples lines with them.

At present the globos are trying to hide behind a large crowd of skirmishing Orcs--mostly marxists/ecofreaks/polipigs and bureauscum. They will downgrade our lives and hopes and usher in the Wars and disasters that are to thin our ranks.

Unless we stop them.

That is our task for the future and our war. Brexit was only ever round one.

JPM said...

China certainly learnt plenty from the Opium Wars.

Mr Ecks said...

Cheesy--they were a blip in the long list of pre-capitalist misery that was Chinese history. From evil Imperial dynasties to an even more shite socialist one. The only bright spot of improvement was the free market principles that have boosted the Chinese people to their best level of prosperity ever. Even tho' the poisonous hand of socialismo is now clamping down to destroy that under the rule of Winnie the Pooh.

You are socialist shite Cheesy. A cupboard in Molenbeek is where you deserve to end your worthless days.