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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

2019 EP elections - SMASHED

The country finally told Theresa May what they thought of her in the European Elections of last year. The vehicle was provided by Nigel Farage, and Conservatives lent him their votes in millions. Even Conservative Home advised Conservative members, who cannot openly vote for another party without risking expulsion, to 'refrain from voting Conservative' nudge-nudge. Theresa May could already see which way it was going, and called it a day. Nigel won by ridding us of May even before the first vote had been cast.

The Brexit Party's party on Friday in Parliament Square is a fitting tribute to itself. It was there to be used when electors needed most to use it, as UKIP had been in the past. The result drove deranged Remainers into frenzies of idiocy; AliGob foamed, PTSD Adonis chewed carpets and 'Howler' Grayling went into Twitter meltdown. 
27th May 2019  
Well, you can read the news as well as I can. Just 3 MEPs for the Conservatives, but including Dan Hannan. I must say 9% of the vote was better than I was expecting - if May hadn't announced her resignation, I'm convinced we would have got no more than 6% and no seats. More good news in PTSD Adonis having been disappointed, but that's thin cheer.

For most people of course TBP's success is the single story. Nothing can detract from 28 seats - possibly 29 when the last two areas declare. If the party had been around a month or two longer I suspect they would have taken even more votes from both Labour and the Conservatives.

And of course the LibDems, the Remain party, with some 2/3rds of the Brexit Party votes, will also now move to consolidate their status as the Brexit opposition party with an eye to the next GE, with the advantage of an established party structure and existing parliamentary incumbency. They can sell themselves as "We're not Corbyn" and also take more voters from Labour and Conservative parties. The CUKs are nothing - forget their grandiose delusions of a 'pact' with the LibDems. Cable can tell them to join-up or FO.

All over Europe the victor has been .... democracy. Turnout up, apple carts overturned, politicians in tears, some dreams shattered, others come to fruition. Nothing earth shattering, but a clear message. The Conservative Party, like Labour, may have no future, the corpses of both parties picked over by the Teal and Orange insurgents, but for now will remain in government . Our MPs will be shitting themselves and will avoid a GE like a vampire eschews garlic.

Have a good day all - Today is a good day.

                                       Predicted %             Actual %
Brexit                                        34                       32
LibDem                                     17                       20
Lab                                            15                       14
Green                                        11                        12
Con                                             9                          9
CUK                                           4                          3
UKIP                                          3                          3


DeeDee99 said...

Yes, we in the BP deserve our Party on Friday and Farage in particular deserves a great deal more.

The LibDems are now an irrelevance with voters open mocking their claim to be democrats. Labour is unelectable and will remain so if it doesn't kick out the Momentum thugs and enter the real world. Boris is committed to delivering something approaching a real Brexit and any future campaign by the Establishment to take us back into the EU will be stillborn.

With a bit of luck, Cummings will pull the plug and drain the swamp of the creatures who thought they could ignore the votes of 17.4 million Brits.

"We are the people of England, who never have spoken yet
Smile at us, pay us, pass us. But do not quite forget."

DiscoveredJoys said...

The Conservative party has managed to survive over the decades by changing a major policy when that policy is seen to be no longer appropriate. My guess is that the Conservatives will survive because of the 'Boris Pivot' around Brexit.

Labour had its own pivotal moment around Tony Blair's Third Way and achieved success. It may not survive Corbyn's un-pivot back to 'proper Socialism'.

The Lib Dems? Who knows? They have had so many pivotal moments... which signified nothing.

The party after The Brexit Party? Success only if the Conservatives fumble change and our sovereignty.

In the end the British ideas about democracy, vague and flexible as they are, will win out but it takes far longer to implement political change than politicians, internet trolls, and the media would have you believe.

Dave_G said...

Political Parties are much like surfers - they are either riding the wave (Tory), missed the peak (Labour) or waiting for the next wave (Lib Dem).

This even includes 'taking a spill' as they occasionally but we have recently watched as Labour both took a spill and drowned before the rescue craft reached them.

Now the sharks are circling....

But ignoring the influence of Farage and not rewarding him for his dedication to the country is a missed opportunity for the Tories to take 'loaned votes' and make them a bit more permanent.

Perhaps Boris is waiting for the right moment......

Charles said...

Funny how with a halfway competent leader the Lib Dem’s could have made a real comeback. Falls off chair sniggering.....

JPM said...

Ah, more cosy nostalgia for the past, when you could blame the MPs of other parties for everything.

Yes, I can see why you can't bear to leave all that behind.

So come on, where are all the unicorns?

JPM said...

PS, now that TBP gets its shove between the shoulders from the EUP, that's about thirty million quid over five years that the forces of reactionary thinking will no longer get from the taxpayers of the European Union.

Not representing anyone then, there's no reason for the BBC or for anyone else to give them further platforms either.

Farage was too chicken to stand in the last GE to boot.

Dave_G said...

One thing we can be sure of is that when any unicorns do come along JPM will be hiding away refusing to face the reality of life-beyond-servitude (EU rule).

Unicorns are now of our own making - not regulated by the EU - where they'd no doubt ban the pointy bit and insist on restricted movement due to health hazards.

PS - NO politicians deserve any platform - the PEOPLE should be the platform and the politicians should do their bidding. That's all Farage asked for too.

JPM said...

Is that why even the membership of his company, sorry, party, had no say in policy or on candidates?

This silly caper has already cost the country more than the TOTAL contributions to the EC/European Union over all those years too.

Those unicorns better be cheap eh?

Mark said...

Wandering round inside your head most likely.

Mark said...

Desperation on desperation!

Anonymous said...

No unicorns but also no plagues of locusts either from project fear.

Dave_G said...

"This silly caper has already cost the country more than the TOTAL contributions to the EC/European Union over all those years too."

Not as much as we've spent propping up the dictatorship since we joined......

Not as much as JUST the CAP expense even....

Anonymous said...

Bloke I've known for yonks runs a vegetable stall at Wimborne Market Fridays and he's going pounds and ounces from the get go on the 31st. He kept his old scales which date back to his great-grandad when he started selling veg there during the reign of Queen Victoria. You can't put a price on culture but you can weigh it sometimes.


Span Ows said...

the projection is mind-boggling. He is a top troll.