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Monday, 6 April 2020

Will Starmer defend China?

It is apparent to epidemiologists that three nations - China, Iran and Russia - are not being honest with the rest of the world about the extent and development of the Wuhan virus in their countries. For Iran, the US openly shares satellite images of mass graves but has not yet revealed its satellite monitoring of either China or Russia for fairly obvious reasons. In addition, as the Telegraph reports, China has been flooding Facebook and Instagram with ads attacking the US and even blaming the Wuhan virus on Trump. In Belarus, the unreconstructed Soviet dictator Lukashenko has told his people that driving tractors and drinking vodka will cure the disease. Putin is also pretending that Russians are somehow immune whilst taking what measures he can, given Russia's primitive health infrastructure. In Iran, so many devout Islamists were licking shrines that I have considered changing their moniker from crane-hangers to shrine-lickers. I won't even mention the snake-oil cures peddled within diverse cultures.

These dodgy nations of course sit with us on the world's supranational forum, the UN - two of the epidemiologically irresponsible ones actually on the Security Council. The WHO is run by an Ethiopian chap of no apparent international distinction who has gladly done everything that China has asked of him.

The media is also filled with stories of the failure of that other supranational body, the EU. Failure to offer leadership at time of crisis, failure to implement mutual assistance requests from Italy, and an ongoing failure to release Germany's grip on its gold to help implement the European solidarity they talk about so much.

The reaction of the pro-Globalist, pro-supranational Left in the UK has been predictable; first, accusations of racism against anyone mentioning the origin of the Wuhan virus. Then a vigorous defence of the People's Republic, a defence of the lies, executions, concentration camps, organ removal from prisoners and all. Some bed fellows, Keir. It reminds me of that other old gulag-apologist Nye Bevan - who defended Soviet Russia even as he knew that the Holodomor was killing millions.

Of course, the Left are always helped by the far-right. In this case fake video of crowds at mosques during lockdown, promoted by Voldemort, Hopkins and Batten amongst others, never missing a chance to further their anti-Moslem hate campaign. This allows the Left to add to it's unequivocal support of supranationalism and authoritarian dictatorship its defence of Globalism. Yes, the Left and the global corporates are singing from the same hymn sheet.

Starmer is everything the metropolitan elites are looking for; a characterless technocrat devoid of charisma who supported Remain, adores supranational bodies, excuses Globalism and dismisses the concerns of labour's traditional voters. I'm just listening out for his defence of China - probably just before it's revealed they've been removing the lungs of condemned criminals to implant into Politburo bosses whose own have been compromised by the Wuhan virus.

Qom shrine licker


DeeDee99 said...

Sir Keir Starmer is everything the metropolitan elites are looking for.....and everything the working class in the Red Wall voted against. He's just another metropolitan champagne socialist who believes he is entitled to tell the rest of us what we should think.

His self-declared political interests are: Criminal Justice; Human Rights and Refugees. And you can now add to that, overturning Brexit. And on all 4 subjects, his views will be diametrically opposed to the vast majority of the people whose votes he needs.

I pity the poor behavioural scientist who is going to be tasked with trying to insert something approaching a personality into him.

It must be really paining the British Establishment that Trump is being proven right on China.

Doonhamer said...

Anyone remember Max Headroom?

Mark said...

Well spotted!

Or Kryten with hair.

Dadad1 said...

You haven't forgotten Nosmo King ?

Smoking Scot said...

That thing about removing lungs. I'm assuming an imagination gone riot, or do you have a reason to say this?

Dave Ward said...

"The WHO is run by an Ethiopian chap of no apparent international distinction who has gladly done everything that China has asked of him"

Raedwald said...

Well why not? Organs are harvested from at least 1,600 Chinese killed for the purpose every year; hearts, kidneys, livers and lungs. Lancet piece here -

There's also a few harrowing accounts from doctors harvesting the organs. The condemned are anaesthetised, the organs are removed, and the doctor then opens an artery and lets the prisoner bleed out.

They sell harvested kidneys to american transplant tourists so I'd imagine new lungs for a district party secretary wouldn't be out of the question ... but no actual evidence that it's happened.

Dave_G said...

Does the fakeness of Chinese/Iranian/Russian claims match the lies of Government's keen to ignore the benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a Covid response?

Where would Government get their excuse for panic/kneejerk response if there was an effective solution to the issue?

Why are we being given massaged figures for deaths from Covid when they are using deliberate misrepresentation of cause?

What is the REAL reason for this closedown?

Explain the above before calling me out as a conspiracy theorist please.

JPM said...

The US have not released their satellite pictures because they would expose the lies being told about China by the likes of Trump and by the Right in this country.

There are thousands of westerners in China - my daughter was one for a year recently - and their videos generally corroborate the official claims to a fair extent.

The figures may not be accurate, there might be a few times more than three thousand dead, just as there may be here owing to our loose counting, but basically the Chinese appear to have crushed their epidemic rather effectively. They are now exporting their newly-spare capacity in clinicians and in material.

Anti-communist, democratic, capitalist South Korea is enjoying comparable success by following the same approach as the Chinese too.

The Chinese were correct about SARS - why should they start lying now?

It's not just the successes there which expose the appalling - criminal I claim - inaction by the UK, US and other governments. Germany, Norway etc. are winning too.

Unknown said...

"Government's keen to ignore the benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a Covid response?"

Are there any completed clinical trials of this treatment yet ? I don't know of any. Until the "benefits", if any, are proven, there is no reason to prescribe it. Throwing random molecules at a dangerous disease is not going to defeat it.

Don Cox

Mark said...

Go and have a look at Serpentza on YouTube. He's lived in Chine for 15 years (and has a Chinese wife). His take on vivid in China is somewhat different.

Span Ows said...

Don, as I am sure you know clinical trials can take months and years. However, the fcat that it is a recognised treatment for other diseases has led to the following:

Although: "EUA Hydroxychloroquine Phosphate Patients and Parent/Caregivers Fact Sheet, version date 3/28/20Hydroxychloroquine sulfate is experimental because we do not know if it works for COVID-19. It is not approved by FDA for the treatment of COVID-19, but emergency use has been authorized for adults and adolescents who weigh 50 kg (110 pounds) or more and are hospitalized with COVID-19 if a clinical trial is not available or you are not able to participate in a clinical trial. There is limited information known about the safety and effectiveness ( whetherthis will make you better) of using hydroxychloroquine sulfate for hospitalized patients with COVID-19."

More importantly it has been used in the past to lower viral load AND bacterial load. This is what it does, helps the immune system to take [back] control.

The Crohn's disease work may be of interest to Stephen J...

Dave_G said...

Why, after being on pharmacy shelves for SIXTY years why did the French Government declare Hydroxychloroquine a 'restricted purchase' item just months before the Covid outbreak?

There are any number of examples of those treated using it recovering to a huge extent but the idea should surely be 'if there's ANY proven benefits then USE THEM'.

There's no such thing as a cure for a virus (given its ability to mutate and the common cold being a good example) so why are so many pinning hopes on a vaccine when the (as good as proven) ability of HC is already there?

The answer is, of course, MONEY.

But that's only one of the issues to be resolved. Why are they telling us porkies about the numbers of deaths? A heart attack victim tested and showing positive proof of Covid will be classified as a Covid death. Indeed the BBC managed to announce that of the 400+ that died on one particular day only FORTY had no underlying health issues - and still no mention of the age groups falling to it? Even the WHO designation of allowable causes attributable to Covid on the death certificate has been massaged to (basically) cover just about ANYONE who dies in hospital.

Total deaths are not outside the NORMAL statistical range of all notifiable deaths at any time.

Etc etc.

Unknown said...

"There are any number of examples of those treated using it recovering to a huge extent but the idea should surely be 'if there's ANY proven benefits then USE THEM'."

There are also any number of examples of those not using it recovering. Most people recover quite quickly without any drugs.

There is NO proven benefit until proper trials have been completed.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said @ 11:22

'Are there any completed clinical trials of this treatment yet?'

I'm not aware of any specifically for COVID-19 but this is more than interesting:

Structural and molecular modeling studies reveal a new mechanism of action of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine against SARS-CoV-2 infection


In face of the worldwide health emergency, drug repurposing is obviously the option of choice [2,3]. However, we could save a lot of time by testing in silico the capability of any potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 to block the very first step of the viral cycle. Applied to both RBD-ACE-2 and NTD-ganglioside interactions, our molecular modeling method will help selecting those drugs that are likely to interfere with the initial attachment of virus particles to the respiratory tract surface epithelium. In any case, our data do support the use of CLQ [Chloroquine] and preferentially CLQ-OH [Hydroxychloroquine] as a first intention therapy for patients infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Trump said it (HCQ + Z Pac) could be a "game changer" so the Democrats, and their media whores, are trying desperately to either ban its use or hide any potential it has, because.. orange man bad.


John Brown said...

The fact that Keir Starmer, a pro EU globalist who believes in freedom of movement for the UK, was formerly the DPP and head of the CPS undermines my belief that we have a fair and independent judiciary.

Span Ows said...

John Brown, slimeball Kier Starmer unites Left and right! They both hate him. But then that could lead to "The BBC Defence" (totally wrong) of we must be doing it about right...

Dave_G, not just money: money and CONTROL. It will lead to enforced testing, 'treatment' and vaccinations along with the already enforced (albeit only mildly in UK thus far) quarantine. Not just now but fo the next time...and the next.

Greg Tingey said...

In answer to your question: - NO he won't & he hasn't.
Starmer is what is needed, whether you approve of him or not - a COMPETENT leader of the LOYAL Opposition.
Corbyn was neither competent nor loyal.

I will deliberately ignore the rantings about him being a commie in disguise, as he plainly isn't.
He does care about decency for ordinary people, or seems to at any rate, which is a start