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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Anti-Brexit coup fizzles on

The anti- Brexit coup has started to crack this morning. The Mail and the Express have had enough and realised that this wasn't going anywhere, but the #ScumMedia ratpack, who studiously avoid making any mention of the growing hostility toward them on social media, are still doing what they can to sabotage the UK's final exit from the EU by forcing a two-year extension to the transition period.

I must admit this had more legs than I thought. The dailies and Sundays are in dire straits right now - and advertising income from the global corporates is for most a lifesaving source of income, and also one that gives the same global corporates great power over the proprietors. As for the 'rebel' Tory MPs - with the exception of those clots Baker and Bone, like some gaslight Victorian double act, who were daft enough to be manipulated by the press - well, it's the Remainer wing of the party all over;

There are more, but you get the picture. These are the easily manipulated non-entities, May supporters, anti no-dealers. You can expect that having blown their cover, many will now come under scrutiny from their constituency associations. I expect John Stafford, on our blogroll, will be preparing an edition of 'How to deselect a sitting Conservative MP' from his experience with the last bunch of Remainers.

Add to them Tobias Ellwood, who for some reason wishes to place the UK armed forces under the control of unelected bureaucrats in the Berlaymont, and Mark Pawsey, with his own brilliant scheme to immediately rejoin the EU and you have a prime selection of parliamentary dross.

Then of course there are the bishops - deeply opposed to Brexit, but so quick to slam shut the doors of their cathedrals at the slightest threat to their own perfumed adiposity and lock out the faithful in desperate need of spiritual comfort. #ScumBishops also made an appearance on Twitter.

The attempted coup fizzles on. This is their last ditch attempt to block our final independence from the EU, and it's brought all the supranationalists, all those in the pockets of the global corporates and the grey men who have captured the State out in the open. We can see you. We know who you are.


Anonymous said...

The UK has left the European Union.

Farage and his shower of shit got their helpful shove between the shoulders months ago, or didn't you notice?

Anonymous said...


I still think you've got this wrong. Brexit is won, its now all about the new deal. The Cummings debacle is a minor personnel issue that's been ALLOWED, by Bunter Boris, to get blown out of all proportion.

Cummings had his uses prior to Brexit, bot now,.. surely it can be left to Mr Frost and team, and all Bunter needs to do is sign wherever he's told to and he gets the accolades. Instead, by NOT sacking Cummings on Sunday morning, the whole show has festered and shown Bunter to be a foolish ditherer, seemingly unable to be the Boss and drop the axe.

This is simply poor management, from a man either still ill or not capable of making hard decisions to get the job done.


It's a massive distraction and something terrible is happening they don't want us to see...…..

Michael said...

I never expected that I'd see the time when newspapers would become extinct, but it's really happening now!

Tired old rags like 'The Times', the 'Guardian', and now, 'The Daily Telegraph', are all failing and heading for obscurity - partly because of their paywalls, which deter most people, and partly because - dare I say it, Raeders - more normal people are getting their news in places like here!

I still get a free paper occasionally from Waitrose, but that may stop soon, as they'll not bother with the software, but Mrs O'Blene likes some of the more measured gossip, so why not! (I don't drink coffee anyway).

As for the current 'news', Mr Cummings has done what was expected of him, told them all to f*** off, and he has proved that the BBC are just going the same dreary way, out of touch, failing in their duty, and becoming a silly opportunist bunch of nobodies, just like the old journos in the rags above! 

You heard it first here, but at least two papers will fold in the next year, and the tv tax will be shortened and eventually shelved for good!
Meanwhile, I've got some serious gardening to attend to! 

Raedwald said...

Anon 7.00 - Nope. This is all about crippling the UK during the trade talks, blocking an Australian / WTO exit and securing a two year extension - later to become permanent because of the 'global crisis'.

Don't be gulled by the 'we've already left - it's just about Cummings' siren voices. It isn't. It's about our fundamental freedom - which won't be secured until we're out of the transition for good.

DeeDee99 said...

If we are required by law to abide by EU Law and Regulations and we have to implement any new ones they dream up, we haven't really left the EU. The "Transition Period" is a lie - at the moment we aren't transitioning to anything and we won't be unless/until an agreement on the new trade terms are agreed or one of the parties walks away from the negotiations.

Jeremy Warner told us what the witch-hunt is about on 12 May. Whilst Boris and Cummings were ill with Wuhan Flu, "Officials" came up with a plan to extend the transition. Cummings recovered and got back to Downing Street just in time to scupper the plan.

The Remainers/Must-Have-a-Dealers now know that all the time Cummings is in place, there will be no extension to the transition. That's what the witch-hunt is about.

Boris should bluntly tell the Media and the Remainers/Must-Have-a-Dealers that they aren't getting the scalp they're after. And he should remind his MPs that they were elected last December on a guarantee that the transition would end on 31 December 2020. Any that now don't agree have the option to resign the whip.

Anonymous said...

And Once the BBC has scuppered Cummings their dogs will move on to bring down Kinnock. Another dick?
He would just be collateral damage in the greater battle.
By the way, 'n' that, where is Cheesy? Or is it morphed into one, or two, anons?

Unknown said...

We're not safe until the transition period is over.

Don Cox

Billy Marlene said...

Pound to a piece of shit; Heseltine, Major and Clarke will be on the Sunday shows.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Of all the political battles raging at the moment the one with the biggest impact over the long term is to put the newspapers back in their box. Not to kill free speech, or even the free press, but to stop their economic interests from driving Government policy.

It is one thing to have an editorial line on political events when other opinions are available but when the Financial Times, The Times, The Telegraph and even the Daily Mail switch to automatically criticising a Conservative Government (the one elected by the voters), and considering the bias in the BBC (against anything 'anti establishment' right or left), then the group think is profound. The last hurrah of the neo-liberal consensus perhaps?

So, in a calm, measured way, Boris must make the hysterical MSM realise that it has lost its power. Brexit, and the subsequent transition period will get done. Dominic Cummings won't be sacked. Priti Patel won't be bounced out of office. Bercow won't be elevated to the Lords. Schools will reopen. And I rather suspect the BBC will lose its licensing. But softly, softly catchee monkey.

Span Ows said...

Unknown and DeeDee are right: we are NOT out until we're out! As Don says too, "We're not safe until the transition period is over", then and only then can the dickwads start there 'counter' to tell us how bad Brexit was.

I thought they would be on the weekend just gone Billy.

anon 08:36, yes, now he hides as anon.

John Brown said...

If, as the remainers say, that everyone should be subject to the law and treated equally with no instances of “one rule for them and one rule for us” then why, if Mr. Cummings has broken the lockdown rules/laws/regulations isn’t he simply given a fine like everyone else?

I do not recall the government/our legislature/police/MSM or anyone else saying that breaking these rules would mean the loss of our job.

jim said...

Nice diversion from the Dommy story. The master strategist and evil genius is unmasked, we can all see he is just a dollop like the rest. Dommy the Dollop.

'Two year extension'. This must be Ed Davey's little effort coming up for a second reading Friday 12th (when all good MPs are away at their second homes).

Dinna fash yersels. Private members bills usually fail. So a bit of noise, thats all. But, and a big but, there might just be enough malcontents, Dommy haters and Remainers to prop it up a bit longer. We shall see.

You are going to get your lovely Brexit. The people know what they want and they deserve to get it - good and hard. Snag is Brexit is last week's chip paper and it's not going to look such a good idea when Rolls Royce moves to Germany.

John Brown said...

The BBC news these days contains very little news and the time is mainly spent with one BBC journalist asking several other BBC journalists for their views and opinions on one UK issue which furthers their remain/green agenda.

I can imagine in the future the BBC spending the first 15 minutes discussing if the Minister of Transport should be sacked for a non-accident traffic offence caught on camera followed by :

“Today’s other news :
In what is believed to be a co-ordinated attack China has moved troops into Hongkong and invaded Taiwan whilst North Korea has launched an attack on South Korea....”

Smoking Scot said...

@ jim

Rolls Royce aerospace ain't going anywhere. So you may be referring to Rolls Royce automobiles; the one that's owned by BMW. Oh and they happen to own Mini.

Your problem is America, China and the Middle East are their prime markets - and UK is going to get a far better trading deal, far faster than the EU. Furthermore the luxury end of the car market is immune from little bitty taxes. Virtually 100% of their cars go out way above list price.

If you think their Cullinan was intended for the UK market, forget it. That's available for those I've mentioned plus the Russian brutes, as is the new G class Merc.

VW of course own Bentley and they know from their Phaeton that luxury is the preserve of the few. Same with Merc and their Maybach.

Where you may have a point is with Mini. But that won't go to Germany. Slovenia maybe - and they're welcome to it.

Unknown said...

"why, if Mr. Cummings has broken the lockdown rules/laws/regulations isn’t he simply given a fine like everyone else?"

The great majority of people who have broken the rules have been given advice or a warning. Fines are for the worst or most persistent cases.

But I don't think a parent who has caught the virus taking his special needs son (who can't feed himself) to stay with the grandparents breaks the rules. Cummings and his wife could easily have both ended up in hospital.

Don Cox

jim said...

@Smoking Scot

Aerospace is exactly what I was thinking of. To move ahead think the unthinkable.

Mark said...

Do you know what the EU actually is and what is actually going on inside it?

Mark said...

What like you mean the impossibility of the EU falling apart/Eurozone imploding?

That would make Europe a veritable fanny magnet for business wouldn't it

Bill Quango MP said...

This isn’t the last ditch attempt.
There will be more. And some will be more successful.

If we give a historic timeline to Brexit, we have the miracle of Dunkirk. Farage and Cumming’s little ships rescuing the trapped forces of Leave from imprisonment on the continent.

Followed by the fumbling Boris and his Norway debacle, that was his first leadership attempt.

This allowed May to be in place with her Singapore level of surrender with her leave in name only deal. Followed by her Dieppe attempt stay in power.

Her Eventual channel dash resignation.

Then we had Boris’ El Alamein leadership victory. The beginning of the end.

The Sicily invasions of the momentum collapse.

The Italian surrender that was the Liberal Undemocrats Massive election defeat and the Torch operations that wiped out the TiGGs.

The Stalingrad style, total, unbelievable, crushing of Corbynism at the election.

Boris’ 80 seat majority represents the huge success of the D-Day landings that signalled a true end to any second referendum. And an assurance of eventual victory over the forces of evil.


We. now have the Market-Garden disaster of covid.

The Scheltd estuary, progress restricting, self inflicted, defeat from victory, Cummings affair.

And these combined meant Leave were unable to fully press on over the Rhine. This has allowed the Facist Rejoins a chance to regroup. Reorganise. And prepare their defences.

For those who wish to continue this world war analogy, what’s coming up is Watch on the Rhine. Battle of the Bulge.

That is going to try and drive us back into the sea. The full might of the last of the Remainiac forces. Unleashed in a surprise attack on the weakest point. ( Tory Anti-no dealers). Punching an unexpected hole right through our defences and creating a panic.

if that offensive fails it’s still a bitter, contested, fanatical fight, all the way to Rejoin’s final, bullet in the bunker.

Its like covid.

It’s not over. It just feels over.

But in reality, it won’t be over for a long while yet.

Raedwald said...

Bill - a superb tour de force and you've hit it bang on the head!

Greg T said...

What utter bollocks, from every single one of you

Dave_G said...

Sorry Greg.

We obviously have to defer to your, and only your, high and mighty opinion so, come on then, educate us.


Michael said...

As usual, dear, sad old Greg Tingey turns up after the fighting, collects his few pennies from the wounded barman for 'being there', then runs away.

What's the French for wanquer...

Span Ows said...

No, maybe he meant the "dog's bollocks" :-)

John Brown said...

Boris must not sack Cummings in order to demonstrate to Mr. Barnier and his UK cohorts that a blitzkrieg from the MSM, Parliament, the Civil Service etc.will not change his mind to not extend the transition period.

Anonymous said...


Nobody wants a final departure from the awful embrace of the EU than me; but if you listened and saw Bunter in today's grilling, the smirking, the obfuscation and probably outright lying, and further, the appalling reference to his staff as 'Sherpas', then what does he think of the rest of us...Serfs most likely?

Bunter is incompetent, self-entitled, a boorish SOB, but I do hope he can find a way to resolve this, so we can get back to fully preparing for a WTO arrangement.

Anonymous said...

Clickbait headline but for the fact that you've lost Clacton. Clacton! Brexit heartland has pulled the rug out from under Dom's puppet.

All of this hoo haa provides cover for David Frost's evidence to the parliamentary cttee. on the future relationship with the EU. He says that the final decision on a deal might not be that soon. "We are completely in the hands of the EU on this". But Davis, Gove, Fox, Dom and sundry said that we hold all the cards. Or should that be porkies?

Cue Brexiters outrage. Next thing you'll be calling Frost a closet Remainer.

Anonymous said...


No, no, no. Bunter said we've left and he's always been truthful. Didn't you get the memo?

Raedwald said...

Anon 23.18 - You're not really up on this EU thing, are you?

Sherpa is the term that has officially long been in use for senior officials who recce a route for later negotiations between principals.

Glad to have been able to school you.

Anonymous said...

@Raedwald 6:38

One might conclude that Anon 23.18 did not attend the right schools.

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