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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

They must let Scotland go

No, no not the nation. The Blairite life-peer who has headed the Commonwealth secretariat for the last four years, and whose term is now coming to an end. We are about to embark into the world as a sovereign independent nation seeking trade deals, new relationships, a post-globalist and internationalist thrust, a re-orientation of perspective. What qualities would you look for in a Secretary-General?

Well they probably wouldn't be those displayed by Scotland. Hauteur. Extravagance. A dodgy contract awarded to her mate from Bradford. Some 50 breaches of procurement rules perhaps awarding contracts to other chums. An illegal Tongan maid. Scotland is a very grand lady indeed, and she seems to love the pomp and status that goes with the job, the Commonwealth less so. In response to what is seen as chaotic and potentially corrupt mismanagement of the Commonwealth secretariat, the UK suspended its £4.7m annual contribution earlier this year until acceptable financial controls are in place.

The UK is just a member amongst many, of course, but is amongst the Commonwealth's biggest players. One assumes the CW would therefore look to another of the big hitters - India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia - to provide the next Secretary General. So far, Canada, Guyana, Nigeria, New Zealand and India have already provided post-holders. So Malaysia remains a possibility, as does Australia - but counter forces are at play.

First, Patricia Scotland doesn't want to go and has mobilised one or two of her Caribbean chums to support her. Secondly, in an era of BLM, the CW will be looking for potential candidates from Africa or the Caribbean. However, the next four years will bring many changes and challenges for our Commonwealth, and we need someone other than Scotland at the helm - for the sake of the organisation's 2.4 billion citizens from 54 nations including us.

Don't discount Chinese dirty tricks for this appointment - they want to block India, Australia and independent Pacific rim states and promote their tame African politicians, their mouths stuffed with Belt-and-Road gold.

And don't discount that the government's opposition to Patricia Scotland may involve similar reasons to which we aren't privy. 


Jack the dog said...

Appalling woman.

DeeDee99 said...

"Secondly, in an era of BLM, the CW will be looking for potential candidates from Africa or the Caribbean"

That's the same selection criteria which results in the likes of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus being appointed to head the WHO.

The Commonwealth needs someone competent - not someone selected because of their colour.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dee Dee, with over a billion-and-a-half people, of whom only three percent come from Aus, NZ or Canada, the stats suggest that this person is quite likely to come from the other ninety-seven percent, who live in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Oh, yes, and they'll want much freer movement for any trade deals.

Raedwald said...

Usual innaccurate and cavalier attitude to facts there, Cheesy -
As I posted, it's 2.4 billion. 2,479,265,000 to be exact. Of whom 54.5% are from India and (almost right) 2.7% from CANZ

I'd be very happy with another Indian Secretary-General - particularly when a gesture of CW solidarity against China would not be amiss.

Mark said...

Free movement? Just had a look on googoracle and it has the nearest commonwealth country as Malta. Free movement ain't the issue, illegal is.

How about wee Jimmie. I'm sure we could sort a proper residence in South Georgia.

Span Ows said...

Scotland is so typical of Blarite 'certain class of people' that and most definitely suffering 'along Dunning–Kruger lines' and earning 000s of £££ under the delusion that they're worth it. multiply by the thousands in every quango, council, layer of government, civil service etc.

Val said...

Why is it that people in these influential positions seem immune to the normal rules of employment. They carry on being incompetent, sometimes even corrupt, and yet they stay in place, carrying on being incompetent, and corrupt? What makes them untouchable? And WHY?

Dave_G said...

Val - it's not 'who you know' it's now a case of 'what (they) know about YOU'

Clearly there are machinations in the establishment that we aren't part of - and quite frankly wouldn't even WANT to be part of.

Anonymous said...

Well, the thing about Political Correctness - or, as we once called it properly, Consideration For Others - is that sometimes there isn't perhaps enough consideration for everyone else too, that is, for others in the widest sense. It's probably as simple as that.

Span Ows said...

anon 09:50 24/06

"Well, the thing about Political Correctness - or, as we once called it properly, Consideration For Others..."

I suppose if you're wrong on Brexit, wrong on EU, wrong on Trump, wrong on 99.5% of what you spout on here I guess looking for more cars to chase is to be expected. No, consideration for others is, was and always will be the exactly what it means i.e. consideration for others. PC is positive discrimination, overt and wrong favourtism of self-described 'victims', a sick disease that will always do MUCH more harm than good; it is cloaked in a weak veneer of "consideration for others" by those evil-minded "do-gooders" for whom the only solution is 'more of the same', i.e. more wrong.

Raedwald said...

Oh I'm sure we should have been more considerate to that nice Mrs May, and let her continue in office as she wanted, despite the fact that she was utterly useless and was destroying the country with her ignorance, wilfulness and ineptitude, aided by demented advisors and disloyal public servants.

I like the Australian saying - 'A fair go' - i.e. an open meritocracy, where the best, brightest and most capable people of whatever 'characteristics' get an equal chance to compete.

Greg T said...

as a sovereign independent nation

Oh do bloody GROW UP ...
Anyone else here remember Suez?

Raedwald said...

You mean that stupid French adventure they managed to get us tied-up with? Bloody Kermits.

Mark said...

@Greg T

You make white cucks on their knees before black inferiority complex seem like Eric Bloodaxe!

DiscoveredJoys said...

I've always criticised the elite chasing patronage and favour as a way of life, but look what happens when 'a quiet word' is no longer enough to remove the unsatisfactory. Patricia Janet Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, won't go, Theresa May was unwilling to go, sundry MPs have been unwilling to go, and there are few mechanisms available to get them to go discretely other than await fresh elections/selections.

It's not unique to the UK, others are bedeviled by the limpets too.

Andrew Douglas said...

It’s a shame. As an idea the Commonwealth has a great deal of potential, particularly with the UK poised to take its rightful place as a leader in free trade.

It would be great to see the Commonwealth led by someone who didn’t share belief in the failed Left/Liberal Nostrums that bedevil our establishments. Maybe Mr Modi has a friend.

Greg T said...

At least the Frogs learnt to NEVER, EVER trust the USA ... we still haven't got the message, it seems..

WHAT are you talking about?

Incidentally, in the spirit of telling both parties that they are (still) tossers there was also the IMF fiasco, 20 years later.