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Friday 23 December 2016

Post-Brexit status of EU prisoners?

Nothing too taxing for the holiday period, but looking at the most recent parliamentary prison stats document a couple of things struck me -
  • We currently hold about 2,900 prisoners from EU countries - almost a thousand from Poland alone. Will they be included in a Brexit right of residence deal?
  • Christians form 50% of the prison population but 60% of the general population while Muslims form 15% of the prison population but only 4% of the General population over 15. Does this prove Christians are better people than Muslims? (Athiests are only marginally over-represented in prison)
On a serious note, younger people are becoming progressively less likely to offend, which suggests the crim bulge may be just that - a moving, ageing crim bulge - and as it works its way through and the drunks, bottlers, tea leaves and  assorted ne'er-do-wells just become too old to be serious offenders our prison population will fall. So perhaps no need for panic - those born before 1976 just seem to be more criminal. 


Anonymous said...

@ younger people are becoming progressively less likely to offend

Well they offend me!. Bah Humbug.

mikebravo said...

Lady Shameless Chuckabutty thinks they should all just be let out. Especially the muzzies who have a particularly hard time at Christmas.

Anonymous said...

A couple of points occur to me which might skew the age figures older:
There appears to have been an explosion of men being convicted of abuse from alleged events of decades ago. By definition those inmates are going to be older, indeed from age ranges where long sentences are otherwise rare.
People are now being convicted of long-ago offenses because of advances in DNA. At the time the possibility of being convicted by DNA would have been either unknown or little-known. Again, these offenders are older. Offenders from the last couple of decades would have to be stunningly ignorant not to take DNA into account and either take steps to avoid leaving evidence or choose not to commit certain crimes where leaving DNA (or being seen on CCTV for that matter) would be unavoidable.

Dave_G said...

You missed out the 'black' prison/crime ratio....

Robert said...

Dave G if you read the report you will find the figure for blacks.

Dave_G said...

My bad.... thanks for the pointer Robert

and thanks to Radders for 2016 and his thoughtful and provocative (at times!) posts. Have a happy holiday.

Seasons greetings to all contributors too.


Dadad said...

Guilty, M'lud. Born 1940

Anonymous said...

Maybe the more elderly lags just have not kept up to date with gaming the system of social workers, head shrinkers, and political prostitutes.

G. Tingey said...

Not here any more ... 20 years ( i.e. between 18-22 years ) after Pb in petrol was made illegal, the crime rate drops off, quite sharply, whichever country it was in.

Lead Tetraethyl did awful things to people's brains & their "wiring".