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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

When will we cut the head from this Saudi terror serpent?

What do virtually all US and European Islamist terror attacks since 9/11 have in common? Easy, isn't it. Not only is anti-western terrorism almost exclusively a Sunni Muslim occupation, but it comes from one single branch of radical Salafist / Wahhabi / Deobandi Islamism. And this originates in Saudi Arabia, is funded, promoted and exported by Saudi Arabia and is nurtured, protected and shielded by Western greed for Saudi blood money. 

Europe's governments, and particularly Germany's government already know this. German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told us so last year; "Wahhabi mosques are financed all over the world by Saudi Arabia. In Germany, many dangerous Islamists come from these communities" he told Bild am Sonntag. Austria recently passed a special law to ban foreign funding of mosques and imams - so far the only EU country to do so. Turkey's carpet-chewing dictator Erdogan was bitter in his reaction - the Turkish government directly employed and supplied 60 radical Sunni imams to Austrian mosques, all of whom would be deported and replaced with native-grown ones. And the Saudi patrons of terror are banned from any funding of Islamist organisations. Austrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz defended the pragmatic new law, which only applies to Islamic funding, from accusations of discrimination; "The influence of foreign countries is a problem we only have in the Muslim community. We do not have this problem in the other religious communities" he shrugged.

The perpetrator of yesterday's Berlin outrage has tentatively been identified as Pakistani / Afghan. No doubt he is a Sunni, and no doubt from one of the Salafist branches. The only other question is whether he was radicalised by a Saudi-funded mosque serving the 25,000 strong migrant camp in which he was located. But I fear neither the BBC nor others of the #fakenews tendency will tell us.

So. We all know the Islamists have been planning Christmas attacks in Europe, ISIS and al nusra / al queda and the other Saudi terror arms have been encouraging their sleepers to commit such acts and now it's happened why should we be surprised? Europe including the UK still allows the Saudi serpent to spread its poison venom across our continent. When will we have the sense to strike the head from this terror serpent?

Adjacent to the Tempelhof camp is the Salafist-funded Ibrahim al-Khalil Mosque. According to Wikipedia, the Moroccan imam has a history of recruiting to Syrian terrorist groups and inciting Islamist violence ...


APL said...

Raedwald: "What do virtually all US and European Islamist terror attacks since 9/11 have in common?"


rapscallion said...

Not all muslims are terrorists. However all terrorists are muslim. This is an existential threat to western civilisation. We simply have to eradicate Islam from Europe. If we don't then our civilisation is dead.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that a lot of terrorists were Irish at one time, that makes them Roman Catholic, or near-Christian, not Mahommedans.Irgun were Jewish, which I suppose has no-porking and cock-cutting as a common factor. Molesting children was a common factor with the sand-niggers and the Irish, although if you include cock-cutting the Yids have this in common too. You've got to give it to the sand-niggers, they butcher their girls as well as their boys, so the socialists ought to applaud their 'equality' agenda - perhaps they do.

The most obvious common factor is that they are all cunts.

APL said...

Anon: "I'm afraid that a lot of terrorists were Irish at one time, that makes them Roman Catholic, or near-Christian, not mohammedans."

Well the British government could capitulate utterly to the Irish Republican terrorists and the resulting cultural shift is entirely in line with the general thrust of Western European civilisation.

Capitulate to the mohammadans and, well just ask the one time denizens of ( for example ) Ephesus, Ah! you can't they were all killed and their cities were reduced to rubble.

It's a mystery who did that!

APL said...

By the way, the BBC headline; "Lorry kills 12 at Christmas market."

Lorry kills 12 at Christmas market - is pretty much par for the course at the BBC.

Must have been one of those Google self driving lorries.

Anonymous said...

America has suffered 50 or more Muslim atrocities since WW2, so it will be plain to Putin that he should announce that ONE more assault on Russia or Russians, will result in Mecca being transformed into a GLASS CAR PARK.

Poisonedchalice said...

Deport all 1,000,000 of them - and I don't care where they go providing it is some Islamic shit-hole outside of Europe and UK.

That's the answer.

Dan said...

Actually the problem has pretty much solved its self, thanks to the American oil frackers.

Saudi Arabia is basically, at heart, a kingdom of itinerant camel-shagging bandits who eagerly jumped upon Islam as a good excuse for being enthusiastic bandits back when the faith was introduced to them. Note here that they are aggressive bandits first, muslims second.

When oil was discovered, the Saudi chiefs hit on a winning formula: get foreigners to do the hard work of drilling for oil, transporting oil and all that, and simply take the profits as theirs to do with as they chose. One of the outlets was a generous welfare state for all Saudi citizens, based entirely on oil revenue. Now, most forward-looking states (such as pre-theocracy Iran) were smart enough to view oil as a temporary lottery windfall sort of thing; very nice but not going to last.

Saudi Arabia doesn't seem to have thought this way, indeed thinking seems anathema to them in all forms. Saudi Arabian oil has been getting steadily scarcer over the years, and progressively harder and more expensive to extract; oil prices have steadily risen as a result and because of the OPEC cartel limiting supplies. All very sustainable, until some smart arse in the USA realised that there is actually a heck of a lot of shale rock out there which has organic remains in which could form oil or at least methane if only you could get at it; fracking technology does just this and is getting cheaper by the day. Similarly the Russians are also expanding their fossil fuels supplies.

This has utterly fucked the Saudi Arabian economy, which is now severely in deficit.

Saudi Arabia in deficit cannot afford a large military. It cannot afford the cost of exporting religious crazy all over the world. It cannot afford to play politics on the international level. It is just about preventing its citizens from revolting, but only just.

The problem of Saudi Arabia just got solved.

Anonymous said...

The main source of radicalisation is not the Internet generally but what is on the Internet.

What is on the Internet is the Koran and Hadiths, available for free and essy access.

Anonymous said...


The Jihadis are not the problem. In fact, they are alerting us to the coming existential crisis. Muslim population growth is several times larger then European rates. In less then 50 years, Muslims will be a majority. And that’s that. Sharia, and the end of Western civilisation

As the Muslim population increases, attacks will get more frequent, with “moderate“ Muslim demands that the state give more to the “marginalised” Muslim youth, or they will become even more radicalised. And so on. The more you give to the so-called moderates, the more our society will become Islamic. Moderate and radical Muslims play the good cop bad cop routine.

As the late Laurence Auster wrote:

Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization. But we cannot destroy Islam.

· · Nor can we democratize Islam.

· · Nor can we assimilate Islam.

· · Therefore the only way to make ourselves safe from Islam is to separate ourselves

There will no peace in the West unless there is a separation from Islam and muslims. Expect Christmas will be bombed each year, as that is what Muslims do – to ruin the festivals of other religions. Recall the bombing of the cathedral in Egypt a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Europe including the UK still allows the Saudi serpent to spread its poison venom across our continent. When will we have the sense to strike the head from this terror serpent?'

Not sure who you think this 'we' is but 'sense', the faculty enabling us to perceive something external (in this case a common sense threat) is I would say completely missing from most politicians. Islam was never a good fit for a largely secular West. It's extremely conservative for one; binds 50 per cent of it's population (women) for two; is highly political for three and finally it is expansionist up to and including the entire fucking planet - a clue there for those who think its a bit odd that Muslims so often get a free pass when they kick off: it's their strategic importance to a particular set of goals (Globalism)

Jihad Resurgent: Islamic Threat and Western Reponse

(Required viewing (90mins) from two years ago is Clare Lopez with Q Society in Sydney, Australia, 5 September 2014)


Anonymous said...

Some good posts here as per.

Steve, Anon 14.01, Dan - storming posts and "Glass car park" is fast becoming the only option, a final go to, solution.

Anonymous said...

Oh, btw the blog post was good but too reserved for you R.

feargalthecat said...

The Austrian Foreign Minister is spot on; it's not discrimination to use a unique answer to deal with a unique problem.

James Higham said...

May have to be bombs.

Cascadian said...

Close the mosques, and remove the welfare for gimmegrants and multi-wife families......problem will be solved in short order.

In other news some German has stated "we are in a state of war" which is hopeful, but given Merkel's bungling could be more dangerous for the Netherlands and Belgium than the multi-country gimmegrants.

Socialist International must be panicking, Merkel's socialists have a serious problem, the French socialists are doomed, England's socialists are beyond serious consideration, Italy is teetering, Spain is a disaster the most stable EU socialist government is Greece! Hillary's socialists, Europe's last hope for more welfare are powerless. Europe may yet have to re-align with the Saudi overlords out of economic necessity.

Jo Cox' husband is very concerned that Merkel should not be held responsible for her own bad decisions, perhaps he should return his attention to Venezuala.

Cascadian said...

Read this, then explain why the mosques and madrassahs should not be shut down,

Merkel knew this and is complicit in the mayhem unleashed on her own people.

DeeDee99 said...

I don't know the answer to the question in the title ...... but interestingly, yesterday I listened to a British former ambassador to Syria on the BBC saying that the UK Government should stop trying to oust Assad and accept that although he's not perfect, he's better than the alternative extremist Islamist state .... running a multi-faith country etc etc.

Then the newspapers and this morning Sky News have highlighted that Syria's Christians and Christian Kurds in Iraq are able to celebrate Christmas as ISIS has been beaten back.

Preparing the way for a Government U-turn?

Poisonedchalice said...

Given the new news today re Germany's knowledge of the terrorist, it is, as Farage rightly calls it, "Merkel's legacy".

In cutting the head off the serpent; which serpent? The serpent that is the EU would be a good start. The immovable doctrines of the EU are now responsible for the deaths of scores of hundreds of people.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

The problem is the Sunni-led Gulf states own so much of the west and contribute so much to the west's economy that if we did piss them off enough for them to remove that money, we'd suffer a financial shock the likes of which would make the credit crunch a mere blip.

I said it back in 2015 that ISIS can't be defeated unless Saudi sponsorship ends and that Russia entering the fray would be a game changer. What is surprising (if you don't understand the players) are the Western government's protestations given that Russia and Syria are doing such a good job of killing ISIS-affiliated rebels.

The thing that I still can't yet fathom is why the west doesn't want the elimination of ISIS in the Middle East. Or put another way, why they actively support ISIS-affiliated rebels with weapons etc. When those self-same weapons would quite easily be turned back against us, ending up on our city streets.

Anonymous said...

Mark The Skint Sailor said @ 14:19

'The thing that I still can't yet fathom is why the west doesn't want the elimination of ISIS in the Middle East. Or put another way, why they actively support ISIS-affiliated rebels with weapons etc. When those self-same weapons would quite easily be turned back against us, ending up on our city streets.'

They wanted rid of Assad - still do - and he is just one of half a dozen that in their estimation "has to go" = regime change. The chaos it causes they don't care about. Hundreds of thousands killed; millions displaced; Europe in upheaval. All for one man. There's some seriously weird people pushing this evil. Take John McCain for instance, the neocon's neocon, who met with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) in 2014. What the fuck was doing having tea with him?

Geopolitics my arse it's murder, murder on an unimaginable scale.


APL said...

Steve: "They wanted rid of Assad - still do ..."

"They" being Saudi Arabia. They wanted rid of Gadaffi too, and got the West to do their dirty work for them.

In fact, 'They' wanted rid of any secular Arab regime in the middle east.

Huma Abedin and her patsy Clinton must have been an 'allah send'.

Mark Wadsworth said...