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Saturday 3 December 2016

Yes, Richmond matters - but it's not what they think

The minor frisson of joy that swept through the butthurt remoaners at the Richmond result has been poorly interpreted by the political class in the MSM. It is not the start of a Brexit fightback, it is not the rollback of leaving the EU. It does, however, mark the start of our voting for MPs based not on party but on whether they are Brexiteers or Remoaners. 

David Lammy, a politician who usually wears a mask of crassness and stupidity, knows this. His London constituency is solid remoaner, and the value of his declaring that he will vote against Article 50 before the debate has even been tabled, let alone the arguments heard, is high. He has already started cementing his place for 2020. 

If the parliamentary obstructions, the acts of sabotage, are too great or progress too delayed, then 2020 will cause the greatest upheaval in Parliament for a century, with a strong Brexiteer government facing a sparse remoaner opposition across the house.


Quiet_Man said...

It's true, many a pro remain Labour candidate will now be bricking it in the face of UKIP.

Scrobs. said...

Won't the Remoaners have to be herded, standing room only, hopping up and down to get a view from the back end of the house, with Brexiteers facing each other on the benches?

Anonymous said...

The dog that didn't bark is Labour. Fewer votes than it has local members and its first lost deposit in a London by-election in 100 years, according to the Times. And this in a contest where the Tories and UKIP did not field a candidate.
Given that there were only two mainstream parties in contention here, I would at least expect Labour to get on the scoring sheet. If they can't manage t keep their deposit in this sjw enclave, what hope have they got?

DeeDee99 said...

Unfortunately, whilst many Brexiteer voters were happy to put their X against Leave, they are less likely to vote for a Brexit-supporting PCC if that individual comes from a party they generally don't support. Tribalism still permeates large sections of the electorate.

I hope Paul Nuttall pulls UKIP back together in time for the next General Election so we can, at least, help dispose of some Remoaner Labour MPs, even if we don't win the seats ourselves.

John Brown said...

If the Richmond by-election was another EU referendum, as has been claimed by the Lib Dems, which seems likely given that both candidates were opposed to Heathrow expansion, then it appears that the remain vote has dropped from 75% in the June referendum to 50% in this by-election.

Or, put the other way, the leave vote has increased by 50% from 30% to 45%.

A possible explanation is because Richmond is a very wealthy borough and many voters were in June scared by the main remain tactic that a vote to leave would bring immediate economic ruin to the UK and which has now been seen to be entirely false.

Curmudgeon said...

The Brexit vote, and the lack of acceptance from the Remoaners, has opened up a divide in public life unprecedented in my lifetime.

The country is becoming split between patriots and those who wish to cede sovereignty to a foreign power.

Pat said...

It should be pointed out that Goldsmith got a handsome majority as a Conservative with Conservative support.
As an Independent without Conservative support he lost.
This looks like an important factor to me.
Further, this being a by-election Lib Dems could concentrate their resources on one constituency. That would be impossible in a general election, or indeed a referendum.

Poisonedchalice said...

The Sarah Olney interview conducted by Julia Hartley-Brewer is a delight to listen to. 3 minutes and 36 seconds of worthwhile investment -

Mr Ecks said...

The by-election is a non-event.

Rich-mond is almost London Bubble Remain ground zero. The butt-hurt EU suckers had a chance to change drippy, useless MP Zac (Pro-Brexit) for a drippy useless female ( Pro-EU suck) at no real cost to themselves. That is all of it.

Some dozy twat in the BluLabourGraph wrote that it made an election less likely. Well it does but not for the reasons he thought.

It shows that MPs who put their views over their voters will get it in the neck. There are far more of those in the Remain gang. A lot of BluLab and ZaNu collars will have started to feel much tighter now.

They won’t want to risk it.

Even if the court proves false and treacherous Brexit will win the HoC.

John M said...

Tim Farron exudes all the misplaced excitement of a second division football manager whose team scored a goal against Barcelona - even though they lost the game 9-1 and they scored because of a penalty...

Anonymous said...

Ok so she got the Remoaner vote, but even so it was weak (49.7%). And London, all of it, is nothing like the rest of England, leave alone the UK. The result is as meaningless as Tim Farron's premiership prospects - with 9 seats he couldn't field a football team.

I'll stick my head out and say Labour are mortally wounded now. No longer a mainstream party; the sort that attracts a significant proportion of the electorate (in their case the white working class who they deliberately shafted for their own ends) they are now a coalition of assorted ideologues and self-defining victimhood groups.



Dioclese said...

Richmond was a farce.

The Lip Dump they've elected can't even face a radio interview, Farron is acting lie a deluded Hitler in his bunker, Goldsmith got axed for wasting ratepayers' money and the Tories didn't even bother to field a candidate.

God help us if this is the state of British politics these days and this woman represents the quality of our elected representatives!

Cascadian said...

The vote shows just how sick yUK politics are, just like the Jo Cox constituency major parties refuse to run candidates-that is not democratic, it is suppressing the vote.
The conservatives are in nearly as much trouble as liebour, regular folk hate them. Labour are dead, limp dems are apparently the protest vote, what a joke! UKIP instead of capitalizing on the chaos attempt to match it with their own.
The only operating political party despite their dismal mishandling of the Brexit referendum are the "conmen"-god help you all.
The only bright news is the Zac Goldsmith departure another camoron dilletante "politician" gone, lets hope BoJo is next.

mikebravo said...

That interview was a proper, top quality piss take. Much more of that type of thing required.

Ridicule and goading is just what the doctor ordered.

rapscallion said...

"If the parliamentary obstructions, the acts of sabotage, are too great or progress too delayed, then 2020 will cause the greatest upheaval in Parliament for a century"

You got that right Radders. Even most of the Remain voters accepted the result with good grace. If, by a combination of "legal" delaying tactics and other efforts to thwart the will of the people by the likes of Clarke, Blair, Farron and others means that we still haven't left by 2020, then every single Remainer MP in Brexit constituencies is gone. It will decimate Labour in the North and Midlands who frankly have enough problems without Brexit.

They literally won't know what's hit them, and they'll be lucky not to be strung up. Such a flagrant disregard of the People's democratic will cause the seething anger to burst.

Dadad said...

All the legal goings on are just a sideshow; what matters is the politics, because that's where things are made to actually happen.

Eventually what the non-supreme court says is irrelevant because it's the votes that will be the real decider.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I wish I could be as sanguine as you, Radders.

My view is that any early election will be in effect a re-run of the EU Referendum. So anything might happen.

A strong Brexiteer government is one possible outcome. Another possibly outcome is the greatest betrayal of democracy by the political class that we have yet seen.

And then what? Would we really take to the streets?

What do you think, really?

No, May in her current guise is our only hope of having our wishes respected; and she is just that - a hope.

Fingers crossed.

RAC said...

Have a read at this, what the eu is actively condoning is absolutely unbelievable and criminal, how anyone would would want to remain is totally beyond my understanding.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


thanks for that link.

15 ships eh?

That is not an inexpensive operation.

There is a pong , a very strong pong emanating from this.