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Monday 5 December 2016

Austrians are neither cowards nor fascists

The volume and viciousness of the internet invective directed at the Austrians yesterday surprised me. Their crime was to have swung about 8% since the last time they voted, defeating the candidate of the right. The rabid UK right on the web angrily branded them leftist green cowards, whilst the Guardian's own little Owen Jones waspishly asked why was he supposed to praise Austria because only 46% of them had voted fascist. Both extremes of hate are prime examples of gobbing-off without knowing one's arse from one's elbow. 

I strongly suspect Van der Bellen was supported because he stood as an independent, has stressed he represents all Austrians, is a more presidential figure than Hofer, defends the status quo and will do nothing to rock the boat - in other words, he will do exactly what a largely ceremonial President is expected to do. But Hofer is no fascist, nor even is he 'far right' as the BBC insists on terming him. He's just a deeply conservative Austrian traditionalist embodying the fear that Austrians are losing control over their own destiny. A Venn diagram of the two candidates would actually show a large overlap - giving the lie to uninformed UK commentors who see a divisive polarisation.  

Austrian politics are largely consensual. A Red-Black coalition - socialists and conservatives - has effectively been in power since the war, and only recently is being challenged in the Nationalrat by the Greens and Hofer's Blues. It's as if Theresa May was in coalition with Labour, and had Hillary Benn as her Foreign Secretary. Crazy, but it works. 

But perhaps more deeply ingrained in voters is Austria's post war irrevocable declaration of Permanent Neutrality. Never again, pledged Austrians, would their nation strike the spark of European war. I don't think that's cowardice. 

The country's conservative traditionalism does not make it a comfortable place for migrants. Dispersed to small rural communities around Austria, housed in barracks and youth hostels, fed boiled pasta three times a day and de-loused, disinfected and medicated as efficiently and bio-organically as any dairy herd, restricted to riding bicycles or using country postbus services, it is not the instant wealth, apartment and Audi they dreamt of. Add to those discomforts the insistence of cheery Austrians in greeting them a score of times a day with "Grüß Gott!" in praise to the Christian three-person God, a profusion of lovingly tended roadside crosses and Marian shrines, and Alpine valleys that ring with the echo of church bells three times a day and you can understand why the migrants drift to Germany and elsewhere where the Ummah has taken stronger hold.   

So neither cowards nor fascists, Austrians made a decision that will be comfortable for all Austrians to wear. And they did it for themselves, not for rabid incendiaries in foreign lands nor for ill-informed and illiberal scribblers like the Guardian's little stars. 

I can live with that.


Anonymous said...

"fed boiled pasta three times a day and de-loused, disinfected and medicated as efficiently and bio-organically as any dairy herd, restricted to riding bicycles or using country postbus services, it is not the instant wealth, apartment and Audi they dreamt of."

Austria, right thinking, is correct in all that it does, it offers sanctuary but only on Austrian terms. Where, in complete contrast to Britain, which is by comparison, a very soft landing in the land of milk and honey and which grants all new comers, the freedom to do as you bloody well like, and practise whatever course barbarity which are, is, inimical to our traditions, culture, established religion, ie: all that Brits hold dear.

forget about Brexit exterior for a minute and read the subtext of it.......

One has to think on to, and it very much begs the question, who actually runs our country? Islam has its hooks into us, endlessly sharp they bite deep.

A battle is coming, and 'our' courts fight it but not for Britain and in Britain's interests - oh, no.

Existential, it goes to the heart of it. The upshot will also come out in the next four days of deliberation by the so named 'Supreme' court, lets call a spade a spade they are not deliberating on a point of an obscure case which, should have been thrown out and straight off.
No, this is a more fundamental battle of wills and backed by and no doubt of it, all the 'yuman rites brigade' those vipers, like 'Matrix' replete with bigot lawyers steeped in the prejudice that is Islam - who prosper and fester mendaciously under the banner of the ECHR and without which Islam would not be so formidably efficacious in Britain.

The 'Supreme' court sees through it deems a clear conflict, under the noise of battle, forget about Brexit for one moment...these pernicious judges ARE defending the writ of ECHR, its deliverance, deliberation within the UK.

The ECHR, its nebulous oh so vague statutes allows thus, a perpetual open ended falsity to be interpreted by malign minds. ECHR provides weak headed social engineers and the UK legal blob the ability to formulate and pass down judgements which in their eyes are propitiously wise edicts....... but are viewed by everyone else, indeed anyone who has even half a brain as; antithetical to logic, common law, common sense and therein Christian morality.
On the morn' of this, you can see how much damage the EU has done but the deconstruction is now enforced by a set of egregious societal engineers [the supreme court] who hate with a pent up fury what Britain, Britons the nation represents and also provides succour, support and enforcement of an altogether endlessly more deleterious and dangerous threat.
Therefore, until we disassociate ourselves from the Brussels Empire and get to grips with and forthwith rescinding the ECHR/ HRA, we will sink further into the incipientEUrabian Caliphate. To, remain as vassels, slaves to the masters of the self appointed guardians of MultiKulti, the Internationalists, George Soros's egregious world foundations David Miliband, the bankster-corporate blob and Tony Bliar's missus laughs all the way to the bank.

DeeDee99 said...

The Austrian people made a democratic decision .......... end of.

Their country; their decision.

Sackerson said...

You're developing a real rhetorical roll; I like it.

Mr Ecks said...

They had a chance to send at least a message to the Scum That Be--at little cost and they bottled it.

What they will get will serve them right.

They have encouraged every piece of cultural Marxist shite on the continent.

What will Mer-cow be singing today?--"Two of a Kind"

Demetrius said...

We forget also that the scale of the Austrian losses during the two World Wars were very heavy indeed and history hangs hard on the present in their rural areas.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Demetrius - that very well may be, but they have only themselves to blame - a) for starting it (1914) and actively willing it on, and then b) being so utterly hopeless at it once it had kicked off. Appalling leadership both political and military and by the accounts I have seen, a rather poor soldiery.

Now, I am aware that it is as true in Austria as anywhere else that wars are started by vainglorious bastards whose sons will rarely be dying in the mud and in those days especially country folks suffered worst, but I have to say that my sympathies for the Austrians (as a race as opposed to proper sympathy for individuals) in that respect is less I think than for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Current happenings in Italy make it more likely that the end of the EU could be in sight. Please let it happen soon. Save us all the bother of having to fight our own quislings for Brexit. And the sight of the all those remoaners faces, Merkel, Bliar, Mandelson, Clegg, Farron, Millibands, Juncker, Tusk, Soubry, Gina Miller, with the realisation that all their dreams have become dust. The best thing ever, all my birthdays at once.

Anonymous said...

The big Sunday fixture was in Italy where the invading side are busy trashing infidel churches and burning plastic bins - bit of rape on the sidelines as well. The result was expected by the home side and with a bit of luck the next match should take them out of Brussels League altogether.

Footie metaphors off.


Cuffleyburgers said...

Steve it would be nice to think that were so, but the word byzantine was invented for Italian political manoeuvring and although the result is a welcome shock to the euro so-called elite, my own guess is that it won't have the shock effect some of us might so devoutly wish for.

The oily bastards will worm out of it.

I hope events prove me wrong.

RAC said...

One thing I do know for an absolute fact, I've never in my life been shown the CV of a judge then given the opportunity to vote him/her in or out of office and neither has anyone else outside of the magic circle.

Thud said...

I like Austrians and what they do or don't do is their business.

Anonymous said...

I wondered if, Norbert Hofer was nobbled, it seems that he was:

"An EU referendum “is not something I want”, he declared, even going so far as to proclaim his desire for “a stronger union”.

Hofer had been seen as a strong anti-establishment candidate, coming within 30,000 votes of the presidency when the race was first run in May. Prior to his reverse ferret on the EU, pollsters had tipped him as the hot favourite to win Sunday’s vote – a re-run of the original race which was ordered by the courts after “serious” vote fraud cast doubts on the legitimacy of the result.

Left-leaning commentators beyond Austria, caught unawares by Brexit and stunned by Donald Trump’s decisive victory in the U.S. presidential elections, have claimed that Hofer’s defeat was a reversal for the wider anti-globalist movement.

However, it seems likely that enthusiasm for the FPÖ contender as a Eurosceptic ‘change’ candidate will have been dampened significantly by his sudden and unexpected move to fall in line with the prevailing political orthodoxy on the EU, robbing him of the anti-establishment momentum which delivered the Brexit result and carried Trump to the White House."

It now seems someone got to him, I wonder, what was teh quid pro quo, by how much was Hofer bribed - remember these cntus assassinated another a car accident................think on.

Anonymous said...

"At this point, there are just too many unidentified people in the story – i. e., the woman who reported the crash, and who the people are at the garage where the Phaeton was kept, and what did they might have done. Then there has been no follow-up about what Schager and Petzner really know or think about the tragedy.

It certainly seems possible that a team of assassins – like a Mossad kidon – set up Haider for a programmed kill where he was strapped into his death vehicle while it went down the predetermined way, helped along by the car of the missing witness, as if he were a war criminal, getting his just desserts while still fully conscious.

Little wonder that the elite of Austria’s current establishment made the most of it by turning up at the state funeral that it had arranged for Haider since their hated opponent was truly finally dead."

I think, it was a possibility and Hofer just didn't like the association "I'm a nice guy".

see here and here

Austria, who knows? and via political assassination, it can be done, not necessarily is made, through acutely precipitate methods.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is a conspiracy theorist who could look at the statistics of car accidents to celebrities versus those to the general public. Is there, for example, a bias to rightists dying over leftists or vice versa? Rule out those in the performing arts, because of drink, drugs and lifestyle.