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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

...And now for the Peers

I'm going to skate over comments on the Brexit court decision yesterday; everything has already been said elsewhere. Suffice to say that Gina Miller is no angel but just a rather petulant, selfish rich woman used to applying wealth and sharp elbows to get her own way, and we will be glad in the end that Parliamentary sovereignty has been adjudged supreme. Despite my initial anger.

Now for the hurdles in the Commons and particularly the Lords. Even though the government has offered to allow the Lords to "talk until they wet themselves", the place is unfortunately full of the corrupt, the venal, barrators, panderers, frauds, hypocrites, thieves and peculators and all the other rancid filth swimming in the festering ordure that is the output of the life peerage system. A vast number of these slime-coated denizens of the Eighth Malebolge owe greater allegiance to Brussels than to their sovereign. 

Which is exactly the reason I'm willing to allow my name to go forward to become one; if Mrs May has to pack the place with 'sunset peers' who are available to take up voting immediately, I'm happy to do my duty. The per diem and the decent bars and restaurants will more than make up for a few weeks of all night sittings, my bladder is strong and I'm both eloquent and erudite and used to speaking in such settings if required. And I won't mind if in February Mrs May then abolishes several hundred life peers from sitting, including me. 

I'm sure many regular readers are in a similar position. A regular luncheon table in the Lords licenced cafeteria made up of blog commentators would be rather fun. 


Cuffleyburgers said...

Actually Radders I would guess the problem is quite easily solved: go to the country on a Brexit platform and then invoke the parliament act.

Mind you there's many a slip twixt cup and lip.

Edward Spalton said...

I think you might make a favourable mention of the small but gallant band of pro-independence peers, who have maintained the cause
of freedom for many years against what can only be called relentless peer pressure.

The great exemplar of the rottenness of the pro EU consensus was in the matter of declaration of members' interests. A considerable number of peers receive very handsome pensions from their earlier employment as EU Commissioners and functionaries. But EU pensions
are conditional. They can be removed if the recipient does or says anything which the EU authorities judge to be contrary to the interests of the EU.

So a group of independently minded peers sought a ruling from the members' interests committee which agreed that this was an interest which should be declared before a noble lord spoke on matters concerning the EU. The Euro peers ( for want of a better description)
then obtained a ruling from the privileges committee that they were people of such honour that no such consideration would affect their views and that such a declaration was unnecessary. This controversy, maintained against overwhelming odds,went on for years and that is still the position today.

In spite of being well past the age when most people have long retired, older members of this redoubtable group continue their determined service. Occasionally their presence has been critical as some decisions have turned on a majority of one. I am sure they would be delighted with the reinforcements if Her Majesty saw fit to raise you to the peerage.

barnacle bill said...

I too would like to join you Radders in putting myself forward for "elevation" to the HoLs if May needs any foot soldiers for her forth coming Brexit battle with the Upper Chambre.

I would also like to remind Theresa that Palm Sunday will soon be with us. The anniversary of the Battle of Towton, 29 March 1461. When there was an awfully big clear-out of the nobility by the common foot soldiery.

I'm sure the present day owner of the battlefield wouldn't mind renting it out if the HoLs would like a re-match.

DeeDee99 said...

The Lords needs fundamental reform regardless of the Brexit situation. In a way ... and as long as it doesn't prevent Brexit .... I hope their venal Lordships demonstrate that they have no place in a country which claims to be a democracy.

Then fundamental reform will become essential and a priority.

Bemused said...

I am "pre-retired" and available to become a temporary Lord to keep you company if needed.

Poisonedchalice said...

Count me in Raedwald.

Anonymous said...

Another of the Blair 'improvements', the rip-off US Supreme Court, the 'devolved' governments working against the union and the Human Rights Act working for every euro-judge and his wife.

Dave_G said...

You might once have gained way by slipping Bliar a fiver or Cameron a tenner but May is an unknown quantity who, if she has any credibility, would recognise your affability and commitment to public service and award you the post on merit alone Radders. If there is a way of offering such support in your application I would be more than happy to contribute.

If the Lords had been established with 'your' likes from the outset then we would still be a free and self-determining country today.

anon 2 said...

I'm sorry. Nothing could make me want to be a "Dame."

I also tend to be work addicted, so being continually in the 'Hols' would be unbearable.

Furthermore, I can't think of anything more useful than to set about finding a latter-day living Guy ... Raedwald, we need someone to rid us your "pestiferous corrupt, the venal, barrators, panderers, frauds, hypocrites, thieves and peculators and all the other rancid filth swimming in the festering ordure. . . ". And I refer now to all their Houses.

As for the Miller front - that it could be so promoted only exemplifies the accuracy of your list above.

Bring back Christianity, say I. Let's shake the satanic dust from our feet ---- and take back Britain: for the British.

Budgie said...

The British way is to modify what we have, rather than implement wholesale revolution.

So on that basis I suggest we elect Earldermen to the House of Lords, by shire. The existing Peers, and future appointees, could continue to work, speak, and hold ministerial office, but will not be allowed to vote.

Only the elected Earldermen would vote. The HoL would remain an advisory and revising chamber with the actual power only to delay HoC acts.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 - But surely:

There is nothing like a dame
Nothing in the world
There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a dame