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Sunday, 1 January 2017

That New Years Honours List in full

Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to grant:

Knights Bachelor – Knighthoods
Kevin Darren OUTHOUSE Chair of Fake Charities International. For services to political corruption
John CHUNDER Director of MoD weaponised sea mammals research. For gross expenditure of public money.
Derek Douglas HUNN-FELCHER Campaign Director, the Privilege Trust. For services to the Establishment
Tarquin Henry BUMBRIGHT Treasuer, Chipping Norton Conservative Party. For services to political Anilinction
Peter Arthur GROSSNONSE, Suffragan Bishop of Luton Director, Rough Lads Foundation. For services to Young Men
Dean PFUNDER-PHART Political philanthropist. For Services to Corruption
Henry Morgan EYEPATCH CBI Director, asset stripper and crook. For services to Business
Lobitch Lowery LUDD MP for Much Weeping, former junior undersecretary for Badger Culling. Services to political Anilinction
John FOMITT Director Home Office Immigration. For services to Waste and Incompetence
Stan RUFFDIAMOND Former barber to Mr Cameron. For services to political Hair
Dame Commanders of the British Empire
Sharon SHORTOTTY Former toenail painter to Mrs Cameron. For services to Grooming
Polly WACHTER Former roots-dyer to Mrs Cameron. For services to Grooming
Janet BAG-THROTTLER CBE Former BBC Head of Talent and TV Pop. For services to Grooming
Hillary BHOY Founder, the Naughty Panties Co, political donor. For services to Bad Taste, and services to Corruption
Aisha KHAN Chair, Labour Lawyers for Sharia. For services to Islamism
Professor Myrtle DIESEL Rights campaigner. For services to Hatred.
Commanders of the British Empire
Hugh Calvin BULLIE Head of Fake Research, Department of Coercion. For services to Illiberality
Rupert Charles POINTLESS Head of Treasury Brexit Unit. For services to the European Union
Christopher John MOLL-GOBBLER Director, Unique Tiny Missiles Programme, BAe. For services to National Humiliation


wiggiatlarge said...

This from the official paper on this years honours...

"There are 603 successful women candidates in the list, representing just over 50% of the total
9.3% of the successful candidates come from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background, the greatest ever number of BAME recipients in an honours list
8.5% of the successful candidates consider themselves to have a disability (under the Equality Act 2010)"

Good to see regardless of achievement that all are correctly represented by numbers and with a little push over the real demographic figures it shows how well multi culti and other minority groups can share in this annual exercise in largess to the undeserving, political correctness and corrupt favours trump all, including those who actually do deserve some sort of recognition for meaningful achievement.

Dioclese said...

Nice on.
I'm sitting here working out the real names...

Anonymous said...

An addition make to my vocabulary, but not really for the better. I'd rather I hadn't looked it up!

Dave_G said...

"Anilinction" - lol. I 'knew' what it meant but Googled it just the same.


Anonymous said...

Sir john titwank Dremen Parliamentary talking shoppe committee, for services beyond the grab, of peculation and fawning obsequiousness prostrating himself for services rendered - luv! and his bottom for anyone who cares to dip in - dub or prick either will do.

Poisonedchalice said...

Nigel Nobody PRODNOSE - for services to the snooping industry and for wasting billions of public funds at local level with hare-brained "security" scams... err...schemes.

Anonymous said...

Such Poisoned Pablum they do offer to the Underwhelmed!

DeeDee99 said...

@Dave G. I didn't ...... I've led such a sheltered life!

Anonymous said...

Crikey there's posh word for everything.........kinda makes me wonder why they'd need it.

Anonymous said...

That last Anon (23:03) wasn't me ... I'm like DeeDee. No idea what you're on about.

fnord said...

A question from across the pond; what would happen if the Sovereign said 'Not only no, but Hell No'?

G. Tingey said...


But, as always, lots of people, including Radders, I'm very much afraid, miss the point.
Yes, there are political shysters in there so - what's new?
But there are some people who really deserve their honours:
Please note Prof Alec Jeffreys appointed CH.

Raedwald said...

fnord / Greg

There are two types of honour - those in the sovereign's exclusive gift, untainted by political corruption, and the vulgar, worthless honours handed out in the sovereign's name by politicians.

As Greg says, CH, OM, Garter, Thistle etc are made personally by the Queen and the recipients really do deserve the honour. She doesn't have to say 'Hell, No!' because no-one has the nerve to put forward the crooks, spivs, arselickers and nobodies who get the other sort.

The political / showbiz honours - KB, DBE, CBE, MBE, OBE and the ones they hand out to civil servants for having a job for 30 years (Bath, St Michael & George etc) - are all nominated by government and as everyone knows they're not worth a pitcher of warm spit (to borrow a transatlantic phrase) the sovereign doesn't get excited about who gets them