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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Game On!

Well, she's done it. And she's got the £ nudging €1.20, which is nice. And the global corporates are squeezing out a little high pressure flatus, which is also reassuring. Farron, Mandlebum, the Remoaners, the BBC, the EU and the Guardian are incandescent with rage, which is always worthwhile. All in all, it seems like the right thing to do. 

The main complaint of all those so upset by Mrs May's calling an election seems to be democracy. They are objecting to Britain's voters having a definitive say, rather than claiming to speak for us themselves. 

Oh yes. And that chap Grayling, which I always thought was a fish. If this doesn't trip him into gibbering insanity I don't know what will. So good all round, really. 


RAC said...

You sound optimistic, I sincerely hope you're right. When I heard the news the only thought I had was Blair, BBC and all the other twats you mention are going to go into overdrive. Fingers crossed she made the right decision and the globalists aren't able to turn it into some kind of excuse for a second referendum.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a very calculated decision based on the concern regarding the very bad press that a government with a working majority of 17 might get, not to mention the punishment, for breaking election rules in the very worst way.

Although it might be argued that the benefiting MP now has a cushy sinecure, they are mostly adjuncts, the real hokey-pokey seems to have emanated right from the rotten heart of the Tory party. I reckon that the investigation by C4 into these matters is about to turn into something a bit more threatening. Police, court cases, re-runs of by-elections, banned candidates and so on.

All of this can be avoided with a pre-emptive strike...

And strike she has!

Much as it galls, I hope that she increases her majority, I hope that the Labour party does well enough to maintain a Corbyn leadership, and I hope that nasty tim loses his shirt with some ill judged comment about brexiters.

As for Paul Nottatall....



Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing, it would be very nice if Nigel would stop thinking too deeply about the choice between the Commons and the Strasbourg/Brussels outfit.

Technically, he might have more say in the latter, but he is likely to have a significantly greater impact in the former... by his mere presence.

Poisonedchalice said...

I think it was Sturgeon (another fish?) that said she didn't believe that May had any mandate from the voters. Well hopefully she can stick that one up her ugly fanny, the nationalist bigot.

The working classes like Teresa May; they see her as a safe pair of hands and someone who will deliver Brexit; which after all, they voted for 64/36 in the traditionall Labour heartlands.

As you say Raedwald, its game on!

Rossa said...

IMO she's played another blinder. Get all the opposition to Brexit on record and go for the jugular. Strengthens her hand in Brussels if she gets a strong mandate. Can also campaign on her own policies, like grammar schools, not Cameron's leftovers. With only a 7 week timespan she has wrong footed everyone. They've hardly got back from Easter and now they're all having to go back to their constituencies, face their voters and declare their support or not for Brexit. Cable and others who declare they're standing again are going to have to work very quickly to get any traction on the ground.

Remain camp's fear factor will be undermined by the fact that all their dire warnings last time haven't materialised. In a sense they've got their second referendum only this time instead of a yes/no, we get to choose MPs who will actually support Brexit, or not. Those MPs who want to remain but their voters want out are in the most danger. Some voters may well hold their noses while they vote conservative knowing they can always change their vote again in 2022.

As for the SNP, it's theirs to lose. With only one Scottish conservative seat to 'fight' over, that's hardly a gain.

And Corbyn's supporters will now see exactly how unelectable he is. We may have a one party Govt., for quite some time, though you could say we've had that for some time already.

This is a put up or shut up GE.

rapscallion said...

This definitely skewers the Remoaners. i see that odious creature Bliar is calling for people to elect anti-Brexit candidates
Also enjoying the apoplectic Sturgepiece throwing yet another wobbly. Naturally Al Beeb and the Graun are frothing at the mouth too. Hey, what's not to like?

I want May to purge the Remoaner MPs by getting the local Conservative Associations to select a Brexit candidate. (Clarke will be gone anyway, thank God).

I don't want Labour hammered for two reasons. Firstly, I want them to be sufficiently big to offer some opposition, but at the same time just enough to keep Corbyn as Leader. I want the Dim Libs destroyed.

mikebravo said...

It's a make or break for the lav party.

If Corbyn loses heavily and stays they are dead. They will be down on their MP's with boundary changes to follow.
Another couple of months of the lav party ripping itself to shreds beckons.

Am sending out for popcorn and beer!

Anonymous said...

It must annoy the crap out of the lefty/feminazis that its not just 2-0 conservative women leaders, but that they are also more feisty than the men. Thatcher vs Heath, May vs Cameron we can see who has the balls. Brown certainly didn't have the nuts to call an election which he probably would have won to get 5 rather than 3 years.
I certainly don't agree with May on many issues, she is rather authoritarian but when you hear vox pops like "we always vote labour but May is doing great we are going to vote for her" I can't see her getting anything other than a landslide.

DeeDee99 said...

Good move; excellent move even.

With a fair wind, Labour will be destroyed for a generation. The SNP will suffer a significant reverse. Blair, Mandelscum, Clegg, Millar and the rest of the anti-democratic Chief Remoaners will be blown out of the water by a large Tory majority.

The Lords will have to accept the Government's mandate to negotiate Brexit if it's in a Manifesto endorsed by a General Election. So will the Conservative Remoaners in the Commons ..... assuming the likes of Soubry and Morgan stand.

Juncker and Barnier will know that the Government has a clear mandate to strike a deal - or walk away from one.

Farage has another shot at Thanet, if he chooses to take it (I hope he does) and this time the Conservatives won't dare cheat.

Downsides: we'll probably get a larger contingent of the Illiberal Undemocratics and, sadly, it will probably kill off UKIP unless Farage is elected.

G. Tingey said...

As a very reluctant remoaner, I'm not so sure.
Though I think May has done the excellent thing.
Sturgeon & Corbyn are going to be thoroughly stuffed.

I just hope the "borders" problems ( Gibraltar, Ireland, Scotland ) are sorted to our satisfaction.