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Friday, 21 April 2017

This is an economic battle between Britain and Germany

It is becoming transparently clear that Brexit is an economic battle between Britain and Germany. It is also becoming clear that EU membership is costing us way more than the headline contributions, before or after rebate. One of the EU's several Presidents, Herr Tirana, repeated yesterday in effect that they're so desperate for our wealth that they encourage voters to overturn Mrs May so we may repent and continue to bleed our nation's life blood for the vampire squid.

Germany knows the lead that a fractional advantage in GDP growth can produce over a decade. Yep, one nation grows at 1.1% and another at 1.6% and it doesn't sound much until you look at the lead after 20 years - 13% for these figures. That's been Germany's game plan since the 1970s - free riding NATO, skewing the rules, manipulating EU budgets and quiet economic sabotage to ensure their GDP growth is greater than ours. And now they're furious, they're incandescent with rage that they've been found out and that we're leaving. By doing so we ensure that our GDP takes the lead - not only will Trump make them pay an extra 1% of GDP to NATO, but they must pay 25% of the EU's budget from 2019 or see it unravel.

Hence the bullying, the threats and the attempted intimidation; we must pay €60bn, we must submit to the German European Court until 2030, we must follow their instructions. It's becoming clear that we won't do any of it, that we will walk away. So be it. Alone and ahead.


Anonymous said...

This is not a new feeling though is it Raedwald...

We are like that, we don't need it written down, but the comment many people if asked about the EEC/EU will make first is... "Germany is just attempting economically what it couldn't do militarily"....

But that is ordinary folk for you, we are always miles ahead of politicians, just minus the smarmy way of putting things.


DeeDee99 said...

Your analysis is correct, but your conclusion isn't.

Theresa May has called a General Election so she can pursue Brexit on her terms - and don't forget she was a Remainer.

With her own mandate, on her own manifesto, she'll be able to thwart both the extreme Remainers and those in her own party who want real Brexit.

She'll be signing us up for a version of Brexit-lite, with major concessions to the EU (ie Germany) in the form of money and policies, because the Establishment still wants the EU to hold together.

Yes, we'll be out. But we won't be free.

As for Germany, it hasn't taken anything it wasn't freely given by the other members. It was France who insisted on the single currency when Germany wanted to reunify. That gave Germany the opportunity to dictate economic and fiscal policy to the rest of the Eurobloc, including La Belle France, whose leaders so foolishly kid themselves that France is the joint leader of the EU.

Poisonedchalice said...

Brussels is just a proxy location for Germany's game plan.

RAC said...

"Alone and ahead" Yes that'll do for me, twas all I wanted in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big May fan, and as to whether she's a genius or an idiot, we'll start to find out on June 9th. DeeDee99 may be right, and it's a case to be feared. Unlike Thatcher, who had Heath scowling from the sidelines, May has got rid of Cameron AND Osborne. Surely she would want them around if she were operating under a false flag. With a bigger majority, she can have more sweeping Boundary changes. She can cull a few more Scottish seats (They were in the 70s, and are now in the 50s). And, the Party might be selecting Eurosceptics to stand in winnable marginals that had a big Leave vote.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "the Party might be selecting Eurosceptics to stand in winnable marginals that had a big Leave vote. "

That's a bit of a gamble.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced Germany will unravel either socially or economically before 2030 - the two conditions wouldn't be far apart anyway. Ditto France and Sweden - and possibly Denmark. You all know why as it's on the TV every day.

European civilization is slowly being turned over by a tiny, tiny elite. At some point a mass of people will suddenly wake up to it. Grim to say the least. All I know is it will happen.


Anonymous said...

Sorry DeeDee99 I don't agree that Mrs May has ulterior motives, I think you are thinking she has the same values as Cameron which is plainly not the case. I think she has spent years in government gritting her teeth at Cameron's hug-a-hoodie/husky antics. I believe what you see is what you get with her, no nonsense, and I believe she will do everything possible to get us out of the EU, with as few strings as possible. Like Thatcher, she is the right leader for the times.

Cascadian said...

Except GDP has always been a faulty indicator, yUK goes so far as to include an estimate of hookers income and drug transactions (0.25% of GDP iirc), and banks churning large sums internally. Germany at least seems to produce something.
Nevertheless, the major point that the EU (and by implication the Euro) is fucked is correct, too many free-loaders gaming the system.
Like many I believe that that Ms Maybe's idea of Brexit differs substantially from most Brexit voters desires, however that remains to be seen and for the moment she has my benefit of the doubt, hopefully if nothing else liebour will be ruined by this election, sad to see UKIP in disarray.

Budgie said...

Just think of two examples:
1. Remain claims that leaving the single market wasn't on the ballot paper - not properly refuted by Theresa May's government.
2. The demand by the EU for £52 billion - not immediately laughed out of court by May's government.

It may not be May that's useless, it is more likely to be our charmless civil servants who have honed their skills at giving way to the EU to perfection over the last 40 years.

You trust the Tories to do what they say? You trust the civil servants to stand up for Britain? Well, I don't. DeeDee99 is correct.

anon 2 said...

None of them can be trusted . . . we need to do away with the Party System and find some respectable and decent men to represent us (fewer feminazis, too).

Mr Ecks said...

May is BluLabour through and through--she will do nothing to halt the Dindustan Express.

However I think she sees Brexit as her footprint in the Sands of Time. She is playing Dress Up as ever,now dressing up as Thatcher 2. But I think she has hitched her wagon to Brexit. She wants Thatcher 2 to do what Thatcher 1 could not--get us out. That will be her legacy to use an overused word.

It could be a stitch up. She can't be trusted. But she could have pulled that before Article 50 and sabotaging Brexit will only gain her the "friendship" of a couple of million Remainiac pieces of well-off, middle-class, cultural Marxist, London Bubble scum. It will gain her and her party the permanent hatred of millions more. Including many old style Labour northerners who will now vote Tory to get Brexit.

She is not bright but has the highly developed animal cunning possessed by political scum. Her Party could rule for a generation if she does not betray. If she does then BluLabour will be heading for the scrapheap along with ZaNu and the Limp Dicks.

In any case there is no other presently viable chance to get Brexit at this time. If you want Brexit vote Tory. And send her a letter as well as your vote. A letter politely telling her of your undying hatred and political ill-will should she prove false and treacherous in the matter . Millions of such letters arriving at Downing St will make matters crystal clear to her.

Besides both she and her elite friends know that the Dindustan Express is just as big a danger to the UK as the EU. Even freed from the EU her globalist pals can still anticipate the UK's destruction by that means. So they might allow May her "place" in history, confident that old Albion will still be destroyed anyway.

Anonymous said...

DP111 ...

Its an economic battle with Germany indeed, but part of a greater war that Germany has waged on the UK for well nigh a century.

This present war is really not just due to German defeat in two world wears, but wounded German pride, having lost the wider cultural war to the Anglo-Saxon world, Britain in particular.

What angers me is that we continue to buy Germans goods - cars for instance, and even from German supermarkets, when there is no need to fund the enemy. For that is what Germany is doing right now from its trade surplus - to bankrupt the UK whether we leave or stay in the EU.

Lanayre Liggera said...

I don't follow quite all what is happening in the UK,as most of you do, but I have never trusted Germany. They also won the Franco-Prussian war, and sent observers to South Africa to watch British tactics during the Boer War, and, I believe (correct me if i'm wrong)( their fleet blockaded South Africa.