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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

NATO - Keeping the peace in Europe for 68 Years

NATO's anniversary today could not come at a more appropriate moment. NATO, and the Atlantic Alliance, has kept the peace in Europe since the Iron Curtain came down in 1949. NATO itself  arose from a 1941 meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt at which was drafted the Atlantic Charter - subsequently adopted by allies of the United Nations. No territorial aggrandisement; no territorial changes made against the wishes of the people, self-determination; restoration of self-government to those deprived of it; reduction of trade restrictions; global cooperation to secure better economic and social conditions for all; freedom from fear and want; freedom of the seas; and abandonment of the use of force, as well as disarmament of of aggressor nations. 

And why such an appropriate moment? Well, it's come at exactly the time at which the EU has demonstrated yet again that it is NOT an organisation that promotes peace, but is instead a malign nascent Empire that foments conflict, war, death and dissent. Britain's reaction to the EU's inclusion of Gibraltar in the Brexit talks was entirely predictable. One could have written the Sun's headline in advance. It is an unforgivable deliberate hostile provocation from this cabal of cynical hypocrites in Brussels geared at provoking conflict - just as they have done in Ukraine, just as they did in the Balkans. 

The EU is simply incapable of signing up to the aims of the Atlantic Charter; the Federast aim is wholly about expansion, not peace; "No territorial aggrandisement" is simply not a phrase they understand in Brussels. The aims of NATO and the EU are not the same - not the same at all. Which is why the EU now wants to fund its own military arm - one that can breach the Atlantic Charter provisons with impunity and no opposition. 

NATO needs a strong and effective leader who has the confidence of both Washington and London. Cameron, the Boden-catalogue ditherer, the kitchen supper dilettante, a collapsed souffle of a politician, is simply not that man.


Anonymous said...

Whose benefited most from a peaceful Europe?
Next, who has just signed another [gas] pipeline effort with Russia and all the while claiming to be anti Putin?
Who organized and then, sent Lenin back to Russia?
Who managed to finagle and benefit most of all from the Marshall Plan?
Whose industries dominated, many of them contributed to the 'war effort' against the allies and still dominate the EU and are allowed to make the rules?
Why is it so easy for its companies to buy up and takeover concerns in Britain but sticks every obstacle in the way - if British business wishes to access its own markets?

Who was so keen to break up the UK postal system?

Whose building new fired coal generating plant while berating other EU nations not least the UK - to adhere to the 'green agenda'?
Who are the most duplicitous and grabbing nation in Europe, whose single currency is burying deep all of Southern Europe - whom they exhort to ever greater austerity measures?

Who refits the Greek army?

Whose banks are most totally fucked, who does the ECB primarily organize the bail outs for?
Who has subverted the IMF, with Vichy frog collusion - natch!
Which country first cemented ties with the muslim brotherhood?

Who is telling us all what to do and how high to jump?

Who proportionately sticks the least dosh into its defence spending?

Who told us that "we must do something" and then allowed the US, Brits, Dutch, Canadians to take all the casualties in Afghanistan?
On whose side did the Ukrainians fight in WWII, who has been the biggest agitator behind the scenes, formulating, double dealing, access to the EU for, the Ukraine?

Why do, our friends............... the Germans always get away with it?

NATO has been Germany's shield and protector and because the Krauts now beat you up via trade and domination via the corporate monsters our [UKs] armed forces so diminished - we are no longer a threat to the Krauts hegemony and that's the fucking idea.

Only one problem, the people of the UK decided to leave the slave Empire and again we've just about managed to spike their guns.......NATO needs to be disbanded it works too bloody well: for Germany.

DeeDee99 said...

The disaster Cameron facilitated in Libya is demonstration enough that he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the post as head of NATO.

And as he demonstrated with his failed "renegotiation" with Merkel and the EU - they take no notice of anything he has to say and he has no negotiating skills whatsoever.

Putin would be quaking in his boots if Cameron became head of NATO ...... with laughter.

Anonymous said...

Although NATO is a military based organisation, I think that a peacemaker would be the ideal candidate. One such peacenonger comes to mind in the form of the former middle eastern peace envoy... a Mr. blair? I haven't heard of him, but I understand he is very effective.


Anonymous said...

President Trump was correct in saying that NATO was obsolete. The world has changed since it's inception and NATO is stuck in a time warp. Germany and the EU are giving the United States of America and the United Kingdom the one fingered salute and it's time for both countries to tender their twelve month notice of withdrawal. The EU could then go it's own way with its own military and when the balloon goes up there will be no need to spill precious British and American blood in Europe again.

The EU will be the instigator of the next European war with it's expansionist agenda. It enjoys poking the slumbering Russian bear who just wants to enjoy it's hibernation and wake up to a fresh new world. Poke it too many times and it will suddenly bite back, and hard.

If NATO were to remain as it is then the last two people the world would want as it's head would be the posh boy failure Cameroon or Anthony B. Liar.

Good Luck!

leila said...

Another name mentioned recently is Michael Gove but I read he trembled like a schoolboy with excitement at the thought of war... which one? Syria perhaps? this and previous governments have started /become involved in so many aggressive campaigns one loses count.Anyway he is another most unsuitable candidate.

Anonymous said...

As with all these things:

The Beneficiaries of Conflict With Russia


John M said...

I am still struggling to understand why the EU seems to think it has the legal power to put Gibraltar's future in the hands of the Spanish?

Can anyone explain that?

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering why the media dolts [Con Coughlan, Burleigh + that twat Fallon - what a fekkin idiot he is].... are telling us that the KSA are our 'friends and allies' and that mother shariza must bend her knee when in the presence of the camel bashers, wallahs.

The tories, still selling England down the effin river - ever since Heath and well before that.

Nick Drew said...

leila said...

Another name mentioned recently is Michael Gove but I read he trembled like a schoolboy with excitement at the thought of war.

you will heartily enjoy this -

Anonymous said...

you will heartily enjoy this -

I would aver that that sort of gung ho bollocks sabre rattling idiocy was patented by one tony of fettus and wor jackie! of geordie nation as was and er oh and call me dave.

Domo said...

Meh, pull out and come to our own peace with Russia.
EUrope seems hell bent on poor relations with us, best if we have allies should it all go tits up.
EUrope cant threaten us so long as 30 Russian tank divisions can be in Warsaw in a week.

visc said...

The EU is a malignant force, but NATO has been little better since the US started following the neocons/neoliberal (delete as appropriate) expansionist playbook it started woth Clinton and his intervention in Kosovo (now much more radicallised by Saudi money), and more recently the continuous sabre rattling in the Baltics against Russia. Any new NATO head will be a nodding donkey and won't change direction. EU and NATO - a pox on both their houses.

Cascadian said...

Who can believe that NATO is important when 80 % of its members refuse to fund it (as agreed) adequately? Literally they are communicating that their security is unimportant. yUK only reaches the funding threshold by including pension and benefits costs.

It is just a another failed organization like UN, OPEC, EU, ECB, and IMF all thoroughly infested by "progressives" all doing the same thing-shovelling your tax money into an ever-deepening pit of futility.

No wonder the camoron has been mentioned as a likely candidate to lead it, when it comes to futile effort, he is your candidate.

Domo said...

Erm, Opec?
I think you misunderstood what that one is...

cascadian said...

Domo-Nope, OPEC has failed in its intention to manage oil prices, just as all the other entities have failed in their efforts to sustain stability in their area of "expertise".

Every one of them rent seekers.

cascadian said...

RAC said...

The snowflake students in Amerika will be OK, they have "safe spaces" complete with pets (to eat?) and crayons to while away the time.

RAC said...

Oops sorry seem to have put the above in the wrong place.