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Friday, 7 April 2017

US now free to kill its own 'beautiful babies' in Mosul

With the PR-stunt bombardment of a vacant Syrian airbase over, US forces in the region can now re-target their cruise missiles and aircraft and carry on killing beautiful babies as well as their mothers and older children in Mosul. However, since Putin is way smarter than Trump and has normal sized hands to boot, don't be surprised at some cunning piece of counter-PR. Of course it's still possible that one of those US cruise missiles hit the base creche, and that Syria produces its own dead beautiful babies torn apart by US explosives. 

I'm really sick to the gills of the lies. Sick of the superpower slaughter fought through proxies; sick of the mendacious game playing, sick of the horror, the death, the childish destruction. I'm sick of the official distortion, invention, omission and misrepresentation of the truth. Sick of the BBC, of the MSM, of RT, of Brietbart and of the bloody lying Guardian. Sick of twisted journalism of the sort gurgitated by Con Coughlin, by other maggot-struck dags, who lie for their paymasters in claiming to be sure of events a thousand miles over the horizon. Who the Hell do they all imagine they're lying to?

Will all you fake journalists now please re-target your own interest from this fake gas circus sideshow to what is really happening in Iraq? In Kurdistan? No, thought not.


barnacle bill said...

Like you Radders I'm absolutely cheesed off with the "managed" news coming out of the Middle East.

I awoke this morning to find out the Don is not as smart as I thought he was. I had hoped he would hold off any knee jerk re-actions. But it appears he can be duped as well.

Certainly doesn't bode well if he thinks he can take on Putin.

I wonder how much money the Tories could raise by selling off the Beeb? Then again some progressive Lefty billionaire would probably snatch it up. Thus ensuring the continued outpouring of garbage we are subjected to.

I remeber when one of my Sunday pleasures was reading the Sunday Times for it's reasonable unbias, informative and truthful news. Nowadays I can't think of one paper that isn't a propaganda mouth piece of one kind or another.

Not even worthy of wrapping my fish and chips in!

Unknown said...

Me too, totally sick of it all. Think I'll delete everything on my bookmark bar and start again.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, sick of it all. I'm not sure if Trump was duped or not, but he certainly caved.

Rossa said...

I'm not convinced DJT caved to anything. The neocons certainly backed him into a corner with their false flag attempt to derail the new geo-political alliance that seems to be being built in the ME. What exactly do you call his response? Firing 59 missiles into the ground, carefully avoiding the Russian assets (having told them what they were going to do) and housing at the empty airfield. Great PR for the man MAGA, looking tough for his audience at home.

It's a long way from that sort of response to putting boots on the ground. And US forces don't go into 'battle' unless they have air cover. As the Syrian airspace is controlled by Russia.....I don't think so.

We have to remember that all political leaders provide 'optics' for their electorates. Having just received the King of Jordan who is supposed to have nearly 3 million refugees from Syria in his country, DJT may well be saying one thing through the back channels and another for public consumption.

Domo said...

The US can "take on" putin blindfolded with both arms tied behind their back.
Putin ran riot because Obama was weak, not because the US was.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Craig Murray makes a fair argument about the balance of probability in Idlib.

One of the biggest indicators of what's going on out there is that KSA and the Gulfies have not taken ANY refugees at all.

oh yeah... right oh ... you know the details of the USS Donald Cook incident? and late model S400 SAMs are ineffective?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


mikebravo said...

I don't even know who the beeb, graun and tellytubbygraph are talking to.
Surely nobody with half a brain believes their grubby outpourings any more.

I gave up reading so called newspapers a couple of years ago and sitch off the radio when the news comes on - double quick if it is the beeb.

I can't stand the syrupy, pleading voice of concern that all their propagandists use.

Dave_G said...

It's all intrigue within intrigue, denial upon denial, face-saving, corrupted, propagandist rhetoric that only those with the true inside knowledge would be able to decipher.

Truly there is nothing to be taken at face value these days and the 'follow the money' claims, whilst usually accurate, are seemingly less convincing.

Based on the overall global situation all I can see are desperate attempts to create conflict that could/would lead to WW3 and they're not bothered whereabouts it starts - just so long as it does.

The end game perhaps? Will it require a pre-emptive strike to win. Can it be won by anyone?

All we know is that the ordinary people - you and me - won't fare well. But since when did that ever matter?

Dark days ahead.

cascadian said...

It is hard to disagree that this was anything more than a costly PR stunt, 59 missiles wasted to kill 6 apparently.

So why was it done? Who the heck knows, Tillerson is blathering about removal of Assad, I hope that is not the aim. Strangely I feel it might be more successful as a message to Kim Jung than Assad.

We have entered the bizarro Middle East world where the USA redefines itself based on Pally-wood lies supported by (what should be non-entities) Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and continuing failed Obama policies.

Raedwalds hope that journalists finally report what is transpiring is of course forlorn, "journalists" have long defined their job as cut-and-past merchants delivering the latest PR statements of the NGO's. The NGO's have no standards nor are they responsible. I have no expectation that "news"-reporting media will improve

Hopefully the USA congress will re-assert their authority and rein-in the out of control presidency and "intelligence" apparatus.

This craziness is what was expected of Hillary. Trump would do well to concentrate on domestic issues like he promised

Anonymous said...

Essential reading:

Evidence Calls Western Narrative About Syrian Chemical Attack Into Question


Rossa said...

If only 23 missiles made it to the airfield, where did the other 36 missiles go?

The Saker has an interesting take on the situation. Did Russian electronic warfare kit interfere with those missiles? Why did they let some through then? His answer may surprise some people.

I am picking up from cooler heads like the conservative treehouse blog, that DJT is ''appeasing' the neocons while going behind their backs to support this new freedom alliance. Sundance's post about Mrs Rubio (aka Nikki Haley) wasting time running around trying to get a UNSCR together just to see Russia and/or China veto it may we'll signify a distraction ploy.

Dave_G said...

Check out Scott Adams' blog for a very insightful assessment of the situation:

Anonymous said...

Rossa said @ 08:12

'If only 23 missiles made it to the airfield, where did the other 36 missiles go?'

Those 23 were fairly ineffective too?


Budgie said...

This is Trump as Machiavelli. At one stroke he exposes Obama, shuts up the handwringers like the BBC (see the poor chiiilldren, we must bomb other children), and warns the EU, Putin, Assad and Kim Jong Fat'un that he is no push-over and is a maverick. Fascinating, ruthless, not to be underestimated.