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Friday, 26 May 2017

Islamist Ramadan killing month starts on Saturday

The bloody month of Ramadan starts on Saturday - the traditional period for Islamist atrocities, murder and bloodshed. The death-cultists will no doubt be preparing some special treats for us all and yet more innocent people will die at the hands of these evil animals. Yet as we have seen in Manchester, not all Muslims are Islamists, and not all Muslims will hide and cover-up their evil. I've posted several times before that lashing out against all Muslims is mistaken - that we must be far more targeted, far more precise. Remember that Abadi was reported to the incompetent security services by fellow Muslims several times, and we have let them down.

It is in particular Salafist Sunni Islam - the Wahhabi and Deobandi death cults - that are responsible not just for ALL the Islamist terrorism in the UK but the source of a sea of blood in Iraq and the Middle East. And behind it are wealthy and powerful figures from Saudi Arabia's ruling establishment; these monsters are every bit as responsible for the shattered dead in Manchester as the fool Abadi and their other Islamist foot soldiers. It is the fat paederast princes in Riyadh we must target - and metaphorically blow their perfumed keyboard fingers to buggery.  

I urge you do not be distracted into a general anti-Muslim crusade. You are wasting your time and energy against the wrong people. And you may be breaking the law. Concentrate on the downfall of the evil Islamist doctrine of Salafism instead; get Salafist mosques closed, Salafist imams deported, Salafist schools and madrassas closed, Salafist websites and facebook pages purged, Salafist bank accounts seized, Salafist property frozen and all Salafist funding from Saudi Arabia sequestered. Use all your power under section 29J of the 2006 Act to express 'antipathy, dislike, ridicule,insult and abuse' for Salafism; stamp their risible, inane, primitive religion into the dungheap and let's ban it from Britain's shores.


mikebravo said...

Lets start with ridicule. Over to you, the beeboid comedians and panel show comics!

Anonymous said...

Do I get arrested for pointing out that, since the UK and US governments do and have just done arms deals with the KSA, it wouldn't be unreasonable to conclude that they are the greatest funders of terrorism?

DeeDee99 said...

The British Government (and the USA) will not permit any useful action against the barbaric Saudi regime.

barnacle bill said...

To my amazement Gandalf Corbyn has actually made a statement I can agree with him on. In that the UK's involvement with Bananna Bush's war on terror was probably a big mistake.

Of course the old grey, wise one conviniently forgets to mention it was NuLabor under T B-Lair that were the biggest participants in this error of judgement.

"And we will catch you" bit of a threat there from Plod, I wonder if they tell those "known" to them the same thing?

Wildgoose said...

Discrimination is how we tell what is good from what is bad, how we distinguish between the evil Salafist and the ordinary decent Muslim (of whom there are many). But it starts with Discrimination. Telling the difference. Not just having one box marked "Islam" to put every Muslim in, but actually distinguishing between the two.

And it's about time our Government and Media started to do this.

Mr Ecks said...

"I urge you do not be distracted into a general anti-Muslim crusade. You are wasting your time and energy against the wrong people. And you may be breaking the law"

Absolutely wrong-headed nonsense Radders. And foolish with it.

In fact the bomb/gun nutters are working against their own crew. Imported dicks boosting their ever=rising numbers and taxpayer subsidised if not outright taxpayer supported numbers are ultimately more dangerous that bombs. That is what will kill this nation in the future. The bomb/gun clowns have no chance of doing so and they are waking natives up to the danger.

You are right that Salafists and Saudis deserve action.

The "ordinary" RoP is against free speech, women's freedom, democracy and gays. If they are believers as most are they support theocratic murder and slavery. Around the planet 40-60% polled show support for ALL the evil from suicide bombing to death to drinkers, apostates and gays to acid splashing and honour killings.

To hell with your nonsense Radders.

1-No more imported --AT EVER FOR ANY REASON.
2-Those here lose the vote--to ensure no kingmaker or slippery slope of more and more concessions because political scum want the votes.
3-No more subsidised breeding. Maximum benefits=1 woman and two kids per man. The so-called "two kids" benefit rule is coming but its not clear if it that is 2 kids per man or per woman/couple. If it is per woman/couple and the male has 4 in tow the law will be worse than useless.
4-No more mosques/halal.

That is the minimum needed.

You seem to be spending too much time with Austrian cucks Raedwald.

Anonymous said...

" the Wahhabi and Deobandi death cults "

Which in regards the former, I regret to say, Trump and our government are in mid smoozefest.

It's our government that's the problem.

And nor should we be taking any more refugees.

Salman Abedi was the first generation of refugees that fled from Gaddafi. English magic soil doesn't seem to be able to convert these barbarians to civilised people. Even though it is heap big powerful.

Back in the '90s I spent much time with a sometime moslem friend, naturally our time was spent in the pub, as British folk do. He was no wilting daisy when it came to alcohol either. But definitely had a bi-polar relationship with his religion.

My friend would sometimes tell me of his visits up North to spend time with his family, frequently he'd tell me of his adventures with women while on these trips. I now suspect he was likely a client of one or other of the Moslem exploitation rings in the Midlands.

Anonymous said...

"And nor should we be taking any more refugees."

How about Christian and Yazidi refugees ?

Blaming the problem on invasions is all very well, but the trouble started when the Arabs invaded and conquered Christian lands all over the Middle East and North Africa -- and even Spain. The Turkish invasion later made things worse.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

"How about Christian and Yazidi refugees ?"

One in, one out basis. Offering time limited residency rather than citizenship.

"Blaming the problem on invasions is all very well,"

But for the future safety, we need to revert back to the tried and trusted model. You can have a soft comfortable even decadent society but you must have a hard outer shell to protect it.

If you've imported people inside the outer shell, they just burrow in and destroy it from the inside.

The mainstream media like to portray the Rochdale rapes as isolated, Kahlid Massood as an isolated incident, but they should be taken in the round as acts of Jihad.

The Islamic Jihad works on the basis of the small sleeper cells. There need not be any communication between the cells, they've been programmed from birth by the jihad manual - the koran.

Budgie said...

I am not sure I believe that "Abadi was reported to the incompetent security services by fellow Muslims several times". How can you be sure about this? Are the "incompetent" security services now releasing data on their informants? How convenient for us all.

Muslims are instructed by the Koran to lie to Kuffars to advance Islam. Neither western governments nor, in particular, May and Corbyn come out of this well. May's ineffectiveness and Corbyn's love of terrorists contributed to the situation, but targeting blame on the security services is ridiculous - cock-ups are going to happen by our defenders.

The culprit was one man, with probably direct contributions by some others, taking a conscious, cynical decision to not just set off a bomb anywhere but to do so specifically at the Manchester Arena when young people are crowded in there.

Anonymous said...

Budgie: "How can you be sure about this? "

Why? The quislings at the BBC of course.

Budgie: "The culprit was one man,"

What I want to know is how he got his hands on that grade of explosive. To cause that amount of damage it must have been pretty sophisticated.

I'd like to think the 'security services' are top notch, get it right every time, cream of the crop, but just like in the US their system has been infiltrated by the Moslem brotherhood under the guise of 'equal opportunity' and non discrimination. So there is a pretty good chance ours have too, thus they are more or less useless now.

Raedwald said...

1. The source for his friends reporting him - twice - is their own statements, given to several news outlets

2. The source for the imam having reported hin is a Dewsbury mosque official, who also made the statement to several news outlets

3. The explosive was TATP – triacetone triperoxide. It can be made (but not without risk) from simple household chemicals. The same stuff used by the 2005 London bombers. A more pertinent question is how did he get / make the initiator. Those who knew him at school have made statements saying they doubt he was bright enough to make it all himself.

Anonymous said...

Raewald: " The source for his friends reporting him - twice "

Raewald: " The source for the imam having reported hin is a Dewsbury mosque officia"

There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

Our vulnerability at the moment is to assign good motives to our enemies.

Budgie said...

Anon said: "The quislings at the BBC of course."

And their sources? And why should we believe the BBC anyway - as you say they are quislings.

There is no proof that two of his mates and his Imam shopped him. Even if they appeared on BBC TV and said so.

The culprit was one man but with probably direct contributions by some others. That is, I don't think he was acting alone but again we have no more proven information.

Anonymous said...

Budgie: "And their sources? And why should we believe the BBC anyway - as you say they are quislings."

Don't mistake me, I know the BBC are not to be trusted.

RAC said...

The police reckon that they cannot keep tabs on the thousands who are on watch lists. Sideways thinking makes me wonder if some deliberately get themselves noticed so as to clog up the system and thereby provide cover for the more dangerous actors.
The answer is to intern all those who have become known to the security services and keep them under lock and key until another country can be found who is willing to take them. They will then be free to go, leaving behind their finger prints, retina scan. dna sample and of course their British citizenship.

Anonymous said...

If a belief system is fundamentally vile in almost every respect then how can any follower be reasonably described as "moderate"?

No doubt the muslim countries where there is the death penalty for apostasy, gays are thrown from tall buildings in front of cheering crowds, mob killings are common for the merest hint of blasphemy and rape victims are punished for adultery (etc, etc, etc) are full of "moderate" muslims.
And it means absolutely feck all to the end result that they are "moderate".

Moderates tend to make make accommodation with the prevailing circumstances and take the line of least resistance. When the line of least resistance is not to oppose the fundamentalists they may not be first in line to do the beheading but they'll at least be doing the admin for the beheaders.

Don't forget that "moderate" muslims don't actually disagree with the beliefs of the beheaders and bombers, they merely lack the pathology to be among the hard line avant-garde. When the once avant-garde becomes the new line of least resistance the "moderates" will become acclimatized to the new normal.

In 1933 how many Germans, even Nazi Party members, would dream of being a party to industrial-scale atrocities?
Germany was full of moderates in 1933.
It took less than a decade for that to radically change.

Demographically we only have a relatively few years before a tipping point is reached and that nice "moderate" muslim who runs the local cafe is going to be feeding the beheaders. He sure as hell isn't going to put his life on the line to hide you or I in an attic.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

The police ... have no trouble it would seem tracking football fans, travelling to foreign matches for a few beers and impounding passports etc.

Likewise plod has no issues growing beards, smoking a bit of dope and impregnating the occasional suspect.

There is resistance to getting involved that must be flushed out into the open. Whatever the explanation - we are all presently ill served by the lack of engagement from those charged with public safety - they need to up their game massively.

The invasive species of cultists need rooting out - that much is abundantly clear.

barnacle bill said...

Anon 14:25

Your last sentence - "He sure as hell isn't going to put his life on the line to hide you or I in an attic." Is the staement we should all bear in mind in our dealings with the Muslim community.

Moderate or not.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'I urge you do not be distracted into a general anti-Muslim crusade. You are wasting your time and energy against the wrong people. And you may be breaking the law.'

Very amusing, especially the 'crusade' bit.

Three decades from now the English will enter a new stage in their existence: majority minority. Did they ask for it? No. Were never even consulted. Those are the facts and ethnocide is a crime.

Another three decades after becoming a majority minority the English will reach another milestone: absolute minority. Will they be asked about it? No. They will never be consulted. Those are the facts and genocide is a crime.

You'll forgive me if I don't subscribe to your concerns about Muhammadans - there are 57 Muslim majority countries and the last time I looked there is only one England. So, whatever we lose is lost forever. There are countless discrete edges to a nation of people - and those edges are being worn away with unremitting mass immigration.

Do I worry about laws made by maniacs who have authored the demise of my people? Do I fuck. War is inevitable.


Anonymous said...

Harry says; Looks like you are getting a well deserved rinsing in these comments Radders. Bravo Mr Ecks and others.

Orwell said "In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"

I have decided to become a revolutionary irrespective of the personal damage it will no doubt cause. There is nothing moderate about islam, it is still the barbaric hate filled danger to all that is good in the world that it always has been.

Wake-up and smell the coffee or risk becoming a useful idiot.

Prawn said...

Here is a story from inside the ropes. Written by a British muslim of Libyan parentage.

Raedwald said...

Prawn - good link

"Openly discussing Islamism is not an attack on me or any other British Muslim. We are the hostages of Islamism and its vampire preachers who weaponised Salman Abedi and used him to slaughter 22 innocents, in the midst of their joy, out of sheer spite. Speaking frankly and honestly about this horror is the only hope we have of emerging from it as anything resembling a cohesive British family."

We must be clear our beef is with the Islamists - not with sane, rational, responsible Muslims such as the author of this piece.

Anonymous said...

Harry says, Raedwald you can be as clear as you want, it's a relatively free country, for the moment. I suggest you read up about, and accept, that Taquiya exists.

My beef is with all of them, there's nowt sane rational or responsible about any of it.

Dave_G said...

As Radders says, the problem isn't Muslims, it's Islam.

But you can't separate the two and until that is possible then we have to treat them both equally.

Anonymous said...

You pays your money and takes your choice..

Details Emerge On The Manchester Blowback From Britain's Terror Support


Anonymous said...

Not heard it mentioned before so here goes;
Religion by its very nature depends on belief, ie not something provable, therefore fundamental to religion is the freedom to choose whether to believe or otherwise. Islamism is totalitarian- "convert or die" etc. And so cannot be considered a 'religion' but merely a cult. We could start by stripping it of any legal status and privilege of being classified as religion.
So I declare open day on full on mockery of the cult with with no fear of legal reprisal.

Anonymous said...

The problem for us, adherants to Islam seem predesposed to be 'radicalised' at the drop of a hat.

There must be a reason for that?

Islam isn't a racial creed*. It will accept black, brown, white. So there is no common denominator there.

What could it be about Islam that causes its adherents to go apeshit at the drop of a hat?

You don't often see Hindu's blowing themselves up. Ditto Sikhs, Jews? Not so much. Buddists? No, Christians? Too busy defending themselves against Islamic attacks. Yazidi, they too are fighting for their very survival in the Middle East.

So, what could it be?

Mr Ecks said...

On this issue Radders your views are dangerous crap that will not only not help your nation but will help destroy it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 26 May 2017 at 14:25
Yours is the best post on this page, agree totally. Just as it's not possible to be a little bit pregnant there's no such thing as a moderate cultist. They're all tarred with the same brush, some are just keeping their heads down waiting for the day. There is no place for any of them in a civilised country.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

Whatever gives the idea that some Muslims reject some parts of the Koran. If that is the case, they would be apostates. So who are they fooling - their fellow Deobandi and Wahhabi Muslims, or us, the victims of Islamic terrorism.

Could it not be that Muslims play the good cop bad cop routine, so the Kuffars are unable to take the appropriate action to defend themselves, and their civilisation. That living with Muslims will always be on the knife edge, as we will never know who will attack us, and when.

We have no way of finding the radicals from the so-called moderates. Besides, the moderate Muslim can turn into a Wahhabi or Deobandi reading just one passage from the Koran or Hadiths.

The reality is this. Unless we separate from Islam, bit by bit, our civilisation will die, not just from the huge demographic growth rate of Muslims, but the shut down of art and music festivals. Western civilisation is dying already, and Muslims are no where near a majority.

G. Tingey said...

Wildgoose & Radders & Prawn
Mr Ecks & Anonymous
PISS OFF, you are complete idiots.

Let's try again, shall we?
Both christainity & islam are divided into hundreds of sects - they all have in common that their followers are deluded, but most of'em are harmless.
However, in c you have the Quakers & their islamic eqivalents are the Sufi & the Ahmahi - the latter viciously persecuted by the Salfist/Whahabi murderers.
Let's go after the latter & leave the former alone?
Or are you too fucking stupid to be able to tell the difference?