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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

PPERA: The third leg of the stool

Keeping Labour out of power since 2010 has allowed our democracy a chance at correcting the deep corruption of our democratic systems that had crept-in during Labour government. I put it no more strongly than that; under Labour, democratic systems tend to corruption whilst under Tory government some healing and maintenance take place. 

Two legs of the stool - voter registration and the Electoral Quotient - have already undergone or are undergoing substantial correction. The 2022 election will be fought on new mostly equal constituency boundaries with mostly real voters within them. The third leg - party finance - remains a running sore, to mix my metaphors. Quite how Labour, who vaunt such pretence at 'equality, ' could allow such unequal, discriminatory and inequitable errors to pollute our democratic system is beyond my understanding.  

Party finance is a sod. Today's announcement that the CPS will not be proceeding against 14 constituencies in which the cost of the Tory battlebus was not accounted against the candidate's £30k spend limit is probably right. When Soros is deploying millions in a secret, unaccountable campaign in his own interests that undermines the British people the operating costs of an old coach really do seem trivial. I harbour faint hopes that the intelligence services will serve up Soros like a roast turkey when they are ready.

Labour won't cap donations because it would restrict Union funding. Both parties now want to fight campaigns as central, metropolitan advertising campaigns using slick voter targeting and marketing tools. A million unpaid supporters of their own views (including of course we bloggers) pump out words and memes over the social channels at our own cost. Technology and secret money, together with the peerages for loans scandal of the Blair years which Cameron continued without shame, bent commercial and trade deals, promises to the Bruvvers and other corrupting influences all make a nonsense of the PPERA provisions as they stand. Voters roundly (and rightly) reject State funding - the idiotic proposals from both Hayden Phillips and Christopher Kelly would have preserved the wealth of the LibDems but would also have brought UKIP £12m a year whilst Mr Carswell was sitting for the party and Zero when he wasn't. 

I do therefore look forward to a vigorous debate amongst those that care on how we may best reform this third leg of our democratic stool.  


DeeDee99 said...

The Tories have done nothing about the corruption of the postal voting system though. Despite the fact it delivers Labour a number of Constituencies via the Muslim bloc vote.

The problem with taxpayer-funding of political parties is that the only system which will be allowed will be one that cements still further the power of the Conservative and Labour Parties, with the approved "protest" party (LibDems) allowed funding out of all proportion to its support-base in order to keep any upstart parties (like UKIP) out of the running.

I don't support taxpayer-funding: I do support dealing with the corruption that comes from mega-donors (who then expect seats in the Lords or policies designed to further enrich them) and capping the amount which can be donated at a far lower level.

Anonymous said...

"I harbour faint hopes that the intelligence services will serve up Soros like a roast turkey when they are ready."

I think they'll wait for the evil old worm to die, if there is a god in heaven it won't be long now, anyway. Then hopefully descend on his estate like vultures.

Sensible folk in some East European countries know what Sorros is, he's also probably behind 'Antifa' and 'Move' and 'Occupy Wall st". I'd nearly utterly forgotten that last one.

Oh! and I bet he was subsidising the anti G7 meets too.

Rot in Hell Sorros!

Dave_G said...

Sorros has descendants that are (seemingly) as intent as he is and will certainly keep the corruption going. The most likeable solution to the Sorros issue would be for the Russians to get hold of him.....

As for our own electoral process, apart from a definite clamp down on postal voting I feel that PR needs to be revisited - with suitable provisos it could offer a more balanced Government for all.

RAC said...

If Trump was the person he purported to be when he was chasing votes he would have gone for Soros's jugular long since. Unfortunately he isn't, he hasn't and probably never will.