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Friday, 9 June 2017

Cheer up! It could have been worse

Amidst the glum faces and recriminations this morning there are some silver linings. For a start, the ScotNats have been cut off at the knee - Ruth Davidson must surely now be in the running to replace Mrs May - and the Union is that little bit safer. Likewise with the leverage the DUP will now wield to ensure our border with Eire remains as it is now. Peace in Ulster is too important.

As for Brexit, well, it looks as if it will be a lot softer than it was last week. Mrs May will be forced to find consensus. In doing so the 48%, who have with some justification felt totally left out of their own governance, will now feel a tad less aggrieved. However, the power of the 22 Committee and the hard Euroskeptics will pushback strongly. Overall, I'm not devastated by any of this. Slowly Slowly. Our national congruence is just a tad healthier than it was yesterday, and that's important.

We Brits don't like snap elections intended to make PMs more powerful. When Heath asked "Who runs Britain?" in 1974 we answered "Not you, chum".  Mrs May has had a lesson in the dangers of hubris and must now expand her old discredited Home Office circle of advisors. 

On the upside the PLP will remain in chaos and Yvette Balls can now put away her leadership ambitions for another year and keep trying to live down her house-a-migrant promises. Fat Boy Watson will stay off our screens and we can watch Chuka Ummummma wriggle and squirm in newly discovered Corbynism. Hey ho.


Mick Anderson said...

Nationally, we were given a choice between a Socialist and a Communist.

The great British public has replied "Meh...."

DeeDee99 said...

I cannot believe the Conservative Party threw this election. They are beyond useless.

With Corbyn promising "free money" to all his vested interest groups, Mrs May set out to kick her core voter-base. Mad.

Mr Ecks said...

As with your Islamist tripe Radders far too optimistic. The DUP will be essential too keep the Tories in. Another election might well be on the cards in a few months. May will likely be gone this morning or Monday and will be a source of further division if she stays. And who will replace her? That self-serving slime Doris Johnson. Just the man to sell us back to the EU.

It may be Corbo has found the young dumb marx-brainwashed scum he needs--along with our bearded buddies.

Still he hasn't won despite Dress Ups bungling--or deliberate malice.

G. Tingey said...

"Everybody" is noticing that the traitor Corbyn's vote went up ... even in constituencies where the(re)seated Labour MP can't stand Corbyn ...
The tory vote went up as well.
The centre has been squeezed.
Agree re. "the wee fishwife" being given a good slapping - excellent!

I suspect May will stay as a caretaker, but who would replace her?
Rudd has far too small a majority.

Mr Ecks said...

Rudd is out.

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Conservative, I told my MP that I didn't want May even back when Camoron stood down. I was irritated that party members didn't get a say. Even I could have told her that we'd take a kicking in this snap election.

As far as I'm concerned, she should go. What a total disaster.

Peter MacFarlane said...

She'll go: the Tory party doesn't like losers.

But what if Labour find a way to do a deal with wee Nicola?

It's enough to give you the shivers, and all completely self-inflicted by May; I have never seen such a patronising, lacklustre "campaign".
Even Her Imperial Majesty Hillary tried harder than that.


Mr Ecks said...

ZaNu + SNP +LD still can't form a majority if DUP stands with the Tories.

Only with Sin Fin have they enough for a majority of 1 or 2 and Sin Fin won't take up their seats and they should not be allowed to even if they tried to support their IRA loving pal.

John M said...

Chuka Umunna was interviewed on the BBC this morning wearing a false smile of which even Tony Blair would have been impressed.

Which tells you all you need to know about the man. Anyone who can give such a convincingly positive performance in the face of the certain end of his own political ambitions with Labour is absolutely someone who cannot be trusted.

But as another ex-lawyer I don't suppose we should be expected at Umunna's ability to lie through his teeth with a smile.

AndrewWS said...

Ruth Davidson isn't an MP. Unfortunately.

Dave_G said...

Assuming yet another election in October/November, what circumstance would it require for an outright win by any party?

If Brexit was the defining issue for the next GE - which it did not appear to be highly so on this particular occasion (despite May's hope for such, her 'home' policies turned voters away) - will increasing discontent with the manipulation surrounding Brexit between now and then rear its head?

Will this suit a UKIP revival? Will we see a permanent hung Parliament?

Can't say any of this comes as any complete surprise - it was only a matter of time before the 'Deep State' reared it's ugly head to derail Brexit.

RAC said...

Bliars enrichment policy plus the stupid indoctrinated yoof has done for us. With some careful management I've enough put by to see me through the next dozen or so years, so f**k em all. I hope they enjoy their life in the caliphate of west eurabia they f***ing well deserve it.

Charles said...

For the first time in my life I did not vote Conservative, there was no Conservative party running. My wife and I spoilt our voting slips, my mother in law voted Labour for the first time and my mother abstained. That is 4 Tory voters that Mrs May lost, and I think that pattern was repeated across the country. Foreign aid ring fenced while people do without at home, social care mishandled, her useless past at the Home Office and a total lack of any positive reason to vote came back to haunt her. To lose against a Labour Party leader who even his own MPs think is a liability shows truly awesome skill, even more so when Torres can win seats in Scotland against the well organised SNP. I imagine that Ruth will stay in Scotland, I cannot see her wanting to step into the mess which is the English Tory party until the blood letting is through.

I hope this ends the terrible tendency for central control, if local parties are allowed to select their own MPs, and their is a more collegiate approach then the more obvious pitfalls would have been avoided. Trouble is I cannot think of anyone in the party who could actually lead the country.

scottish73 said...

Seems May isn't going anywhere (at least not yet)

"I have just met with her majesty the Queen, and I will now form a government."

DUP: “We have worked well with May. The alternative is intolerable. For as long as Corbyn leads Labour, we will ensure there’s a Tory PM.”

Pat said...

One major mistake was to assume the election would be about Brexit. Labour sidestepped that by saying they would support it and claiming they'd get a better deal (god knows how). Which left them free to campaign on other issues, and the Tories with nothing else to say.

Cascadian said...

A generation of pensioners turned off by the conmen.

A generation of snowflakes attracted to freebies by liebour.

A generation more of barratt formula appeasement of the jocks.

Overall message-we all want our free stuff!

Managed decline, taxpayer funded jihadis and softer Brexit.

UKIP tits up. Limpdicks in the ascendant.

Let's hope the DUP can bring sanity to the situation, there is no credible English political party left.

Thud said...

The 'youth' will not be happy....where is all the free stuff? "what do you mean we didn't win?" to my surprise I'm rather loving this and the DUP.

Anonymous said...

Gardener Fisher.

echoes my thoughts but a nod to all commenters and R, pretty much agree except the Muzzie thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and having rather a lot of 'pape' oirish in me, but i am heartily sick of Irish maudlin, its keening and being blamed for Cromwell..........I'm pretty suren that much to my mammy's consternation I'd have fought with William and now I have to laugh, 'up there' the Rev Ian Paisley will be singing and me in chorus down here too.

DUP, the world went Orange and oi fekkin luvs yers! No Surrender!

Flyingwellie said...

Do you not see that this result is exactly what may (lower case intended) wanted. Why call an election that was not needed and then run a disastrous campaign. She never intended to Brexit.
Now she can take a page out of camerons book and blame her coalition partners for not achieving Brexit. may is a fervent Remainer as is most of the political class they do what they are told to do by their paymasters, we are not their paymasters.

Budgie said...

Raedwald said: "Mrs May will be forced to find consensus. In doing so the 48%, who have with some justification felt totally left out of their own governance ..".

Hmmm, feelings ..... What about the feelings of the 52% who voted to Leave? That is "leave" as in ordinary English. Rather than remaining partly in. No one seemed particularly concerned about the feelings of the 52% before the Referendum; if I recall correctly we were jeered at as fruitcakes and loonies, when we weren't ignored.

The Refeerendum was a binary question about a binary issue. Remaining partly in is still remaining in. Still controlled by the EU. Still paying money to the EU. We've had 44 years of it. The only reasonable consensus possible is to try 44 years out of the EU, and compare.

Anonymous said...

May is useless and stupid, and should go.

She didn't wait for the boundary changes, which would have largely (but not entirely) defused Labour's built-in advantage. Telling the world that Corbyn is pro-IRA and pro-Islamist nutters makes all the Irish in the UK, and every Muzzer (man, woman, child and invented voter) vote for him. A big section of the voter base will vote to get shagged up the arse if that gets rid of Tories. There are a lot of fuckers out there that hate foxhunting. She set out to appeal to people whose votes she has in her pocket already - e.g. me, because there isn't a party with my views, and the others are worse.

Maybe some items in the DUP manifesto will make it through, as you mention Radders. Or better still, taking the vote away from foreigners, tightening election law, and getting the boundaries changed.

Cascadian said...

Oh my lord-real conservative policies, this will not sit well with the blulabour.