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Monday, 5 June 2017

Islamist failure in places one loves

Everything worthwhile on the slaughter by the Islamist animals in London over the weekend has already been said. We now wait action by whomever wins the election on Thursday. And yes, I voted more than a week ago for an MP for my inner London Constituency just ten minutes by train from London Bridge station. That's the point. The scene of this latest atrocity is as familiar to me as any place can be. Oh, it's happened before of course; I used to walk past tiny little St Etheldreda's each day - a simple medieval gem that had survived both the fire of London and the Blitz only to fall to the Provisional IRA. And the Baltic Exchange. And even to the bomb left on Platform 4 at London Bridge station that fortunately detonated twenty minutes before I was due to stand waiting for my train. 

The thing about this part of Southwark is that it's only partly gentrified and still scruffy with a bit of an edge. That's the joy. The National Trust's 'George' and the Market Porter may be a tad upscale but the Globe used to be (until its refit) a comfortable shithole with a front door to the street and a useful back door onto the cheese stalls. The Old Kings Head over the road is also truly trad with a hipster-repellant Sky Sports big screen. And alongside the costas and starbucks are places such as Cafe Rossi - Full English with two rounds and a mug of tea for a fiver. Fried chicken and betting shops share street frontages with hipster bespoke cheese emporia and bakers making sourdough with vaginal yeast. This is where I bought my weekly pound of real dry bacon and indulged in half a dozen freshly shucked Mersea Island natives standing at a formica counter. Here was where we met after work to tie-on a session - with a short intoxicated stumble to the station to get home. 

Nah those sodding little Islamist buggers can't ruin it. Only the hipsters, the city wealthy and the dreary sterile gentrifiers can do that. 

Cafe Rossi - All day breakfast a fiver


Anonymous said...

And the incomparable Royal Oak in Tabard Street. A pint of Harveys mild in a jug and a cheese doorstep please luv.
Feel the need to go there, and maybe call in at The Pride of Spitalfields, where the local dodgy mosque is trying to close it by stealth.

Dave_G said...

I wish I could share your optimism Radders.

Change doesn't happen over night and the RoP has time on their side - not to mention motivation.

Sadly we have complacency on ours.....

barnacle bill said...

Sadly we have ... May on the job.

Trusted to sorting out the RoP and Brexit, both doomed if her time in the Home Office is anything to go by.

rapscallion said...

"and bakers making sourdough with vaginal yeast."

You quite sure about that Radders?

Raedwald said...

rapscallion - maybe not in the artisanal bakeries of Borough Market, but somewhere in Britain ... Woman's Hour carried the story. Could be, though ... just steer clear of the 'naturally fermented sourdough'

Anonymous said...

Interesting what a guest on a radio show said earlier today, recalling the time he picked up a discarded flyer urging jihad on our Western infidel asses. It was his 19th birthday so he remembered it as being 1978. All I can say to that is they've been at it a long time in England. Of course the demographics were a lot different back then but the direction of travel was already there in the 'Muslim community' when their number was less than a tenth of what it is now.

Not a religion of peace, Mrs May:

Quran 9:29 Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allah, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.


Scrobs. said...

Dare I mention it, but the old Davy's in Southwark street took pounds from my wallet over the years...

Their beer was always good, but their Number One Red was a winner, and the throng I joined regularly said - and slurred the same, once a month...

Tried to get sites in Clink Street, Park Street and Vinopolis and nearly won them, but because Gordon Brown had stuffed lending they all went away!

The buzz of the chase was nearly as good as the job itself, and I forever love the area as I do my home village...

To see such a great place being desecrated by murderous thugs hurts more than somewhat. My Daughter will be walking through there as we speak, and I want to be with her.

Thud said...

As a teenager I was for my sins (easier than working) a musician and had an EP released through a trendy label with a track nmed Jihad on it. Thi swas in the early eighties and I had already carried a hatred for the ROP for a good few years. The track did rather well and the late John Peel featured it heavily including on his festive 50....can you see al beeb doing that now, we are in a long war.

Dioclese said...

Stick a copy on Spotify, Thud. I'm sure it'll net you a few quid these days...

Anonymous said...

Worrying development

Cascadian said...

"Nah those sodding little Islamist buggers can't ruin it"........Pffft tell that to the former residents of Whitechapel, Hoxton, Hackney and environs, and no doubt dozens of town centres outside London. The ruiners will prevail taking over ex-pubs, churches and civic amenities built by grafting taxpayers. The taxtakers under your pusillanimous leadership continue their advance. Question-who supports for life the wife and two children of one of the recent jihadis?

Hopefully the latest atrocity will move voters to UKIP from liebour and the conmen. A good conservative minority reliant on UKIP to survive would sharpen Ms Maybe's mind and provide a better result in brexit and control of jihadists. Some decent MPs that are housewives, plumbers, taxi-drivers (and other so-called low skill jobs) with some basic life skills might yet save yUK from disaster.

This is a wild and foolish hope after witnessing the shambles of UKIP but hope is all you seemingly have left, there is no evidence of skill or ability amongst May's or Corbyn's ranks, managed decline and acceptable casualties are their future plan.

Pining for 5 quid breakfasts will not stop the rot either.

G. Tingey said...

I'm a n other regular at the "Royal Oak" - and actually, the Market Porter ain't too bad, if not overcrowded.
I note that the locals fought of the nutters with anything to hand .. pint glasses, skateboard ( And the's a trendy hipster who knows what to do!) bread-crates, etc .....
I suspect that, if the police had been a fraction slower, one might have been caught alive, brought down by the "residents" - I certainly hope that's the case in future, because these fuckwits WILL try again.

barnacle bill
You would prefer Corbyn? *cough* - maybe not .....

anon @ 17.08
There are equally unpleasant & intolerant verses in the christian bible - want me to quote you them?
Religion is the problem, not "islam"

Poisonedchalice said...

I'm not from round your way Raedwald. I'm from the north west. Still, I know the Market Porter as I have enjoyed a few pints there many times with an old friend and colleague from my days in telecommunications (ex Cable & Wireless) as I worked in London for 2 years. Things have changed and perhaps more importantly they have been allowed or encouraged to change. There needs to be political will to take on terrorism but we have either apathy with May or worse still, compliance with Corbyn.

People may not like Donald Trump but right now he's the only person in the world offering practical solutions.

Anonymous said...

Got that Radders. I shall keep well clear of 'naturally fermented sourdough', or indeed anything that suggests "natural fermentation"

Anonymous said...

G. Tingey said @ 09:24

'There are equally unpleasant & intolerant verses in the christian bible - want me to quote you them?'

If you've got a verse - a line will do - from the New Testament that directs Christians to make perpetual war on other religions and levy a tax on the survivors then yes, I'd like to see it.


Religion is the problem, not "islam"'

Islam is the religion of the Muslims Mr Tingey, you can't have one without the other. Your statement nonsensical.


Anonymous said...

Good and appropriate piece Raedwald, though I suspect that you are suffering from oldies a bit when you have to witness the youngsters doing all tis hipster stuff.

Nuffink we can do about it now.


Anonymous said...

Wife's computer predictive text: that should have read "suffering from olditis"....

it didn't like that word?


Also verification went on for ever!

G. Tingey said...


Which muslims?
The Ahmadhi - who are persecuted the way the Quakers were?

Intolerance in the christian bible:
HERE is the full list
Warning -it's LONG

G. Tingey said...

I was in the "Royal Oak" again last night ... the Harvey's was in its usual excellent drinkable condition.