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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Corbyn's Labour - the party of naked nepotism

I've lost count of the number of scions of labour politicians who owe their own youthful place in politics to nepotism. As we've seen with the BBC, it's fine to preach equality and equal opportunity but drive a bus through it just so long as you're Labour. Never have I encountered such breathtaking hypocrisy, such stunning and meretricious mendacity as the self-righteous preaching of Labour and the BBC on matters of which they are the guiltiest of all.


It starts I suppose with campaigning for comprehensives but sending your own kids to private schools, with attacking privilege then ensuring your own privileged separation from normal folk, with preaching charity and frugality then wallowing in naked greed and avarice, with welcoming migrants into the homes of others but erecting gates on your own. Then it's the corrupt practices, the expenses thievery, the family dog on the payroll. Like Leonora Helmsley, these Socialistes believe that equality laws are for little people. 

Now Corbyn's Momemtum gang of lawless rioters have circulated a class war video that must have been so easy to make - for it caracatures every Janus-faced fault of the party's leader and MPs, every cynical manipulation, every privileged and corrupt malfeasance by criminal Labour bosses. It is the perfect mirror in which Momentum's cynical capos may study their own cesspit morals.  

Euan Blair. The Prescott boy. Jack Straw's lad. Corbyn's boy. Hilary Benn. Dan Snow. Stephen Kinnock. And all the other of the 'red Princes' - as numerous, corrupt and vile as their Saudi Arabian brothers. All bent. All undeserving. All crawling up the foetid stinking beshitten coat-tails of their bent parents like mutant roaches. A party that rids us of these foul abominations, that cleanses our democracy of this depraved and toxic corruption, will ever get my vote. 

Corbyn's son - with a free Labour party job


Anonymous said...


Great Post.

Anonymous said...

It's no good objecting to nepotism, as it is driven by the most basic instinct of any animal, which is to reproduce and nurture its kind. Everyone wants their own DNA to persist, and helping your offspring to succeed is pat of that.

All monarchies are arrangements to this end, and political families and business families are everywhere. And each family dislikes nepotism in all the other families.

What is objectionable is the hypocrisy, not the nepotism.

Don Cox

Unknown said...

It is always a pleasure to watch Dr David Starkey shred these people on QT and watch them squirm in discomfort:

barnacle bill said...

As Anon states it's the hypocrisy of it all that sticks in the gullet that is the biggest annoyance from my point of view too.

What is raises my BP even higher is the straight face'ness with which they preach to us little people.

The unacceptable facet of the Left.

Nigel Sedgwick said...

Does anyone remember Robert F Kennedy: appointed by his brother, President John F Kennedy, to be Attorney General of the United States.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it usually is a duck. Whether you object to its walking and quacking successfully or not depends on whether it's your breed of duck.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

It seems to me, after many years observing, that politics thrives on ignorance. The people who practice it can literally get away with murder when a sufficient majority fails to understand, or are oblivious of the machinations. So a grade A cunt, like say Jack Straw, can get away with involvement in an illegality that would ordinarily attract a 10 to 15 year stretch in the pokey. Can also get away with saying "the English, as a race, are not worth saving" and stay in politics; at the highest level, then retire on a comfortable pension and still have your opinions aired as if you were some great sage.

That is politics today I'm afraid. The honour is gone, it's rotten to the core.


Michael said...

Funnily enough, in my Kentish village, we're snapping at the heels of all the politicians with a simple angle - speeding drivers.

We can shout at the KCC (tossers in the extreme), have our MP on our side (he has to be), and also make sure the police behave.

It takes no more than a flurry of emails to make them all squirm, and of course, while we know that money for the 'staff', is protected, the rest of them get vilified in the press and our MP supports us...

So we think...

Maybe I'm being disingenuous, but who can argue against a policy which will refuse to condemn dangerous driving?

DeeDee99 said...

The Party and electoral system protects the hypocrites (in both main parties) and makes them immune to criticism.

We will only rid ourselves of them if the party and electoral system are changed so that voters have far more power. Which is precisely why it will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy, nepotism and cronyism, peculation and feathering the nest using taxpayers money and never for the public good, always with an eye to making the time count with a nice little earner on the back of it - MP pension and ooh look there's Patricia Hewitt of Health minister fame and all the cock-ups she was responsible for walked into a medical related directorship minutes after she left office...............un fucking believeable and yet not much was said - in the bbc at any rate.

I could just about stomach all of the above even euan bliar - it's not his fault whose are his parents - now is it?

What I cannot stand is,

A councillor........ some 24-25 year old wimmin who know fuck all, and trained at the local tech [now grandly titled university of......todmorden and titchmarsh] in sociology and interference , or some MP halfwit off the top of my head like Rachel Reeves, abbopotamus [influenced by these sorts of fekkers]
and the likes of that malignant twat Mandelscum - the sort of clever, arrogant, or thick and hidebound diversity driven, multcult idolator who lay down the law and are given the full protection of the law to such an extent that they are to all intents 'bullet proof'.

Who are these fuckwits, what gives them any right to order me and tell me what car I will drive in the future, if I can have gas to heat my home, if I don't like being overrun with Slovakian Roma or Iraqi Isis, "Syrian" refugees from; Albania, Kosova, Eritrea and Djbouti, Nigeria and Mali, Afghans running away to diversity et tell me!

Like it or like it, that's YOUR ONLY CHOICE furthermore and this needs reiterating and stressing ad nauseum.....

For, until we joined the formative German Empire in 1973, Britain was a much freer place but gradually through a slow process of regimentation perversion of the UK courts by alien statute, government by diktat has been firmly installed - the DDR has come to England and just like all Communist states the little people have absolutely no voice, whereas Jack straws lad, or corbyns sprog and neil and glynnis's boy step right into power.

Britain fell asleep, now we are doomed to slavery and worse, the RoP.

Dr Evil said...

Amen, brother. Amen. Spot on. One woman Labour MP is campaigning against grammar schools. Guess which kind of school her two sons attend?

G. Tingey said...

Almost as nepotistic as Trump, do you mean?

Unknown said...

Nepotism is rife in all the bourgeois Parliamentary Parties, business and the unions.
Stamp it out.

Unknown said...

Nepotism is rife in all the bourgeois Parliamentary Parties, business and the unions.
Stamp it out.

Unknown said...

Particularly in the Labour Party