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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Is it 'cos we is Brits?

With security chaos at air terminals across Europe as staff take advantage of new Shengen controls to irritate travellers, British newspapers are asking "Is it 'cos we is Brits?". That the nation now believes that the spiteful, vindictive and self-destructive dwarfs of Brussels are capable of such attempted Brexit sabotage means we have come far since 2016.

But someone needs to explain that no, this is not directed at us, this is just the EU destroying its own tourist industry by humiliating and frustrating the new rich from Beijing and Mumbai and the old rich from Tokyo, New York and London. All for the sake of preserving the sacred Shengen border free zone, more valuable to the Federasts than the entire European tourist economy.  

These people really are arses.


Anonymous said...

I have said this before, not necessarily here, but I reckon that the politician is the most dangerous vandal amongst us.

In my view it is important to find these people before they have a chance to do too much damage and a good approach might be the following:

I remember that in school when the teacher asks for volunteers, the same few kids always vie for attention, whether it be to get "jobs" like milk/lunch/playground monitor, or for calling out the naughty kid that threw the stone in the playground, or some such.

Rather than employing cultural marxists as teachers, we should employ ex-army types, who would think nothing of shooting (dead) those constant volunteers before they grow into something nasty, like a blair, or a cameron.


Hands up those that want to be playground monitors?

Ahhh, young Tony/Davy... look at this... Smith and Wesson.... bang... oh.


Anonymous said...

That's very unfair on monitors! One of my happy memories of primary school was being able to wander the empty corridors at will so as to collect the 'attendance' forms from the teachers.

In later years I refused to be a prefect, that was far too much like using poachers as gamekeepers for me.

The next step for the EU will be to do random identity checks within Shengen - "Ausweis!"

Budgie said...

Raedwald, Whatever bad happens, it will be blamed on Brexit.

Budgie said...

Right-writes, That sounds awfully like the CAGW propaganda film in which any pupil caught doubting the BBC-peddled man-made-global-warming-catastrophe meme were ..... terminated.

Anonymous said...

@Budgie: Yes they did steal my idea, which I have occasionally employed for many years.

There is of course a significant difference, my criteria is based on character which is genetic, whereas the warmist propaganda effort was about just that and can be caught, like a disease.

So the punishment handed out by the warmist zealot is totally unfair because education does work sometimes... There is no saving those whose character is genetically compromised.

rapscallion said...

I'm rather inclined to agree with Radders. I don't think its being specifically aimed at the British, though God know I wouldn't put it past them.

Apart from trying to destroy the European tourism industry, its the sheer inconsistency that is so glaring. So we have stringent passport checks at airports etc, but no border official in sight when the Italian Navy and other NGO "ships" rescue economic migrants from the Med. The latter being the greater threat, but no, nothing, rien, nichts, niente.

What really grips my sh1t, is that it'd deliberate.

miker22 said...

Perhaps not deliberately aimed at us but I am sure a shiver of Schadenfreude (or Schengenfreude) rippled down their spines at the effects.

Anonymous said...

right-wrights said @ 07:50

'I have said this before, not necessarily here, but I reckon that the politician is the most dangerous vandal amongst us.'

Correct. Short of a foreign dictator with covetous intentions there is no more threatening or treacherous a creature than your modern day British politician. And collectively the damage they do is quite staggering: from wars that go supernova to supersizing society the cost is enormous.

National debt approaching £2 trillion

Real population approaching 70 million

God help us all.


Dan said...

Yes yes, we know the EU high command are arses, and stupid with it. These arses are the same ones who, when confronted with the citizens of the country which is their second-largest contributor, refused to make any meaningful concessions at all.

Ergo here we have a collection of arses too stupid to protect their own income. This must be born in mind when negotiating with them; they're thick, inherently biased and very blinded by their own preconceptions.

In other words, easy meat for a decent negotiator.

John M said...

It will be interesting to see what response "The Donald" makes to his countrymen being held up for hours by the cheese eating surrender monkeys of the EU.

On one hand, we might get a confrontation, with Trump declaring sanctions and a few aircraft carriers to be deployed to put those pesky Euro twats in thier place, together with the usual twitter storm of abuse.

But on the other, Europe might be saved if Trump tweets ocnfusion that any American would want to visit Europe in the first place (unless of course it is for the purpose of going to France to tell Mrs Macron how fit she looks for a granny).