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Friday, 4 August 2017

Italy acts whilst sclerotic EU dithers

In just the same way that Austria, Hungary and a few of the Balks acted independently of the EU to close the Balkans route for economic migrants last year, Italy is now taking unilateral measures to block the NGO 'taxi service' from points three miles from the Libyan coast to Sicily. The first NGO taxiboat, The Iuventis, operated by a German NGO, has been seized. The Italians have implemented three new requirements; first, migrants picked up should be landed at Libyan, not Italian ports. Second, Italian police and security to be on all NGO vessels to monitor whether, as alleged, the taxi boats are in radio contact with the smuggling gangs, and rendezvous are being arranged to transfer migrants. Finally, ship to ship transfers at sea are banned. 

This is against a background of noises from Austria that she will move armoured vehicles to the Italian border, and stringent French border closures on all entry points from Italy to the West. Hungary is also making determined efforts to pushback against the Soros-funded undermining of European national identity and his suspected covert funding of the Libyan NGO taxi boats. 

And what has the EU been doing whilst all this has been done? Nothing. Nada. Rien.   


Anonymous said...

And about time too!

DeeDee99 said...

This is why nation states exist. They will take action to protect and preserve their own.

A bureaucratic oligarchy will only take action to preserve itself.

Anonymous said...

"This is why nation states exist. They will take action to protect and preserve their own."

Not true in Britain though now is it? Because, here we have a quisling claque of political and establishment determined to do [the bidding of the NWO - soros inc] anything other than protecting and preserving "their own".

Why do our own leaders inclusive of mother theresa hold us in such uttr contempt let it be said that, the tories barring one or two [JRM, Redwood] are equally as bad as the Communists some name the lav party - who vehemently believe that visiting something akin to Venezuela would be good for Britain - betrayers, they betray this great nation and we pay them to dismantle the country, are we fucking mental, are we going to go down without a murmur of dissent?

Get rid of Brussels yes, yes indeed but then always the real problem is the UK administration and Westminster.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon @08:15...

...and for those that did not fully understand this (myself included) the referendum has revealed the extent of their disgraceful attitude to their paymasters.

There are far too many escaped milk monitors in this country, and we need to send a few to go on fact finding missions to such places as Syria, Libya, North Korea and Eritrea.


Anonymous said...

We had a couple of young Italians staying with us, lovely and friendly but proud of their Italian cuisine. They didn't want to become part of some Eunation.

"What about all these 'refugees' to Italy? Will they feel Italian or will they be 'Europeans'?"

The 'inaction' of the EU now makes sense.

Ed P said...

The evil hand of Soros is behind these corrupt NGO vessels. He's running a close second to Blair in the most-loathed stakes now.

mikebravo said...

Soros is the new Emanuel Goldstein. The root of all evils. He is the bogeyman while the true destroyers are sitting pretty in Westminster and Brussels. All of those ships should be confiscated for people trafficking. All that could be stopped in a day but TPTB want the unlimited immigration.

Anonymous said...

The key to this is the 'open borders' and 'no nations' (whites only mind you) scheme put forward by the UN some 25 years ago. The thinking was if the West could somehow be dragged back to a less productive and wealthy time it would create a level playing field with the Third World.

Of course they knew it wouldn't come voluntarily and the idea that the people of the Third World might try and help themselves a bit didn't even cross their minds. No, the best way they thought was to make the First World more like the Third World, so the population transfer began.

It's the same with 'climate change', only its wealth not humans and the transfer is in the opposite direction. The UN had it all worked out by the turn of the century and called it Agenda 21. Nobody voted for it: the model does not extend voting rights to mere citizens. Some call it Globalization but its really a hybrid of communism and corporatism.

In private the political Left and Right have merged across many areas so you may have noticed your vote now has less meaning. The scheme is well advanced, you've been had.


Dr Evil said...

Why don't the various EU security services have a 'word' with this gentleman? Goood for Italy and about damn time too.

Anonymous said...

Everybody turned back to Libya should be identified and forever banned from legally entering Europe. Try to break the law once to gain entry and you are never allowed in.

Bill Quango MP said...

I was been crossing by train from France into Italy and back for a couple
of weeks this summer.

There are armed police on all trains. The border train stations have armed police on each platform. And Carabinieri too on the Italian side. And alpini regiment troopers.

I was sure this was a terror alert. Italian and French police usually only go on the trains when the football fans are crossing the border.

The station car park was packed with migrants. The Italian police had their version of our riot police vans deployed.

The migrants sat in the shade. The police in the vehicles. It was all very casual. But the police were stood by each compartment door.And refused entry to anyone {meaning anyone black} without I.D. and a valid ticket. They were chucking ten or so off each train.

Once across the border into France, French police went along the carriage. They were looking for a type of person. Young, black, male, no luggage. they didn't bother anyone else.

A French woman passenger told me this has been the norm now for a few years.
Both sides were quite serious about getting the migrants of the trains.

And it was all very casual.
Like our traffic police giving a caution. Just keeping order. No fuss. No arrests. No trouble.

And the immigrants just got off. With no bother.

Its obviously just a daily game to all of them.
Some days the migrants win.Some days the police.

Anonymous said...

"And the immigrants just got off. With no bother.

Its obviously just a daily game to all of them.
Some days the migrants win.Some days the police."

aye and we all know where their final destination is the Saudi satrapy of Al Britanni.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Agenda 21 has been updated to Agenda 30. Google that for a bit of light reading!!

APL said...

" against the Soros-funded "

When will that repulsive old spider die?

I guess Soros is thinking the same about Europe.

John M said...

Well why would the EU give a toss? It's not like either Belgium or Poland are target destinations for migrants is it?

Poisonedchalice said...

I want to know if the Germans NGO received payments for trafficking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 23:22 (4 August)

'Steve, Agenda 21 has been updated to Agenda 30. Google that for a bit of light reading!!'

Thanks, it confirms what I said in first previous post:

The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It's a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters


James Higham said...

EU of course is a criminal organization.

Anonymous said...

James Higham said @ 11:54

'EU of course is a criminal organization.'

Indeed. An example is demanding money with menaces, which is a criminal act.


RAC said...

1 Board taxi vessel.
2 Return cargo to whence it came.
3 Arrest crew for people trafficking.
4 Take vessel to deep water.
5 Sink the fecking thing.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

There is unequivocal collusion between the NGOs and the profiteering people smugglers.

Is there a comprehensive listing of who's operating NGO-wise down there?

Who funds the NGOs? - send them the bill.