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Friday, 15 September 2017

OECD's grip on £13bn of UK tax must be severed at the wrist

Following the post below on the £13bn a year DFID budget, it has become clear that Priti Patel can't use any of that money for Irma relief however much she wants to - because the OECD forbids it. She can throw as much of it as she wishes at nepotistic and corrupt UN agencies run by third world spivs and crooks, at risibly crooked development schemes from North Korea to Pakistan, but can't spend even a fiver on fuel oil for the old Andrew's warships to task to the disaster zone.  

The £13bn DFID budget is fully one-third of the UK's defence budget, but we can't spend it to help our overseas territories because of the petulant edicts of a bunch of shiny-arsed globalists. 

There can be only one response to that. Transfer 40% of the DFID budget immediately to the MoD and another 40% to the FCO. The OECD can pick the bones out of the remaining 20% until it fades away. 

The United Kingdom will NOT be dictated to in this manner.


Poisonedchalice said...

Utterly bloody ridiculous. Well spotted Raedwald.

FrankS said...

How is the OECD able to dictate how we spend our money? Somebody in government must have agreed to this - who?

Dave_G said...

You talk such common sense Radders - and thereby ends your potential influence - for when ever have we seen such sense applied by Government?

barnacle bill said...

Perhaps we should have a OECDexit referendum?

Then we could give the "V" sign to another load of blood/money sucking, useless feckers. It's bad enough having our own elected leeches but this non elected bunch of parasites should be told to taking a running jump ASAP.

Budgie said...

My friend in the FCO gives the institutional view: Brexit is a disaster; other Ministries are populated by the dim; politicians (and voters) are an annoyance to the people who truly run the UK - the civil service. That's what we are dealing with.

Personally I would give only 10% of DfID's budget to the FCO, 20% to the MoD (their sourcing is ppp), 10% to a UK space program, and reduce taxes with the other 60%. That means shutting down DfID of course.

Cascadian said...

Budgie has the right idea, except the DfID budget should be reduced by 100% and all monies returned to the taxpayer.

The taxpayer can easily discern whether he/she wishes to support any current requests for aid, and at the same time avoid contributing to the Clinton Foundation (to support spunky Bill and Hilliary) as happened previously in Haiti, or indeed enhancing David Millibands fortune by shovelling money to International Rescue Committee or even support the multitudes of princesses at Red Cross. The wastefulness of these entities is well known.

Indeed it is damned difficult to find a worthwhile aid organization.

Dioclese said...

It's not just the OECD dictat, but the 0.7% foisted upon us by arch remoaner, Nick Clegg...