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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Why Boris' £350m a week is about right

It's extraordinary that folk who can't read a P&L a/c or balance sheet are suddenly experts in accounting, but the media is full of remoaners who are striving to shoot down the figure, referenced by Boris Johnson in his post-Brexit vision paper.

Amongst the remoaners is some bloke who says he is head of statistics. I've read his silly letter - which has been shot down by Boris. His basic error was in answering the claims made during the referendum rather than what Boris had written, and not actually reading what Boris had written before writing his own fatuous missive. The rebuttal from the Orwellian BBC Department of Truth shows that in fact the EU is paying the UK £50m a week, and that there are fairies at the bottom of the garden. 

Folks, for the truth go to the EU budget pages. Not what the BBC or the remoaner statistics manager thinks the figure should be, but the actual EU official figures. 

For anyone who works for the BBC, let me explain. Our gross contribution, before the rebate, is £24,337.2m€. We get a 6m€ rebate which brings the contribution down to a net 18,209.4m€ a year, or €350m a week. 

We also collect €4.27bn a year in VAT and duty for goods landing in the UK but passing through to elsewhere in the EU. You could argue that some of this would remain after Brexit and that this should be added to the €18bn. 

Either way, what Boris actually claimed about the £350m a week was broadly true - the figure was close, and yes, we will regain control of how it's spent.


Poisonedchalice said...

Maybe Boris was wrong to usurp his boss, but the figures are correct. The entire furore is being overplayed by the remoaners - again!

DeeDee99 said...

The Remoaners aren't interested in the truth about our Budget payments to the EU. They are livid that the Leave Campaign dared tell the peasants how much money was being transferred out of the country and suggested that it could, instead, be spent on the National Religion - the NHS. And they're apoplectic that we voted to Leave and haven't buckled under their sustained campaign to overturn the result of the Referendum.

The lies and statistical fabrications of Project Fear and Intimidate far outweigh anything told by Leave.

I ignore the BBC these days. I've given up watching Channel 4's 7 o'clock Labour Party Broadcast and I'm fast going the same way with Sky News - all of them are relentlessly promoting the Remain campaigners attempt to overturn democracy. I despise the British media.

mikebravo said...


I turn off all BBC/C4/ITV/Radio news as soon as it comes on. Have done for about 4 years now. I have not heard one single bit of their propaganda but I believe that I am probably now more informed than I was before.

You get all you neeed from online sources without any of the sanctimonious whining.

Ed P said...

DD99 & MikeBravo,

Yes, I totally agree!

The Beeb's website is only worth checking to see just how much real news they've suppressed or distorted, after finding more online. I never watch their "news" on TV, as it's just pathetic crap for snowflakes these days.

RT & Al Jazeera often report items which will never appear on the beeb etc. - they're worth checking (as long as you allow for their own bias).

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'His basic error was in answering the claims made during the referendum rather than what Boris had written, and not actually reading what Boris had written before writing his own fatuous missive.'


"I am surprised and disappointed that you have chosen to repeat the figure of £350 million per week, in connection with the amount that might be available for extra public spending when we leave the European Union.”

Telegraph article:

“Once we have settled our accounts, we will take back control of roughly £350 million per week. It would be a fine thing, as many of us have pointed out, if a lot of that money went on the NHS…”

Also on the matter under discussion:

The BBC's treatment of Iain Duncan Smith on the Daily Politics yesterday was the most disgusting display of partisan journalism I've seen since the Nigel Farage interview during last year's referendum campaign. It was Jo Coburn, one of the three witches employed by the BBC.


BillyMarlene said...

I just wish the BBC and diehard remainers would simply read what was on the bus.

'Let's fund the NHS instead..........'


'Let's unconditionally give the NHS every single penny of £350m a week for eternity starting on the first day after the Referendum'

Budgie said...

The gross figure (around £18bn/yr or £350m/week) has to be used because it is the amount from which the Thatcher rebate is deducted. It is also the actual bill devised by the EU, so we don't control that money. And we have only a minor input as to what the total bill is.

Norgrove ought to resign and should be sacked. If he wants to engage in political infighting he should become an MP. He is another CP, Agenda 30, cultural-marxist. The BBC are beyond redemption and should become pay-to-view, with the TV Tax abolished.

James Higham said...

Wondered where I'd seen that chart and then realized it was probably your tweet.

Ravenscar. said...

Fact is Radders, they should be paying us not the other way around, for the life of me, why we have to pay for the very dubious privilege of being in the Empire of doom is totally beyond the ken of any and all logical and reasonable men.

Dave_G said...

@Ravenscar - 'we' pay to support the EU's inclusion of other non-contributing countries else the EU would consist of a lot less members and their influence would be that much more diminished.

In other words we pay for our own demise.

Ravenscar. said...

"In other words we pay for our own demise."

I can't argue with that Dave_G, we do indeed pay for our own demise and vexing, so galling, a kick in the balls and extracting the urine.