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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Spanish State revives the Garrotte

I remember the 1970s very well. I was taking my 'O' levels and impatient for an end to the war in Vietnam; cheap air travel was just starting, though there was a certain hesitation about Spain as a holiday destination because the Fascist dictator there was still butchering his political opponents - Jake Wallis Simons in the Speccie;
Under Franco, Catalan language and culture were banned, and aspirations of independence repressed. Franco maintained this stance up until his death. Just eight months before the dictator shuffled off his mortal coil, a young Catalan revolutionary anarchist, Salvador Puig Antich, had his coil shuffled off for him by a State executioner armed with a garrotte. The killing took place at the notorious La Model prison, which was located about a mile from where those thugs were Sieg Heiling on Sunday. Rajoy has no more desire to see Catalonia break away than had Franco.

If anyone can tell me why the Catalan people don't qualify as a separate people under UN guidelines, and deserving of the proper choice of self-determination, legally overseen by the EU and the UN, I'd be interested to know. 

One can't rely on the Spanish courts - the WEF rates them as corrupt as the ECJ, less independent than courts in Botswana, Azerbaijan, China, Chile and Bhutan. The courts there still do what the Spanish fascists tell them to. Thay will stand by whilst Rajoy garrottes democracy. There's no justice to be had within Spain. In fact the rule of law everywhere in the EU except the UK is so piss-poor that Roland Freisler must be dancing in the flames.


Dr Evil said...

You cannot trust Corpus Juris. You can trust the Common Law and British judges.

Cuffleyburgers said...

I would say the main reason is tht until the latest argy bargy there was no popular will whatsoever for independence.

That may now have changed .

I can only assume Rajoy has been dancing to an EU tune. Whatever, it is now an unholy mess the outcome of which is unpredictable.

Idiots all.

DAD said...

When I had a holiday in Catalunya three years ago, there were thousands of flags with 'SI' on them. Last year there were more than double those of 2014.

There was an interesting talk on the background to the independence movement on BBC Radio 4 'World this Weekend' today. It started a long time ago.

Timbotoo said...

I think a lot of Spanish people would be quietly pleased if Catalonia were to bugger off. They have lost over 1,200 companies since the end of September including all the major banks. Seat, which was a gift given to Catalunia by Franco, is thinking about it. At the end of the day, the EU is against it and what they say goes.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald wrote" "...proper choice of self-determination, legally overseen by the EU and the UN"...

Shurely shome mishtake Raedwald?

These organisations are created to destroy national borders, and they are the reason that we are attempting Brexit and Trump, deliberately disruptive acts to these entities.

George Galloway for Westmonster had it right in his piece today. The establishment has got every single gun blazing in a sustained effort to stop the people getting their way.


Raedwald said...

RW - they, the OECD and any other organisation, may watch the process of plebescites and referendums through gritted teeth with sweated brows, but until our generation fades away they know we will defend our rights of universal suffrage and the secret ballot with out lives.

That is the only power we have. That and violent revolution, which is wanted by no sane person.

Mr Ecks said...

Even tho' the Catalans are largely a bunch of fuckwit leftists who --should they win free--will likely Dindu themselves into oblivion in short order, they are still causing mayhem for our dear ESpew friends.

Good luck to them. Lets hope they FIGHT!

English Pensioner said...

My daughter's US employer made it clear to their British staff that they their European Headquarters would remain in Britain after Brexit because they wished to operate under UK law. They were particularly concerned about commercial law and believed that a US company would never win if a commercial dispute had to go to court in most EU countries other than England.

Anonymous said...

Timbotoo: "They have lost over 1200 companies since the end of September including all the major banks.. "

Since nearly all Spanish Banks are technically insolvent, that's probably a good thing for Catalonya.

Anonymous said...

"They have lost over 1200 companies"

Would that be EU accounting? and.............. gone to the land of manana? I really don't think so.

don't make me laugh, on Spanish 'banks' - they're all so fucked.

Timbotoo said...

Of course the banks ran. Living outside the cover of the European Central Bank is a cold and lonely place.

Timbotoo said...

On the companies which have changed their fiscal address out of Catalunia, I believe the figures came from the company register reports. Apparently more have left since.

Anonymous said...

Timbotoo: "I believe.."

That's it then, ROCK solid opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Timbotoo said...

Of course the banks ran. Living outside the cover of the European Central Bank is a cold and lonely place. /quote.

Indeed, and doesn't that say it all, or not much about the liquidity of 'Spanish banks'.

The Catalonians, a trading race and nation, for hundreds if not thousands of years, who've plied across the Med and later indeed the world, I'm pretty sure that with the will certainly they have the know how, they could set up their own banking institutions.

Timbotoo said...

Anonymous, a point of information: Catalunia never was a nation, at the most it was a part of the kingdom of Aragon. Do try harder,

The figures of companies which have left the region are official and rising daily.

The debt rating of Catalunia is below junk. They can of course set up their banks, but who will use them?

Timbotoo said...


If the Catalans create their own currency, the only way they can make it pay is to drill four small holes in each coin and sell them as buttons!