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Thursday, 12 October 2017

The war with the New Left is a fight for Enlightenment values

Following my Atlantic Charter piece below, two slightly unlikely mainstream voices have joined pleas for us to respect these most basic values. Most coherent is Allister Heath in the Telegraph, who recognises the same threat;
Contemporary “liberals” – the dominant group in the civil service, academia, the cultural industries and among young, highly educated urbanites – have all too often become born-again authoritarians.....Forget about democracy, people power and autonomy: the New Left loves authority, elite rule and cultural warfare.
I've commented before on the declining commitment of the young to democracy - of great concern, because even our most fundamental democratic safeguards of universal suffrage and the secret ballot are under attack from the New Left, who favour authoritarian rule by 'experts' i.e. them, for our own good. Big State centralist authoritarianism is something I've fought against my entire life, and just when I thought we were winning we face a new cohort of slavemasters. If you can, please read Allister's piece - it really is worth it.

The second and most unlikely voice is that of Owen Jones in the Guardian - yes, he whom I characterised as whining "The wrong people are using democracy!" after the Brexit vote. In an entirely unexpected piece he writes
I have little truck with pro-independence movements unless a nation is oppressed, like those subjugated by Europe’s former great powers – and Catalonia is not. Supporting Catalonia’s right to divorce does not mean endorsing it. But when democracy comes under attack anywhere, it is our collective responsibility to show solidarity.
Well, well.  

Incidentally, anyone after Quentin Letts' new book 'Patronising Bastards' will find Blackwell selling direct on eBay for £11.99 - the cheapest I've found, unless you know different ...


mongoose said...

But Owen's definition of oppression will be very different from mine. I feel oppressed by bastards who want to subsidise rich landowners so that they can build windmills to supply electricity so expensive that old people die in the winter for want of warmth. Owen would have a rude virtue signallers term for me and my oppression.

Doug Shoulders said...

Amazon, have it for a penny less than £11.99 .
Even less on Kindle and no postage...I claim my free gift.

Anonymous said...

I've no time at all for Owen Jones. His lack of consistency marks him out as a vacillator and his principles have no fixed abode. He's the eternal teenager whose read a few books and thinks he knows it all - his body language reveals this to be true. I have come across his character more than once my lifetime, they either grow up like Dan Hodges has, or the mind continues to reject reality and they free fall into a two-dimensional world.


mikebravo said...

Owen Jones may grow up, you never know. He may have woken up in a night sweat and thought " I have been behaving like a total tosser".

Peter Hitchens was an avowed Trotskyist in his yoot but is now one of the only sane journalists in the country.

However he may remain a huge tool as others have alluded.

Cascadian said...

One assumes when "New Left" is referenced that it includes the conservative party.

Certainly Ms Maybe and Amber Rudd fit the bill

DeeDee99 said...

If you're going to lie, might as well make it a big one. That's why they call themselves liberals and the more extreme, Liberal Democrats.

I've always believed Owen Jones is promoted by the BBC so much because he's young, left-wing and homosexual - so guaranteed to wind-up the conservative "old farts" who make up most of their audience and who the BBC despises so much.

Anonymous said...

Undying enthusiasm?

The undead have a voice, ex a ceaseless vampire sucker at the taxpayers teet and in his early days doer of the taxman, aged 67 Branson has avowed that when the Leave voters all die off, "we can vote to rejoin the EU".

I've always thought his brain was fried [to much wacky baccy] but for even him, that's some very hateful ambition. The poor wee bairn throwing his toys out of the pram............ and why? Rich beyond the wildest dream of mere mortals - he's got more money then he'll ever have need for, so why does he feel the need to stick his oar in and what's more about a democratic mandate delivered from the British public - WTF has it got to do with him? Apart from his mewling high dudgeon?

With a bit of luck and an ill wind, Branson won't see his 68th year.

Fuck the illiberal toserati and cheerleader rich boy Branson.


On a bbc meme and those patronizing cunts.

BBC4 had a prog on 'Hidden killers of post war homes' - I couldn't bear to watch much, the first few minutes sent me up the wall.

Dr.[of what indeed?] Suzannah Lipscomb narrated and the first shots were of a "fifties house' with all the accoutrements (you could buy one for 4.5 K!] oop north you could still buy a solid terrace house for £300 in the 60s!

The good doctors sneering condescension was a thing to behold as she swanned around the 'fifties house' "oh look see how these poor people slummed it" - you had to watch it to believe it and subtext of 'how the little people lived' oozed out her every word.

Then a piece about kids Chemistry sets and how dangerous they were, two newspaper articles illustrated her point [no fatalities just a big bang or two] and then some old bat from some uni telling us "how unsafe were these things" - no mention of experimenters of Asian extraction designing home made IEDs in our new so thorougly modern Britain though..........

And it struck me, about the beeb, it's full of posh opinionated tarts who have all been up to Orxford and who know lots of things about the "social deprivation of days of yore" and fuck all else about politeness, manners, real history and how things were when we could do stuff, like build Nuclear power stations, cars, jet engines and when British innovation, exploratory science [Crick], discovery abounded.

And fuck me we won a world war too but during most of the fifties - kids Chemistry sets didn't need to be banned by nanny and the likes of posh birds with cut glass accents who've never done a stroke in their youthful lives, coz daddy sorted it all.

Budgie said...

Anon, We could dismantle the BBC by refusing to pay the TV Tax - a small sacrifice for a bigger gain. Do we? Some do, but most think whinging is an adequate substitute for sacrifice. Unfortunately until we are willing to make sacrifices our useless leaders will continue to take no notice of us.

I heard a Green lady at a hustings in May this year extol their vision: free housing; public transport; food; etc; - a basic living - all provided free by the "government". You would only work if you wanted to, or if you "wanted shiny things". Where do you start with such people? They exploit the fact that we worry more than sparrows.

Elby the Beserk said...

"I have little truck with pro-independence movements unless a nation is oppressed, like those subjugated by Europe’s former great powers – and Catalonia is not. Supporting Catalonia’s right to divorce does not mean endorsing it. But when democracy comes under attack anywhere, it is our collective responsibility to show solidarity."

Except when it's Brexit, Owen?

Sorry Raedwald - Jones blows with the wind and always has done.