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Friday, 24 November 2017

We're really best off out of the EU's publicity scam

The EU has twenty-seven nations and each has a capital city. If each takes it in turn to be Europe's Capital of Culture, a designation begun in 1986, the earliest - Athens, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris - would now be in their second go. Except of course that Berlin wasn't Germany's capital in 1988 - it was the capital of a country called East Germany, which was not a member of the EU. 

Actually the programme wasn't called 'Capital of Culture' until 1999. Earlier, it was named 'City of Culture' so great cities such as Florence and Glasgow could be included. I think some 58 cities have enjoyed the designation since it was initiated.

But of course such is the fame and universal recognition that the award brings that all of Europe celebrates each year the designated places, and one can ask any person on the street the two cities so designated in 2017. Or rather you can't. I suspect that only wonks know that Aarhus and Paphos are this year's cities. I haven't visited or seen pictures of either, but I know with utter certainty that both will be absolutely smothered in those ghastly blue speckly flags that signal the dominion of the EU.

It's actually quite a clever scam. The cities pay for it all themselves; all it costs the other taxpayers of the EU is a bit of publicity and boozy lunches for a commissioner or two. In return the EU gets its sovereignty proclaimed in every single city in Europe in turn. Utterly irrespective of merit. It's Italy's turn again in 2033 and if the failing, mafia-dominated crime ridden slums of Gela in Sicily, one of Europe's most dangerous, uncultured and unattractive conurbations, are chosen I would not be at all surprised. 

Now they've kicked us out we ought to set up our own scheme - 'Partner City of Light' or some such, in which we pick one Euro city a year to host joint visits, artistic events, royal ballet show, talks arranged by the British Council, pictures from the national gallery sort of thing, sweetened with a bung of say £1m. In return we'd get one city a year smothered in Union flags to which we can introduce the wonders of Gregg's sausage rolls. 

Gela preparing for 2033 - the speckly flags will arrive later


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear that we will no longer be eligible to be considered "cultured". I am sure that the peoples of Jaywick will be very upset, since I understand that the commissionaires had pencilled this wonderful conurbation in... or was that Milton Keynes?

Anyway I am sure that both of these fine places would under different circumstances be chosen, since they so well represent what E-Unification does....

....nothing, at huge cost both financially and socially


DeeDee99 said...

It's going to make AngryMcAngryFace north of the border even more furious than normal, so I think it's a marvellous decision of the EU.

The wonderful EU she so badly wants Scotland to remain a member of in order to provide an alternative source of funding to the English if she can ever persuade the Scots to vote for "independence" has just stabbed her in the back.

Jolly Dee.

Anonymous said...

The first I heard about this news was a 'remoaner' being gleeful that the 'brexiteers' would be upset, yet another thing 'we' weren't told about on the 'bus'.

Of course, just as with President Trump, none of these vocal 'remoaners' have ever met a 'brexiteer', (well one wouldn't, would one), and if they thought about it a bit more, by their own predjudiced logic, why would thick, un-educated 'brexiteers' care about 'culture' anyway?

It's all a bit like 'twin' towns, apart from the people on the committee who cares?

Dave_G said...

Maybe an annual award for 'Capital of Corruption' would be more useful - locals voting for the most corrupt and wasteful Local Government.... God alone knows there'd be more than enough candidates to keep the event going for decades.

Demetrius said...

Bordeaux, hic.

Anonymous said...

We've had Glasgow and Liverpool. 'Nuff said?

Anonymous said...

EU promotion in another form. Usually it's 'EU funding' or bribery with our own money.

Anonymous said...

The EU isn't Europe. The EU is a paper entity whose raison d'etre is to feed off the taxpayer, or die. The EU is a gold-plated turd.


BillyMarlene said...

I think it is great news.

In return we should charge admission to our Museums and Art Galleries to EU Nationals. Free to UK and all other non-EU Nationals.

Well, they can’t have their croissant and eat it.

anon 2 said...

Considering the damage the euSSR have wrought on our educational and family systems, their masters are fairly justified in expecting us to be as ignorant and "uncultured" as they are themselves

However . . .

They are utterly ignorant about British/English culture, its origins, and its deep-rootedness. They seem not to know that we already epitomise 'multi-culturalism' - through our British/English development of Latin/Greek/Hebrew based literacy. They fail to remember that the English and the Irish worked together to rescue, repair, and even develop euro-literacy/culture after Viking depredations --- especially through the work of Alcuin of York, who (with the German Einhard) was a prime mover in the establishment of Charlie-Boy's frogulastic educational system. Fortunately, Charlie's influence here was minimal, and we had Alfred the Great to get us back on track.

All this preceded the damage caused by Billy Bastard - though, by the 15th century, we pulled through and reinstated ourselves with the help of Henry V, Chaucer, Wycliffe, and the Lollards. If the Reformation also damaged our cause, our scholars realised what was happening and moved to help the Church and universities preserve the records, the knowledge, and so the Search for Truth.

Of course, the franco-germans upped their arrogant input via Charles II and the Restoration. They never stopped trying. Throughout the last century, World Wars combined with Marxist developments, infiltrations, and subversions . . . and so here we are.

And yet, and yet. We were not all unaware of the campaign. Some of us still carry the culture that calls out to us from the land and ancient structures around us. Some of us help our children still to recognise the call.

Unfortunately, though, we are out-numbered by invaders, and out-powered by the alien government. And we are also surrounded by the umbrella-mentality that feeds us false (ignorant) interpretations of history, propagating the claim that we're all the same and equal.

Equal ---- Except, that is, for the masters who dominate and sneer at us, and who seek to smother us with their vile "speckled" rag.

Wakey, Wakey, Britain. Find ways to engage with this Living Nightmare and save what we can.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald: "to which we can introduce the wonders of Gregg's sausage rolls. "

Love it. And not the sausage rolls!

John Brown said...

Hopefully we can also be thrown out of the Eurovision Song Contest at the same time.

Anonymous said...

John Brown - I think the Eurovision Song Contest has been going for far longer than the EU.

Jonty111 said...

UK politicians are interested in the taxes we pay and whether or not we vote for them.
The EU have cleverly disposed of the need for the commissioners to require a vote. However they just want our money and our fish!