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Sunday, 24 December 2017

For Hope, and our Future

It's now eighteen months since that momentous referendum, and we're still leaving. With every single day it becomes more and more difficult for the saboteurs to derail the process. The global corporates, their Federast and globalist dags, the Euro bien pensants, has-been politicians, are daily nearer to meltdown and daily more furious. This also makes them daily more dangerous; the dags are being goaded into petty acts of spite, with Remoaner HMRC officials prodded by the Treasury now demanding tax from private Leave referendum donors whilst the vastly richer global corporates escape scot free for their Remain gifts. We may have sighted land, but it will still take some skillful pilotage before we're tied up alongside. 

ISIS are also just another terrorist organisation rather than a putative Caliphate. The government of Syria, with Russian help, have succeeded against the global corporates and their puppets, against the stupidity and venality of our own government and Foreign Office. We have reached the morning of the eve of Christmas with no successful Islamist attack on the West, just a failed terrorist act in Australia, a nation now more Eddie Izzard than Crocodile Dundee. There is a perceptible hardening of attitude towards Islamism, and the faint start of some pushback. 

More than anything else, social media has enabled the idiocies of neoliberalism, the insanity of distorted morality, the fake news, lies, distortions and deceits of the malign, to be exposed to the disinfectant of sunlight and to laughter. Social media means a FTSE100 firm and a sharp witted nobody are equal. Nothing is more painful to these evils than laughter. May St Isidore, patron saint of the internet, intercede for succour and protection of universal access to social media.  

At home and abroad we still face human challenges - abroad we have human populations outgrowing food, water, wealth and work, and with the richness of the West visible on their 3G screens forming a tsunami of human migration towards Europe. Do not, I beg you, direct hatred or vituperation towards these people, no matter how devious, dishonest, manipulating or self-interested their behaviour. We must work to keep them in their own nations, to emulate themselves the prizes of Western post-enlightenment Christian nations by adopting our norms and ways, however cruel we must be to keep them from our shores. 

At home we are still failing our own people; ex-armed forces living rough, enduring hardship and privation without complaint. They stood on the line for you and me. We owe them. For our semi-feral urban children, victims of gross sexual abuse and exploitation, victims also of failed official care, of moral relativism, and of our selfishness. We must help them. And heartfelt thanks to all those who keep the law, demand nothing, discharge their social responsibility and ask only for a little pride, a little identity and a little recognition. We owe them, too.  

As each day grows a little brighter I am inspired with hope. Not a surge, but a fleeting butterfly shadow of hope that flickers over the heart and soul. There is a future, a good future, and we can all help shape it. God really is with us if we allow him to be. 

It is easy here, in the snow and the beauty, to the sound of bells and in a little 14th century church with vivid ancient wall paintings, to understand the miracle of the Nativity and the joy that the birth of the Christ child, Son of God, born to save the world, brought to mankind. With all my gratitude and thanks to you all, may you all have a peaceful Christmas.   


Anonymous said...

Felicitations Raedwald and thanks for the fish so far this year.

We are with one of our daughters in Rome for the season... I never would have believed that there could be somewhere whose integrity could have been more denigrated by lefty government than London, but here it is. That stalwart member of the EU and its president, a "Papa Frank", being at the nadir of the conglomerate.

My daughter has been tramping from place to place around Yerp and is shortly off to India and the Far East for the final tranche, she has cheerfully volunteered that the currently much maligned Austria is the most attractive part, the place she is likely to go back to. There seems to still be a connection between government and the governed, from what I can fathom from her descriptions.


jack ketch said...

more and more difficult for the saboteurs to derail the process.

Indeed, infact I would go as far as to say- as the token Remainer around these parts- that it is almost impossible for BrexSSHite to be stopped, mores the pity...because the EU wills it. It will be , I fear, neither a 'hard' nor a 'soft' BrexSSHite but rather a Great British 'FUDGE'. Neither fish nor foul (no typo there btw).

As my 60 a day haven't yet killed me I assume I am now near immortal and will live to see my children's children plebis-ciding us back into the EU (or by then the EUSSR). A thought that will console me in the dark days to come .

Anonymous said...

I would just like to thank you for taking the time to write your blog. I check in nearly every day and it's a delight when I see you've posted something new.

May you have a very happy Christmas and I wish you a peaceful and healthy new year.

Best wishes,


Sackerson said...

Lovely. Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Span Ows said...

Well said. Great message, well written. keep up the good blogging Raedwald. Merry Christmas.

Poisonedchalice said...

Dear Raedwald,

Although I have never met you or heard what you sound like, I can normally put a voice to your writings. As I read your blog this morning, I did not hear your "voice"; I heard the voice of Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth. Yes, this was her Queen's Speech. Or at least it should be!

All the very best to you and yours this Christmas Raedwald.

Kind regards,

Oldrightie said...

I too love CHRISTmas and your post is a most seasonal one. Magic, Radders.

Scrobs. said...

Excellent considerations, Raeders, and thank you for continuing to bring sanity amongst the MSM froth, and the wiggling, biased BBC.

(A couple of sentences in your post ominously echo the main theme of 'Munich', by Robert Harris. Austria gets a lot of mentions...)

Have a Happy Christmas, and enjoy whatever they do on December 31st in your village!

Dave_G said...

Seasonal good wishes to you and yours too Raedwald and thanks for the blogging - always thought provoking.

My concerns for the future stem from the lack of visible planning - there are no (known) plans for the economy, energy, infrastructure, health, peace - you name it, we seem to be fumbling our way from crisis to crisis, much of it out of the hands of the people and steered by vested (if plainly evil) intent.

Much of the future seems to look like it will be rosy for a 'limited number of people' (survivors?) and the UN's Agenda 21(30) still seems to be a viable plan and explanation for the 'limited numbers' I speak of.

We can only hope that good really does prevail over evil and that it won't actually take evil to restore a level of humanity and peace across this planet that works for everyone.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Beautiful post Radders.Very best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Myrige Cristes Mæsse, Raedwald.


Peejos said...


Thank you for the past year of sane and enlightening comment. It is one of the few things that make me look forward to a new day.

Happy Christmas


Moose said...

I love your blog, Raedwald...... you always talk such sense. This is one of your best, thank you so much.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas.

BillyMarlene said...

Keep it coming Radders, great stuff.

I have linked your site to my father on several occasions but he never seems to click on it! I therefore take much delight hearing him chuckle when I read out the juicy bits over the phone. We particularly enjoy the generous use of the word ‘dag’. Few three letter words convey as much imagery.

FWIIW, he is approaching 90, can polish off a bottle of whisky in the right company and has smoked his pipe since he was 17 - (St Bruno flake - MUST be flake) - and he inhales it!

I hope I have his genes.

Keep safe and happy, and don’t eat yellow snow.

Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas to you also, Steve and Raedwald and all! Thank you for this great blog! - Maz

Frank Davis said...

It's now eighteen months since that momentous referendum, and we're still leaving. With every single day it becomes more and more difficult for the saboteurs to derail the process.

I have the exact opposite view. I think that every single day it gets easier for them to fudge, delay, stall. The political class never wanted to leave Europe, and they're never going to leave. They're just going to pretend to leave. They're going to take so long about it that it'll never happen. They may even have anther referendum, if that's what it takes.

No, the UK under Theresa May (or more or less anyone else you care to mention) is never going to leave the EU. But instead most likely the EU will disintegrate of its own accord, another failed European empire. It will become a club with no members left in it. But even then the UK political class will still want to be a member of it. And it's going to stay that way until the political class is replaced with a new political class, as it will be one day.

anon 2 said...

Hwæt swa cwæþ Steve, Rædders!

Myrige Cristes Mæsse . . . ond
Iċ þē þancie.

miker22 said...

I join those who thank you for your wise and thoughtful words over the year. Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and all your readers.

Always worth reading.

meltemian said...

Thank you Raedwald, you are always a pleasure to read, a voice of sanity in these confusing times.
Happy Christmas and many more to follow,
Καλα Χριστοθγεννα και χρονια πολλα!

Anonymous said...

English soul brother, we stand in the shield wall - together.

Always a fan of this blog one of the, if not THE best.

On the nativity of the Christ child, we mark our fidelity and wish all here a contented Noel.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, Thank you for your Christmas wishes. May we have a peaceful and prosperous New Year, in which we solve our problems - by first admitting them.

To the actual political substance: at the moment the plain truth is we will not be leaving the EU until at least 2021. The official date mentioned by Remainer May is March 2019. But she has already said there will be a following two year (possibly less, but likely more) "transition", where our subjugation by the EU will be exactly the same.

Moreover, even now without further appeasement, we won't fully leave even after 2021. And as Frank Davis says: "I think that every single day it gets easier for them to fudge, delay, stall."

The Remains have fought a brilliant post-Referendum campaign, employing emotional propaganda, and placing fellow Remains in crucial positions of power. May, Hammond and their Remain outriders, Quislings to their EU masters, control the narrative. How easily the Remains play on any misplaced optimism, relying on our hopes to blind us.

In 2016 I used to be a fairly lone voice concerned about our unfolding betrayal. That the establishment has no intention of harvesting the benefits of a quick clean break from Brussels is now understood. It seems that their, to me equally obvious, intention to keep us in the EU will take longer to acknowledge.

jack ketch said...

"In 2016 ...It seems that their, to me equally obvious, intention to keep us in the EU will take longer to acknowledge. "

The joke of it is the EU wants us gone and has done since before the leaders made Cameron dress in a pink tutu and play "London's Burning" on a recorder at that summit. We could leave tomorrow if PMT.May learnt the first rule of negotiating, namely "Know what you want and knowing what you want isn't half as important as knowing what your counterpart wants". PMT.May thinks it is all about the money, trade. It isn't. Or as someone in the German car trade said to me "Do you really think those Brits who can afford our cars will stop buying them because of 4% price hike?".
The EU is an Ideology, almost a religion. BrexSShiteurs might think it an ideology of Evil but that doesn't change the fact that, as V said: "Ideas are bulletproof".

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, Certainly some of the EU apparatchiks want the UK gone. However our home grown Quislings very much want us to remain. They have the EU ideology disease. A damn sight more benign than Marxism and Nazism, but just as irrational. The Remains justify it by traducing the Enlightenment. They don't even hide their disdain for democracy any more. Just like their EU masters.

Raedwald said...

Many thanks all for the encouragement - I'll endeavor to continue my duty here!

jack ketch said...

Certainly some of the EU apparatchiks want the UK gone-Budgie

I would say the majority and those that don't are sick to the back teeth of the whole subject of BrexSShite. The Great British OberbrexSShiteurs need to realise as far as Brussels is concerned BREXIT is a British problem. The EU as a whole is far more concerned with more important issues...right this moment the 140 journalists in prison in Turkey for example or the bloody Putschdemon and Cataloonia (that one keeps Juncker awake in his coffin at day).

jack ketch said...

I'll endeavor to continue my duty here!

You write too well (except on the 'B' word) for it to be a 'duty'. Especially your observations on life in Mountainpasspisserland are a joy.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, Far from the EU being "sick to the back teeth of the whole subject of" the UK leaving the corrupt, dysfunctional EU, it is a like a dog returning to its own vomit. The EU just can't seem to keep away from it.

If the EU actually was sick of the subject, they'd accept our independence, and want to get the negotiations done and dusted in a quick, respectful and businesslike manner.

Instead the EU delays, prevaricates and obfuscates, clearly with a desire to spin out the process beyond even the 2 year maximum limit in Art50. We are now due to be connected to the EU for a further decade. The EU sick of Brexit? - they have a funny way of showing it. The reason is also clear: the EU wants to make it look as difficult as possible to deter others.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, Calling Leaves "BrexSShiteurs" simply make you look immature. It is unfortunately on a par with other Remains with their arguments limited by their ad hominems. The interesting point is how can so many Remains be so ignorant of the institution they profess to admire that all they can think of to defend it, is a few playground insults.

jack ketch said...

Instead the EU delays, prevaricates and obfuscates,

So you think that if May had appointed Farage instead of Davis we would even be having this conversation? Of course we won't. And I say that as someone who is not only firmly in the Remainer camp but detests Farage and the quislings of UKIP with a passion. We'd be out and probably with a fairly good deal. Hell if she'd ditched Bojo for Rees-Moog as For.Sec we'd probably have a couple of killer trade deals already too. As I said,BrexSShite is a British Problem (and thinking the EU needs to 'accept our independence' is a classic bit of BrexSShiteur 'thinking', not they, the EU, but WE the British need to accept that we are and always have been an independent nation and, by God, start acting like it again.)

As to your point about my referring to Brexiters (Brexiteers?) as BrexSShiteurs I grant you it is immature but no more so than the calling remainers 'remoaners' or 'quislings' or 'traitors' . And it is always good to remind the real traitors, the betrayers of parliamentary democracy and all our granddads who fought in the wars, whose feet are really in those kitten healed jackboots.

jack ketch said...

edit* "Of course we won't." should read "of course we wouldn't"

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, BrexSShiteurs is an ad hominem, made up, and with no merit other than to be an insult. Calling someone who willingly sells out his country to a foreign power a traitor or a Quisling is the plain truth if the English language has any meaning.

Indeed we should start thinking of ourselves as independent. But whilst a large and growing chunk of our laws and our governance comes from Brussels that will always be difficult. And who is to blame for that, other than our very own Remain politicians? Certainly not the Leave voters who dared, against the weight of the establishment, to think that we could be independent.