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Monday, 11 December 2017

Population growth is not the only option

We go into 2018 with an EU that is already very different. Committed to becoming the USE within eight years, with an army, foreign office, finance ministry and powerful president, much hinges on the federation's forecasts for future growth. These have been gloomy because Euros have been breeding at below the replacement ratio of 1.2 2.1 children per couple. The EU's solution is to import 5m healthy breeders from Africa, the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. It made the decision much as a steel plant decides a new limestone contract, or a pie-maker signs up a new abattoir. Yes, all those sexually urgent young men in Germany are there not because Mrs Merkel felt sorry for them - it's their priapism that is valued, like little breeding rams, to impregnate German maidens and breed a new generation of factory workers for the global corporates. 

The EU also took the decision in secret, without consultation or any democratic endorsement. You see, we ordinary folk don't know what's best for us, and need benign and sober heads such as Herr Juncker's to decide these things for us. It's jolly bad form to question the EU's wisdom and anyone who does so must be a Hitlerite bigot. 

Now I don't doubt the EU's well-meaning. What I condemn is their stupidity. The utter, crass, doltish stupidity of fools like the EU commissioners is the very reason we have democracy - crowds make better decisions than 'experts'.

That they're still pursuing their insane aims at a time when factories are becoming fully robotic, when AI is replacing vast swathes of human labour, when machine pickers intelligent enough to tell a potato half buried in the earth from a stone are in common use, the whole basis of their fatuous rationale collapses. My carer in old age will be a small robot with powerful hydraulics and sensors delicate enough to wipe a geriatric arse gently. 

You see, I really don't believe the replacement ratio or continuous GDP growth are that important any more - we're moving into a new age. The idiots, fools and charlatans at the EU just haven't realised it yet. We can only hope the cooler heads of the Visegrad group apply some sort of brake to their mad ambition.


Anonymous said...

Too late!

DeeDee99 said...

The EU is implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: an early 20th century vision of Eur-Asia which they've been implementing since the 1950s. Frau Merkel received the Coudenhove-Kalergi Award in 2010 and von Rumpy (former EU President) in 2012.

The plan requires mass immigration and a mixed-race population.

mikebravo said...

The replacement rate should be 2.1 per couple.

Anonymous said...

As you say Raedwald... The wisdom of crowds.

The establishments of the UK civil service and those odious EU people are very powerful and unfortunately, incapable going about or gibing.

As DeeDee points out the Germans are pursuing Coudenhove-Kalergi and the UK outfit is still operating under the terms of the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1923 in regard to the middle-east.

Sometimes you just have to take on new ideas... I mean sucking up to a bunch oil rich mediaeval fakirs in Saudi Arabia, can't be a good idea.

The chief weapon that the establishments have got for us wetbacks though is COMMUNITARIANISM, and of this we must fight back... The problem is that in the UK we are further down that road than even the EU.


Anonymous said...

I do laugh when the AfBangPakIndsSomNigerians complain about "too many Europeans coming to Britain".

Not including the roma, who do you prefer?

Raedwald said...

MB - of course. Thanks. Corrected.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that you are too kind, Raedweld - there is something a little bit more sinister going
on here.

The EU wants a European version of the USA - they want overall combined military and civil
law enforcement.

They know that to achieve this they will have to frighten the populations into wanting this
authoritarian structure.

The EU monsters are quite willing to sacrifice their own children for their new EU order.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Unknown said...

"Raedwald" - humble apologies.

Anonymous said...

'My carer in old age will be a small robot ..."

Cheap immigrant labour has been suppressing investment in agricultural mechanisation in the US for decades, combine that with an exponentially increasing supply and an ideological commitment to bringing these people here and I'd say you'll be lucky.

Dave_G said...

Along with a blending of colour comes a broader reduction in IQ - ideal to maintain the suppression of cogent thought that is the only real threat to EU totalitarian control.

Assuming, of course, that such inter-breeding becomes commonplace - except where it is 'forced', of course.

John Brown said...

Perhaps the Germans want to increase their population for more powerful reasons than simply increasing GDP ?

jack ketch said...

Surely this is all now NOT OUR PROBLEM? I really don't get why you lot (ie Brextshiteurs) are whinging again. PMT.May masterfully forced those sneaky continentals to back down, nay to capitulate, so frightened were they that there might be no Free Trade agreement -IDS says so, so it must be true. Brexit is still going to happen and the UK will be free of the EU by...oh...say 2030?

Anonymous said...

A United States of Europe would be fine if it had the same constitution as the USA. That document was written by cynics who knew about politicians and it works.

The big problem with the EU is that it has a "constitution" extending over thousands of pages, and no democracy. It is being run like China, top down. Except that the people running China seem to have more brains.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

"Along with a blending of colour comes a broader reduction in IQ"

I think you are mistaken here.

Inbreeding, as in cousin marriage, is likely to reduce IQ. Interbreeding between people with different genes is likely to increase IQ. Genetically, it is a Good Thing.

The only problem is that some people may not have the optimum skin colour for a given level of sunlight -- white Australians are an extreme case, or black people in Norway.

Raedwald said...

Anon 12.20 - Quite correct. The bicycle in the 19th C reversed long term inbreeding in Suffolk in which the 'courting radius' on foot for working lads was less than 4 miles. The bicycle enabled a more thorough mixing of genes from up to 15 miles radius.

Vitamin D deficiency in the UK amongst minority ethnic populations is a problem - and rickets are back in the poorer Bangladeshi areas. They either need their traditional diet and plenty of sunshine, or a British diet (which has plenty of Vit D foods) and a duller Sun.

English Pensioner said...

Historically, any shortage of labour has been solved by innovation. When there was a shortage of agricultural labour due to more people working in factories, the tractor was used instead of horses. When insufficient labour was available to harvest the wheat, along came the combined harvester. When there was no longer slave labour to harvest cotton, along came a machine.
There will be no innovation without good reason and the usual reason is a shortage of suitable labour.

Anonymous said...

Watching a documentary last night on the history of Concorde (episode 2 tonight, Channel 5) and what struck me was how far ahead we were in aerospace back in the late 40's - a "good ten years ahead". And the English Genius that throws up blokes like Ted Talbot, one of the finest minds in the world on all things supersonic. How he knocked 1000 mph off the air entering the intake side of those four RR Olympus engines was beautiful. Concorde is the only aircraft ever built that can supercruise without reheat.

So what am I saying? Despite being battered and broke by the war we still had it all. Being the first nation to industrialize gave us a massive head start in engineering right across the board. We set the standards and the rest of the world followed. Without the war we could easily have been the first into space - and the first man to set foot on the moon could have been from Somerset or Lancashire. Want to know who fucked it up? Politicians. Everywhere you look you'll find that idiot breed front and centre.

Anonymous said @ 09:08

'I'm afraid that you are too kind, Raedweld - there is something a little bit more sinister going on here.'

Indeed there is, it's called social engineering. The only engineering politicians are interested in.


DAD said...

One reality about Europe’s current political leadership is summarized here:

Macron, the newly elected French president, has no children.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has no children.

British prime minister Theresa May has no children.

Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.

Holland’s Mark Rutte, Sweden’s Stefan Löfven, Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel, Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon — all have no children.

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has no children.

So, a grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in it

James Higham said...

Club of Rome was hardly “well-meaning”.

John Brown said...

A decreasing population in Europe is certainly not the most serious crisis the World faces.

It is the exploding population increase in the rest of the World, in particular Africa, which already has a population of 1200,000,000 and is increasing by 30,000,000/year, and with no ability to either curb this increase or feed themselves.

backofanenvelope said...

The indigenous population of England is more or less stable. I suggest we forge an alliance with Japan to work out our future. In the meantime we should stop the right to settle for foreigners. They can come here to work or study, but they cannot settle; sooner or later they must go home. As George Bush said about alleged global warming, the answers lie in technology.

Doug Shoulders said...

Don’t worry Mr John Brown. They will come here to eat.
Due to our natural proclivity to devise means to enjoy abundancy, the appeal for those who’ve had the misfortune to be born in a flyblown waddi, to make the trek is strong.
We have our political and media betters to thank for this…fluffers to the bankers….can’t think of any other group who have the means to enable such sea change.
Seems these travellers are ferried from the shores of North Africa to the shores of South Europe.
As mentioned above… all rather sinister.

Terry Mushroom said...

@DAD. Point we’ll made about EU leaders who don’t have children. However, the Mays are unable to have any. Mrs May has spoken if her sadness about this.

jack ketch said...

Mrs May has spoken if her sadness about this.

Cheer up Terry, now you have a whole nation to 'mother'....mother...dearest.