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Thursday, 7 December 2017

German car bosses face jail if they step outside the EU

I'm sure, in the worldwide diesel fraud issue, that carmakers around the globe were complicit in at least a massaging of the test results. But none were as industrially efficient at defrauding the public as German carmakers VW, BMW, Audi et al. With Teutonic efficiency, they defrauded the world on a massive scale.

Now the first German VW executive has been jailed - in the US. He was unlucky enough not to escape back to Germany quickly enough, and the Americans scooped him up. Oliver Schmidt is now doing seven years in a federal penitentiary. The US indicted five other VW executives last January - Heinz-Jakob Neusser, 56, Jens Hadler, 50, Richard Dorenkamp, 68, Bernd Gottweis, 69, and J├╝rgen Peter, 59. They face summary arrest and detention without bail in the US if they are caught. 

No one has yet been prosecuted in Germany. No EU countries that have been defrauded have issued EU arrest warrants for any of the five VW bosses. The US isn't trying to extradite them from Europe. And this is all because the world knows full well that European justice and its organs the ECHR and the ECJ are corrupt political courts. Courts in China and Russia are rated by the WEF as having greater judicial independence than those in most EU countries. 

However, should those five VW bosses, and others from the other big-name German carmakers, step outside Europe to any country that has an extradition arrangement with the US, they face arrest and detention. After Brexit, if the UK breaks free of the corrupt claws of Euro justice, this includes Britain. And this forms a large part of the reason that the EU is fighting so hard to keep EU citizens in the UK under the protection of the bent ECJ - to allow VW bosses, fugitives from justice and other Euro criminals to visit Britain (and Ireland) without being banged up and extradited to the US. It stinks. EU 'justice' stinks. The collusion between the EU and the global corporates stinks. We will be far better off after Brexit away from that noxious putrescent foulness.  


Anonymous said...

That's corporatism/fascism for you Raedwald, oddly our democratically elected government supports this, as do all of the other socialist government entities around the globe.

The concept of "remain" is open support of fascism!

And the worst aspect of this is that those of us who support brexit, or trump, despite his rather strange manner, are regarded by these credulous lefties as the deplorables.

DeeDee99 said...

I guess they think that as most of the Nazis and their fascist collaborators got away with their crimes, why should the EU allow a few corrupt German manufacturers to be held to account.

jack ketch said...

It is indeed one of the idiosyncrasies of the German justice system that Fat Cats/Industrialists don't go to jail. Although slowly things are changing (they probably reported about the Schlecker case last week in Austria). I assume it is a hangover from the Wiederaufbau . I have always felt the greatest strength of the German justice system is it's lack of a jury of 'whimsical darlings plucked at random off...' , and also it's greatest weakness. Personally I'd much rather be tried infront of a German Strafgericht than a Brit High Court.

However I feel you do the ECJ/ECHR an injustice. They have proven time and time again to be above the petty concerns of the sovereign nations of the EU. I will not forget how they stood firm in the face of pressure from May when she wanted to deport that hook handed nut job.

rapscallion said...

Yeah, well nil sympathy from me. We all know the whole rotten construct is a crock of shite. EU Justice is a contradiction in terms.

You know what Anonymous at 07:42, like you I don't give a rat's arse if the left call me a "deplorable" or "fruitcake" or any other pejorative they can come up with. I don't care. All I know is that I take great pride in having helped put an 'king huge spanner in their works. I bathe in Remoaner tears. How I enjoy The Donald triggering them left, right and centre.

jack ketch said...
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Raedwald said...

Jack - I can only rate you C+ for that, I'm afraid. The SS runes are a no-no - really not convincing anyone that you're the European you're aiming to portray. And too many mixed slang terms that a genuine European wouldn't use. And Cromwell is not a recognised tyrant in Britain - try 'absolute monarch'. And again, whatever army your ancestors fought for, readers will not be convinced it was British ... don't try so hard is my advice. Follow Cascadian - he does it excellently.

jack ketch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Harrison said...

More amused than offended by J.Ketch's excitable, bizarrely inverted notion that wishing to leave the corporatist, bureaucratic clutches of Brussels amounts to a "total betrayal of all our British values". Either he's potty, or some sort of aspiring guru of satire in the mould of Dave Spart.

Dave_G said...

Maybe if the likes of the EU didn't set ridiculous standards for car emissions based on falsified claims for CO2 emissions etc and just allowed the market to create a level field for manufacturers in terms of mpg, performance, emissions etc and let the PEOPLE decide which vehicle they wanted, then we wouldn't have them trying to game the system.
AFAIK no one was robbed other than the Government tax offices and imho the more opportunities taken to deprive .gov of iniquitous taxation the better.

Raedwald said...

Tony - he's just an apprentice agent provocateur - he doesn't have to make sense, just post stuff that undermines our national belief in ourselves. I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to where's he's from. Or she - they use girls as well.

However, I'm giving notice that all comments with SS runes in them will be deleted after 48 hours. I don't want to restrict free speech, but search engines looking for far right sites use these characters to identify hate content.

Mr Ecks said...

"Jack Ketch" is a good name for you.

Our Fathers fought and some died for freedom. What kind of cretin thinks that the EU is anything other than the nascent Elitist tyranny that it is. And a double fool that thinks Westmonster will be more difficult to beat than 28 "Westmonsters" with an extra layer of Brussels scum on the top.

Indeed "Westmonster" is what it is because it is full of middle-class,cultural Marxist. Global Elite-sucking Remainiac scum

jack ketch said...

J.Ketch's excitable,

Excitable? In a comments section full of 'hang the remoaner traitors'type comments?

And as i don't have the writing skills to be any kind of satirist, I'd go with 'barking' if I were you. Just the events of the last week should tell you that there is nothing 'inverted' about my view. Or would you seriously contend that , at any other time, the entire libertarian blogosphere would NOT have been screaming bluemurder about an MP who had acted towards the HoC as Davis has done? Oh Anna Raccoon, thou should livest at this hour (because as ardent a Brexitshiteur as she was, she would have recognized Davis' behaviour for what it is.)

English Pensioner said...

British Law was the reason my daughter's US employer told staff that they would not be moving their European Headquarters to within the EU following Brexit. Their view was that British commercial law is impartial, whereas they would never win their case in a European Court if they had a commercial dispute with a company in its home country.
A very good point.

jack ketch said...

"I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to where's he's from. Or she - they use girls as well. "

Oh sorry,I thought I had said that I'm "The Blocked Dwarf" (Wordpress won't let me use that iD on your blog -and several others, Junican's, Furlongs, Frank Davis') I post the inane shit over on Grandad's when he doesn't feel like ranting.

Mr Ecks said...

1--The whole diesel panic is eco-freak (=cultural Marxist) bullshit.
2- VW lied to the jumped up EPA trash--so what? Diesel=death is lying ecofreak garbage anyway.
3-The Germans should demand the release of their man from US chokey. Just to show the Feds that their delusions of Godhood will not stand.

Mr Ecks said...

What's you problem with Westminster Ketch/Dwarf?

Yeah --things are badly wrong. Because we have had 40 fucking years of it being nothing more than a lazy rubber stamp for Brussels scum.

Davis's beef I don't know. Maybe he is losing it. Maybe he is sick of being stuck between scummy globalist trash like Thrasher May and Drunker.

But I do know we have a fucking sight more chance of making those 650 arseholes take notice of us than we do of EVER having the slightest effect on the EU. A fucking organisation set up to ensure that little people get FUCKALL say in ANYTHING. But still hand the cash over. And your kids when they start conscripting for their fucking army.

formertory said...

I'm still not entirely sure that VW Audi's crime wasn't to interpret the emissions regs literally - so if the regs say something like "under test conditions as defined, engine emissions must be no more than nnn", then it would be entirely appropriate to alter the engine management characteristics on detecting test conditions.

A bit like when the Police are given targets for increasing their performance, they decide not to look at certain types of crime. And the NHS, told to reduce queueing times for treatment , creates waiting lists to go on The Waiting List. And the (probably) apocryphal tale of life in the Workers' Paradise of a Siberia - Moscow railway targetted with so many loads per time period; easily achieved by not unloading the train, ever.

To believe that VW Audi execs (and others) deliberately and knowingly embarked on a fraud is to believe they acted against the interests of their shareholders and customers and therefore their own company. Seems strange to me that they'd do such a thing without truly believing - on the basis of sound legal advice - that they had a legitimate get-out.

People, companies, game systems. Always.

jack ketch said...

However, I'm giving notice that all comments with SS runes in them will be deleted after 48 hours. -Raedwald

Been thinking on that one whilst waiting for the bloody Dirt Devil to cool down (Bloody EU regulations about 'safety' no doubt, that heat trips have to be so sensitive) and I have a horrible feeling you're right about the search engines and sig runes. So I'll delete my comments now and try and remember to refrain from using them here in future.

jack ketch said...

What's you problem with Westminster-Mr Ecks

I'd guess from your comments that my problem with Westminster is the same,almost, as yours and your views on the EU aren't that far from mine own either. When did we -the libertarian blogosphere-start trusting politicians?

Doug Shoulders said...

The cost of delivering an emissions compliant engine would have been passed on to the customer who buys the car.
If these companies have not produced any compliant engine then governments reducing the road tax for them and customers buying them are taking the hit.
Also taking the hit are those whose road tax is increased to make up the shortfall.
I assume this is the alleged "crime"
US arresting company directors? Calling the kettle black. The US government carries out the orders of Globacorp just as the commissars of the EU do.
Smelled fish the minute this was news. Seems more like a concerted effort to undermine VW. Maybe at the behest of a rival. I can see the EU being created for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said @ 11:07

'However, I'm giving notice that all comments with SS runes in them will be deleted after 48 hours. I don't want to restrict free speech, but search engines looking for far right sites use these characters to identify hate content.'

Google Accidentally Shows What They Really Think of You


Anonymous said...

Still in the EU thanks to theresa and still under the cosh of the ECJ, HMG sells us out like they did in Jan 1973 - again.