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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Lamont: Blair's argument "completely fraudulent"

Pilots will correct me, but I think the speed / runway distance during an aircraft's take off at which it is no longer possible to abort is termed 'V1' - once reached, the only possible course of action is to continue the ascent, even if an emergency landing is made immediately afterwards. The question facing us all is whether Brexit has reached 'V1'.  

There is a concerted remainer media offensive this week; AC Grayling continues his painful public meltdown and so is deemed unfit to face the camera or microphones, but Andrew Adonis has already delivered a rather hysterical and disconnected plea on the 'Today' programme to abandon Article 50, and today on R4 the Great Dissembler, Blair himself, did his utmost to advance the several specious arguments that remainers use to justify reversing the referendum result. Not only did Humphrys do a reasonable job of taking these apart, but Norman Lamont, the poor badger in the Treasury when Soros mounted his financial assault on Sterling, demolished as fatuous and risible Blair's arguments, concluding that his reasoning was 'completely fraudulent'

When I read what remainers want to reverse and return to it is the EU as it was before 23rd June 2016. This was eighteen months ago; if a week is a long time in politics, a year is an eternity. The past is a different country. Even if Article 50 were reversed, it is simply not possible to go back to 2016. The EU has already moved ahead; the EU army that remainers poopooed is in formation via PESCO, sweeping presidential powers are in preparation, an integrated Finance Ministry is gradually winning German acceptance, Macron of France and Schulz, likely soon to be in coalition government in Germany, agree that a United States of Europe should be the goal within eight years. If we seek to return now, not only will we lose the budget rebate but Brussels will demand that we adopt the Euro. It is simply not possible to go back to the way things were in 2016. 

All of which suggest to me that we have already reached V1. There is no longer a 'remain' option - only an option to join anew a completely different EU.



Anonymous said...

I think you're right about V1, but then politicians have always thought themselves immune to the laws of nature until disaster strikes.

Sobers said...

This has been my opinion since the vote. Its like when one party in a marriage says 'I want a divorce'. Things never go back to how they were before it was said. The very saying of it, even if genuinely rescinded at some future point, will have fundamentally affected the other party's views, and prevent the original state being reverted to.

Anonymous said...

Norman Lamont has always been a firm supporter of a return of our sovereignty, I sat next to him at an early "Save Britain's Fish" meeting in London at the end of the 90's.

He did suffer a massive blow to his political career when he was Chancellor and he never really recovered, but the brain is still fully functional and he is of course correct today.

I didn't listen to the programme, but whether he mentioned it or not, a repeal of Article 50, which as we know is a device designed by the bureaucrats to STOP a member state leaving rather than to enable it, would turn Britain into a cringing vassal of the remaining powerful member states.

Something like Oliver Twist.


Anonymous said...

A very good analogy.

I do believe that we have reached V1. Too, there is no case of a landing back at the same aerodrome. It has to be new destinations where we light then take off again. Included in the list of no to fly zones are such aerodromes as TPP, TIPP etc. These aerodromes are even worse then the EU ones.


Budgie said...

Whilst I accept that we have reached a sort of V1, there is nothing stopping Theresa May from looping us back into the EU in all but name. And the EU is quite happy about that. Nominally out of the EU, our influence (always exaggerated by Remains) will become zero. But they'll still control us.

May's stated aim is to extend the already too long Art50 process by another two or more (it will be more) years, then have regulatory alignment with the SM and CU for a long time after, whilst having signed us back up to the EU's security, military, and diplomatic control.

May is far more dangerous than Blair because most people haven't cottoned on to how much she has already managed to betray us (with the help of the Remain civil service of course).

Anonymous said...

Adopting your simile Readwald: we'd crash. Not enough runway would be the second simile: public patience would run out. Can you imagine what would happen if parliament forced a third referendum on this question? Fucking chaos.

Raedwald said:

'There is no longer a 'remain' option - only an option to join anew a completely different EU.'

So, no option because a 'completely different EU' is one where national sovereignty is paramount. That ain't going to happen. Economically the world is moving faster and the EU just can't keep up because its a block - those rules and regulations across dozens of nations is a tremendous drag, like trying to take off with the flaps down.

Single sovereign nations are nimble, can adapt quicker, can find niche markets for its goods and services. That's the model for the 21st century, and it flies.


John M said...

Is it too late to offer Tony Blair to the Europeans? I mean he likes the EU so much, and they appear to have plenty of openings for fatuous, opinionated windbags in Bruxelles...

jack ketch said...

It is simply not possible to go back to the way things were in 2016.

For once , on the subject of BrexSSHite, we agree. Personally I fear the 2nd plebis-cide campaign will gain traction the more PMT.May and Davis lose the plot (Geh' mit Gott...aber GEH!) along with 'losing' the negotiations.

Hector Drummond said...

It's not just that it's too late (although it is too late). If you try to reverse Brexit then over half the country will conclude, rightly enough, that we do not live in a democracy, but an oligarchy. That way invites chaos.

anon 2 said...

So . . . as I seem to recall . . . story continues: V2 Rotate
And then we're off.

jack ketch said...

If you try to reverse Brexit then over half the country will conclude, rightly enough, that we do not live in a democracy, but an oligarchy.

As opposed to half the country already having concluded, rightly IMNSHO, that we no longer live in a sovereign parliamentary democracy but under mob-rule, ruled by leaders who won't lead (really Terry, the clue is in the name) but are driven by the Daily Mail comments section?

Anonymous said...

I lost any respect for Norman Lament after the incident when he unwisely rented his flat to a tart. To evict her, he gave the job to the world's most expensive libel lawyers, Peter Carter-Fuck, and damn the public expense.

Smoking Scot said...

The unfortunate fact is Mr. Blair very rarely sees the world, or the British people as they are. He seldom deals with reality, just ideals when it comes to the masses.

However he does have the smarts to look after himself, very probably with the assistance of his other half. The way he avoids taxation is complex and impressive.

With respect to the aircraft, he just thinks its an amphibian and it's on a very long river.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Budgie is quite right.