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Friday, 30 March 2018

Rules only apply to little people - part 43

News that former French President Sarkozy is being indicted on criminal charges brought few comments and little reaction either in the UK or in France. No one actually expects him to serve jail time, no matter how large the fraud or serious the criminality. Short of murder, and perhaps not even then, Europe's elite never, ever go to jail. Christine Lagarde was found guilty of a criminally fraudulent payments of £355 million - but not enough for jail time. Juncker has been criminally convicted of fraud in Luxembourg, when a bent politician there, and of course Berlusconi has spent his political career being convicted of the most serious offences and yet avoiding jail. 

A few days ago I emailed the EU's HR department, EPSO;
Hi - I'm a highly qualified individual now living in Austria and available for consultant and ad-hoc placement. I have over 30 years experience at senior level. I am seeking a highly paid position for a term of about 5 years - with expenses, grade A2 car, personal staff. Colleagues have advised me I need to use the 'Selmayr Process' for appointment but I cannot find it on your website. I'm afraid I've been working in England for many years where corruption is almost non-existent, so I have no idea if I should bribe an official or officials or even how to do so, but I presume (from what I have been told) that some sort of arrangement would be required for a fast-track 'Selmayr Process' appointment. I have always thought such things both illegal and immoral, but perhaps the rules do not apply to the EU? Perhaps you would be good enough to let me know exactly how to find my way around this fast track process. Mit freundlichen Grüße
They responded
The European Personnel Selection Office is not in charge of the selection of high level management officials at the European Commission.
For further information we suggest that you contact the relevant services via the Europe Direct Contact Centre: 
Best regards
OK, I was just having a dig - but it raises an important point that applies just as much to the public sector in the UK as to the deeply corrupt EU; the rules only apply to little people. All that stuff about equal opportunities, a fair go, openness, transparency and probity is just so much noise once you reach senior appointments. A job costing the taxpayer £250k a year is £1.25m over five years - where else could you spend this much public money with no competition, based on taste rather than merit, with the route closed to many best qualified? 

Perhaps we should expect no better of our cousins in Europe, where standards are low and levels of judicial and public corruption high, but surely we should aim to tackle these abuses head-on in a newly independent Britain?


Matt said...

Not sure about the lack of corruption in the UK:

Baroness Chakribarti got to the Lord's after a whitewash investigation on anti-Semitism.

Keith Vaz and his property empire (see also Peter Mandelson).

Any Trade Union leader where a loan (usually for a house) is written off.

Funnily enough they seem to have something in common.

jack ketch said...

I'm afraid I've been working in England for many years where corruption is almost non-existent

Or might it be the case our Great British Politicians and Civil Servants are just better at not getting caught? Makes one proud. Also corruption in the EU tends to be a bit primitive , tends to be about money, in the yUK its more likely to be 'subtle'-sex and stock options. When our Great British Politicians do get caught with their hands in the till (expenses scandal) the amounts tend to be comparison to the corruption in the EU where people like Selmayr don't get out of their mistress' bed for less than a million.

Smoking Scot said...

Further to Mr. Ketch, aka The Blocked Dwarf.

Seems living in sheer luxury is also part of the deal, with Baroness Scotland spending about £350,000 tarting up her official residence and John Bercow doing much the same, all just to satisfy inflated ego's.

Poisonedchalice said...

Bacon & Eggs. Hinge & Bracket. Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding. Horse & Carriage. Bureaucracy & Corruption. You can't have one without the other.

Anonymous said...

When and if we finally leave the latest Reich, perhaps all of a sudden we'll have pardons for all the Germans executed at the end of WW2. After all, their aims were largely those of the EU - annoy the Russians, expand eastwards, conquer the french and shag their women, piss off Brits - the list of similarities is endless.

And won't the Labour party agitate for the same here? After all, getting rid of Jews seems to be part of their overt manifesto now.

English Pensioner said...

My daughter's previous employer, an American company, made it clear to staff that the company's European HQ would remain in the UK after Brexit because they wished to operate under UK law. They claimed that it was virtually impossible for a foreign company to win a commercial law case against a local company in any other European country.

APL said...

One thing we can be sure of.

Corruption in the UK has benefited greatly from our 43 year long association with the European Union.

jack ketch said...

Seems living in sheer luxury is also part of the deal

Indeed, I should also have added 'knighthoods and directorships' to the list.

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

You needed to send a paper letter in ane nvelope, with some folding stuff included.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'News that former French President Sarkozy is being indicted on criminal charges brought few comments and little reaction either in the UK or in France.'

He'll be ok, they've got his back and, like Lagarde, he'll probably profit from it too. He's one of the good guys, a globalist's globalist:

Sarkozy: Challenge of the 21st Century, is: Racial Interbreeding

Meanwhile, in Italy:

Algerian Illegal Migrant Arrested After Italian Church Attempted Terror Attack

He said: "I did it in the name of Allah.."

Europe is being trashed and when the political class finally realises the fate that awaits there own grandchildren it will already be too late.


Stephen J said...

This goes right to the heart of the matter Raedwald... As Poisonedchalice points out... all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely...

That mob (the civil service) are doing everything they can to stop us leaving the EU and in doing so proving that we have power too, they need to knock that idea on the head straight away.

The mystery to me, is that they are being aided and abetted by the down trodden folk known as "remainers" who used to seek POWER as Labour voters and politicians, now they seem to want to make things even easier for the corrupt, the corporate and the governing classes.


DeeDee99 said...

Let's face it, corruption in the British Establishment (unlike the EU) is based primarily on who your parents were/are, and who they know.

It's almost as corrupt as the Selmayr process.

John M said...

Loved your letter to the Commission. You're lucky you're resident in Austria, otherwise I suspect Selmayr's stormtroopers would have kicked your door in by now and arrested you for questioning his authority.