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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The monstering of Corbyn

If it had been choreographed it could not have played better - the sequenced monstering of Corbyn over the past week or so has proven a delight, the gift that just kept giving. Firstly we had the 'Agent COB' revelations from Czech intelligence - a log showing a handful of meetings with the jejune beardy, before Soviet agents dismissed him as an espionage prospect as being too stupid. Then, almost as if Mr Putin (or unknown perp ...) was taking cues from CCHQ, came the Salisbury poisoning and Corbyn's predictable equivocal response; Newsnight was accused of photoshopping his hat to make him look more Soviet. Show Jeremy an enemy of Britain, and Agent COB will give them the benefit of the doubt and invite them for tea on the Commons terrace. Finally, Corbyn's support of a rancid anti-semitic piece of street art set off a monstering that provoked a mass Jewish protest outside Parliament yesterday, faced by a Momentum counter-demonstration presumably in favour of anti-semitism. 

However, we must all now take breath. The aim is not to nudge Corbyn from office, merely to knock his poll ratings down. We need to keep him as Labour leader, but weakened and emasculated, a figure of general ridicule leading the Parliamentary party in support of Brexit but not popular enough to win an election and unseat Mrs May. We must also keep Mrs May in office until it's too late to undo Brexit; as I've written before, getting out is the main thing. 

So as his poor sulky little narcissistic face decorates the front pages and perhaps the fact that his brand of puerile and naive student politics is dross actually sinks in, we can go into Easter not out of the mire but perhaps breathing just a little more easily.  



Anonymous said...

We just have to hope that Mrs May is the opposite of the useless Cameron; she started weak but, perhaps she'll prove us all wrong, and end up strong. (i'm an optimist I suppose...)

jack ketch said...

but not popular enough to win an election and unseat Mrs May.

Agreed, that's the tory party's job. If she does badly in the local elections then she'll be toast...probably.

DeeDee99 said...

Agreed, but I still find it incredibly scary that there are so many brainwashed snowflakes prepared to vote for the country to be turned into Venezuela.

The National Curriculum must be changed so that the full horrors of Communism and the less murderous, but still economically disastrous, extreme Socialism are properly taught.

Poisonedchalice said...

I'm wondering, maybe hoping, that the MSM has woken up and smelled the bagels. In the "good will triumph over evil" type of story, this is unfolding in the right direction. The evil triumvirate of Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott, powered by Momentum have pushed their agenda too far and I hope that they retain their deep ignorance and keep pushing it. One can only hope.

Thud said...

I'm by nature cautious but I will admit to feeling a glimmer of relief in the potential downfall of this dangerous piece of shit.

rapscallion said...

I can't help but smell a rather large rodent. As much as I loathe Corbyn and everything he stands for, i can't help this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that he's been set up - and to be fair he's such a complete onanist that he does make it rather easy for any brainless muppet to do it. To be fair the only real evidence we have is the "rancid anti-semitic piece of street art" The Czech intelligence docs are easy to fake, and as yet I have still not seen any actual evidence that Putin is at the root of the Salisbury poisoning. I'm not ruling him out you understand, but it could be the Russian Mafia, The thing is - nobody knows, and if they do they're keeping shtum.

This is neither here nor there, but you just KNEW didn't you that Agent Cob would be on the opposite side to Britain, I mean, it's what he does. Just like that other odious piece of fecal matter - Livingstone.

Still, I suppose the ends justify the means, and if it keeps that lunatic away from the levers of power, then so much the better.

I think Poisonedchalice has a point vis-a-vis the MSM, well parts of it anyway. I don't think it's just Labour that have pushed their agenda too far, I think the whole "Left, progressive, feminist, gender fluid group" (whatever that is) and attendent SJW's and hanger's on have pushed their agenda far. Once you label anyone who disagrees with you a "fascist" then we're all fascists apparently.

The first "pushback" was Brexit, the second was Trump. Then increased nationalist votes in Germany, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and lastly Italy. Commentators like Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin and Milo Yiannopolous have pushed back hard too.

DeeDee99 is right. So many brainwashed snowflakes! Just WTF are kids being taught these days that rampant socialism is apparently the answer?

Dadad said...

Corbyn's problem is that he loves muslims and their votes, but they are all antisemitic in requiring the destruction of Israel, preferably yesterday.

He can't square that circle.

Anonymous said...

You're maybe right about 'keeping' him(Jeremy Corbyn) as leader.

Careful what you wish for.

Though the worry imho is, the fekkers who back Corbyn, now these twats IRA Johm McDonnell, Seumas Milne, Red Len McCluskey are some shady fuckers and malignant ambition, a Communist North Korean cultism styled, is, their dystopian wet dream and they don't hide it.
Out in the open, Communism advertized, which discombobulates, leaves me aghast at an electorate who if the opinion polls can be belived, are making these labour party manipulating bastards quiver aglow, on sitting on the verge of power.

The UK electorate are stupid?

Must be. But then, Stupid doesn't quite describe it - other factors are at work.

We know the real problem, the new arrivals don't put a cross next to any other than the donkeys wearing the RED rosette and further messing up the political landscape, the UK postal vote is bent beyond 'banana republic'.

Worried? What worries me, is, the alternative (Red Lite tories) is, are no alternative.

Dave_G said...

Can't help thinking that the increased pushback against Corbyn started immediately after he called PMT May's 'it was the Russian's' evidence into account.

Corbyn quickly changed his mind (or was told to change his mind) but the damage was done.

Sadly there isn't a third way for voters - of which I'm certain a vast majority have issues with the current electable choice - and it's going to be a missed opportunity for us all come the next election.

It's disturbing to see how easily the public are being manipulated and how the agenda is being forced leading me to have serious concerns over precisely what TPTB could really do if they wanted to. Reverse Brexit (talk of it all the time)? Crash the economy (easy)? Civil unrest (unpredictable)? European and/or global conflict? (highly likely).

As much as we see, hear and read from people who have a more reasoned outlook on life and refuse to take .gov/MSM/BBC propaganda at face value there still appears to be a considerable (majority?) number of gullible public prepared to allow these matters to be rail-roaded through.

What on earth can we do to mitigate this situation? Whatever it is, it needs to be done soon as the means to do so (the internet) seems more and more to be at risk as a platform to distribute 'truth'. Even the usual routes to peoples minds (FB, Twatter et al) are being demonised (however rightly) which will invariably lead to calls for control - is this what the recent social media hype is really all about? Getting the public to think that .gov has their best interests at heart? Convincing the public that .gov knows best (as usual)? The public seem gullible enough....

Getting too close to the conclusion imho....

Anonymous said...

The reason all this has come about now is quite simple. There are elections coming up. More than that, there are elections coming up in which the Labour party are expected to do well and as is usual when the polls show Labour doing well, the fabricated and manipulated scare stories start. Firstly the fabricated story of Corbyn being a spy, which everyone that he has been accused of spying for has stated categorically that he is not and never has been. next up was his sensible approach to the poisoning....I mean in which modern country that has the semblance of a rational and fair justice system do they convict without evidence? How terrible of the man to want to see where the evidence leads. I just hope that you lot end up in court with jury members that have already made up their minds before hearing any evidence. Maybe then you would see the value in Corbyns approach of innocent until proven guilty. The hat is a minor issue but it has been played with. A google image search will show anyone that. Finally the issue of anti Semitism over a picture....The artist has stated that the artwork shows a bunch of old fat cat banker types and has nothing to do with Jews. The idea that it portrays jews is because one or two of the old men have large noses!!!! Also the noise being made is only by one small section of the jewish community and they have strong links to the tory party. Several other jewish community groups have backed Corbyn but you won't hear about that in the tory controlled media. On top of all that the comments regarding the mural were back in 2012 so it has taken 6 years to get all outraged at it? If any of this doesn't seem fishy, then you are a credulous lot that are happy to have a government manipulate you. Corbyn is a threat to the establishment much the same as Nigel Farage is/was and they are both maligned by the MSM. I'm just surprised anyone buys into it anymore.

Anonymous said...

The real players in this world are Globalists (corporate communists). The MP for Islington North doesn't fit the criteria so he won't get the gig. Its that simple. How he fails is up to them but a clue is to look at what they've been doing to Trump since he won the primaries in 2016. They own the media, politicians, academia and the entertainment industry. The only reason Trump is still in post is he's more cunning than most and he's rich enough not to be bought.

Corbyn doesn't do cunning because he's thick - and he's not interested in money either. Look at how they piled in on Farage, an old style conservative who almost daily points the finger at Globalists. He was never going win in Thanet because he got the attention of the Globalists and they swung into action against him. The referendum was a fuck up but that's being fixed as I write.

People need to wake up to what's going on in this world. Novichok my arse. Did you know that the SAS had a firefight with Russian Naval Infantry in Syria last month? Did you fuck.


jack ketch said...

Did you know that the SAS had a firefight with Russian Naval Infantry in Syria

I would be worried if we did.

Domo said...

"Dont deselect ed miliband", cchqs best ever campaign

Cascadian said...

"The aim is not to nudge Corbyn from office, merely to knock his poll ratings down................ We must also keep Mrs May in office until it's too late to undo Brexit;"

There you have it, post-war Britain (yUK) summed up.

Managed decline, sufferance of ridiculous political "leaders", a growing willingness of the electorate to experiment with communism.

Can Brexit be achieved by submitting to these two non-achievers? I suppose it could, but the result will not remotely resemble the original aims of free trade, limited immigration, control of the fisheries, and massive savings from membership fees these have already been dealt away by the clown show.

Anonymous said...

jack ketch said @ 16:57

'I would be worried if we did.'

Your starter for ten..

What has become of the “400 000 moderate rebels in the Ghouta”?


Gardener Fisher said...

Jeremy Corbin has had a bad week, as has the Australian cricket team. What a lovely build up to Easter. If you look at the horrible fire in Russia it is easy to see that there are real problems for ordinary people and that the picture painted in our media of a country united behind Putin is rather far from the truth.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, You seem to see rosy outcomes in the most unpromising material. It is fascinating how you manage it. The reality is Labour voters do not see the world through your prism.

When I said that Corbyn would get elected, and take over Labour; that the Tories who joined to support Corbyn were fools; that the "moderates" would be too cowardly, and too keen on their comfy jobs, to effect opposition; and that I'd seen it all before in the 1970s, I was roundly condemned as too pessimistic.

Corbyn may be thick, and unpatriotic, but Labour has now effectively been completely taken over by the extreme (left) statists. So, despite the sneers, Corbyn has won. Whether he gets elected to run the UK or not is more open.

As for Salisbury being a false flag - along with the murders of Jo Cox and Anna Lindh, and the deaths of David Kelly, for example - that is perfectly possible (plus numerous other convenient deaths).

Never mind Corbyn, the Salisbury poisonings have achieved the UK back in bed with the EU over security. That will make signing the new EU-UK security, military, and diplomatic treaty all that much easier. And that surely isn't a rosy outcome.

anon 2 said...

And, of course, there's nothing even remotely suspicious about the proximity of Porton Down/Salisbury.

I don't trust the British fake-government, especially with all the females* in charge of it. I think it's all a set-up to turn us against the Russians - and probably to distract us from Brexit in some way.