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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Tees for the 'Patriotic nativist Identitarian movement'

Not my style, but readers may be interested in a line of clothing and accessories from Phalanx Europa aimed at the 'patriotic nativist Identitarian movement' which the uninformed and unhip incorrectly still call the Euro right wing. 

It looks quite cool and well designed, if not my own old-fashioned style (I wear nothing bearing writing or other people's names) and not at all skinhead nazi - more, erm, cappuccino Identitarian. And that's the problem with niche fashion stuff; I predict that before the Summer is out, cheap Chinese knock-offs of some of these lines will appear on market stalls across Europe, neither the makers nor the vendors having a clue as to the meaning or symbolism or the words. 

And on the streets of Southall or Spitalfields the local yoof, never bright at the best of times, might think the Lambda symbol quite a cool thing to have on a tee ... 


jack ketch said...

They appear to have a special on their tees for upstanding citizens featuring what appears to be a 'flesh light' (google FFS!) and a pair of handcuffs opened to make a <3 in 'We <3 S&M' ...and that in colours that would have earned them a kicking-on-principle back in my school days.

I have my doubts about the rather freudian lighthouses too....

anon 2 said...

Radders -- "Lambda" symbol? If you're referencing the Greek alphabet, 'Lambda' = Λλ , and I do see it appears on other wares from your european Phalanx. The nearest Greek I see on this tee (Tau = Ττ) is 'Omega', which = Ωω. How confusing it all is.

So. . . Are the makers misleadingly fusing us with euros? In any case, as a 'Non-euro' Brit, I thoroughly agree with your argument about the shirt, especially as I had to look up all the euro references it makes! Papist/Austrian/Ottoman naval wars of the Elizabethan Age aren't my thing, especially if they extol Spanish Armadas.

Incidentally - the word 'identitarian' doesn't appear in my "Chambers Dictionary" or others; elsewhere, I see it tagged as a neologism for the [post]modern concept: "identity politics."

anon 2 said...

PS: Sorry about my punctuation above. I'm struggling with a second-hand computer.

Anonymous said...

Though the Battle of the Lepanto be important a much earlier battle is, in my opinion, the one to educate yourself about:

Dexter B. Wakefield, An Islamic Europe?:

A Muslim France? Historically, it nearly happened. But as a result of Charles’ fierce opposition, which ended Muslim advances and set the stage for centuries of war thereafter, Islam moved no farther into Europe. European schoolchildren learn about the Battle of Tours in much the same way that American students learn about Valley Forge and Gettysburg."

The Charles he's referring to is the one they called 'The Hammer' - Charles Martel. He defeated the Muslim Umayyad army under Abd al-Rahman al-Ghafiqi at The Battle of Tours-Poitiers in 732 AD.

(Incidentally his tomb is in the Basilica of St Denis which was attacked during mass on Sunday by Leftists and illegal migrants from North Africa)

Far-Left Activists, Illegal Migrants Storm Basilica Holding The Tombs of French Kings


Poisonedchalice said...

Steve - we didn't hear anything of that news over here did we?

I do like the Phalanx site. "Islamists Not Welcome". Yeah, I'll buy that one.

Anonymous said...

Poisonedchalice said 14:41

Steve - we didn't hear anything of that news over here did we?

Negative Muhammad News is verboten across the board - the filter starts with the NUJ and if that fails a block is put on by the Home Office. Did you know that six churches in Italy were trashed by Muslims migrants last year? Or several ancient Christian lands marks have been knocked down and destroyed in Aquitaine, again by Muslim migrants?

As I said in a previous post when abroad and out of its place Muhammadanism is dynamic. It must conquer; is mandated to, like an itch it compels the mind to scratch away at the irritation. We are its irritation.


AndrewWS said...

Of course, it does seem to create problems in some places (which I presume is what drew your attention to it):

meltemian said...

Is this T-shirt suggesting we need to look for another "Don John of Austria" to "set his people free"?
(Apologies to Chesterton)

Raedwald said...

You can't blame the Austrians for claiming Lepanto - given that the siege of Vienna was raised by a Pole 112 years later.

The Identitarians are very much looking for a modern Hero. God knows Europe needs sensible leadership ..

Smoking Scot said...

You may be interested in this article, mainly to get a sneek at the type of individual who buys their tees and actually wears it in public.

anon 2 said...

Thanks Smoking Scot(@ 1:17 p.m.). "Breitbart" also quote Sellner as saying:
"As the famous Jewish Painter Arik Brauer pointed out recently, ‘The main threat for all of us in Europe is massive Islamic immigration, not the patriotic resistance.”
That is: They omit recalling the marxist/communist objective - to incite political violence/revolution once they've infiltrated and subverted target nations; then they can impose 'naturalisation' by military rule.

The "threat" thus includes BOTH immigration and patriotic resistance. That's why the Merky one and its pals have backed immigration, and why they're building their army (n.b. the location of NATO HQ next door to Bpeerlaymont).
(PS: I'm British; I'm not european).