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Monday, 19 March 2018

Tommy Robinson

Regular readers will know that I've long been at odds with campaigners whose targets are Muslims in general rather than Islamists, or whose targets are Muslims rather than the absurdity of the Islamic faith. All British citizens conforming to law, who can pass Cameron's test, are entitled to peaceful enjoyment of their lives, homes and streets without threat, harassment or violence, irrespective of their faith. 

Robinson now has an extensive entry on Wikipedia that details his past extreme right wing activities, and his damascene moment with Quilliam that apparently changed him from bigoted street thug to campaigner for democracy. I'm not questioning or belittling this - just stating it as a fact. It's the reason that until now he's never been mentioned on this blog - he's been outside my interest.

However, I did watch the events yesterday at Speakers Corner with interest. It was rightly understood as a free speech event. It was very well attended, and tens of thousands more followed it on live feeds or on Twitter. It was peaceful. It was a protest against what seems to be a concerted silencing of right wing voices by both the State and social media - culminating in the refusal of entry to the UK by three European right-wingers. Robinson read a speech by Martin Sellner, one of the excluded activists. It was not a good speech, certainly not worth quoting. Brits are motivated more by 1688 and the Chartists than fantasies of being Aryan knights. It didn't matter; very few heard it, either live or on the feeds. The speech wasn't the point. 

I'm still not a fan of Mr Robinson. But free speech is under serious threat, and groups such as Martin Scriblerus are important because they offer individual bloggers who may be suddenly silenced a resilience. What has been happening with increasing frequency on You Tube and Twitter may soon come to Blogger, and even innocent and peace-affirming voices such as mine are under threat, perhaps just for mentioning Tommy Robinson's name. I'm still not a fan of Mr Robinson, but if yesterday was a case of a bad man doing a good thing, then so be it. In defence of free speech our enemy's enemy is our friend.  


Anonymous said...

"culminating in the refusal of entry to the UK by three European right-wingers."

Sad, that you're still following the party line. Folk who believe in the right to exercise free speech, are now 'right wingers'.

That's where Britain is now, and it's where genuine sensible people like yourself are too.


jack ketch said...

Raed, how did Sellner's arrest etc play in the Austrian MSM?

Raedwald said...

jk - not a mention I can find. The rightish Kronen Zeitung leads with a story about an upright walking gorilla, and ORF news leads with an attempted purse snatch, for which the helicopter was called-out;

"Der Raubversuch fand gegen 18.30 Uhr statt. Zunächst kaufte der Mann zwei Semmeln kaufen, diese hat er laut Verkäuferin auch bezahlt. Dann aber ging der Mann hinter das Verkaufspult. Er riss die 44-jährige Verkäuferin an den Haaren und verlangte von ihr die Herausgabe der Kellnerbrieftasche."

DeeDee99 said...

We're not allowed Free Thought in case we don't subscribe to the PC, Common Purpose agenda. There's no way Free Speech will ever be restored.

jack ketch said...

Kronen Zeitung leads with a story about an upright walking gorilla

*colour me unsurprised* but I had hoped that with the change in government in Austria....
Don't recall seeing anything about it in the German MSM news either; lots about Salisbury but nothing about an EU citizen getting slapped with an Einreiseverbot by another EU country. As Sellner says in his recent video with Tommy 'wanna buy a sunbed?' he , like many many Europeans, thought that Speakers Corner was an iconic symbol of free speech and that since forever. Ask any EUer and they will say something like "Speaker's Corner is in London, anyone can stand on a crate and say whatever they like without fear of prosecution!", its a particularly strong myth.

Stephen J said...

I may be a bit thick, but I just don't understand the concept behind calling someone like Robinson, "right wing"?

His ideas are just as exclusionary as those of the far left. And like all of them, they want "strong government", sticking its nose into ordinary folk's private affairs.

For me, this is the big question, rather that how government spends my money, whether it be educating foreigners here or in their own countries, whether it wastes my money on creating unaccountable bureaucratic (bowel) movements devoted to providing, defence, education, pensions, "health" or "social care", none of which ever materialises.... and the difference between the right (who are right) is keep your filthy hands out of my pockets and the left, people like Robinson, Blair and just about any member of the so-called government from Junker down to Barwell, who just don't know what to do with my cash and spend their whole time arguing about other peoples' money.

They should all go away and read a book about John Cowperthwaite, and discover how to really create a strong nation/power bloc.

These people that claim to be more knowledgable about power and how to look after us, are really just the agents of a few powerful banks and rich men who want to keep hold of the power that mercantilism gave them.

The blockchain, computers and other methods of automation should be enabling the rest of us to take control and the questions that we should be asking are very similar to the five questions that Tony Benn used to go on about.

“What power have you got?”

“Where did you get it from?”

“In whose interests do you use it?”

“To whom are you accountable?”

“How do we get rid of you?”

rapscallion said...

Anonymous at 19 March 2018 at 07:07

Concur. When you see far right wingers everywhere is not reality, it's your vision that's the problem.

. . . and it's a trap the left frequently fall into. If you disagree with absolutely anything they say, ipso facto you must be extreme right wing.

Very warped logic.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald, I saved a quote by you (pretty sure I'm right) about Islam, in which you described it as "a violent, patriarchal, authoritarian, dogmatic and inflexible mediaeval belief system" – your blog 4 Feb 2015...
Your present (recent?) tolerance of Islam in general might be considered admirable by some, but a great many of us think that rather than "Islamism" or a few unrepresentative adherents, Islam itself really is the problem.
For example, according to the PEW Global Attitudes Survey in 2006 around 14% of British Muslims indicated that they had a "lot of" or "some" confidence in Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda; when asked whether they sympathised with those offended by cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, 52% of British Muslims sympathised. Another poll carried out by ICM that year found that four out of 10 British Muslims wanted sharia law introduced into parts of Britain; in the same poll, 20% of British Muslims said they sympathised with the "feelings and motives" of the suicide bombers who carried out the London 7/7 attacks.
A Telegraph report on February 25th 2015 cited polling by ComRes for the BBC showing that one in four British Muslims sympathised with terrorists behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks; a significant minority of Muslims endorse terrorist atrocities against those who mock the Prophet Mohammed; some 27 per cent of British Muslims said they have "some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks" on the Paris magazine. A further 32 per cent said they were not surprised by the attacks. Some 11 per cent said that magazines which publish images of the Prophet Mohammed "deserve to be attacked." And only 68 per cent of British Muslims said that attacks on the publishers of images of the Prophet are "never" justified, while 24 disagreed….
With absolute consistency, large proportions of European Muslims express views and beliefs utterly contrary to European values.

Raedwald said...

Malcolm - quite correct. I haven't changed my view about Islam.

Free speech allows me to say those thing about Islam.

I also defend the rights of non-Islamist Muslims to live in peace and to believe in this nonsense - free speech doesn't mean telling people what they can or can't believe, it just gives the rest of us the right to take the piss out of it.

And if 'right wing' is the wrong term to use, I'll try to substitute 'authoritarian', 'totalitarian' or the like in future.

Anonymous said...

Raewald: " non Islamist Moslems... "

Come on old chap, that's just nonsense.

Anonymous said...


Jihadis or radical Muslims are not the real problem. The existential problem is when Muslims are
near majority in the UK. Sharia will then be imposed, slowly at first so as not to frighten the population. Eventually, demographics will tell.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

Back in teh Sixties I lived in a multicultural area: Poles, Romanians and Czechs, all who had been exiled and were happy to stay in the UK and integrated well. We had Jamaicans and first generation Indians as well. I remember we all went into each other's houses and we were very tollerant of each other.

Then the Muslims came in numbers in the seventies: no interest in integration, they brought all their baggage and "culture" with them.

My next door neigbour in the late 80's had been in the country for 20 years and could not speak English. So insular was his society that he neither needed nor wanted to learn the local language.

And that is the problem. They do not want to integrate into our society, they want to install their society here. There is a separate Muslim society in place in the UK that has been here for decades, where people can work, play and pray without once coming into contact with Western culture and values. It's an insular society that breeds contempt for Western Values and at it's most extreme breeds Islamic extremists or terrorists. But even moderates (co-called "ordinary Muslims") subscribe to the separate society

That's the issue that many have been trying to raise for a number of years now. Even our own Government tries to close down debate like this. The reason you have to ask is why?

Why would they allow the destruction of western values? Why would they allow the reversal of the rights attained by women? Why would they allow the reversal in gay rights? Just why?

Answer that question if you can.

Cull The Badgers said...

'I'm not a fan of....' etc. is a sign of weakness, even cowardice but I'll just say it sounds weasley. You did not need to say it. The issue is the defence of free speech which under attack by what I lable Liberal Fascist authoritarians, and that includes many people in government, the police, media and more. You either defend it or you don't.

Anonymous said...

DP111 said at 0958:
The existential problem is when Muslims are near majority in the UK. Sharia will then be imposed, ...

No, it arrives much sooner than that. Sharia is being slowly imposed now and they are probably not through the 5% mark nationally. If you don't think it is being imposed now, try going to any public place and saying thinks that Churchill and Gladstone thought perfectly unexceptionally true. Let us know when you have finished accepting Her Majesty's hospitality! Remember that although Sharia is touted as being Islamic religious law, the faithful tell us that it applies to everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, and that it provides for different standards and codes for Muslim and non-Muslim ie Islamic Apartheid (Al Walaa wal Baraa)

At 10% we will start to see carbecues and other signs from the Parisian suburbs becoming a reality here. Any criticism of Islam will cause a riot. Muslims in heavily enriched areas will ignore the laws of England and abide only by Sharia.
At 20% we can extpect to see unchallenged Jihadi patrols of "their" UK streets enforcing Sharia on all, like it or not. Tower Hamlets is just a practice run. Churches and Synagogues will mysteriously burst into flames, and Kuffar will spontanteously show signs of self inflicted fatal knife wounds.
By the time we get to 50% many Kuffar will pay Jizya (protection money) and cower like Dhimmis in a vain attempt to avoid having to stand up (and possibly die) for what they believe (stuff like free speech, freedom of religion, freedom from FGM, equality under the law).

Once the conquest is well on its way, the "Conditions of Omar" will dictate how non-Muslims are expected to behave themselves. They are shown here:

Anonymous said...

Mark the Skint Sailor said at 1044:

Because our government is run by traitorous followers of the Frankfurt School (ie Common Purpose "graduates") who appear to want to use the invaders as their shock troops because they haven't been able to recruit enough thugs to Antifa. [And if our government is not in fact run by such people, please try to show how being run by such people would be any different.]

Next Question? What are we going to do about it. If we do nothing we know what is in store for us. Try South African Whites or Christians in Pakistan as case studies.

Dave_G said...

Anon - 12:29 - What are we going to do about it.

We're going to war - that's what.

The recent ramping up in anti-Russian rhetoric and rumours of planned fake chemical attacks in Syria (as justification to bomb Syria and her allies) is but the start of aggression that is likely to spiral out of control.

Add to that the parlous state of global finances, the near-collapse of the EU, Brexit, the efforts made to keep gold from rocketing sykwards, gimmegration etc to name but a few and you can see why/how a global conflict might be ushered in as a distraction (wow, that they'd dare to play such a risky game as a simple distraction says it all, doesn't it?)

And when war DOES arrive there are many who will use it as an excuse to fix existential problems in our society - and you know what I mean by that.

Even at 50:50 population-wise I'd still put money on 'whitey' kicking the sh1t out of the invaders.

Can anyone see a way out of this scenario? Tell May, Trump and Merkel if you do.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous replied to Mark the Skint Sailor at 12.29 to answer his question why. Accurately IMO. Immigration from Africa / special status for Muslims is a deliberate attempt to destroy us as a culture. To quote Douglas Murray we have no other home. Last week Tommy interviewed Lord Pearson who suggested that his followers/ independent worried citizens should join UKIP as the only alternative was violence. As a stab in the dark I renewed my membership today as Gerard Batten may be persuaded to stay longer if he can raise sufficient funds. However I would prefer to join 20.000 protesters, surround Westmonster and deny them access while we explain to them the error of their ways, but I guess they would get us on the way home. See Dave_G's comment If they are prepared to go to war with a well armed nuclear power over a setup they are capable of anything. Have you noticed Maybot's new springy step and the press painting a new human face using her regret of being childless? She is back in favour for the conflict.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

To Anonymous 14:59: But the destruction of Western culture is a byproduct. It is not the reason why our senior public figures would betray Western Values to such an extent. If it was the reason, who in government stands to benefit?

It still doesn't provide an answer as to why the Muslim faith is promoted and protected to such an extent in legislation. Never before has religious protection been so strong. Remember the Christian Church and the Life of Brian? Storm in a teacup. No hate laws were introduced and even after they were, it seems Christian Blasphemy is outside that law.

You touch on something close to the matter.

Let me pose a scanario for you: The Muslim world only has a limited nuclear capability. As far as I'm aware Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear power, but they have a limited capability to deploy such weapons. But what if you were Saudi Arabia and the aligned Gulf states, eying their ideological adversaries in Iran and their attempts to develop an Atomic Bomb. You'd want to get the bomb before them. You'd even align yourself with your hated enemy the Jews in order to supress Shia Islam.

If you had vast wealth, enough (in theory) to buy a country, which would you chose? Most likely one with a fully globally deployable nuclear capability.

So you sink as much wealth as you can into that country, to the point that it cannot function without your wealth. You own it's ports, a large part of it's capital city, your investments grow to a large percentage of their main business, the money markets.

At that point you can demand virtually anything you like. The freedom to preach your ideology above others and above all protection and security for your followers (even ones that enter the country illegally)enforced by a puppet government bought and paid for.

Of course it's only a theory...... good idea for a book maybe.

Anonymous said...

This whole fake distinction between peaceful muslim and islamist is in my humble opinion a complete red herring.
When some atrocity is perpetrated the traitors in government are forced to make a show of taking action.
By labeling the, as yet, small number of violent actors as islamists they can take that action without having the "peacful" muslims rioting in the streets.
Their holy book teaches violence one cannot be a believer and at the same time be non violent.
It may suit the majority of them to keep a relatively low profile at present but when the time is right "holier than thou" will take on a whole new meaning.
Wait till the tipping point is reached then see how many non violent true believers there are.
By that time of course it will be far to late.

Anonymous said...

"The existential problem is when Muslims are near majority in the UK. Sharia will then be imposed, slowly at first so as not to frighten the population"

They are not even too bothered about frightening the population - which is the ultimate aim of the Islamic state, you'd better be frightened if you are not a Mohammedan in an Islamic state, otherwise you're not very clever.

Just walk along on of the streets of Birmingham where their is anything from 3 - 30% Mohammedan population, you will be interfered with ... today.

And the Tories? "many Britons benefit greatly from Sharia law." --Theresa May.

Which is of course defacto, an admission that Sharia is enforced in the UK TODAY.

RAC said...

Free speech or the chilling thereof.
As of the time of writing (20 comments) 40% have chosen to post as anonymous.
in the previous six articles the percentages of anonymous comments were :-
16% 21.4% 20% 31.25% 20% 26.3%
BTW the 31.25% was another muslim related topic.

APL said...

19 March 2018 at 18:40 was posted by APL - does that help you?

It's not who is reading the comments at the other end of the internet. It's who is reading them in between each end - I mean at GCHQ for example, or any of the other myriad of state organs that now take an interest in discussions on the internet.

I could call myself Anthony Blair and it wouldn't make be any less anonymous.
To the people who are snooping on this internet discussion, they know your IP address, they know your ISP and they know roughly where you are in the UK or if not the World.

Posting anonymously on this thread, doesn't protect you from the state.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald, I think your commenters are closer to the truth than you this time. Maybe Tommy Robinson was once a yob, but never a thug. His book - Enemy of the State - about the many attempts to frighten him into silence, and even to have him permanently silenced in prison, is an eye-opener. It looks as though the institutions responsible for law and order in this country have themselves gone feral.
He still sounds a bit estuary but that won't prevent anyone from recognising that now Tommy Robinson is a very astute and articulate campaigner for civil rights, particularly for those many young women, children some of them, attacked and degraded by the primitive tribes who rule our underworld. Anne Marie Waters is another courageous civil rights campaigner and spokesmen for our voiceless underclass who are after all our own people. Two Brits I am proud of. Both of them are worth another look
I love your site Raedwald. So civilised

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with Anonymous @ 21:19, that most your commentators are at odds with you Raedwald. Abroad and out of its place Muhammadanism is dynamic. We are witnessing this daily.


jack ketch said...

but that won't prevent anyone from recognising that now Tommy Robinson is a very astute and articulate campaigner for civil rights

That wasn't the impression I got from his Vienna interview. He neither came across as 'very astute' nor 'articulate'.....nor particularly sincere.

RAC said...

@ APL 19 March 2018 at 21:00 Yes I'm aware of what you say, I think few people have delusions of privacy. However being that we all suffer from a constant barrage of subliminal PC propagana from the likes of the BBC and MSM in general, I wonder if subconciousn choices are being made.

APL said...

RAC: " I wonder if subconciousn choices are being made."

I'm sure subconscious decision are being made, but frequently choices are being made that override the sheep like inclination to leave well alone because in Blighty, 'it'll all work out in the end'.

Sadly, that might have been so in the Blighty of forty years ago, but not today.

Regarding the BBC, I play spot the Ethnic British presenter anytime I watch the channel these days. Just about every news presenter, is of some exotic origin or has a name with ten syllable's and you know full well that isn't a British name.

That would be fine on the World service, but the domestic channels?

Oh and by the way, this will be my fifth comment on this thread. I was out and about so I posted from my mobile device. That's why they'll be anon comments.

It's too late to worry what the State thinks of you. It's over time to let the State know what we think of it.

Anonymous said...

Harry says;

Some months ago I flounced off this blog not with a bang but a whimper over some wishy-washy 'it's not all of them' twaddle. 'Been lurking of course, and now I can't help myself.

Radders, you appear to be a thoroughly decent erudite chap, I can imagine that an ale or two in your company would be quite agreeable, but please get a grip. We are being subjugated and replaced, the evidence is plain to see.

Orwell wrote; 'In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act'

I am by his definition a revolutionary, you ain't ..... yet.

Anonymous said...


I have been posting this from you. Great piece

Invasion and a parable; the wolves run wild in the once protected pastures, because the shepherds have been poisoned, waylaid, pilloried, infiltrated and now nigh killed off.All thanks in large part to our very own Frankfurt school deconstructionists, we have been undone from within, and Western Christianity has been replaced by something ever so more malevolent, it’s an ersatz Christianity ie Marxism which preaches tolerance but is anything but. Devilry indeed, and when malignant devils like Soros and with his lifetime spent in aiding and deliberately spiking, destroying the Occident, what better ‘friend and allies’ than obliterating the nation state through mass immigration and a tribe of peoples indoctrinated, encouraged, funded by a Wahhabist dogma of filth out of the Arabian peninsula? Belief in a doubly poisonous miasma of lies, Marxism and Wahhabism put with, open door borders and mass immigration, we have entered the maelstrom delivered from a very black Hell, and here think on Antioch and Constantinople – and they haven’t altered on iota. It is a clusterfuck of such proportions, and it is so far gone and I don’t see a way out of this shit storm. No exit because, the enablers are our own government – the Westminster arseholes, and with social services, quangos and charities all dedicated to blitzing, our destruction – believe it. Plus, the final irony which will not be lost on the Medina Mullahs and NYC billionaires club – pissing themselves with laughter – through petro dollars or via UK taxes, we build and pay towards our own funeral pyre.A perfect shitstorm.

Raedwald said...

uhm, not my words or post, anon. I wrote about the conditions for peace required in Syria. But thank you for your comments.

Doug Shoulders said...

Merkel was only half right. (Or half truthful). Immigrants are required to sustain the economy, not to work but to consume.
Economists and businessmen have had it in their heads, since well before the last century, that only by expanding can businesses flourish.
The UK has a consumer economy. We don’t produce anymore just buy. Globacorp(The banks) has seen the future in UK and Europe and doesn’t like it.
Western (White)populations are declining as less people have children. That has been fact and evident in my lifetime.
Globacorp needs consumers. Globacorp will finance expansion of the infrastructure and social services and the NHS to manage the expanding markets.

anon 2 said...

I see that Tommy may have had his problems and gone through a learning curve before he could arrive at Speakers'* Corner on Sunday. However, he did arrive there, and he did so at a time when our predicament grows daily more crucial.

Kudos to him, then. Unlike the vile traitor Mayhem, Tommy does not speak as an empty barrel, and he says what we need to hear and to act upon. If he does so in his own accent/dialect - so be it; it's just a sample of 'freedom of speech.'

*PS: I am somewhat haunted by the memory of my visit to Speakers' Corner in the '60s. It was so disappointing and messy, after all the hype. However, we weren't then under the same stress we are now - I dare to imagine that Sunday was rather more inspiring.

miker22 said...

At 21.19 "Raedwald, I think your commenters are closer to the truth than you this time. Maybe Tommy Robinson was once a yob, but never a thug. His book - Enemy of the State - about the many attempts to frighten him into silence, and even to have him permanently silenced in prison, is an eye-opener. It looks as though the institutions responsible for law and order in this country have themselves gone feral.
He still sounds a bit estuary but that won't prevent anyone from recognising that now Tommy Robinson is a very astute and articulate campaigner for civil rights, particularly for those many young women, children some of them, attacked and degraded by the primitive tribes who rule our underworld."

Fully agree. Tommy left the EDL five years ago. But he suffers a degree of police harassment to this day which should make us all ashamed.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes

Raedwald at 10.16

I have no idea who wrote it, but its a great piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes

APL said...

miker22 "Maybe Tommy Robinson was once a yob, but never a thug. "

Tommy Robinson will stand up for himself, and stand up for Britian. I wouldn't want to be at the wrong end of his upper cut. I've seen him use it, very effectively.

The point being migrants arrive here with an entitlement mentality which is made worse because no one, no one! stands up to them. They may have become decent law abiding citizens had someone said 'stop doing that' but no one has and the silly post menopausal woman with nothing be cats in their lives, line up with their facile placards, 'migrants welcome'. Well, yes.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Robinson may not be the man, but he's a pretty decent working class guy who wants to stand up for his society.

We were very happy to send his sort over the top of the trenches in 1914.

If Robinson doesn't succeed with his moderate ( yes, moderate ) approach. Somebody else will step into the breach.

Anonymous said...

@Mark The Skint Sailor - Why would they allow the destruction of Western values...?

I've been asking this question for years too. I came across on Youtube clips about The Barcelona Project, a treaty that the EU signed with countries in the Mediterranean basin. It seems to suggest that it boils down (as ever) to money: in return for oil security Muslims would be allowed to come to the West without being required to integrate and to have their religious requirements met.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

Video from Paris: Muslim migrants storm church, force cancellation of evening Mass

Muslim migrants invade the Basilica of Saint-Denis, which is in a heavily Muslim area of France. By the end of the video, police line the doorway to the church, preventing the Muslim migrants from entering. This is a glimpse into the future of France. Before too long, anytime a church service is going on, there will have to be a squadron of police lining the entrances.

The Basilica of Saint-Denis is the equivalent of SWesytminter Abbey. Its where Charles Martell is buried.

Civil war is coming, of this there is no doubt. It will make Bosnia look like a garden party.

Anonymous said...

The Dhimmi Contract

Anonymous said...

We need a campaign in the UK to boycott pakistani takeaways and restaurants until Tommy Robinson is released.