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Monday, 7 May 2018

Gangs of London

With yet more violent death and gang warfare on the streets of London over the bank holiday weekend, Sadiq Khan's orders to the Met Commissioner on taking office to cease regular programmed stop and search has probably been responsible for much pain and bloodshed. It matters not that the blood being spilled is largely young and black; allowing or tolerating any form of violent largesse on our streets disgraces our civilisation and, as it will spread beyond the current milieu, dangerous for us all. Here is what is at the heart of it - London's gang territories

Territories are of two types; large geographic areas bounded by roads or geographic features, and small blocks which are council or social housing estates. As young black people travel largely by bus, their journeys are sometimes circuitous to avoid routes passing through rival gang territories. How they know the origin of strangers on their turf always puzzles me - these kids don't wear 'colours' or have gang tats - but they do. Schools, work, relationships are all governed and constrained by these gang territories.

A decade ago I wrote constructively to Bridget Prentice, then my MP, about the number of these kids carrying knives. Bridget is not a clever woman (she's now an electoral commissioner) and the Commons champagne terrace was more familiar to her than the pubs and public transport of her own constituency. She poo-poohed my concerns. And that's the problem with these purblind Labour dags; it's their bloody council estates and social housing that breed the gangs that shed the blood.

This is a short bank holiday post that could easily become an essay. My own quadrant of London has warfare between the newly-arrived Somalis and the established West Indians, with Nigerian gangs dominating London's fraud capital of Thamesmead in the east. Knives have progressed to machetes and axes. 

Causes are complex, but London's housing shortage (itself exacerbated by Labour's immigration non-policy) and structural economic changes are likely to play a part. Neither Sadiq Khan nor Cressida Dick (who commanded during the killing of Jean de Menezes) has had any effect. However weak, stupid and vacillating London's current mayor is, we must now intervene over his narcissistic and pointless head.

We CAN NOT tolerate a situation in which a child's choice of secondary school and what lies between home and school can determine the risk of dying in a pool of blood. 


Bernard said...

"we must now intervene over his narcissistic and pointless head."
Do you think we should stoop that low? ;-)

DeeDee99 said...

This is effectively tribal "war" carried out by ethnic minorities against other ethnic minorities. The Establishment imported it and then put in place all the conditions which first allowed and then encouraged it to flourish.

I can't see them ever admitting, let alone taking, the actions necessary to stop it.

Stephen J said...

Good "labour" name that... Prentice.

I just love that implication that being "thick" qualifies you for a job at the "electoral commission" quango... Brilliant, made my breakfast.

And, you are right Raedwald, she is admirably qualified as a member of the grifter club. She has even been reprimanded for misusing public funds.

Next thing you know, she will be entering our illustrious House of Peers.

Cuffleyburgers said...

And in the meantime carrying a potato peeler is now a criminal offence.

Whatever happened to the Peelian principles of policing?

Sorry, I'll get me coat.

Anonymous said...

Now how about all those politicians who criticised Pres Trump for pointing out the no-go zones in Britain - where Black and Islamic gangs run free, to apologise to Pres Trump for pointing out the obvious.

And that includes Sharia May.


Anonymous said...

The cause is simple - unrestricted immigration of low skilled and low possibility of attaining any skills people from Africa and Arabia, whose culture is highway robbery and criminality - for instance Somalia. Somalia is Somalia because of Somalis.

Then there is Islam - an ideology to enslave and conquer of all people and nations- including Muslims.


Anonymous said...

But the main cause the mess in the West is the appalling stupidity and ignorance of the ruling elite. It must be a privilege of the class to be bestowed with such stupidity and ignorance.

And finally there is Sharia May.

Smoking Scot said...

"Causes are complex".

Indeed they are. Yet some are very simple, because they provide the seed money.


When that lady in the EU suggested we get rid of all those different adapters and go with the simple usb system, one of my friends pointed out that they'd be far more attractive to thieves, stating the obvious that the margins were too low for the people who recycle them if they had to provide proper model specific adapters.


This includes all sorts of delivery services, but the one that involves the lowest barrier to entry are the outfits that only ask for a guy and push bike. They have reason to enter all sorts of properties, that allows them to suss out what's visible from windows, garages, gardens, communal areas and so on.

Places they'd never venture into otherwise. Suss it out, pass it on to the people who are experienced thieves, even if there's no commission, there are brownie points.


Shan't labour this one, they're easily hackable and while I wouldn't touch one myself and couldn't give a toss about the people who whinge when they get stolen; the fact is the money made on them does feed into areas that cross with drugs and making not very nice people very rich.


We see them everywhere with £200 to £900 phones on display and so engrossed in their own little bubble, they simply don't see the threat. Until it hits.

What you've pointed out isn't just a London thing, Paris, Brussels, Madrid all have the same no-go social housing monoliths. However, after a shaky start, they've finally sussed that they have to have more police. On the ground. And as visible deterrents.

Unfortunately it won't stop us searching the Web, looking for bargains even if we suspect there's something not quite right, we still buy.

Yes Sir, it is a very complex subject, but it's not just down to a few incompetents in public office.

Caratacus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caratacus said...

It seems to me (admittedly stricken in years and more cynical with every passing day) that there is little short of a military coup and an implacable clampdown on the ungodly that will solve the problems you outline so vividly above. The situation will continue, it will get worse, more lives will sadly be lost and the politicians and Common Purpose indoctrinated plod will wring their hands and offer nothing but platitudes - oh, and perhaps some totally ineffectual initiatives that will cost millions and achieve the square root of sod-all.

All we can do is acknowledge what is going on and make arrangements for our families' safety as best we can.

TrT said...

"What you've pointed out isn't just a London thing, Paris, Brussels, Madrid all have the same no-go social housing monoliths. However, after a shaky start, they've finally sussed that they have to have more police. On the ground. And as visible deterrents."

Its simply not that easy

An occupation requires 1 soldier per 19 residents, and that assumes a "normal" populace, not one with a heavy skew towards military aged males.
The MET police have 31,000 officers and 9,000,000 residents, 1 per 290

All they have is window dressing.
The occasional "High Visibility Patrol" that sticks to the main thoroughfares, hardening important targets and trying to stop the different factions interacting as much as possible, functionally little different than the strategies used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dave_G said...

When those of foreign origin arrive and create their own little ghetto, forcing reasonable people to leave and preventing the 'wrong' people from entering, nothing is said or done.

If whitey creates a safe area (gated or fenced accommodation) and refuses to admit anyone of dubious disposition it will be fallen upon from a great height with the word 'racist' prominent.

We could all demand separation but we also know that those from without will always want to be within - even if they get what they want from their demand for their own ghetto environment.

Much like the African immigration problem - those that 'have' are seen to be easy picking for those that don't have - and they'll be on the march if we don't do something soon.

Anoneumouse said...

London has become the archetypal 'SHITHOLE' simples

jack ketch said...

I look at that map and it screams 'by design, nothing random'. *note to self get another roll of Bacofoil and my Rx for benzos filled*.

Smoking Scot said...


In none of these places is it an occupation. Nor is every person living in these estates a bad person.

My understanding is we're talking about a very small minority - and intimidation is a very big factor. All you need do is look at our response to the guy who was killed with a screwdriver. His followers are simply intimidating the locals and while a few have "taken matters into their own hands" by removing the floral tributes, the fact is the old people's house will be hellish difficult to sell and you can be certain the crowd will persecute that area until such time as the police act decisively to protect the locals.

That's what I'm rabbiting on about. Except in housing estates it's way worse; they can and do make people's lives a living hell.

It may be that it's non-white on non-white at the moment (by the by it's not all black on black), but I'm quite confident they're just the foot soldiers. The people who supply them - way up at the top - are unlikely to be some peasant in Ethiopia.

Ratios are nice, however policing in Britain is still essentially as they say, "by public consent". And the authorities need to get shot of the whole concept of no go areas.

The people who live in these properties know darned well who's behind most of the crime, who belong to which gang. They probably know who buys their stolen goods. They can't tell the police because they don't have access to them and - in most cases - no trust whatsoever in them.

I'm not saying I know the answers to this. I don't. All I was pointing out is we're very much part of the problem. Not knowingly and it's not personal, however I do believe my previous post does help to illuminate why this is a very complex issue.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous that 'STOP & SEARCH' was abandoned because it offended some people. Yes it was mostly aimed at black communities but the current crime wave justifies that, just look at the victims and perpetrators. How many of them are white?

Budgie said...

Daughter's boyfriend beats her up. Does the father go to the police? Of course not. He collects a couple of his mates and they demolish thug boyfriend's garden shed, with the implication that it won't be the shed next time. The father told me this, I met the daughter. It is the reality of the estates.

There are other realities: the estates half taken over by Blair/Cameron/May's migrants who appear to get cash and cars given to them because they sure haven't got a job among them. And who intimidate the rest of the estate's British residents. Who can't complain - because it's "racist". A house nicely cleaned, redecorated and furnished by an earnest Christian church trashed by the EU migrant family it was given to.

Then the incredibly stupid, insulated, pompous, middle-class Remains berate us for xenophobia, and wonder how we could possibly be so uncouth and thick as to vote Leave.

Oldrightie said...

I doubt this problem is any where as serious in Russia. Glimpses of that Country show far more cohesion and success than the rapidly declining West.
Multicultural political correctness the main foundations of this horror running out of control.

jack ketch said...

middle-class Remains berate us for xenophobia, and wonder how we could possibly be so uncouth and thick as to vote Leave

Middle class? Judging by Aged Mother's protestations that she 'married below herself' ; that I shout at my own kids when they refer to 'dinner' as 'tea'; that the thought of voting Labour makes me physically sick , then I suppose I am indeed middle class.

As to whether BrexSShiteurs are 'uncouth and thick' I prefer to think of them, and the rest of the plebis-ciders, as 'gullible' or 'Useful Idiots for the forces of Islam' : Brexit means BritStan.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'We CAN NOT tolerate a situation in which a child's choice of secondary school and what lies between home and school can determine the risk of dying in a pool of blood.'

Nothing like that where I live, but then I live in a part of England that still resembles, er, England. It won't last of course because the enrichment that's settled in Bournemouth is slowly spreading west. The stabbing fraternity is still a little thin on the ground here but give them time: took the Yardie gangs a few decades to get established in Brixton, Harlesdon and Hackeny. Lovely.

Sorry to disappoint Raedwald but I only care about my own folk. After that it's me dog and after that any Northern European folk I come across who need a hand. Whites are minority in this world (just under 10 per cent now) and thanks to white politicians we haven't got much to look forward to because virtually every white nation in Europe will be a *minority in their own land by the turn of the next century.

*There are now seven towns and cities in the UK where indigenous whites are a minority and the politicians are pissing themselves laughing.

It's been a breeze for them.


Mr Ecks said...

Ketch: Even more demented than usual. Brexit=Britstan??? You have heard of Merkal right?

Steve is correct.

All the bad lads need to be separated. The West Indies for West Indians, Somali for Somalians and Nigeria for Nigerians.

That should stop the trouble all round.

jack ketch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jack ketch said...

You have heard of Merkal right?

If you mean 'Merkel das Ferkel' (Merkel the piglet) then yes. Have you heard of Sajid Javid ? If a Prime Minster were to go then it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that a Home Secretary might be the replacement....that's never happened before has it? (Not that I think Javid is directly a part of Islam's infiltration, that'd be a bit too fucking obvious that even BrexSShiteurs would notice....maybe; I'm just using him as an example, he's as much a gullible idiot as those BrexSShiteurs whinging about our UNELECTED Lords.)

*edited for grammatical gender of German noun.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch said: "... I suppose I am indeed middle class". That indeed is pompous, as well as being self obsessed, since I didn't name you. I was referring to the likes of Clegg, Cameron, Hogg and Benn, not you.

One of the many pernicious side effects of being subject to the EU is that our establishment is too frightened (incapable?) of acting on its own initiative. When we can control the migrant inflow from the EU, there will be no excuse not to control the inflow from elsewhere.

In 2013 the numbers of migrants from Pakistan and Malaysia (the two highest influxes from Muslim nations) were a very small proportion of total migration, about 20,000 (3%) of the massive 641,000 influx. In 2016 there were 12,000 from Pakistan, and Malaysia didn't register in the top 15 nations.

Actually it is likely that most recent Muslim migrants are from the EU. Most ME and African migrants get to the EU, can't stand it, want to come here, and get logged as from Spain or France, etc (last country of residence in the terminology). So a proper Brexit will immensely improve our control.

cascadian said...

I have the solution (he said without the faintest hint of doubt).

Two steps-easily implemented, will save millions and will rid the HoC of dilletantes right sharpish.

1. Remove allowances for MP second homes.
2. House every MP on a London sink estate, without close protection or any special police safeguards.

Wait two months, no other subject will be discussed in the HoC.

Your pampered, overly-protected MPs demanded immediate changes when the police officer was murdered literally at the gates of the HoC. Changes CAN be made, Khannot can be ignored, Metplod Dick can be made to do her job, its just that MPs could not give a fuck about the serfs. Changes only occur when they are in danger.

Caratacus said...

Cheering you to the rafters here, cascadian - marvellous idea.

Anonymous said...


The French are finding this out the hard way of what you wrote.. French authorities gave up on the Islamic no-go zones a long while back.

The only solution I see for Europe now is a civil war. We will that easily. The normal consequence of losing a civil war is deportation of all the losers to their place of cultural origin - fighters and civilian supporters.

But we need proper leadership . None of the namby-pamby Sandhurst Diversity trained officer class.


APL said...

DeeDee: "This is effectively tribal "war" carried out by ethnic minorities against other ethnic minorities."

I can tolerate that.

Anon: "The cause is simple - unrestricted immigration of low skilled and low possibility of attaining any skills people from Africa and Arabia, whose culture is highway robbery and criminality - for instance Somalia."

Yes. Here you can see the average IQ of the population of Somalia is 68. That's 32 points below the UK average of 100 ( after mass immigration, first cousin marriage and general thuggery ). Such people are a liability for a technological society.

They certainly aren't the Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers the BBC would have us believe we are bringing in.

JohnS said...

Smoking Scot said...
"policing in Britain is still essentially as they say, "by public consent"."

I agree with most of your comment but the police are doing their very best to alienate the average law-abiding citizen who might once have automatically backed them.

I suspect that most are increasingly wary of attracting the attention of the police (especially if a favoured "community" is involved) however they might feel themselves to be blameless of any wrong-doing.