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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Manchester one year on

Is it really just a year since the Manchester atrocity? It seems somehow more distant, more remote. A year ago I wrote -
That Islamists have no place in Western societies is not news. Nor that some of them are brutal, amoral killers and lack any vestige of human compassion. Nor that the followers of the perverted death cult frequently pick children as their victims. We knew that the Islamists were busy plotting to slaughter us, that our open borders have allowed killers, guns and explosives to enter the country without hindrance. Most Islamists are still free to broadcast their perverted and inhuman propaganda on social media - the death cult's forum. So nothing about last night's slaughter of children in Manchester should have shocked or surprised us - yet it has.   

It was a Monday night break for young girls and their mums, with the promise of the start of Summer and in the carefree days before exam results in August. Travel plans had been made and co-ordinated with other parents; tram and pick-up, taxi, last train and meet at the station. Mobiles checked, promises extracted. For some it would be their first late night out, the start of an adventure into young adulthood, with all its dreams and aspirations. This morning those dreams lay shattered in puddles of clotted blood and ironmongers' shrapnel. 

May God grant us strength to defeat the evil of this death cult. 
In later years the anniversaries segue into a sort of seamless blur, this year little different to last but it makes our losses all the more poignant. When young, life's events tumble upon each other, each marking epochal change; those first exams, A levels, living away from home, our first adult sexual and social conjugations. Young lives are lived with a fiery intensity of spirit and emotion, a whirlwind of discovery and change. A year is an eternity to those on the cusp of adult life. 

It remains therefore an unbearable cruelty for these evil Islamist monsters to target our children. We must remain ever vigilant against threat, ever confident in the rightness and justice of our nation and our society, ever jealous in defence of our freedoms and ever trusting in God to guide our arm.


jack ketch said...

and ever trusting in God to guide our arm.

...and ever trusting in the SAS's ability to guide in drone strikes.

For several centuries at least a 'leitfaden' of British society has been "a man may do, think or say, as he like -as long as he seeketh not to overthrow the government" and the only real answer to terrorism is to strengthen both sides of that equation. Repeal ALL the anti-civil liberties laws, embed an almost absolute right to free speech, scrap the nanny state (what a friend Islam has in Public Health) BUT at the same time quadruple the size of the 'security forces' and give them the right , and means, to read all and any communication. There needs to be a GCHQ in very town in the yUK.

Stephen J said...

The more authoritarian a governing bureaucracy is, the more authoritarian and oppressive will the opposition be.

Every so often a rebellion or revolution comes along and gains traction that opposes such nonsense, such a rebellion is the unexpected result of the recent Independence referendum, called only because the then PM knew that he would win it, the idea being to deal with this pesky priest.

That loss is a serious challenge to authoritarianism, and none of the same that occupy the 21st century's established corridors of power are willing to submit.

Though the omens are not good, the events in Italy, and the eastern EU members are maintaining the pressure, and if we can get this referendum through, we can start to unravel the rest of it...

... It is this that the FFC, the Barwell (boy) and the Robbins bloke (and their ilk) are really worried about... Their own effin' sinecures.

Dave_G said...

That it requires so few acts to decrease and/or remove the threats to us yet these are repeatedly refused to be enacted in the name of mulitkulti/inclusion is a betrayal of everyone.

That it was permitted to happen in the first place and yet STILL has no effective countermeasures in place is beyond betrayal - it is complicit treason and heads need to be rolling.

Budgie said...

A pox on ideologues, whether Islamic or socialist. They both come up with the tripe that only their version is the true version. And when it goes wrong, as it did so evidently in Venezuela/Syria, they tell us that it wasn't their kind of socialism/Islam.

A pox on their denial of the logical outcomes of their ideologies. They cannot tell the difference between principles and outcomes. When confronted by nasty outcomes they pretend their version won't produce the same results, totally ignoring the fact that if you apply the same principles you get the same results.

A pox on their fixation with minute differences in their ideologies; and their insistence that we must all know this trivia. I don't care if socialists/Muslims in the UK won't accept they are the same as socialists/Muslims in Russia/Iran. The fact is they apply the same principles, so they are the same, even if they say - as both socialists and Muslims have done - that they don't like the outcomes. And given enough time, the outcomes will be the same, however much sand socialists/Muslims put their heads in.

Anonymous said...

No mention of murder by the Beeb, or Sky this morning. They were "killed", they said, just like the residents of Grenfell Tower were "killed". But in Manchester they weren't "killed": they were murdered. Big difference. A dissimilarity the media would rather we didn't notice. And the two events are now overlapping on the airwaves, making us think they were both tragedies and we should treat them the same.

That is of course what they want so neither our eyes nor our brains will register the involvement of the Libyan 'community' of South Manchester, MI5 and regime change agents flowing in and out of Manchester Airport. Jihad is as Jihad does: can't stop murdering.

This bloke has the right idea:

Hungary Warns Europe Is Losing Its Identity, Islam Penetrating Without Resistance


Anonymous said...

Ramadan always a busy period of Jihad.

Latest figures for Ramadan 2018 in just one week is death count 99.


john savage said...

I never believed that all those surveillance cameras were there to protect US.

Anonymous said...

Under the guise of hate speech and the supposed terror threat of the right wing, the establishment- tory and labour, is out to shut down any attempt to pin the blame for the fast approaching demise of the UK. Hello Sharia.


Raedwald said...

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