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Sunday, 6 May 2018

There's only one road for Halal-Labour

It should be remembered that Corbyn's Halal-Labour (as opposed to Haram-Labour, whose members sometimes forget and call women 'love', support the home nation team but don't support transexual toilet access, and generally enjoy a fag, a pint and a quiet respect for Israel) is officially Brexit, much to the chagrin of many remainer members. If the recent council elections cemented, as pollster John Curtice remarked, May's party as the political host of the 'Leave' soul then it also highlighted Labour's split personality in trying to be the party of Leave and Remain simultaneously.   

UKIP's voters, 4m direct electors at the party's peak and probably another 4m who held their noses and voted Dilettante-Conservative in 2010, have used the council elections to deliver a stark warning to CCHQ; you're the party of Leave, or you're finished. Polling analyst Rob Ford estimates 70% of Conservative voters are now Leavers compared to 30% of Labour voters, but that can't last. 

Corbyn is under huge pressure now from the parliamentary party, Labour peers and the metropolitan strongholds to go fully Remoaner Halal-Labour, win back a drift of the Remain vote to the LibDems and cement the power that Labour failed to secure in the megacities on Thursday. The rump of Haram-Labour and cerebral Labour Leavers can find a home in the Conservatives. Right now, Kate Hoey is more of a Conservative than Anna Soubry.

Or so goes my theory. The trick for May's party will be to occupy both centre ground and Leave simultaneously - not as easy as it sounds. And there are nascent third parties forming in the wings and attracting attention from big-bucks funders that could be insurgent contenders in 2022.  

However, I can see no longer-term downside (for us) to Labour abandoning Leave; a pure Halal-Labour will be powerful, run the large metropolii but will never be anything other than a strong opposition in Parliament. the Brexit process is screwed anyway and it will never happen cleanly - if it takes a decent majority in the 2022 parliament to make a clean break, we can live with it. We just need to be sure that May's team makes no agreement, no concessions, no treaty with the EU now that can't be reversed under a new administration.


jack ketch said...

Broadly I agree. IF on the morning after the plebis-cide Labour had declared for Remain ,or even just for a fluffy soft BrexSShite, as seemed likely, then they would have scooped up pretty much the entire Remain vote ....even if that meant Remainiacs like me having to super-glue their nostrils shut. But Corbyn's hate of Britain, of his own skin colour, is only matched by his hatred of the EU.

Dadad said...

Two comments: Corbyn loves all muslims for their votes; they want to kill all jews yesterday, so he can't/won't get rid of antisemitism.

And a fluffy soft brexit is just what we all need; actually leave the EU, make our own trade deals, decide which, if any, EU rules we want to follow, and control our own borders. Just stay in EEA and join EFTA. That way we can spend the next 10 years deciding what relationship we want with the EU without them being able to control us.

When push comes to shove and May can't solve the Irish border problem because of her insane decision to leave the CM and CU, Barnier will rightly say, no discussions and no transition period.

Dadad said...

And I'll repeat what I've said several times before; leaving the EU is not a one day event, it's a long process which will take years. You can't undo 40 years of integration at a stroke.

DeeDee99 said...

@Dadad A "fluffy soft Brexit" is just what we don't need and we don't need to spend another 10 years deciding what relationship we want with the EU.

Both decisions were made in 2016. A "soft, fluffy Brexit" but in the EEA and EFTA leaves us only half-out of the EU and "half out" wasn't an option on the ballot paper. The relationship the majority want with the EU is one of respectful trading partners - but the EU has demonstrated over the past year that it's incapable of treating us with respect.

Nonoftheabove said...

EEA/EFTA is fully out of the EU.

jack ketch said...

- but the EU has demonstrated over the past year that it's incapable of treating us with respect.

We were taught in school that respect,like trust, has to be earned and hand on heart, if it is to have any value and if I were Barnier (not for all the euros in Euro-land) I would not respect nor trust the yUK further than I could throw. Davis and May have pissed that all away long back. Strangely enough Farage probably commands more respect in the EU than they. They may think him a grizzling iconoclastic nutjob but at least he is consistently so.

Mr Ecks said...

Ketch: The rump of Remainiacs might want to vote for the ZaNu sell-out but said Remainiac dross like yourself are mostly womiccumalobus --Well Off MIddle Class Cultural Marxist London Bubble Scum--and they know if they put Corbog in then his dirty fingernails will be into their prosperous hides from Day 1. Garden tax, Land Value tax, breathing tax --you fucking name it. Yes--he'll abase this nation before the EU scum you crawl to but he will also turn it into Venez UK and you won't be all that prosperous after Jizz and the Gang have finished with you.

Is the sell-out worth it to you? Do you love your EU masters enough to destroy yourself and your crew to save them?

Anoneumouse said...

Dadad said...

In EEA/EFTA is absolutely and definitely, out of the political EU.

Anonymous said...

Several observations occur to me. Rob Ford is just another media commentator who is trying to stick the Leave label on the Tories. Let's get our facts straight. The majority of Tory party MPs, and 'operators' outside Parliament are Remainers. The party activists who were for Leave in 2016 were forbidden to use any party machinery, e.g. lists of members etc, to campaign with. Not like Lib-Dem, which campaigned for Remain. Cameron spent the £9m on his leaflet. Jebus, May is a Remainer.
The Leave believers had to vote Tory in 2015 to get the referendum. But 4 million voted UKIP to reinforce the message. The message was clear from the previous Euro elections when one could vote UKIP without letting Labour in. The vast majority of the country is for Leave. And to reinforce the message, they aren't all small-town Tories.
Most Leavers thought they would lose, but wanted their say.Lots stayed at home because they thought it an unwinnable proposition - just like many Remainers did, because they thought it was a done deal (and, of course, those whos tayed at home because they didn't give a flying feck). Oh, and did the 3 million Irish Republic citizens entitled to vote all vote Leave? (Answers on a postcard).
No. Leavers want to be outside the new German Empire. They don't want to pay Danegeld and never get rid of the Dane. Most of us don't care if we get poorer, but we aren't likely to.

Bill Quango MP said...

May has written today about how the nation must leave the Eu and the customs union and make a success of Brexit.

Having made that decisive statement she will now spend some six months trying to find a way to avoid doing it with some unworkable, expensive, bureaucratic nightmare and Dover becoming part of an EU mandated free port run by Brussels. Or some other civil service fantasy arrangement.

Just take solace in remembering every day closer to Brexit is a day closer to getting shot of Appeaser.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Dadad is absolutely right. It was clear from one that EFTA/EEA was the way to go amd the fact that the fish faced cows first pronouncement and the only one she hasn't reneged on was to not take that route is telling.

jack ketch said...

I think that MrX is being too kind towards JC and badly understating the damage that a JC led labour government or any labour government would do to this cuntry,our society and to me personally. It would make the Blair years look tame. But 'devil and the deep blue sea', and there would always be a slight chance that the next conservative government after JC's misrule would be a tory one and actually do what Cameron failed to do and reverse all the shit.

Mr Ecks said...

Ketch: If Jizza and the gang get in NOTHING short of armed force will shift them.

He'll bring in 5 million of our beardie buddies ( and screw the collateral damage--literally) to ensure he can't be voted out and--if buy some miracle he is--he will say the election was nobbled/invalid/ people have been got at by corporate Tory brainwashing etc. The groundwork for ignoring elections has already been done by your ESpew mates and the Remainiacs/ Trumphaters etc.

Dave_G said...

The EU want two things; (1) our money and (2) our supplication - through the valiant efforts of May they've got the first and, very nearly, the second too.

But given the circumstances surrounding the EU's [absolute] dependence on our continued funding I see no reason why (2) should even enter into negotiation and that the UK has all the cards to settle the issue. This is what the majority of the population think too and if .gov think they can continue with their distraction politics to give the EU what they want (2) then they are surely clueless as to what the 4m UKIP voters could do to them at some point in the future.

Labour under Corbyn (well, Labour fullstop) have completely lost the plot and believe too much in their own propaganda - if the Government were complacent in thinking they would win the Brexit vote then Labour are even MORE complacent to consider that their policies are something a significant number of voters would (will) get behind.

There is a HUGE gap in Party politics that needs filling - Blair has intimated the creation of a filler (laughs out loud) but if there is another one that genuinely COULD offer succour to the massive numbers of disenfranchised voters then I'd like to hear from them - NOW.

There's not a lot of time until 2022.

Anonymous said...

I must point out that your use of "fag" in the third line is sexist, discriminatory, homophobic, reactionary, paternalistic, and borderline fascist. Please don't do it again...

jack ketch said...

sexist, discriminatory, homophobic, reactionary, paternalistic, and borderline fascist

Well caught! We must remain forever vigilant.

jack ketch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jack ketch said...

The groundwork for ignoring elections has already been done by your ESpew mates and the Remainiacs/ Trumphaters MalcX

Aside from that last bit of frothy mouthed BrexSShiteur invective, I kinda agree with the rest of what you said and even that sentence wasn't entirely wrong, you just forgot to mention the real 'niggers in the woodpile' , the true 'villains' of the piece, namely: those who voted in the plebis-cide (remainers and BrexSShiteurs both) who betrayed our parliament democracy, our country and all those who gave their lives to preserve it.

Worse still it would seem many haven't learnt from their mistakes and are clamouring for a 2nd chance to royally fuck what remains of the Mother Of Parliament.

Anonymous said...

"May has written today"

Where ?

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Right now, Kate Hoey is more of a Conservative than Anna Soubry.'

British post war politics in one sentence.

This is the last station on the line. If you want to go on you'll have to walk. From now on the trains will only go in one direction. So enjoy your time in Global Land because this is where you'll die.


Mr Ecks said...

Ketch--We already had a deceit-powered vote in 1975 so your "plebishite" nonsense ship sailed long ago.

They promised us a vote and in 2016 we got it. Too bad for the Remain gang they didn't get the sell-out they wanted. Didn't hear much moaning about referendums when the Sell-Outs thought the result was in their bag.

And saying that we should be told what's best for us by womi BluLabour already-bought-sold-and-paid-for scum MPs instead of expressing our will is pure villainy.

jack ketch said...

Ketch--We already had a deceit-powered vote in 1975 so your "plebishite" nonsense ship sailed long ago.

Actually the 75 Plebis-cide was a crowning example of why referenda for constitutional issues are always a bad idea, further proof if proof were needed that such things are poison for any parliamentary democracy. It has come to a pretty pass when Hungary, and heaven forfend Italy, school us.

Dave_G said...

Ketchitteur misses the point - there's nothing fundamentally wrong with having a referendum on constitutional issues.

What's 'wrong' is that the electorate aren't told the TRUTH about the reasons for the 'issues of concern'.

If the TRUTH about the 'Common Market' being a stepping stone to a federal EU and total submission to foreign control then the vote in '75 would have gone the other way by a LONG shot. We were LIED to in '75.

Same goes for the EU as-is. If the TRUTH was told (and I'm now referring to lies that Clegg spouted about no EU army, job losses, export difficulties etc) and how our national resources were being stolen from us (fishing), how the EU is institutionally corrupt, enormously inefficient, subservient to Global Corporate aims, protectionist (at the consumers expense) ad-nauseum then the Brexit vote would have been considerably different. But this time, DESPITE THE LIES, people saw through it all.

Since the Brexit vote the EU are now actually admitting to their nefarious ways and exposing themselves for the deceitful and corrupt operators many suspected they were - which is having the effect of turning once-remainers into leavers. We could prove this by having another vote...... but there's no need, is there? Leave won.

If we even decided to remain at this late stage we'd be liable to join all the EU proposals that were previously discounted as 'scaremongering' but now turn out to be real.

jack ketch said...

which is having the effect of turning once-remainers into leavers.

If that's what you tell yourself so you can fall asleep at night...
Thing is, I hear the exact opposite Good Night Story from remainers .
A few high profile Ramsay Macd's, on either side, crossing those slippery floors , a few percentages in polls that go up and down like the proverbial tart's knickers , all mean very little. 80-90% of those who voted Leave will likely remain solid, as will 80-90% of those who voted to remain...+/-...roughly and 20-30% will vacillate. By far the fastest growing contingent will be those who are sick to the back teeth of the whole subject #WhoGivesACrap?

Mr Ecks said...

Wrong as always Ketch.

The only reason for people to be sick is the antics of your womi Remain gang and the Fish Faced Cow trying to muddy the waters. I know lots of Devil-you-know+Project-Fear-freaked Remain voters who have been sickened by the "best out of three" antics from your crew and the ESpew.

You lost--and you are going to go on losing.

Anonymous said...

If not for Tommy Robinson, governments of the West would have succeeded in shutting any comments on the Islamisation of the West. Such is the treachery of European governments and the EU in the last 30 years.

Only Pres Trump stands in their way, and possibly Pres Putin. Pres Putin has warned that Europe is headed to Islam due to the encouragement of Islam by governments. No wonder he is hated by the communist Leftist traitors.


Budgie said...

My experience of talking to Remain voters during the campaign gave some interesting insights into their varied reasons. There were the die-hard EU admirers (those that thought for every £1 we put in, the EU gave us back £10); there were those frightened by Project Fear; and most of the rest said something along the lines of "I don't want to rock the boat".

Whilst my information is not even a proper poll I suspect that, unless Jack Ketch was out there leafleting too, I have talked to many more Remain voters - and certainly more Leave voters - than he has done.

Consequently I believe less than half the Remain voters are hard Remains, probably much less. Certainly not the 80-90% of Jack Ketch's imagination. That means almost all the Remain noise is coming from the entrenched, powerful, conservative, establishment Remain incumbents: they don't like change; and they don't like threats to their power base.

Anonymous said...

Jack Ketch, regarding your comments concerning how respect needs to be won - why on earth should the British people trust the European Union? When did it ever even try to win our respect? It claims to be a pan-European government, but we never asked for one and never agreed to one. Furthermore, no matter how poor a job the Conservatives may be making of negotiating a treaty for when the country leaves the EU, Barnier and the EU are hardly reasonable. There is a tendency to paint the EU and, by a rather flawed process of association, the peoples of Europe, as the wounded party. This is a malicious falsehood. The EU is trying to subsume all national governments into itself and seize ultimate power across the continent. It initiated this process and its bureaucrats can hardly complain when their grand design is rejected by those who stand to lose from it.

Dan said...

Looking at the frantic action we see over in the EU I am reminded of a biological/psychological term called "Displacement activity".

Say a youngish stag is lining up on a small group of hinds and thinks he's just about to get lucky. Then an older, bigger stag turns up and displaces the young one. The young one wants to mate, wants to do something but cannot mate or even challenge the big one. Instead of doing nothing, he runs around, attacks inanimate objects and so on.

That is displacement activity: doing *something* because the animal or person absolutely wants to be doing something, but what they want to do they cannot do.

The EU negotiators are in precisely this sort of situation. The Eurozone is basically screwed; the Euro is too strong a currency for most of them, but is too weak a currency for Germany which obviously wants to keep exporting and selling via this too-weak currency.

Germany ain't going to inflate the Euro, it isn't going to leave, and it is constitutionally and politically unable to make the sorts of huge capital transfers that are needed to make the union work.

Ergo, most of the Eurozone members are stuck in slowly worsening stagnation which can only get worse, and which they cannot do anything about without admitting that the Euro is not for them and leaving it; their pride will not permit such an action. They are basically completely buggered, since nothing they can conceivably do will make any difference to their slowly worsening situation.

They want to do something, they cannot do it. Displacement activity, let's take the frustration out on Britain.

This Brexit is going to be very, very hard going.