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Friday, 15 June 2018

Tony Blair - Godfather of Illiberal Authoritarianism

It's not only columnists from the centre-right such as Allister Heath in the Telegraph who are awake to the threat to our democracy of the new Illiberal Authoritarianism - the centre-left is also now waking to the threat. They, too, point to Putin (correct) and China (correct) but also to Trump (stupidly wrong). The problem is, the solution of the lefties to a threat to democracy is often, erm, less democracy. 

Reading a mirror article to that of Heath, featured in the post below, in Der Spiegel, the bells started ringing as I read the following;
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Hungary has adopted a similar approach, one which has kept him in power for eight years and recently got him elected for four more. His people now occupy not only all key positions in Hungarian ministries and agencies, but also in universities, clinics, theatres and courtrooms. He has also managed to bring a large part of the economy under his control by way of a network of companies that are well-disposed toward him.
Good God. That is exactly the plan developed and carried out by one Anthony Blair - and had he not been deposed by the petulance of a political pygmy in the wings and his own criminal culpability over Iraq, he could still today be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He stitched up the entire machinery of State, allied himself with the global corporates and paralysed effective opposition in a stranglehold of central control. The Blair model of Illiberal Authoritarianism is now being applied across the globe.

Well, good luck to Der Spiegel. If they find an effective way of prising-off all those political appointees who cling like pubic lice to their posts, sinecures and tenures, I do hope they tell us - we're still in urgent need of a cure here.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Blair created his "Third Sector" whereby all NGOs and charities were politicised by organisations like Common Purpose.

John Prescott's Regional Assemblies were the vehicle for establishing the fifth column within our local councils; splitting up and tearing out communities, and breaking down any opposition to his plans.

I don't wholly go along with the 'Thatcher-destroyed-our-industry' meme (although there is a case to answer) but where Thatcher may have destroyed our jobs, Blair destroyed our people.

I would love to see the bastard hanged - along with the rest of his vile crew at that time.

Anonymous said...

There are many advantages of FPTP system, but the one that I like most is the ability of voters to punish a party so thoroughly it mends its ways.


Anonymous said...

It got worse with Blair, and has got much worse since. They cling on like pubic lice - priceless

Whether EU or our own parliament, what seems to be missing is any commitment to the sovereignty of the people and any sense of political obligation to represent that people, rather than continually override them
So I don’t know why your worships are all so cagey about saying that you are opposed to islamification. It seems perfectly obvious that we are against the encroachment of Islam, because that cult is so utterly opposed to the rule of law, equality before the law and every other aspect of our civil society.
We like our civil society. We intend to pass it on and to remain a nation united under one law. Therefore we are opposed to its replacement of our law and political culture by this cult of perpetual savagery.
A political party that announces that it is opposed to Islam is merely saying that it is committed to the defence of equity before the law and our inherited civil liberties – and that these things are coming under threat from two particular directions – from EU-style globalisation and from those who want to return to the Dark Ages.
Take a look for instance at the list of ‘Priorities’ posted on the website of FOR BRITAIN. It reads like a summary of the views expressed here every day. It is just a fledgling party, so it is early enough for the intellects who comment here to make a real contribution. We need political representation that is truthful and clear, and institutional, not mealy mouth individuals online, afraid to commit to actual institutions of political representation. Step up chaps

Dean Ditchbank

John Brown said...

We need to try to get people to continually ask the question "From where do you receive your funding?"

The BBC and others are always quoting reports and comments from the heads of dozens if not hundreds of organisations about whom we know absolutely nothing and have no idea of how they receive their funding.

Generqally these organisations websites do not give clear information.

For example I have yet to find the source of the funding for the Resolution Trust (who fund the Resolution Foundation).

Budgie said...

The politicisation of our civil service happened long before Tony Blair. Our civil servants have been journeying to Brussels for 46 years, and went native a long time ago. It is not Ministers who make policy. The various countries civil servants agree cosily amongst themselves, and the Ministers sign on the dotted line.

The civil servants are essentially technocrats who regard their political "masters" as nuisances to be managed. No wonder the civil servants are resolutely Remain: they desperately don't want to give up the power they have acquired as a consequence of the way the technocratic EU works.

Of course, no civil servant or technocrat will admit this, it would give the game away. Instead they put out propaganda in favour of the EU: the UK can't exist without the EU holding its hand (sob!); we're all happy EU friends together (sigh!); Brexiteers are all thick (huzzah!); Brexiteers are Nazis (hiss!); and so on. All this to suit the gullible emotional profile of Remains so they don't see the real beneficiaries.

John Vasc said...

I don't agree that Orbán is an example of a Blairite globalist corporate tyranny. When he became PM, the whole of Hungary's institutions were still under the control of left-wing ex- or para-communist elites.

As for "His people now occupy not only all key positions" -how else were the Hungarian majority (who vote for Orbán) going to get rid of the fixer elites who were using the constitution to block anyone they didn't like winning the elections? (Just like the President of Italy prompted by loud off-stage whispers from Brussels and Berlin.)
Funny that nobody objects to the state of affairs in Greece, when every new PM completely replaces the civil service and judiciary with his own people. That's been going on since the mid-19th century, and Tsipras is no different - but Brussels won't criticise as long as they get their way on the fiscal punishment of the Greek people, (Tsipras is now their creature.)

It's not a coincidence that Orbán, Kaczynksi, Salvini, Farage and (Arron) Banks are the target of Verhofstadt's malicious allegations of 'collusion' with Russia. (Compare the BBC's constant application to them of the word 'populist'- as if they were somehow unfairly elected by their nation's majority of voters, and not really PM. Every tin-pot dictator the BBC terms simply President X' or 'Prime Minister Y' - Salvini et al are always called 'the populist Prime Minister' on air by the BBC-ciks.)

Nobody however points to the real, genuinely globalist, corporatist, Bilderberg rep, the avowed opponent of all these leaders - and of Brexit, and of any national independence - the malign and filthily rich George Soros, who supports mass European immigration (from Africa and the ME) as keenly as he supports the killing of European children in the womb. And who channels his money into NGOs with these barely covert aims.

Oldrightie said...

Dean and Budgie right on the button. For Britain a last ditch chance to reverse the decay but will it be permitted? Lewisham's police Gestapo hustings shut down was a disgrace.

Raedwald said...

John Vasc - I don't disagree. But the struggle is on to establish the narrative - with both left and right trying to persuade us that the other side's authoritarianism is a threat.

For the right, leftist authoritarianism means central control, abnegation of direct and popular democracy, loss of sovereignty, globalism crowding out national identity and the Imperial ambitions of the clerks in Brussels.

For the left, rightist authoritarianism means undermining political and technocratic rule, abusing the credulity of the uneducated masses, fascistic nationalism destroying progress towards global equality and international governance, and resisting the proper values upheld by paragons of virtue that are EU bodies.

If it wasn't so bloody serious it would be as funny as two bald men fighting over a comb; those of us from a Libertarian tradition who have resisted the authoritarianism of both right and left for most of our lives are just not in the ring.

Dave_G said...

The problem, pure and simple, is politics.

We don't need politics to determine if a road needs fixing or a bin needs emptying. Individuals will do what they require to in order to make their lives comfortable or, at least, tolerable and the less political interference there is the better they manage themselves.

Politics intrudes on everything - literally everything - and the simple solution is to remove as much of it as is practical and this is what Populism is fighting for. It's not a 'party' - it's the desire to see NO PARTY interfering in lives (or, worst case, the party that actually does leave you 'most' alone).

I'm sick to death of being micromanaged - it's getting worse - and people have started the fight back. It was bad enough when our OWN Government started micromanaging but when a 'foreign' Government (the EU) does it even more surreptitiously (or, in many cases, with a straight 'IN YOUR F***ING FACE you pleb' attitude) is it any wonder we're rebelling?

Once we're (hopefully) rid of the EU (and the Globalist influence) we'll start on our own Government and move towards the self-help society we used to be - infinitely better for everyone.

Well...... I can dream, can't I?

jack ketch said...

One of the worst things I find as a remainiac is finding myself on the same 'side' as Blair, Sod-bury and Woolystone et al. All 3 of whom I wouldn't save if they were drowning after their persecution of smokers. One of the reasons I avoid socialising with other remainers or attending Remainer events, is that I don't have time...even if the judge let it fly as 'self defence'.

DeeDee99 said...

Blair did more to destroy this country than Hitler.

We could (and did) rebuild after the bombs fell. Undoing all the catastrophic damage Blair committed is going to be far harder - maybe impossible under our rigged electoral system.

anon 2 said...

Actually, Radders, there's no way the Blair monstrosity could have come up with this by himself - he hasn't got the brainpower. The Marxist system's been at work for a long time - ever since Marx and Engels graced us with their presence. Their followers set about it via Fabianism (so dubbed after its Roman model, 'The Delayer').
So many of our Modernist writers got behind it, and one or two managed to warn us: e.g. Joseph Conrad, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley.

The Post-Modernist Marxists, though, got themselves a boost via i)the Frankfurt School; ii) the USSR its very self. For details of ii), there are many online videos by//involving CBS and one Yuri Bezmenov, aka Thomas Schumann. They date from circa early to mid 1980s.

Bezmenov was a KGB agent and privy to their plan for 'peaceful' takeover and destruction of the West. However, he defected to Canada and the US, and spilled the beans. He identifies four stages in the process:

1. Demoralization [achieved by subversion of all government/educational establishments. Thus they've got into Law, Parliament, Church, etc - almost the point of elimination of Christianity).

2. Destabilization . . . we-e-e-e-ll. How about this 'ere Mozzie invasion . . . . ?

3. Crisis [Are we there yet?]

4. "Normalization" - aka military intervention as required by revolution, etc. After this, "useful idiots" will be removed, and formal Communist Rule placed in control. [My only question here is -- how are the Commies and the Mozzies going to sort it out between themselves?]

If this doesn't represent the path we're on, I don't know what does. And Blair fits only too well as just another 'Useful Idiot.'

Anonymous said...

"Godfather" titwanker glove puppet more like.

Blair was the goat who let the nannies play empire building or emboldened them. The real rot commenced long before that and under Wilson's lot. Though with the likes of Arthur Salter/Monnet and Soviet infiltration......... even, the "long march" began even further back, in oxbridge, the Cambridge five and the Socialist tossers in the then Foreign office - where the takeover began and their longing eyes on the ECSC - ted called it the 'common market'.

Now we are in the claws of the beast, caught between the pincers of EU and Arabist ambition to turn Europe into their long planned dream and pan AfroEurasian Caliphate.