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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Corrupt Euro MPs vote to keep stolen tax money secret

The European Parliament is a a massive corrupt pustular cyst at the heart of the EU, a body intended only as a PR gesture to counter the reality of anti-democratic rule by a cabal of self-selecting officials. It's fake democracy at an international scale. In return for the shame of being the feculent tools of a loathsomely crooked mafia, MEPs have the consolation of having their mouths stuffed with gold - a pre-tax monthly salary of €8,611.

But of course this is not all. There will be legitimate expenses - travel, correspondence and so on. Any transparent, open democratic organisation pays such expenses in return for proof of expenditure, and determination of eligible use of public funds. In the UK getting to this stage was like pulling teeth - but even Gorbals Mick, the most corrupt speaker the Commons has had in living memory, could not hide the truth or stop the sunlight reaching those dark places. People of course have a right to know how their tax is being spent by their elected representatives, our courts found. 

But not of course in that seething stink hole of bloated fraud, peculation and simony that is the European Parliament. The over-full mouths of MEPs are merely stuffed with even more gold - another €4,416, paid as a fixed lump sum, for which no receipts are required, no accounting necessary, and no public scrutiny possible.  

From time to time, in reaction to public opinion such as this, the fake Parliament allows MEPs to consider a token suggestion to reform the legalised theft. This occurred again this year. And like all other suggestions that would make MEPs more transparent and accountable, it was firmly thrown out, MEPs rejecting any suggestion that they account for their expenses

Thrust those snouts in deep, folks; bloat yourself on that swill whilst you can. It may soon be past. 

Vid - H/T Doug. Click caption button for English subtitles.


Poisonedchalice said...

But that is the EU as a whole. When ever did anyone see a completed set of EU accounts? Never, is the answer to that question.

Edward Spalton said...

This reminds me of the attempt in the House of Lords to get former EU Commissioners and official to declare their interest in the EU pensions they receive free of British income tax. The pensions are conditional on good behaviour towards the EU. That is, they can be removed of the recipient acts in a way which the EU considers to be against its interests.

The small, valiant band of pro independence peers took the case to the Members' Interests Committee which agreed with them. Noble lords ought to declare this interest before speaking on EU-related matters. Just as any local Councillor receiving a similar conditional payment from a property company would have to declare it before speaking in the planning committee on an application by that company.

But the EU pensioners took the case to the Privileges Committee which decided that noble lords were such honourable people that they could not possibly be influenced by such a base consideration as EU money or it's possible withdrawal. So their lordships' house preserved the stern standards of probity for which it is renowned.

rapscallion said...

Yeah, well it's what the EU does isn't it, Bears defecate in wooded areas and the Pope is Catholic (allegedly anyway)

Being the devious scumbags they are, the money (our money), is not classified as an expense (as you suggest) and thus no receipts are required. They are classified as an allowance; hence the fixed sum.

In much the same way, whilst in the RN, where I incurred expenses in the course of my duties I had to provide receipts, invoices etc, and quite right too. However when I was on Lodging Allowance (for accommodation where no service accom is available) then no receipts are needed, and yes there was some left over at the end of the month. You win some, you lose some,

However, the context is different, yes, I was a public servant but I wasn't an "elected" public servant and therein lies the difference.

I get your point though Radders, they are scumbags, and being human they can be bribed, got at and generally knobbled, Money and status do it every time.

Doug Shoulders said...

I recall a documentary years n’ years ago = might have been Panorama – a hidden camera showing MEP’s turning up to sign in for the morning in order to get their expenses for that day then pissing off down the pub.
That’s something our MSM here in the UK wouldn’t show these days. The “British” (Snigger) Broadcasting Corporation and the likes following the orders of their foreign paymasters would never show that kind of thing any more.
Does the BBC receive some kind of stipend from the EU and the BBC also financially supports the guardian? If so therein lies the reason those two have their respective tongues in the EU arse.

Raedwald said...

Doug - thanks for the reminder. You tube vid now embedded.

Rob's Ramblings said...

€156,324/year ...expensive rubber stamps

Budgie said...

This is only one corrupt aspect of the corrupt EU. No wonder we voted to Leave given the opportunity: a wholly rational dislike of an artificial political scheme to re-create the Roman Empire by means of technocracy and ignoring the voters, rather than by war and fear.

rapscallion said...

Jack Ketch is rather conspicuous by his absence wouldn't you say?


Span Ows said...

Rob says "€156,324/year ...expensive rubber stamps"

no, no're forgetting they also get office expenses (4K/month?), staff expenses (8K/month?) and 'other' expenses. Plus the daily turn up to work bonus.

Span Ows said...

Just for comparison our UK MPs take an average of about GBP150/annum in expenses alone (not including salary)

Cascadian said...

Politicians doing what politicians always do, no different wherever in the world you live, in the scheme of things its a gnat piss into the Atlantic Ocean. Annoying, of course!

Meanwhile the entire western civilization is bled white by gimmegrant remittances to the shitholes they left.

How much of this was extracted from leaky welfare schemes, cash from stolen phones, drug money and even slavery payments after illegally being smuggled across the Mediterranean?

The costs to Joe Pleb are magnitudes of order greater than the piker MEP expenses.

John Brown said...

Mr. Raedwald, you are absolutely correct.

But I think the worse corruption is the use of our money through the EU to corrupt our institutions.

Such as the EU funding of the BBC, the CBI, RUSI and the IFS (2016 but strangely not 2017) etc. which can be found on :

There must be many other UK organisations similarly funded all of whom are portrayed as “independent” research groups.

All these organisations should make it very clear on their websites from whom they receive their funding and it should be declared on all reports, and reported by the BBC when they use these reports in a programme.

Since we are leaving the EU the government should publish a list of all those organisations which receive EU money and advise us for which ones they themselves intend to use tax payer money to replace the EU funding currently received.

Doug Shoulders said...

Those whose pockets will no longer be lined are the shrillest voices condemning Brexit.
The uneducated working class, so vehemently condemned, know this.