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Monday, 2 July 2018

Denmark hardens compulsory integration of Muslim 'ghettoes'

Now here's a story notable for its absence from UK media - and not one from some crackpot news source but from the New York Times. What the Danes are doing in 25 Muslim 'ghettoes' (and yes, the NYT says that word is explicitly used, but I can't confirm it) to enforce integration seems harsh, but I guess the longer it's left the harder it becomes. I won't paraphrase the entire, thoughtful and comprehensive article by Ellen Barry and Martin Selsoe Sorensen but here's a taste;
Rokhaia, her due date fast approaching, flared with anger at the mandatory preschool program approved by the government last month: Already, she said, her daughter was being taught so much about Christmas in kindergarten that she came home begging for presents from Santa Claus.

“Nobody should tell me whether or how my daughter should go to preschool. Or when,” she said. “I’d rather lose my benefits than submit to force.”
One of the measures being implemented is that "Starting at the age of 1, 'ghetto children' must be separated from their families for at least 25 hours a week, not including nap time, for mandatory instruction in 'Danish values,' including the traditions of Christmas and Easter, and Danish language."

All across Europe, amongst the old, original EU members rather than the newcomers of the Visegrad group, laws to force reluctant Muslims to integrate are gaining traction. Burqa bans, bans on Saudi and foreign funding of mosques and imams, clampdowns on arranged marriages and female genital mutilation and measures to force integration are becoming mainstream. 

One measure yet to be adopted by any European state is a ban on first-cousin marriages. Though these are unlawful in China and in many US states (and a criminal offence in others) it remains legal in Europe to marry your first cousin. Some 55% of Muslim marriages in the UK are first cousin unions, producing, as such things do, the most terrifying crop of deformed, seriously malformed or mentally subnormal offspring who are a serious burden to the NHS. Labour minister Phil Woolas called this the 'elephant in the room' and said in 2008 that "If you have a child with your cousin the likelihood is there'll be a genetic problem" - yet the UK has not yet taken action to ban the vile practice. 

Legal first cousin marriages (blue) or not (other)
 But I think the message is becoming clear to those considering migrating to Europe from one of the 'stans or from North Africa - that the prospect of establishing and maintaining detached nations-within-nations here in Europe is in rapid decline. Possibly we have even passed 'peak Islam' as nation states across Europe roll out the pushback.   


TrT said...

Or its just blundering in to a civil war.
Its hard not to see Rokhias point
She was born here
Her parents were born here

What right does anyone have to say her values are wrong?

It would have been easy to do 50 years ago, now, who's going to go in to the ghettos and collect the kids every day?
How long until the mosques set up their own counter classes telling the kids the evil Christians are abducting them to corrupt them

Stephen J said...

Don't you just love politicians?

They seem to have all of the answers... NOT.

Instead of keeping these people out in the first place, they have decided to fight fascism with fascism.

I am sure that will solve everything...

It might even be the final solution.

Span Ows said...

Seems a crazy way to go about it but look on the bright side: it may (a) make many decide to leave and (b) stop many form wanting to come.

Downside to this is that just across the water is a benefit giving, kowtowing push-over country just letting anyone in.

Dave_G said...

First cousin marriage is clearly the preferred method of the usual religions and key to them keeping their flock trapped into the faith - after all, education is the path to enlightenment and the Muzzies can't afford (or even allow) anyone to question the faith....

DNA tests pre-marriage should be mandatory.

Mr Ecks said...

Stop more arriving and make it too expensive for them to outbreed us. Recognise their marriages and charge those with more than one wife with bigamy. They can divorce and pay alimony to their surplus wives/kids who must then leave the UK or they can all go with a few thousand to help them on their way. Cheaper than a civil war.

Anonymous said...

The Sergeant Major says :- "possibly we have passed peak islam" ... fucking dream on you idiot. You are as much of a problem as the invaders.

Raedwald said...

Anon 11.51 - not a message for race warriors, I'm sure. Why not take your swastika tattoos out for a walk this afternoon and chill out a bit?

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said @ 12:16

'Anon 11.51 - not a message for race warriors, I'm sure. Why not take your swastika tattoos out for a walk this afternoon and chill out a bit?'

Godwin's Law (or Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies) is an Internet adage asserting that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1"—​ that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.

You lose


Anonymous said...

The Sergeant Major says:- I wasn't going to reply .. after all this is Radders blog, his gaff, his rules etc. However, going full on "you are a nazi" to a bit of robust comment / anglo saxon, was just embarrassing. Unlike him, I haven't assumed a non de plume of someone better than me. I AM a British Army Sergeant Major plain and simple and I've carried a rifle for 22 years.

Budgie said...

Elizabeth 1 said: "I would not open windows into men's souls." Whether she would have said the same about Muslims is moot, of course. But I don't think it is up to secular governments to tell people what, if any, religion they should practice.

However we are a Christian (heritage, anyway) nation so it seems reasonable that all state schools should teach in English, and teach English, together with an outline of British culture specifically including our history and the guiding religion of Christianity.

As for female genital mutilation (FGM), bigamy, child rape, etc, there are already laws against such practices. These laws should be rigorously enforced with no feebleness due to political correctness or inverse racism. It would seem sensible to add a general ban on face covering - for security reasons, and because our society works on the basis of visible faces (eg children seeing their teacher's face).

It seems to me that the establishment has completely lost contact with many, possibly a majority of, British natives. Whether it is the child rape scandal, MPs' expenses, open door migration, failing to Leave the EU, and many other non-party-political issues, there is a tinder-box of mistrust.

Raedwald said...

I always found the WOs I met as a guest myself in the Sgts' mess to be erudite, balanced and eminently responsible men. I can't recall one who would call British citizens of Islamic faith 'invaders' in such a racially charged way, nor one who gave any credence to notions of white supremacy, defilement by the under-races or any such nonsense. But then I only ever visited infantry units.

BTW 'raedwald' was the name of my boat, an IP24 built like a panzer with a top speed of 7kts, on board which I spent many happy years not catching fish. Whether she was 'better than me' I can't really say, but she was solid, seaworthy and got me out of several scrapes that could have been fatal in a less well found craft. I always rather thought of us as equals.

APL said...

“I’d rather lose my benefits than submit to force.”


APL said...

"I can't recall one who would call British citizens of Islamic faith 'invaders' in such a racially charged way,"

Perhaps a tour in Afghanistan, or Iraq with the beggars trying to shoot you or explode a land mine under your aluminium fabricated Landrover, ..

.. to come home and find some chav of a Blairite Laywer is gonna stitch you up in the British criminal system, for concocted offences that've made him a millionaire, ..

Radders: "racially charged way", come on Radders, that really is a bit weak. Islam is an ideological doctrine, not a race.

APL said...

"I can't recall one who would call British citizens of Islamic faith 'invaders' .. "

I can't recall 'British Citizens ' who were actual bonafide British Citizens who advocated for a foreign legal system. Take the IRA, could you honestly call Gerry Adams or Martin McGuinness a 'British Citizen'?

Yes, they were happy to take British coin, but when it came to swearing an oath of allegiance to the Crown, even the IRA had the principle to refuse.

John Vasc said...

"But I think the message is becoming clear to those considering migrating to Europe from one of the 'stans or from North Africa"

You have to be joking. No message of any kind is getting through to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad, Niger, Eritrea, Tunisia, or any of the other countries - except that it's getting more difficult to get asylum, you have to be cleverer, pay the smugglers more, it's more of a challenge, and more of a risk. But if you make it to the end, you'll end up among your own, talking your own lingo, freely exercising your religion, eating the food you're used to; and being generally looked after by a benevolent state.

Meanwhile, their birthrate escalates exponentially, there are too many mouths to feed and under-developed agri-economies suffering from drought...

I doubt they read the NYT much, and it would take more than the NYT to stop them surging up towards the perceived Mecca of northern Europe. And more than a few well-meaning social workers to make them conform to the traditional customs of the country they find themselves in. Those countries have been sending out media messages for decades about their liberal, sexual, personal and political tolerance. Bit late now to reverse the process.

jack ketch said...

How long until the mosques set up their own counter classes telling the kids the evil Christians are abducting them to corrupt them

I'm sure the ISIS websites/fecesbook pages are already proclaiming this as proof of heathen persecution of the faithful. As Right-Writes said, fighting fascism with fascism ....

If the Danes want to turn the next generation of Muslims into 'good Danes'(*shudder*) then they need to follow the same game plan that was used to lead successive generations away from Christianity. A mere 100 or so years ago our young men -most of them far too young- went to war not only for 'King and Country' but also for 'God'. How many serving in whatever 'Stan atm the moment are there for God? How many of today's youth even believe there is a God or that He created the world? How many who read here believe that? But their Great Grandparents probably did, even if they only ever went to Church at Xmas.
You destroy religious belief in the youth with an apple that "looks good to eat", preferably proffered by a naked woman, not with a kicking with jackboots.

DeeDee99 said...

The Continentals may slowly be waking up to the disaster of poorly integrated Muslim communities, but there's no sign of it happening in the UK.

Our complacent MPs are more interested in pandering to them to gain their votes, than taking firm action to break up the ghettos or force integration.

"I'd rather lose my benefits than submit to force." Ummm ...... perhaps that's the way forward. Fail to accept British cultural norms, lose British welfare.

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing to find that foreigners can usually obtain British Citizenship after only five years of residence (three years if married or civil partner to a British Citizen). Personally for citizenship, I think it would be much better to require ten years (a period that I recollect from past times).

There also look to be requirements of good character, showing sufficient knowledge of life in the UK, and meeting an appropriate level of competence in English (or another UK language - really?!). On these, would it not be better if stricter standards were required, of actual demonstrable assimilation and linguistic competence. This should include all close family (spouse, children) being required to demonstrate good character, assimilation and linguistic competence (and parents at the same time, should they ever wish to use the family relationship as reason to obtain residency). Also no allowance of 'spousal' arrangements that would be viewed as bigamous under UK law, or otherwise invalid - as these would show a failure to assimilate.

It would also be sensible (IMHO) for those looking to apply for British Citizenship to be required to undertake advance formal registration of intent, either at the start of the ten-year period or perhaps at least five years in advance of the application for citizenship (so five years after taking up residence).

Best regards

Nigel Sedgwick said...

The above comment at 3 July 2018 at 10:17 was submitted by me.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

But the demographic threat remains. All Muslims have to do is to double down so to speak, and wait the inevitable when Muslims are a majority.


Anonymous said...

Its really high time we start to insist on certain values that immigrants have to accept if they wish to live with us in peace and harmony.

Some simple and enlightened values that we need to assert, without in any form or manner targeting a group or ideology. These are normal for any nation or culture, and most certainly ours that is tolerant, humane and just.

1. No other language to be supported by the state except the national language.

2. Ban FGM totally. This is totally against our values. Anyone engaging in this outrageous custom has to pay a penalty.

3. Ban child marriages. This custom is not in keeping with European values.

4. Ban polygamy. Again, it is not in keeping with enlightened European values. Besides it causes immense headache when it comes to financial and inheritance cases. Our laws have evolved over centuries based on marriage between one man and one woman. We cannot have the absurd situation that we overturn centuries of values, tradition and law, just to cater for people who are here quite voluntarily.

5. “Honour” killing punishable by the usual legal penalties. In addition, as the crime is a violation of the codes of European values, those who did or aided in the murder, to be deported.

6. Ban raw Halal meat in shops. No Halal slaughter whatever in Europe. The slaughter of dumb animals is against our tradition of humane attitudes to animals. There is no requirement whatever that we overturn our traditional values for other cultures, who are here of their own will.

These values are good and need no justification.

In all cases where immigrants show that they do not accept our values, then, as we wish them well, it is best for all, that they try some other country.