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Sunday, 7 October 2018

EU gearing up to implement Press Censorship

Like all anti-democratic authoritarian regimes, the EU can't stand criticism. A robust democracy such as our own makes space for savage satire, popular contempt, the slings and barbs of insult, the razor-pens of cruel cartoonists and the dagger-words of writers. The discomfort of our politicians and others who place themselves in positions of power over us is the price they pay for the nation's long-term political stability, the engagement of voters with politics and a healthy democracy. Hence, as I've examined below, Britain's lack of criminal penalties for defamation or abuse of politicians and State officials. 

However the EU, in the words of one of our finest comedy writers, don't like it up 'em. And they're gearing-up to censor it. 

First Věra Jourová, the unelected EU official in charge of Justice, indicated that the EU had plans for press regulation to deal with an impertinent press and media. Then, Herr Tusk complained about a 'lack of respect' by the British press for unelected EU officials (in this country, chum, respect must be earned). And finally, yesterday, Herr Juncker himself chipped in with “The British press is such that I will not miss it. It is, in part so, that they do not respect the human rights of political actors at all. Press freedom also has its limits … One should not bring people in privacy in distress.”. 

And there you have it. Press freedom has its limits - and those limits include taking the piss out of unelected EU officials. The EU has the power. And will use it to limit what the press says about them. I expect it's this sort of thing from the Sun that angers them;

Or perhaps these sort of headlines, disrespecting Herr Juncker's 'sciatica' -

But those unelected EU officials should take care. Every regime in history that censored what its people wrote and said about it fell. Just thank God that from March next year their nasty repressive little laws and corrupt courts hold no sway in Britain.

Jean Quatremer has much more on Drunker's 'sciatica' in the Speccie


DeeDee99 said...

And they wonder why we - and now even people like the Foreign Sec - compare the EU to the USSR. The similarities are there, and growing.

Mind you, Germany already has a law to prevent journalists from insulting foreign politicians, with one prosecuted for saying rude things about that fine, upstanding defender of democracy President Erdogan. So what do you expect when the EU is run by Selmayr.

Stephen J said...

The unelected EC and its cohorts in the unelected bureaucracy currently led by Martin Selmayr, are making noises which come through to us only because there is a language barrier which makes the attacks that you describe as threatening to our "free" press.

The real threat though is coming from our own unelected bureaucracy who don't say a word, they just use the politicians to soak up the journalistic "abuse" that you describe.

You hit the nail squarely and firmly on the head the other morning Raedwald, when you pointed out that the politicians gave that bureaucracy license and free rein at the outset of WW2, and that was never relinquished...

...Rather it has been relentlessly ramping up ever since.

What this bureaucracy represents is an intolerable inflationary blob which holds everyone to ransom at gunpoint. The people that they claim to be helping are the bottom 15% of the economy. After 70 years, we still have a bottom 15% and it is even poorer by comparison to what it was before they started to "sort it out".

The proof is staring us in the face. The rapid economic recovery of Germany after the war was due entirely to the lack of a functioning buraucracy... and once that took over German recovery began to slow so much that the Germans (who have a genetic defect) began to steal the assets of the rest of Europe again.

But you know all this anyway.

jack ketch said...

Mind you, Germany already has a law to prevent journalists from insulting foreign politicians
Dee Dee

No it doesn't. It had.

jack ketch said...

corrupt courts hold no sway in Britain.-Raedwald

Are we leaving, then, the Council Of Europe?

John in Cheshire said...

I suspect that if a Project Veritas investigation was conducted here in the UK, it would reveal our bureaucracy is infested with communists who are actively working to destroy our country from within.

I had been under the impression that the Civil Service carried out checks on prospective employees to root out the communists but then this Olly Robbins character emerges as a key figure in the Brexiteers plans and I'm now wondering how he got to such a position.

I don't want communists, in or out of the closet, working in the Civil Service, on my money.

Budgie said...

Raedwald said: "Just thank God that from March next year their nasty repressive little laws and corrupt courts hold no sway in Britain."

Well, that is possible, but on current showing unlikely. The perverts and masochists who head up our establishment do so love to be controlled. They almost shiver with delight at the thought of German domination: it is a sort of sado-sexual thrill at all things German.

The consequence is our establishment has not prepared for independence. It is almost certain that, in essentials (to coin a phrase), we will Remain in the EU until 2021. And it is nearly as certain that we will Remain at least partly under the thumb of the EU thereafter. It's all laid out in Chequers in black and white.

Maybe Andrea Leadsom was onto to something more than she realised; and maybe Mr Robbins has taken advantage.

Dave_G said...

I must be missing the point.....

On balance, the media are far more supportive than critical of any aspect of the EU. The only time the media are genuinely critical is when the culprits are stupid enough to (practically) advertise their corruption for all to see anyway.

Where were the media as the EU grew and deceived its way to where it is now?

Where were they when Heath (and every leader since) lied their way to the current EU status?

Where are they (now) as the EU continues to lie and cheat us over Brexit (or Global Warming, or green energy, fiat currency/banks, NWO, enforced immigration, Islam, Globalists or US/Saudi/Israeli manipulation of ME politics etc etc). In EVERY major aspect the media are ignorant or complicit in deceiving the public - at the BEHEST of the likes of the EU.

What the EU want to curtail is the un-supportive (critical) media - like you Radders - which is the internet (basically). All this talk about bad press isn't aimed at the conventional media at all but is the usual catch-all ruse to implement internet censorship.