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Saturday, 13 October 2018

No, Mrs May - We will NEVER accept your shoddy sell-out

If both Mrs May and the capos of the EU seriously believe that 17.4 million British voters will remain quiescent following a sell-out deal that screws our nation, our freedom, our economy and our rights they are away with the fairies. 

If the EU believe that Britain will be bound by treaties and agreements signed for Britain by a political cabal acting in direct contravention of their democratic mandate, a mandate conferred by the largest vote in our nation's history, they are deluded. Tomorrow, the day after, the year after, we will repudiate those shoddy and anti-democratic scraps of paper. 

Our government has an epochal opportunity to steer this realm on a new course, on a heading outwards towards the world, to the thrusting, bursting economic growth and vitality of Asia, India, South America, over the great oceans. If Mrs May abuses this chance and tries instead to ground us on a stinking rancid EU mudbank to rot like a hulk, she will not succeed. We will not allow this nation to be so abused, so mishandled. 

A political leader with an ounce of ability could have turned this into an opportunity to win national acclaim, international respect and achieve unity and political stability in the United Kingdom. Mrs May is not that person. A political leader of integrity and imbued with veracity who had promised the country many times that we were leaving the single market and customs union would have striven over every obstruction to keep their word. Mrs May is not that person. A political leader of courage, vision and probity would have led their party effectively despite the divergences of view within it, would have had the courage to appoint to their cabinet ministers who would support their promises made to the people of Britain. Mrs May is not that person. 

One message at least should be made crystal-clear to Mrs May and her shadowy global corporatist and EUphile backers - that we will NEVER accept this shoddy sell-out.


Peter Wood said...

Very well said, Mr. Raedwald. We have a naïve appeaser, who simply doesn't understand that every time you give way, a new demand keeps appearing. We are humiliated, even a drunk Luxemburger makes fun of our PM without care.

M r Ecks said...

Treason May is malicious not naïve.

More pressure still on Tory MPs . They haven't accepted the "deal" yet. Nor can they pretend that everything will be alright for them if they do swallow.

Keep reminding them of that fact. In truth --if EVERY Brexit supporter had already written just one letter/email to the Tory Party May would not still be there.

Stop talking as if the cunts have already won. They haven't.

Stephen J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen J said...

Am I alone in thinking that the FFC will have to cancel the execution of "Art 50" in order to remain in the Customs Union?

Have I missed something?

I am perhaps naïve, but I thought that the 1957 Treaty of Rome, which the UK acceded to on 1st January 1973, following that treacherous act, the 1972 European Communities Act, at the hands of yet another tory traitor "Traitor Heath", was the definition of a "Customs Union" aka Zollverein?

Article 50 has been passed through the HOC and the Frauds and is therefore law and it triggers next March, its purpose is to repeal the 1972 ECA.

Is this effin cow prepared to kowtow to the germans within the lifetime of the brave people that stood against them?

I do hope that it isn't too late for someone with a bit of spine to come forward, otherwise we are not going to be experiencing managed decline, we are going to hell.

Speaking of hell, where are Rees-Mogg, Davis, Johnson, they seem awfully quiet...

I bet they are planning a Maastricht moment, as we speak!


BTW: It has become increasingly clear, that I come across as being the angriest commenter here... I have just understood from Raedwald's piece on firewood, that most of you seem to have already left this stinking pie of ordure for pastures new.

Have you all concluded, as my slow brain, seems to finally be coming around to, that the EU is better than our own treacherous government?

jack ketch said...

I have just understood from Raedwald's piece on firewood, that most of you seem to have already left this stinking pie of ordure for pastures new.

I was wondering the exact same thing after Chuffburgers comment this morning. And I would say that MrX is far angrier than you ...on balance.

Stephen J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen J said...

Well Jack, maybe he has chosen to escape to somewhere even worse than this "Blighted Isle".

I find that hard to believe, whether it is a pie or pile makes no difference, it is still shitty.

As Christy Moore (a very proud Irishman once sang), we have a "whore in number 10".

Admittedly, he was referring to the blessed Madge, but the cap fits.

DiscoveredJoys said...

That Woman has skilfully (yes, truly) managed to run a Government as if it were office politics writ large. She stands on top of a ramshackle heap of promises, influence and balanced opposing forces, repeatedly shoring up her support every time there's a wobble. She has played her weaknesses as a threat to 'stability'.

But her support is unstable and will inevitably fail - the only question is how much damage she does until then. And, of course, what ordinary people can do to hasten that event.

Raedwald said...

It's the piss poor quality of our civil servants that have buggered Britain - for decades, we've been promoting people on entirely the wrong criteria. Other nations just have more experience of spotting and removing EU Quislings from the ranks.

For e.g. EU passes a directive requiring states to restrict firearms ownership. Austria changes law to require people to register the serial numbers of the weapons they hold with a local gunsmith, Italy changes the law requiring persons over 85 with poor eyesight to take a rifle firing test, the UK bans ownership of all firearms, air rifles, toys, replicas, antiques and chocolate confectioneny made in the shape of firearms.

For years, the UK under these Quislings is about the only nation in Europe that follows the diktats of the capos to the letter. No wonder they don't want us to go.

Bill Quango MP said...

It is quite incredible that May has been convinced that fear of Corbyn will overcome anger at sell out. That enough remainers will think her a good leader that moderates will grant her their votes. So the 'rabid brexiteer' 15% won't be needed at the next election.

I can only assume the polling she sees does not include the likes of me.
A staunch Conservative. Voted blue every time since 1987 for the Tories.

With one exception. Which was 1997.
When I didn't vote at all. Couldn't vote for the appalling disaster that was John Major. And so I helped usher in the years of terror through inaction.

I will never vote for May. Not under any circumstances.She had her chance.

I could still be persuaded to vote for a different Tory leader. IF they carried out a sensible and realistic brexit.

If the result of mine, and tens of thousands like me, is a Korbyn Comintern, that is a price that must be paid.
Treachery must never be rewarded.

{John Major is now, inexplicably, considered some kind of wise elder statesman. Rather than the disastrous.Discredited.Hapless dullard that he was.}

Dadad said...

I agree with the above comments re the paucity of our leadership.

However, we all now know that a no deal brexit is not going to happen as the govt has just made clear.

So the best that can happen is that we leave the disgusting EU with whatever deal we can get.

That will leave a future leader with some common sense to get us into EFTA. I hope.

Budgie said...

Mr Ecks said: "Treason May is malicious not naïve." That is correct. She is a Remain who has plotted to deliver Remain, probably all along.

In 2016 I was prepared to give her a chance. By 2017 I was seriously worried. In early 2018 I thought maybe she was under the thumb of our rancid civil service. But Chequers, particularly the dates, revealed that Mrs May is a seasoned liar, deceiver, and schemer.

March 2018 - Sun scoop on UK civil servant assuring her EU colleagues that there would only be a "Kit-Kat Brexit".

2018 - Mrs May authorises two Brexit White Papers (DExEU and No10 EU Unit) lying to her Brexit Ministers to keep Olly Robbins WP a secret.

5 July 2018 - EU gives internal response to Chequers, proving that Mrs May gave the EU the Chequers WP before she gave it to her own Cabinet.

6 July 2018 - Mrs May springs the Olly Robbins revolving-door Remain WP at Chequers on the Cabinet, and trashes the DExEU WP.

8 Oct 2018 - It is revealed that Tory whips have been touting the support of Remain Labour MPs to outvote her own party's MPs who want to honour the Leave vote.

10 Oct 2018 - Mrs May now openly canvasses for continued customs union membership, to end sometime never.

It is quite clear that unless she is stopped we will get the Chequers Remain.

jack ketch said...

the UK bans ownership of all firearms

Tony Blair banned nearly all firearms in some 10 years before the EU directive- which wouldn't have required us to ban all firearms anyways. But yes, aside from that, you're right, the yUK has a nasty habit of gold plating EU legislation and then letting everyone blame the nasty EU and our politicians, who are the real guilty, party get a further method to control the sheeple and an alibi from our MSM.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, Whilst I accept the civil services share of culpability, I think it is now pretty obvious that Theresa May is a person without principles. She has allowed her own adherence to Remain to overcome any scruples of honour, truthfulness, and democracy.

Probably the Remain civil service would have tried to undermine a Leave Prime Minister. But a sensible Leave PM would know that, and been able to work round the problems. And of course a Leave PM probably would not have had the disastrous 2017 election.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, Our politicians would not be able to "gold plate" EU laws if the EU laws did not exist in the first place. You have hit on two of the (many) reasons to vote Leave: to have clarity on who is responsible for a law; and to have direct sanction over their actions.

jack ketch said...

to have clarity on who is responsible for a law;

There is unclarity about that? Silly me, I assumed all the laws governing this septic Isle were the responsibility of our sovereign independent Parliament. Ask that nice Mr. Orban about who is responsible for complying with EU directives.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, No, there is not clarity. You said so yourself: "the yUK has a nasty habit of gold plating EU legislation and then letting everyone blame the nasty EU and our politicians, who are the real guilty party ...".

Claiming that only our politicians are the "real" guilty party for all EU laws is patently absurd when those laws are originated, written and passed by the EU. Even then we don't know who did what, and how to apportion their culpability. There is nothing and no-one to get hold of. We know exactly who was responsible for taking us to war in Iraq; we do not know who was responsible for GDPR. The EU has been deliberately built that way.

Apart from anything else EU Regulations (the bulk of EU law) never go through our own Parliament. At best these Regulations are a concoction of civil servant jockeying, then a final sign off by a Minister who has neither the time nor the resources to properly monitor what's going on. Our own MPs don't get a say in the wording of the EU laws. And of course, nothing can be done anyway - short of leaving the EU.

Etu said...

All your claimed facts are wrong.

The referendum was not even the best turnout in British history. Post WWII General Elections had higher ones for instance.



Raedwald said...

Etu, dear child - can I suggest you learn to read before joining the conversation?

I never mentioned turnout percentages. It is a figment of your mind.

In 1945 Atlee polled 12m votes - a long way short of the 17.4m cast to Leave the EU. 17.4m remains, just as I said, "the largest vote in our nation's history"

So which other 'claimed facts' do you need me to educate you about?

Dave_G said...

I'd like to congratulate Mrs May as being only the second PM I want to punch in the face..... we all know who the 1st choice is.

From a pacifist like myself this goes a long way to illustrate the torment PMT May is creating in just the 'simple' electorate, not 100% clued up on the details but who knows that they are being lied to and cheated against.

Given that Parliament runs by the CONSENT of the people, if Parliament deems themselves above the will of the people are the people therefore obligated to IGNORE the rulings from said Parliament?

I'd like to see a backlash against .gov in the form of people and businesses refusing to adopt any ruling, diktat or fee that .gov is 'forced' into legislation (or remains on the statutes) by an EU that the people voted, IN A MAJORITY, to leave. The Government would then be forced to face accusations of treachery in a Court of Law if they wished to enforce their rulings. The people couldn't possibly lose.

Of course this simple act is a statement of ANARCHY and that is what we will get if Mrs May's rabid excuse for Brexit is passed.

Cascadian said...

Allow me to summarize:

MsDisMay is on the verge of signing a very large cheque to keep the EU solvent, in return she will be allowed to kick-the-can down the road for 21 months. During the 21 months the deplorably lazy bureaucrats will faff around some more all the while pretending that Eire does not exist. NOTHING will be achieved.

1. your politicians are beyond crap.
2. your bureaucrats are corrupt and lazy.
3. your plod and "justice" system are beyond redemption.
4. your army could be on the edge of mutiny.
5. RN and RAF are a laughing-stock.
6. infrastructure breaks down with every change of the weather.
7. news reporting is government-controlled and dire.

Perhaps it is time for a plan B that does not include yUK? Where MsDisMay's blatant treachery will not despoil your life effort, and you too could own a Moisin-Nagant against upcoming unpleasantness.

DeeDee99 said...

It isn't just Treason May though, is it. The majority of MPs supported Remain across all the major Parties and even if Treason May is forced out of Office, we are stuck with the other 500-odd MPs who prefer to remain in the EU. They cannot bring themselves to implement the democratic decision of the British people but we have no mechanism for getting rid of them. All we can do is swap some of them, not in safe seats, for other pro-EU MPs from the other Party.

We really need the Brexit-supporting MPs to split from Labour and the Conservatives and join with UKIP, but it isn't going to happen. As John Redwood pointed out on his blog when Carswell joined UKIP, he would not win his seat standing for UKIP and the other Brexit-supporting MPs have made the same calculation.

It needs a mass revolt.

Budgie said...

Cascadian, Putting your sneers to one side, I largely agree with your comment at 14 Oct 00:02.

Except for this: "... the deplorably lazy bureaucrats will faff around some more all the while pretending that Eire does not exist".

That is the exact reverse of the case. No I don't mean our civil servants who are as crap as you say, I mean the bit about Eire. Mrs May has actually made Eire one of the the centrepieces of her Chequers plan. Eire and its border with Northern Ireland give her the excuse for the "Facilitated Customs Arrangement ... between the UK and the EU as if they were a combined customs territory ..." (Chequers WP). Eire is also the reason for her fundamental "mistake" (yeah, right) of allowing a "backstop" position over the Eire/N.I. border, in Dec 2017.

The reality is the Eire/N.I. border is no more important than the England/Belgium border, yet it seems to be controlling our (so-called) exit.

Elby the Beserk said...

Etu said...

%age - or numerical turnout?

Just asking, as I don't know

jack ketch said...

Run Raab-it, run Raab-it run run someone over at the Groan said.

Cascadian said...

Budgie, I hope you do not think my robust comments are aimed at the commentors here (or Raedwald). They are aimed at your dire governments (plural) of the last 70 years of poorly-managed decline. Indeed, on re-reading I missed the most obvious target, the NHS! Everything touchs turns to, expensive and poorly-served shit.

I truly feel sorry for the honest tax-paying inhabitants of yUK, especially those of advanced age unable to remove themselves, some of whom are my relatives.

As to pretending Eire exists, I take your point, my comment poorly expressed the nonsense of trying to have a sea border at the Irish Sea but not at the N. Ireland land border. It typifies the wishful, muddled thinking of MsDisMay.

Budgie said...

Cascadian, No, I find your sneers quite succinct, entertaining and witty compared to Jack Ketch's mere playground vulgarity.

Anonymous said...

It looks like there will be a longer window of opportunity to re-run GOSPLAN. Well done chaps!