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Friday, 31 May 2019

Democracy deniers - a paucity of intellectual rigour

The Euro Idiots de jour are Maciej Kisilowski and Anna Wojciuk - dissident Polish academics at odds with the democratic choices of their fellow countrymen. To read the risible trash they have penned for Politico EU is to gain an insight into the deep delusions of the Refuseniks, the democracy deniers.

Democracy, they insist is a sort of disease that can be 'contained' by right-thinking illiberal authoritarians such as themselves. Like Communism. And the way in which they can 'contain' democracy, they state, is to use the anti-democratic powers of the unelected EU to bully, harass, victimise and thuggishly sanction any signs of emergent democracy across Europe. To use, in other words, exactly the methods used by the Soviet Union to repress emergent freedoms in its satellite nations. These two Poles would no doubt have reasoned that Lech Walesa should have been sent to a gulag right at the start, for the good of Poland.

The utter vacuousness of their intellectual reach is exposed by their projecting their own stupidity onto Europe's democrats -

"You cannot “keep migrants out” and pay for the growing number of pensioners." 
Yes you can. That Europe needs millions of migrants to work the factories that will shortly all be automated was a Globalist's myth, a con. Open borders policies have one aim only - to help destroy national identity and to establish a Globalist hegemony.

"As a mid-sized nation-state, you cannot both “take back control” and strengthen your position in the global economy."
Ah, the Orwellian mantras that slavery is freedom, poverty is wealth. Only giving away your sovereignty to a supranational authority can make you a viable nation, they claim. This is utter bilgewater and like their previous point is offered without any supporting evidence. In fact there is much evidence to the contrary.

"You cannot make government more accountable to “the people” at the same time as you destroy independent institutions."
Again, a paradox against reason. By rejecting unelected anti-democratic self-appointed illiberal supranationalists you become less democratic, they claim. What they mean by 'independent institutions' is institutions free from any democratic control or oversight - like the organs of the Soviet state.
"And you cannot build an innovative economy while stifling critical thinking."
But surely under their Sovietised. illiberal and authoritarian anti-democracy, stifling critical thinking - i.e. thinking that opposes their bigoted orthodoxy, is the entire point of the 'containment' they are advocating?

This drivel is the thin intellectual gruel of the EU's cerebral giants. No wonder EU universities are utterly third-rate, with not a single EU27 university in the global top 20. And no wonder so many Poles are flocking to the UK to experience what world-beating universities, with four or five in the global top 20, can demonstrate to these illiberal democracy deniers. 


Stephen J said...
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Stephen J said...

I have a problem with sovereignty deniers Raedwald.

They don't have the foggiest idea what they are talking about. The lack of democracy within the EU is one very good reason why corporate power loves it, and national borders are the ONE defence we have against a bunch of corporate entities whose sole aim is to get their monopolist product produced at the lowest price by the cheapest workers... Freedom of movement works for corporates in both directions... The power can move wherever it sees fit and use cheaper employees... Or the employees can be encouraged to move to find work.

The vote and the border are the only protection that we have, the freedom of the individual is vital as opposed to the free movement of legal entities (aka "legal person"), which is what the EU means by free movement.

I have prattled on about this before, but the concept of creating a "legal person", a limited company which is not real since it is not mortal like a real person should be stopped, people who have an idea should form partnerships and bet their house on the idea, rather than seek a way out before even starting.

So these democracy deniers are not only degenerate and wrong, but they shouldn't be let anywhere near a university, they are mentally ill, like our resident corporatist, cheesy.

Tom Paine said...

I was with you until the last sentence. British universities trade on centuries of reputation. As Dawkins pointed out to widespread protest, there’s a single college at Cambridge with more Nobel prizes than the entire Muslim world. But outside STEM subjects, the current faculty is engaged in agitprop, not education. They don’t open minds, they poison them. Yes, Mitteleuropa’s universities were the source of the authoritarian intellectual darkness of Fascism and Communism, but the Eastern European universities now have at least some academics inoculated against evil by having lived through it.

Anonymous said...

The ideal system of government for supporters of the EU seems to be the current setup in China.

Don Cox

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

It's not about workers in factories. As you state, the factories are ever more automated and A.I. will do for the "thinking" jobs too.

No, the influx of immigrants is more about consumption. The ever more automated factories need ever more consumers to consume the goods. A declining population can only ever consume less of the products being made.

So what do you do? Import more consumers!

It's all just about money. Always has been. That's why political or religious ideology don't matter to the elites. They just need more people buying the things they make a profit on, continuing the conspicuous consumption. Even Imams wear Rolexes.

Dave_G said...

'Consumption' is only the end-product of the real issue - debt.

The current financial system relies on ever-increasing debt but the present ownership of debt is now at the limit of sustainability. Even a slight increase in interest rates will cause calamity for millions but, whilst rates are low, importing people that can be used to justify more money-printing to support them is the last option left to the banking industry.

Moving to a robotic manufacturing system will remove many peoples access to funds to support the debts they owe so any changes along those lines will have to be carefully managed OR the system would need to be 'reset' to consolidate the debt (somehow).

Overall, the immigration issue is and always was a 'finance-inspired' idea. The fact that it also dilutes indigenous populations and redirects anger (away from the banks/establishment) is a bonus for those that are manipulating events.

Span Ows said...

Imagine those academics, multiply by 100,000 and you have the entire problem. Every university and institution is riddled with 'academics', 'experts', those who clearly know what's best etc. The fact that it always ends up needing the state to enforce their wonderful ides when those racist, nationalist, thick hoi polloi just refuse to accept that their betters have spoken is what always ends up with blood being spilled.

Cheerful Edward said...

For all the pompous, language and pseudo-intellectual structure, there's no more substance to this piece than in the baying of a dark ages peasant, joining in with the rumour-and-hearsay-based clamour for the Ducking Stool, Raedwald.

Come on. You discredit yourself man.

Span Ows said...

Ed, it is an opinion referencing another opinion, something that happens quite a lot on blogs, perhaps you haven't noticed. There is "no substance" to 90% of the opinion what we read in any mainstream newspaper or magazine.

Ravenscar. said...

Maciej Kisilowski and Anna Wojciuk, they must have been to a EUropean university, only western academia (particularly in Brit tertiary institutions) imbues that sort of irrational bollocks of Marxist twattery.

Dave_G said...

You can only laugh at Ed's statement:

there's no more substance to this piece...

in light of comments he himself makes. LOL.

Cheerful Edward said...

Interesting, that by far the highest concentration of Revoke petition signers were in central Oxford and Cambridge, isn't it?

Raedwald said...

That's the location of the servers used by the spam bots, Edward. Also Brighton - a lovely town, but not one that has an international top 20 university.

Cheerful Edward said...

The polls called the EU elections quite well. They're now saying that the LDs would be the most popular at a GE, followed by Farage's plaything.

The IP addresses for the petition's signatories were authenticated as nearly all private UK ones, and you know it.

Those two facts tally quite well, don't they?

A blogger's life must be quite easy when you allow yourself simply to make up stuff though.

Span Ows said...

Ed, many thousands of IP addresses weren't. Also Jacob Rees Mogg signed 8000 times, Idi Amin 800 times.

The poll (singular) you mention has now been famously belittled when it became clear that the Brexit Party wasn't even listed! LOL