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Friday, 10 May 2019

For the EU, Britain is either a Colony or an Enemy

"We got rid of them. We kicked them out. We finally turned them into a colony, and that was our plan from the first moment"

Having watched the first part of BBC4's extraordinary fly-on-the-wall documentary and last night's episode spooled on the recorder and ready to go, one thing is clear - everything we suspected about the EU is true. All our fears, dismissed as fantasy by the Remainers, are confirmed from the very mouths of the EU's apparatchiks themselves.

I haven't paid the TV Tax since 2015, but if I had, these two programmes alone may have assuaged the insult of the impost.

One thing is already very clear. As much as the EU team were congratulating themselves on having imposed on May, through Robbins, a surrender treaty as humiliating as Versailles,that turned Britain, in their own words, into an EU Colony, the consequences of our refusing to bow to their subjugation were also quite clear. We would become an economic and diplomatic enemy - our territory liable to incursions and claims, our economy liable to sabotage, out trade interests liable to frustration and blockage. Once we had made the decision to Leave, we were either a Colony or an Enemy.

This is why May and her treacherous administration, and all the betrayer MPs in the Commons, are so eager to sign away our nation as an EU Colony. They have neither the balls nor the aptitude to fight for this nation's freedom. May, Grieve, Thornberry, Starmer and Rudd would all have been at the front of the collaboration queue if the Nazis had invaded in 1940, to offer their co-operation in return for special treatment. They would have been the Quislings in the puppet parliament.

We cannot sign the surrender document - May's loathsome and treacherous 'withdrawal agreement' - or any contrived variation of it acceptable to the EU empire. We will not surrender. We will not cravenly give up this nation's proud achievements to become a Colony of Brussels. We WILL Leave.

If you haven't seen the documentary yet, I urge you to do so. I suspect it was never intended for transmission in the run-up to the EP elections, so damning is it to Remainers' lies. I suspect it was scheduled when even the BBC thought we'd be gone by the end of March. These happy accidents do happen.


Billy Marlene said...

And people mocked Mogg’s ‘Vassal State’ remark as extreme!

DeeDee99 said...

I watched the first episode on i-player last night. It confirmed everything that genuine Brexiteers said about the EU's intention to inflict a punishment beating on the Brits for daring to vote to leave their Empire.

But they couldn't have done it without the craven cowardice of the CON Remainers; the duplicitous Treason May and the Quisling Robbins.

It makes me so angry when Treason May and other Remainers refer to them as "our friends and allies." They are no such thing.

Mark said...

Twas ever thus.

Continental Europe has always looked down it's nose at us. They never really tried to disguise it either which is why I, for one, have never really been able to understands the embarrassing cultural cringe so many people seem to have.

To those who want to remain the unanswered question of course is what is it you want to remain in and as what? When the overtly political nature of "the project" became apparent - which it did years, decades ago - what did anybody expect other than reduction to a satrapy?

"Bollocks th Brexit" as sir lay a cable puts it. After half a century of having it essentially their own way. Half a century of "europe". Half a century of economic and political integration that is all they can come up with.

What more needs to be said?

DiscoveredJoys said...


"What more needs to be said?"

Bollocks to rEU?

17 Million Fuck Offs?

What can be asserted in a sweary way can be refuted in a sweary way.

John Brown said...

I’m sure the BBC could have stopped its screening if it wanted to.

But I expect they see it as promoting remain over Mrs. May’s/the EU’s terrible colonial status deal in preparation for a second referendum.

This has been the policy from the beginning by the ruling elite in the pro-EU Conservative Party.

Had a true Brexiter been in charge, who would have prepared the country for a “no deal” exit, we would now have left with a fair and sensible working deal.

Stephen J said...

I saw part one just now and I have to say I never really understood just how dynamic and effective is the team that Mrs. May has put together in order to negotiate a British surrender in Brussels.

And there's me thinking that this woman is completely useless.

Dave_G said...

Even the BBC can't hide the vociferous support for Brexit and utter rejection of a 2nd referendum when seen on programs such as QT.

Last nights episode was yet another example of the mainstream politicians on the panel being roundly and severely 'abused' of the idea that there is support for either of the aforementioned and HUGE support for the Brexit Party instead.

If the BBC are 'allowing'(?) Brexit supporters to dominate their audiences (against every indication that they operate otherwise) and even showing programs that expose the duplicity behind the EU's machinations then there is something afoot - I've learned to realise that these things don't happen without good reason.

Cheerful Edward said...

So the BBC misrepresents from time to time, as the needs of the Establishment - the real one, not Leavers' silly fantasy - dictate, as we saw during the Miners' Strike, the Falklands War, and here yet again.

A con trick only works if you build up confidence first.

Anonymous said...


I watched the BBC4 programme with increasing dislike of May and all the Remainers, who have quite literally betrayed Britain to foreigners, who despise and hate us for the reason that we saved them from themselves.

There is no future for Britain in such a coalition that has one of its pillars “hatred of the UK”. Its not a surprise anymore why Britain has been robbed by the EU at every turn for the last 30 years, while getting nothing in return except vilification.

vera said...

It seems to me they hate us because we have been for centuries a really successful nation, even rescuing that bunch of lickspittles from Hitler in spite of the odds against us - it must really, really stick in their craw. They hate us because we exist.

Cheerful Edward said...

Anon, the UK has got about eight trillion quid, in trade and commerce revenues alone, from Thatcher's EU single market since 2000.

Try not to make yourself look silly.

Mark said...

@Cheerful Edward

If you're going to troll, at least make an effort!

Had we not become a member of "Thatchers sigle market" presumably we would not have done a penny of trade of any kind?

Bit like the 3 to 8 million jobs that were going to disappear by us refusing to catch economic AIDS (aka the Euro)

Cheerful Edward said...

That's some Straw Man, Mark.

Of course the UK would have done trade, as it contrived to do in the early 70s, but with mediocre results to say the least.

There's quite a difference between say, three trillion and eight billion. And what would it have had to have done, to access the world's richest market, right on its doorstep? Well, pretty much what May is struggling to get through Parliament right now, wouldn't you say?

Mark said...

@Cheerful Edward

My straw man wouldn't last five seconds against your straw army!

You cannot say what trade with what became the EU would have been had we not become part of it. Why three trillion, why not two or four? Had we not joined, would we today have such a massive current account deficit with them? I really can't see why we would have.

And how would our trade with the rest of the world been otherwise?

Back to economic AIDS. Between three million and up to eight million jobs we were told "depended on Europe", the implication was absolutely clear. If we don't join the Euro these jobs would disappear ad the country would essentially economically collapse, never to recover.

Were you around 20 years ago listening to the shrill and hysterical scare stories? I was. And, of course, they all turned out to be utterly garbage lies.

I doubt if anything I or anybody else could tell you would change your mind. Which is fine, believe what you want and keep on entertaining us.

But I think a lot of people have changed their minds, and not just in this country.

Anonymous said...

Replying to @BillyMarlene

Mogg's remark was not outlandish. Take a look at the price of vaseline futures for UK delivery.

Nothing new for your public school political leaders. On a par with first world war generals.