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Monday, 6 May 2019

May in last ditch struggle to stop Brexit

The Telegraph reports that the besieged May is engaged in a last ditch struggle to block Brexit. Securing Corbyn's co-operation in sabotaging Britain's exit looks doomed to failure as even the Comrades are unwilling to leave their fingerprints on an act of electoral suicide when they can leave May to achieve this for the Conservatives on her own. The Telegraph claims she is planning a new referendum with three choices -
Mrs May and her advisers are understood to have 'war gamed' the possibility of giving voters a choice of her deal, no deal and remain, though Government sources insisted it would only become relevant if talks with Labour collapse and Parliament forces a vote on a second referendum.
It is exactly this three-way option that is designed to split the Leave vote and allow her to defy the Brexit vote. However, since it is so clearly biased, it is unlikely to be agreed even by the deeply Remainer Electoral Commission - it would earn them opprobrium from across the developed democratic world and mire them in legal challenges. In this form, a referendum would be almost impossible to engineer before the end of October - our final end-date for EU membership. Agreeing it would mean agreeing an extension with the EU.

There are two key problems with May's final defence of her F├╝hrerbunker; with Farage set to storm the EP in July, it is unlikely the unelected officials in Brussels will want to prolong this beyond October. The second is that May's political life is limited. The latest poll of members by Conservative Home with 82% demanding May's departure now means her claws will be dug out from the Number Ten doorposts before too long - probably after the EP elections.

The Party's members will only vote for a new Leader who vows to deliver the Brexit we voted for in 2016. The Chairman called upon us to show Unity. Well, I reckon 82% demonstrates a fair degree of bloody Unity.


DeeDee99 said...

The CON Party is done for regardless of whether May goes now, next week or in 2 months' time. The Party membership have been EU-sceptic for a long time and anti-EU for a decade with a continual leakage to UKIP as it became increasingly plain that the Party Leadership had a policy of taking EU-sceptic, whilst quietly supporting integration.

They've now seen that even winning a legitimate Referendum has no effect on the EU-philes who run Party; they would rather keep a patently duplicitous and incompetent Prime Minister and risk destroying the Party than honour the result they promised to implement. Instead of delivering the independence we voted for, they've come up with a Treaty which makes us LESS Sovereign and LESS able to run our own country in our own interests.

There's no coming back from that.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Incredible. The difficulty with another referendum posed by the Conservatives would be the endless criticism about not honouring the last referendum. And a three way split is not going to fly.

But even if there is 'justifiable' referendum of two choices (WA or WTO Leave) who expects that any WTO result won't be subjected to another long drawn out gelding?

Whatever May decides to do I suspect the rest of the EU will lose patience.

right-writes said...

"The Party's members will only vote for a new Leader who vows to deliver the Brexit we voted for in 2016."

That could well be Mrs. May then, that creep Barwell assured me that she (who he said he knew very well) was the only real prospect for getting us out of the EU. I told him that I disagreed and that with this unnecessary election, we were seeing the unfolding of a grand plan to destroy the referendum vote.

I am just excited about the fact that the two major parties are close to getting this mess sorted out...

...Finally, we will be leaving according to the terms and conditions set out under the WTO and the GATT... I knew they weoud finally see sen.....


Dave_G said...

All I've been able to 'see' is that our so-called democratic, independent and 'legitimate' parliament is far from the truth and that a 'deep state' has been pulling the strings of OUR lives all along.

Right from the outset we have been lied to and deceived (the 'Common Market' leading to political integration right up to the WA actually being written by Merkel) and there seems to be no end to the trail of deceit.

Post-all-this-crap we will be unlikely to be free of deep state influence either and I fear for what 'they' may yet have in store for us. Revenge?

John Brown said...

Remain shouldn’t be on the ballot paper because we’ve already had a leave v remain referendum and leave has not yet been implemented.

A second referendum should only be between types of leave, especially as the remainers are continually arguing that we didn’t know what type of leave the leavers wanted.

Mrs. May’s/the EU’s surrender international treaty which submits us to EU laws, taxes, fines and policies with no representation or veto and with no means for a lawful exit would lose against a true WTO clean break Brexit once the referendum rules were in place and the BBC could no longer be biased in favour of Mrs. May, the EU and their colluded deal.

Mrs. May’s claim that her deal was “Brexit” would be shredded to pieces during the referendum.

Remain may be counting on the older leave voters dying but I expect they will be more than replaced by those eurosceptic voters who were frightened to vote leave by Mr. Osoborne’s threats of economic meltdown if we even voted to leave and which have since been proven to be absolutely false.

John Brown said...

Mrs. May with her surrender WA and collusion with the Chinese over 5G, HS2 and Hinkley C is now for me as big a threat to the UK’s sovereignty, democracy, security and prosperity as Mr. Corbyn.

Mr Ecks said...

The wickedness of the stupid cow is without limit.

But this last caper is a bridge far too far for her. 82% of her own Party are against her. Even ZaNu would be mad to support this last move by somebody who will then retire and leave everybody else to face the music.

Even the Grandee remainiac Tory idiots must now see they are finished or she is.

Sobers said...

"It is exactly this three-way option that is designed to split the Leave vote and allow her to defy the Brexit vote."

Actually I disagree. Were such a choice given, I'd expect No deal to win. Not 50 % but win out of the three choices. I think the Leave vote is harder towards No Deal than the Remain vote is to fully Remain. I think there is a hardcore Remain vote of about 25-30% and a similar amount of 'On the fence but voted remain for the sake of stability' vote. Whereas the Leave vote I reckon is probably 35-40% hardcore No Deal and 10-15% 'On the fence but fancied a change'.

If the fix is in, the No Deal won't be allowed on the any ballot.

Pat said...

Firstly I'm sure the EU will grant any extension we ask for, so long as we continue to pay and follow their rules.
Secondly the Parliamentary party chose May, after years of dealing with her. They did not remove her after her disastrous election. They supported her after her flagship policy went down by a record margin.
I conclude that the majority of Tory MPs need to be removed. And if the party can't engineer that in short order, then their replacements will not be members of the Conservative party.

Anonymous said...

A second referendum.....5 years after we have fully left.
Demographics changed.
Allows straight binary question.
Based on knowledge rather than all the speculation now.

mongoose said...

We already had a straight binary question.

Dave_G said...

Anon (11:43)

Not 5 years. Say 15 or 25 years..... properly it should be 'a generation' - time to make a decent stab at 'freedom' however I suspect there won't even be an EU to return to very shortly after a UK WTO exit and the clamour from other countries for either MASSIVE change or simple, straightforward demands to follow the UK out.

As far as referendums are concerned I wonder how many people would - had the UK not already been a member of the EU - voted to JOIN it right at this time? Would you?

Where is it's appeal? The pro's/con's are heavily stacked in the con's direction.

RAC said...

@ Anonymous at 11:43

"A second referendum.....5 years after we have fully left.
Demographics changed.
Allows straight binary question.
Based on knowledge rather than all the speculation now."

With respect that might be alright at convincing the younger voters. However those of us who can remember how much better things were before we joined and voted against joining in the first place have made our binary choice and it was OUT.

Anonymous said...

For clarification, I am firmly in the leave camp. Even campaigned against joining in the first place. But I live in a very remain area and my 5-10yr deferred 2nd referendum proposal is merely a response to the local clamour for such and to counteract the reasons given for wanting one.
I fully expect the landscape to have changed dramatically in that time and the proposal be redundant.

Anonymous said...

Am I right in thinking thst there is a proposal somewhere that the EU allow existing UK council members to remain in post for a short time, thus avoiding an inrush of Brexit members ?

Nothing would surprise me.

Cascadian said...

"When all is said and done......more will be said than done"

I gave up on yUK being able to resolve its EU membership long ago, putting DisMay in charge was the death knell, just look at her abysmal resume, a lifetime of futility bought and paid for by the yUK public, given the chance to replace a ridiculous minister of defence chooses a nimrod who believes more foreign aid is the answer. Now total capitulation to a commie IRA sympathiser is the "way forward" in their dismal political vernacular.

Your fate will be decided by others, the EU is doing its best to self-destruct. Today the EU high commissioner (they really take themselves seriously) announced they would ignore USA sanctions on Iranian crude, thus setting themselves up for US sanctions. Their car industry is sucking wind, the banks are functionally illiquid, their gimmegrant welfare costs are astronomical. Their major money source seems to be fining Google/Facebook/Apple every few months. Its unsustainable, but DisMay wants a working agreement to ensure the managed decline continues.

82% in favour of DisMays removal means nothing, the CON party will continue to procrastinate, it is incapable of rational thought.

RAC said...

"...........thus setting themselves up for US sanctions."

Bring it on PDJT, please do it.
We can leave the eu.
Or we can more easily leave the broken wreckage of the eu.
Both are good.