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Monday, 15 July 2019

Will Farage cook Von der Leyen's goose?

It will not be a good week for the German lady who wants a Euro army, and who has warned the UK that she is just as much of a bully as the rest of them. She's mired already in allegations of corruption and incompetence in Germany; so useless do some folk regard her that they are saying that her departing Merkel's government for the European Commission will mean a marginal improvement in the performance of both. However, her corrupt appointment, alien to all principles of democracy, in which the people of Europe had no say, is subject to the European Parliament.

As Politico EU reports, she needs 374 MEP's votes, a bare majority, to scrape through, but anything less than 400 will look like failure. Juncker the Druncker had 422 with 250 against. So far she has just 286 that she can count on.

And Nigel of course will vote against her. As the Express has it
Writing for on Sunday, Brexit Party MEP Matthew Patten warned of upset as the European Parliament approves or reject Jean-Claude Juncker’s chosen successor as European Commission President – German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen.

He wrote: "MEPs across Europe feel betrayed that the candidate was just dumped on them.

"Suddenly parliamentary bars are buzzing with talk about what can be done to get some democracy into the place. What would happen if parliament rejected the new president? Would its largest political party, the Brexit Party, help?"
Will the Brexit Party help? I expect so, Matthew, I expect so.
Von der Layen's Bundeswehr has many helicopters. None of them work.
Update - E-scooters
You may recall I wrote about this new phenomenon back in May. Now the MSM are catching up, after a high-profile fatality. And, as predicted, the reaction of Authority is to move police from murder, gang violence, serious crime and the knife plague to pester Hipsters on electric scooters instead. You couldn't make it up.


Stephen J said...

Isn't she part of the nomenklatura and by extension, untouchable?

DiscoveredJoys said...

Perhaps the EU will regard any involvement by the Brexit Party MEPs in 'interfering' with the selection of Ursula von der Leyen as another reason not to permit any further extension of the Article 50 process beyond 31 October? Let's hope so.

Nous allons, wir gehen, we're off.

rapscallion said...

Wouldn't it be delicious payback if TBP and other Europsceptic parties in the fake Parliament were to scupper the appointment of Druncker's "Chosen One"

By no stretch of the imagination can anybody say she was put there by democratic means, and the same goes for her predecessor, and the one before him, ad infinitum

Anonymous said...

Ah radders, I've two problems, conscience and conservative instinct and you always smack them very hard, alarm bells ring red alert - incoming from EUrope!

Hurricane engine spitting and roaring! magazines loaded and waiting "chocks away!"

Probably in the very future, things will go back as they were or as they are, the sausage eaters were never, nor ever will be, our 'friends'.

B52s anyone?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be better to not interfere? Why bother your enemy when they make mistakes?

Dave_G said...

The EU equivalent is "I have in my hands a well stuff brown envelope..." (peace in our time).

Cheerful Edward said...

Yes, that's representative democracy.

On the other hand, our MPs won't get a chance to vote on who should be the next PM of the UK, let alone the people.

Incidentally, Rifkind thoroughly cooked Farage's goose down the blower on his show, to anyone paying a grain of attention. For one thing, our Nigel tried to make out Darroch to be an Oxbridge PPE graduate. He is not - he graduated in zoology from Durham, as Rifkind pointed out, whilst reminding the listeners that their host was privately-educated.

Domo said...

The EU will simply point out that there is no possibility in EU law for the EP not to affirm the functionary

John Vasc said...

Raedwald - You could also post a photo of broomhandles, as von der Leyen sent the Bundeswehr on an exercise carrying them instead of weapons.

Nice cartoon here:

And a touching photo of the leaderene herself here, acclaiming the non-existent acclaim of her brave soldiery:

John Vasc said...

sorry, I meant to write '*acknowledging* the non-existent a\cclaim...' etc

John Vasc said...

And now, amusingly, in the latest German news bulletin, she's resigned as Defence Minister. Presumably she thinks that will attract the sympathy of MEPs: 'Ach, die arme Frau, die hat doch nix..'

The EU parliament will naturally see the usual frantic political pork-barrelling in exchange for votes. She'll be elected, but at a gigantic cost to the European taxpayers.

RAC said...

@ John Vasc 17:02

Von der Captain Mainwaring, what she does will be their problem after the 31st Oct.

Anonymous said...

Laughing boy edward names it as 'democracy' - but a dictionary son/luv.

The charade.

Really you've gotta love the insane irony of it all.

In that a vert unlovely kraut is promoted by the boy napoleon and because she's an arch federalist but rather despised by her own, in the land größeres deutschland für europa! Is it only recently that, the real loonies have taken over the asylum? Or, actually I think that it happened way back in 1951, those naughty nationalsozialistsches never really went away (did ya?) - wot wiv the German war machine mainly left in tact (if you excluded the DDR) and now after reunification Anschluss!


Cheerful Edward said...

Well, no one is considering proroguing the European Union's parliament, in order to force this woman upon the Union and on its people, are they?

Gina Miller said recently "One of the loudest and most resonating rallying cries of the Brexiteers in the EU referendum was that our parliamentary sovereignty was the jewel in our country’s democratic crown, so I cannot for the life of me understand why these very same individuals would even contemplate undermining it in this flagrant manner."

Gina love, beautiful and brilliant though you are, please grasp this simple point. Those claims were made by cynical, morally abased people. There is no noble-sounding excuse that they would not use, to justify or to conceal, their squalid and vicious intentions.

Please don't be perplexed again. There's plenty more of this nonsense to come.

Domo said...

"Well, no one is considering proroguing the European Union's parliament, in order to force this woman upon the Union and on its people, are they?"
Mostly because it wouldn't work you nitwit...

Mark said...

"There's plenty more of this nonsense to come"

I never cease to be amazed at your capacity to generate it.

John Brown said...


“Parliamentary sovereignty” in the EU context means that it is our Parliament who makes our laws and decides upon our taxes and policies and not a small unelected and un-removable elite group of foreigners who even despise their own countries for rejecting them at the ballot box.

However, this “sovereignty” is only loaned by the citizens of the UK to a Parliament for the Parliamentary term as it ultimately resides with the UK citizens. Every so often Parliament must renew its “sovereignty” via a GE.

Hence no Parliament can bind future Parliaments and neither does it have the authority to give away the nation’s sovereignty without a specific vote to do so.

Mrs. May wanted us to sign a treaty with the EU from which we could not lawfully exit. I cannot see this as being legal under our constitution and I have always thought that such a surrender/never-ending treaty to be illegal for any international treaty as it would mean there could be only be one unpleasant outcome.

DeeDee99 said...

The Remainers can hardly complain that the Brexit Party MEPs aren't doing their jobs if they turn up to vote - against the imposition of a Kraut Federalist on the EU Parliament.

Looking forward to Nigel and/or Widder's speech.

Cheerful Edward said...

In answer to the headline's question:

That'll be "no", then.