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Sunday, 3 November 2019

Only Boris can deliver Brexit

Somewhat busy at the moment with the election, but be inspired by a tidy piece by Dan Hannan in the Telegraph this morning -
Ask yourself how Britain can reasonably hope to move on from the nastiness of the past three years. The Liberal Democrats propose to annul the referendum, a policy at which even many convinced Remainers baulk. Cancelling the result wouldn’t restore the status quo ante; rather, it would institutionalise the alienation and anger that envelop our politics.

Labour, meanwhile, wants to string the argument out through another referendum – and, in doing so, to string out the uncertainty for our exasperated businesses. Jeremy Corbyn proposes, with a straight face, to secure a better deal from Brussels and then campaign against his own deal.

And the Brexit Party? Sadly, it has been becoming clear for some time that the party is less interested in the first word in its title than the second. It was always going to oppose any Brexit deal, even if that meant staying in the EU (which would, of course, keep it in business).

In order to justify itself, it has to insist that leaving the EU is “not Brexit”, that taking back control of our money, laws and trade policy count for nothing and that Boris, who was the leader of the Leave campaign, is somehow not a Leaver. Unsurprisingly, two thirds of Leave voters back Boris’s deal, with only one in 10 opposed.
Yep. Only Boris can deliver Brexit.


Sackerson said...

This feels like Conservative politicians circling the wagons when it comes down to Party interests vs the national interest.

I have argued elsewhere that the slightly modified May WA is so bad, and Parliament so unrepresentative and untrustworthy, that the electorate should have the last say, between WA/PD and "no deal" Brexit.

Curmudgeon said...

But in the real world that just isn't going to happen. The only choice we're likely to be offered is between WA/PD and Remain.

Stephen J said...

Daft piece from the Judas goat, busily leading his dumb tory chums to slaughter.

JPM said...

Leaving would also result in a divided country, probably for longer.

It's just that different people would have different feelings.

Another vote between two defined positions is required, as Labour offer.

DeeDee99 said...

The only thing Boris will definitely deliver is vassal status during the "transition."

Nothing else is agreed; it requires further negotiations, possibly for as long as 3 years whilst the EU passes rules, regs and laws which are NOT in our interests but we are forced to implement. I will be gobsmacked if they don't have The Tobin Tax on our Financial Services Industry drafted and ready to go the minute the Capitulation Treaty is signed.

Not one word of Treason May's disgraceful Surrender Treaty has been changed. Only the protocol relating to Northern Ireland which makes it a colony of the EU and the Political Declaration which isn't legally binding.

Boris will never deliver Brexit. The CON Party wants BRINO and that's what he's advocating because it's the only way he can hold the Conservative Party together.


Sackerson said...

@JPM: votes are divisive. Long ago, Parliament often/usually made its decisions without formal divisions.

The difference in this case is that, divided or not, a trap-free withdrawal leaves us fully responsible for our own affairs, and capable of taking steps to improve our lot that aren't permissible under the Lilliputian tangle.

Stephen J said...

Well put DeeDee99.

Watching these tories unite around Johnson is nauseating, especially when they are so graceless about a decent offer from Nigel that would guarantee Brexit.

I keep reading today that tories believe Farage is still campaigning for "no deal", he isn't and he never was.

For the whole of the time that he has been a public figure, he has been campaigning for a free trade deal with the EU, the "clean break" scenario was/is based on previous events, namely the date of October 31st being not enough time to broker a free trade deal.

The withdrawal agreement is totally toxic, even more so than revoking article 50, at least with the latter, we can invoke it again at some point when people are less blinded by their blonde bomshell.

Dave_G said...

What's with this constant 'requirement' to keep the losing side happy? I don't recall ANY previous election where the winning party changed their chosen policy to satisfy the losing opposition.

Brexit had winners and losers just like ANY election but, in ALL previous elections the losers have been pragmatic enough to accept their defeat 'until the next time' they have the opportunity to change things back to they way they want.

Brexit should be no different. There has been far, far too much appreciation of the LOSERS than the winners (not only in media attention but also the imposition of the actual referendum result).

BJ is now showing his true colours and abandoning his support for Brexit voters by his stance on no deal - no surprise there - and his refusal to join with TBP adds to the indication that he would rather the vote be split (and potentially have Labour win - as remote as that seems) to maintain the EU's control over us. DESPICABLE.

That position has sealed my vote for TBP - the betrayal is getting worse by the day and the anger is growing YET AGAIN over the treasonous desertion of the popular vote and democracy in general.

Quite frankly I'd now rather LABOUR won outright so they can truly complete the total and utter fuck up of Britain and speed the populace to civil war. It's the only way we'll ever be rid of these abortions of politicians and the cnuts in the EU.

Span Ows said...

The very fact that Dan the Man has resorted to downright overt LYING in his final two paragraphs (of those quoted here) doesn't bode well.

The baltant party before country and fuck Brexit (now clear Boris policy) leads any Brexiteer to vote TBP.

With great sorrow I agree with Dave_G re not caring one jot if Corbyn wins. This shite fest must end and if pulling the whole lot down is the only way then so be it.

Anonymous said...

I usually respect your judgement,unfortunately you have been brainwashed by the MSM & Conservative party,how on earth is Boris"s deal much different to Mays surrender.Also what about our Armed Forces being subjected to command by a continental commander.These Brussels gangsters should remember that We & the Americans freed them from tyranny.What on earth did my fathers generation fight for only to now be subjected to a Dictatorship in which we have no say for years.Absolutely unbelieveable.Only the Brexit Party has the countrys intrests at heart

Domo said...

The problem is, he has decided not to.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Yep. Only Boris can deliver Brexit.'

You know enough about this stuff to know what you've said isn't true. It's BRINO mate - they agreed very quickly, which suggests they're satisfied as they still have 95 per cent of the Withdrawal Agreement awaiting signature.


RAC said...

There's a typo in that title...
"Only Boris can deliver Brexit"

If Only Boris would deliver Brexit
There fixed it for you.

As a couple of others have just said if there isn't a TBP candidate in my area it will be hold my nose and vote for the communists. It will only take one or a couple of terms and they'll bring the country to a grinding halt.You can see what Stabby Khan's doing in London, wreck the whole fecking lot and start again.

RAC said...

The referendum legally constituted and binding and with massive participation voted leave.
Johnson, the government and parliament as a whole are working in direct contravention to the will of the people.
Many of those people will quite rightly be of the opinion that any agreement which is in opposition to their will, is void.
If this Brino deal goes through there is no reason to assist the usurpers or their servants in any way.

mikebravo said...

The people who run this country do not want us to leave. It could screw their plans - Kalergi/Agenda 21 and the monetizing of carbon.

If we left and had control over our politician and parliament we could scupper their plans. We will not be allowed to leave in any real sense.

If Boris was anything but a shill he woule be character assisinated, like all others who oppose them.

mongoose said...

The current problem is rooted in Remainer May's initial acceptance of the negotiation format which introduced the notion of the Witrhdrawal Agreement, which is commonly known as "the deal". There is no need for this. This is a new Treaty between the parties. The purpose of Brexit was that there was to be no Treaty between the parties. Get this iddea back into your head and the way forward is easy. Alas, all of the BS and posturing for advantage now stands in the way.

There is time however between now and the closure of nominations for many a fox to be shot.

Ravenscar. said...

Cripes Radders, if myrtle recommends it, you should be running away, very fast precisely in the opposite direction.

Dear Lord, there's not much of Britain left, with existential threat looming, with utmost immediacy, someone deliver us out of the Berlin pharaonic lair, what's it going to take to free us of this abominable eu plague Empire?

And the tories ain't it.

Mr Ecks said...

Look lads --it is this.

The Tory deal is not remain. It has been altered beyond Treasons crap and it IS escapable. Because enough now support it the choice is now the deal or remain victory by us splitting the vote.

Handing remainiacs remain on a plate is NOT hurting remainiacs.

TTBP is polling 9%. I don't believe that and think polls are fixed. But they are not that fixed. Even Killery's famed "93% certainty of victory was exaggerated by slightly less than 50%.

So lets say the poll crooks are 50% underestimating TBP votes. And the true fig is 14%. That means TBP will get a handful of seats and a lot of second places using up millions of leave votes for no result.

If remain win they will boost their voter import activities, give the vote to anything past saying "DADA" and give votes to 3 million EU foreigners. Goodbye Brexit for good and the UK as well if remain win.

So the choice is remain and that's it--the EU do as they like--the EURO/EU Army --the lot. Or the deal which gets us out and we can fight on again.

If we can't escape the deal from outside the EU what chance do you think we have of another Brexit from inside the EU?

Channel your anger---get the deal first and then bust it wide open. If we lose Brexit we lose it ALL.

Mr Ecks said...

RAC--What you are saying is insanity. You put scum like Jizz in it will take military force to get the bastards out again. He is the arsehole who wants to give 3 mill EU foreigners the vote. Do you think you can win an election against a fixer and power grabber like that? Who will say you didn't know what you were voting for even if you should win.

Please reconsider--abstain if you must--but you will still be helping our foes. Get the Deal and then re-double the fight.

Stephen J said...

You haven't read it have you Mr. Ecks?

Anonymous said...

Brexit is like a divorce. You can't have a clean break when you have a house,kids and bank accounts to sort out. You divide it and gradually clean break after. I've learnt this myself.
Once out a little bit we can gradually wean ourselves from this socialist superstate. When the sky doesn't fall in then we can purge the traitors of the remain side who have undermined the whole process.

John Brown said...

As a leaver I believe we need to support BJ. His version of Mrs. May’s traitorous WA is terrible but at least it doesn’t have the backstop from which there was no lawful exit.

It is a version of leave and it will be easier to fight off the EU from outside than from inside as remaining inside the EU makes it easier for the EU to continue to corrupt our MPs, civil service, judiciary, educational establishment, quangos and NGOs etc..

I believe that once we have left the EU there will be shift to leave as the advantages of leaving become more apparent and it becomes clearer how narrowly we have escaped the undemocratic, authoritarian and expansionist EU empire.

We need to salvage something from the referendum result and not allow us to drift back into remaining in the EU.

Just as we didn’t surrender after Dunkirk but saved the lives of as many soldiers as possible, salvaged what we could, and fought on.

If remain wins this election, it could well be the last meaningful election we ever have as they intend to gerrymander the election process through votes for 16 year-olds, votes for all EU citizens (and since we don’t record who comes across our borders any EU citizen with UK contacts could register to vote), increased postal voting and the non-implementation of the revised
constituency boundaries.

BJ needs to promote a deal in order to get the votes from Conservative remainers who although they respect the referendum result want to see an orderly exit.

The Brexit Party need to show they are not colluding with the Conservative Party in order to get the votes from Labour leavers who would never,ever vote Conservative.

It will be up to leave voters therefore to judge the position in their own constituency and to vote for the leave candidate which is most likely to win the seat.

RAC said...

Ecky, remember the winter of discontent? I do, and that's chicken feed to what that rat faced bastard will cause. All we have to do is sit back and let it happen. They want euro-communism, well let em have....till it sickens em. Who knows the reconstruction might find some English nationalists in government.

Wessexboy said...

RAC yes I do, but as a pensioner I cannot afford to have a Marxist in power. Ecks and JB are right....

Sobers said...

"Brexit is like a divorce. You can't have a clean break when you have a house,kids and bank accounts to sort out. You divide it and gradually clean break after."

This has been my point from the beginning of the Brexit process. Those wanting to walk out the door and never have to deal with the wife or kids again is going to get a big surprise when the courts come knocking, and the same goes for Brexit. We just aren't able to do the clean break thing. It would be nice but it can't happen. There are moral responsibilities and legal obligations to adhere to. Just as a in a divorce it may take a decade or two before you are fully 100% free and clear, the same will be the case for Brexit. A series of small steps that taken together over a period of time disentangles you from the other party. And the crucial point is that each step is pretty much never reversed. A couple who decide to divorce and one moves out don't then get back together, they start legal proceedings, and move to the next stage of the separation. And time moves on and each party starts to build a new life separate for the old one, and the ties that bind become less and less over time.

So we face a choice of making the first small step on a pretty irrevocable process of divorce, or acting like a tw@t, attempting to leave unilaterally and refusing all contact, and having our arses handed to us by a judge.

Span Ows said...

Wessexboy: NOBODY can afford it. In the 70s credit cards were almost unheard of. yes loans or 'on the never never' but today with almost universal overborrowing, lowest ever savings etc I would bet 80% of the country can't live beyond two months without their pay checks. That means it would end very quickly, not like the 70 and not like Venezuela. Plus it brought about Saint Margaret, maybe something similar, or maybe someone like Boris but who actually means and does what he says.

jack ketch said...

*paging David Edward Sutch*

Seriously this 'I am muchly more brexity than thou art' would be amusing if it wasn't likely to hand power to the Comrade In Charge Of Public Genocide.

auralay said...

OK, this is how I see it.
- Brexit vote splits, Jezza gets in.
- Jezza declares national emergency.
-Says needs more than five years to fix the problems with the country.
- Amends the Fixed term act out to 10 years.
-Anyone who opposes is an enemy of the people; political arrests start etc etc.

Please tell me I'm wrong?

Anonymous said...

Marvelous 2-page spread in the Sunday Express.

There's no such thing as bad publicity Boris.

Thud said...

I'm with ecks, its this or nothing and I too have no time to waste sitting out the commies destroying the nation.